Angela Kinsey visits the OfficeTally Chat Room

Angela Kinsey

It is definitely Angela Kinsey Week — her new Clairol ads have started to air, she appeared on ‘The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien’ last night, and the pièce de résistance — Angela stopped by the OfficeTally Chat Room tonight!

Angela answered fan questions, gave us an update on what she’s doing this summer, and we even had a group hug. A fun time was had by all.

Thank you, Angela, for loving us fans. We love you right back. Tenfold. :)

Check out the transcript after the jump!

[Login] Angela Kinsey
tanster: Miss Angela!
Angela Kinsey: Hi!
Angela Kinsey: It took me a second to figure out where I was typing!
Angela Kinsey: I am so lame!
tanster: I would like to welcome back Angela Kinsey to our chat room tonight!
Angela Kinsey: Hi Jennie
tanster: LOL
Angela Kinsey: :)
Angela Kinsey: Thanks for letting me stop by
tanster: Thanks so much for coming in!
Angela Kinsey: I feel so out of touch since I haven’t been blogging lately
tanster: How are you?
brizzi: ooooo I’m so excited!!! Hi Angela!
Rayne the Temp: yay, angela!
mindysfavshow: Hi Angela!!!
lindsay: Hi Angela!
ChillisBannedMe: Hi Angela!! Thanks for stopping by!
Angela Kinsey: It’s like I can never find the time to sit down and write. :(
Angela Kinsey: Helllooooooooo everyone!
mindysfavshow: I really miss your blogs! Your blog and Jenna’s blogs are what I read all the time
Angela Kinsey: I promise I am going to do one about the summer
tanster: If y’all would like to ask Angela a question please enter it and it’ll be added to the queue. we’ll try to get to as many as we can
Angela Kinsey: I love stopping by the officetally site to see where my castmates are popping up
tanster: are you ready angela?
Angela Kinsey: yep
Angela Kinsey: let’s do it

mindysfavshow: Hi Angela! I stayed up to see you on Conan last night…How did you feel being a part of his first shows?
Angela Kinsey: Hey Mindysfavshow!
tanster: you guys should watch the super cute behind the scenes vid that angela did
Angela Kinsey: I LOVED being part of his first month in LA
Angela Kinsey: Conan is such a nice down to earth guy
Angela Kinsey: he and I were chatty between commercials
tanster: what you wrote on his wall was so funny!
Angela Kinsey: he really puts you at ease
Angela Kinsey: lol…tanster it’s true!
mindysfavshow: is he really really tall?
Angela Kinsey: I called my Mom today to ask if I was in the “dog house” with my Grandmother
Angela Kinsey: for telling that story
tanster: lol

Angela Kinsey: OMG he is soooooo tall
Angela Kinsey: I mean I know I am short but he is a tall drink of water
Angela Kinsey: right before you go on you stand behind the curtain with two crew guys
Angela Kinsey: their job is to open the curtain when they call your name
Angela Kinsey: you are usually back there for about 40 seconds
Angela Kinsey: and they count down
Angela Kinsey: and the music is rockin’
tanster: wow
Angela Kinsey: and your nerves are going crazy
mindysfavshow: I like that kind of an entrance, I hope for one someday..haha
Angela Kinsey: I wish the camera was able to be back there with me for you guys to see that
Angela Kinsey: your heart starts to race when they say okay…20, 10 and here we go in %
Angela Kinsey: in 5
Angela Kinsey: opps…
tanster: i’d be a wreck
Kenna: my heart is racing just hearing you describe it!
Angela Kinsey: lol….it is an out of body experience for a few minutes
JAMgirl: Awesome experience!


  1. Yay, Thank you again tanster and Angela for the awesome chat. I had so much fun asking questions and having them answered. It pays to be in the chat room an hour ahead of time haha.

  2. Tanster! Please advertise when these things are going down. I know you don’t want to crowd up the chat room when it’s going down but it would be super cool if tallyheads could get a hint from time to time.

    [from tanster: yeah, i’m so sorry i can’t do a full-blown preannouncement — the last time i did that with rainn’s chat, my computer crashed from the overload of people in the chat room! i am now posting messages on the chat page ( a few days before a chat, so you can check there. thanks!]

  3. I just LOVE how down-to-earth The Office cast is! I always think of celebrities as people that I will never ever interact with…but The Office cast are REAL people! It’s just amazing.

  4. Awww, missed yet another chat… I’m determined to make one eventually (hopefully the next one haha). It’s so awesome that Angela, along with all the other cast members who visit the chat room, take the time to talk to us fans.

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