1. That’s what made this show so special. The cast and crew truly cared about each other. These stories are so touching. I’m going to be a mess next Thursday at 10 pm.

  2. She is simply divine! But I am choking back tears as I type….

  3. @Andy Bernard: Ah yes how could I forget! So glad NBC honored Greg Daniels’ request.

  4. When Angela said that Greg Daniels said “No it’s not. I’ll write you another!” I thought that was a trick, lol. Like he just said that so she would get through it and then he’d reveal that it had indeed been her last talking head.

  5. You’re killing me, Angela! Either I need to stop watching these cast videos, or I just need to resign myself to the fact I’m going to be a blubbering mess for the next 9 days! (I’m sure it will be the latter).

  6. LOVE Angela Kinsey, she is so cute. I am going to miss this show so much! I am going to be a wreck on the 16th.

  7. She is so lovely. This is the saddest finale to me since Friends.

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