Angela Kinsey visits the OfficeTally Chat Room

Angela Kinsey: well tanster can tell you guys that it really is just a job
Angela Kinsey: a great amazing awesome job
tanster: so true. the connection the fans have to you and the rest of the cast is INSANE
Angela Kinsey: but that we are just folks who have families and etc…
tanster: it’s way more than just a show
tanster leads a group hug.
ChillisBannedMe: awww group hug
Angela Kinsey: I mean I ran into Steve at the mall two weeks ago
Angela Kinsey: and we chatted at the indoor playground
Angela Kinsey: he was there with his kids
BluthBananaStand: That’s awesome.
Angela Kinsey: it’s not a very cliche “hollywood” vibe on our set
tanster: no it isn’t
tanster: angela, even the extras said that the office crew is special!
Angela Kinsey: no way tanster!
mindysfavshow: that’s why we all love you guys and the office sooooo much
Angela Kinsey: that is awesome to hear
tanster: they said the office staff treats extras really well :)
tanster: and it was true

Angela Kinsey: I am so curious about next season
Angela Kinsey: I of course have hit up a few of the writers for info but they are so tight lipped!
Angela Kinsey: probably a good thing around me
Angela Kinsey: “mouth of the south”
Angela Kinsey: sit with me for two seconds and I’ll tell you my life story and then some
Angela Kinsey: weirdo
Urglegrue: let’s hope dwight’s friend doesnt come back next season *yuck*

Jenleigh: do you know when you start filming again?
Angela Kinsey: we are supposed to go back the end of July
Angela Kinsey: I am excited to see everyone
Angela Kinsey: I see Oscar all the time and Brian and every once in awhile Ed and Kate

reinventlove: any upcoming movies for you?
Angela Kinsey: I am auditioning for little parts here and there but as of right now in my life I am not really willing to travel away from home
Mare: you and Jenna are HILARIOUS together! i love you guys!
Angela Kinsey: my time with Isabel is just too important
Angela Kinsey: work can wait
Angela Kinsey: I would like to do a movie soon but I am not really pushing it

Angela Kinsey: I hope to get to see Jenna before we go back
brizzi: what has she been doing?
Jenleigh: Jenna’s in NY right now, isn’t she?
Angela Kinsey: yes nyc

justduckey: John said something lovely about you during his press tour for AWG: Angela Kinsey is probably the sweetest Southern girl you’ve ever met in your life. She’s so cordial and charming and funny, and yet how she’s able to play that . . . she doesn’t even speak like that, that enunciated and cold.
Angela Kinsey: awww that is so sweet of john to say
Angela Kinsey: he is like a brother to me
Angela Kinsey: there is nothing I can’t share with him
Angela Kinsey: he always gives me amazing advice
mindysfavshow: oh he seems like the ultimate charmer
justduckey: Aww.
Angela Kinsey: and is the kind of friend that never judges you
Angela Kinsey: he just takes you where you are at
Angela Kinsey: you know what I mean?


  1. Yay, Thank you again tanster and Angela for the awesome chat. I had so much fun asking questions and having them answered. It pays to be in the chat room an hour ahead of time haha.

  2. Tanster! Please advertise when these things are going down. I know you don’t want to crowd up the chat room when it’s going down but it would be super cool if tallyheads could get a hint from time to time.

    [from tanster: yeah, i’m so sorry i can’t do a full-blown preannouncement — the last time i did that with rainn’s chat, my computer crashed from the overload of people in the chat room! i am now posting messages on the chat page ( a few days before a chat, so you can check there. thanks!]

  3. I just LOVE how down-to-earth The Office cast is! I always think of celebrities as people that I will never ever interact with…but The Office cast are REAL people! It’s just amazing.

  4. Awww, missed yet another chat… I’m determined to make one eventually (hopefully the next one haha). It’s so awesome that Angela, along with all the other cast members who visit the chat room, take the time to talk to us fans.

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