Angela Kinsey visits the OfficeTally Chat Room

lindsay: Seeing as you’re the only Office lady with a baby, is Jenna hitting you up for advice for this upcoming “Office” season?
Angela Kinsey: and Lindsay…
Angela Kinsey: I am so fricken ready for my bff to have a baby!
Angela Kinsey: For REAL!
lindsay: Me too! hahah
berry: playdates!
Angela Kinsey: I am like come on lady! Isabel needs a playmate!
Angela Kinsey: I am trying to brainstorm my trailer situation for season 6
mindysfavshow: Happy belated birthday to Isabel
Angela Kinsey: Isabel is a little monkey and I am going to have to get creative to keep her occupied while I’m at work
reinventlove: Yeah happy belated to Isabel!

ChillisBannedMe: 8) did we just get an exclusive on a Jenna pregnancy?
Angela Kinsey: lol….noooooooo chillis!
Angela Kinsey: just a bff wish
Urglegrue: get an individual trailer for isabel!
berry: give her lots of stickers and bubbles. every child/me loves stickers and bubbles
kolchak: Angela! You are too awesome for words.

Urglegrue: Angela what was your favorite season 5 moment?
Angela Kinsey: Favorite Season 5 moment… wow
Angela Kinsey: as a fan…the end
Angela Kinsey: that scene in silence between Jim and Pam
Angela Kinsey: I am such a sucker for Jam
Angela Kinsey: Seriously
vanfan14: Aren’t we all…
Jenleigh: John was brilliant in that scene when he came out the door!
berry: john was so cute, i loves the teary eyes
Angela Kinsey: and I loved Michael’s talking head about how he was going to be patient and wait for Holly
Urglegrue: i thought that was a great choice to leave the sound out
lindsay: For reals… EMMY material!!
Angela Kinsey: yeah me too
Angela Kinsey: and for me when Andy confronts me and my world starts to fall apart
brizzi: i cry everytime i watch the ending! amazing actors
mindysfavshow: that scene gave me chills he was so good
Angela Kinsey: that was some intense stuff to play
berry: i loved when dwight stood up for you, and then nodded

justduckey: Have you seen John in Away We Go yet?
Angela Kinsey: I haven’t seen it yet but I can’t wait
Angela Kinsey: I was so excited that I got to go to the proposal and hangover premieres
Angela Kinsey: I haven’t been out much lately and that was a lot of fun
Angela Kinsey: Brian was my date to both
Jenleigh: yeah, the Hangover was great!!
justduckey: I saw it and it was awesome. Funny. Touching. He did a great job.
Angela Kinsey: and we got asked if we were dating!!

mindysfavshow: I miss Dwangela
Angela Kinsey: LOL!
Jenleigh: oh media.
Kenna: LOL!
Angela Kinsey: awww I miss dwangela too
reinventlove: me too, bring back dwnagela

Urglegrue: i did not expect angela ending up alone! great twist.
Angela Kinsey: I think she needs to be alone for awhile
Angela Kinsey: she was a trainwreck!
brizzi: “No cookie” I love how you said that I crack up everytime


  1. Yay, Thank you again tanster and Angela for the awesome chat. I had so much fun asking questions and having them answered. It pays to be in the chat room an hour ahead of time haha.

  2. Tanster! Please advertise when these things are going down. I know you don’t want to crowd up the chat room when it’s going down but it would be super cool if tallyheads could get a hint from time to time.

    [from tanster: yeah, i’m so sorry i can’t do a full-blown preannouncement — the last time i did that with rainn’s chat, my computer crashed from the overload of people in the chat room! i am now posting messages on the chat page ( a few days before a chat, so you can check there. thanks!]

  3. I just LOVE how down-to-earth The Office cast is! I always think of celebrities as people that I will never ever interact with…but The Office cast are REAL people! It’s just amazing.

  4. Awww, missed yet another chat… I’m determined to make one eventually (hopefully the next one haha). It’s so awesome that Angela, along with all the other cast members who visit the chat room, take the time to talk to us fans.

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