Angela Kinsey visits the OfficeTally Chat Room

mindysfavshow: awww Uncle Oscar
Angela Kinsey: and he and his girlfriend, Ursula stop by and play
Kenna: Awww!!
Angela Kinsey: so sweet
MNFan: Awww

Angela Kinsey: you guys I miss Jenna so much
MNFan: I bet!
Angela Kinsey: I emailed her last week that I am starting to mope about it
tpgordon: we miss you guys together!
MNFan: Isabel might like NYC…
Angela Kinsey: we talk every day either via email or the phone but I miss my gal pal!
mindysfavshow: It’s hard to be away from your best friend…all of mine live not near me :(
lindsay: I miss you all… I don’t know what to do with myself on Thursdays over the summer!
Angela Kinsey: I did get to go home to Texas for Mother’s Day
Angela Kinsey: that was so special
Angela Kinsey: I was with my Mom, and Grandmother and Sisters
Angela Kinsey: and of course my lil’ girl

ChillisBannedMe: Do you have big plans for the summer ?
Angela Kinsey: helloooo Chillis
Angela Kinsey: my big plan for this summer was to really reconnect with Isabel
Angela Kinsey: I went back to work when she was 2 months old and we work long days
tanster: i can vouch for that. 12 hours days
Angela Kinsey: so it’s been all about Mommie and Me classes and walks and going to the park

tpgordon: i totally agree that the sean connery impressions are the way to go!
mindysfavshow: Awesome Sean Connery inpression! Do you do any others?
Angela Kinsey: oh my sean connery is soooooo bad
Angela Kinsey: poor Isabel
Angela Kinsey: and I am also writing this summer
JAMgirl: don’t be so hard on yourself
Angela Kinsey: I hope to have my movie ready to pitch soon
Kenna: I like the rewinding-tape impression ;)
Angela Kinsey: and doing Clairol stuff
Jenleigh: You should get John and Ed to do some impressions for Isabel!
Angela Kinsey: LOL!
Angela Kinsey: John and Ed are sooooooo good at it
Jenleigh: Tom Brokaw, that’s what a baby wants to hear.
Angela Kinsey: oh and I have also been Hotel Kinsey lately
Angela Kinsey: lots of texas and louisiana folks stopping by

berry: Angela, you answered my brother and I on an Ask Angela (I was in the Boston hat, he said ‘that’s what she said’) I don’t know if you remember, but I’d really like to thank you. :)
Angela Kinsey: lol…no worries berry

Jenleigh: Yes, I was going to say…I’m Jen ifrom Ask Angela, that made my day when you answered my question. I saw that you got my letter from my friend in Rhode Island!
Angela Kinsey: I did read your letter Jenleigh!

mindysfavshow: what are you writing?
Angela Kinsey: My friend, Rachael Harris, and I have a movie we are determined to sell
danny: can you give us a basic pitch on what the movie is about?
Angela Kinsey: hey danny…well not to give anything away before we’re ready but it is a chick comeback story in a dark comedy sort of way….tone-wise think a Christopher Guest movie about two has beens
ChillisBannedMe: that…..sounds….. amazing
danny: i like the sound of that.
littletuna: i love the idea of you and rachel harris working together. you’re both brilliant.


  1. Yay, Thank you again tanster and Angela for the awesome chat. I had so much fun asking questions and having them answered. It pays to be in the chat room an hour ahead of time haha.

  2. Tanster! Please advertise when these things are going down. I know you don’t want to crowd up the chat room when it’s going down but it would be super cool if tallyheads could get a hint from time to time.

    [from tanster: yeah, i’m so sorry i can’t do a full-blown preannouncement — the last time i did that with rainn’s chat, my computer crashed from the overload of people in the chat room! i am now posting messages on the chat page ( a few days before a chat, so you can check there. thanks!]

  3. I just LOVE how down-to-earth The Office cast is! I always think of celebrities as people that I will never ever interact with…but The Office cast are REAL people! It’s just amazing.

  4. Awww, missed yet another chat… I’m determined to make one eventually (hopefully the next one haha). It’s so awesome that Angela, along with all the other cast members who visit the chat room, take the time to talk to us fans.

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