1. Oohhhh! I hope they get to meet! I would love to to hear what Angela has to say about that!

  2. I’ve got it all set to record and plan on having it up on YouTube before I leave for work in the morning!

  3. Thanks for the reminder. I turned it on just in time. She was hysterical but, typical Dave, was bored and looking like he was just waiting for the show to end.

  4. Yeah Brokenbrain, Dave unfortunately does that with about 2/3rds of his guests. He mails it in and just reads directly off his card and doesn’t try to engage in any banter.

    Angela looked stunning and told some funny stories

  5. Angela gets two thumbs up!!! She is adorable and a very funny lady!

    Letterman is annoying and I hate his white socks!

  6. Angela was absolutely adorable last night! Her rendition of her sisters in the mall gossiping in Indonesian with a southern accent had me practically falling off the couch! It’s amazing how different she is from her character, which just proves how great an actor she is. Maybe one day on The Office, they’ll let her use her drawl! =D

  7. She was good on Letterman and btw, Letterman does not mail it in. He is better than anyone out there and only Conan is always a good interview, Leno just laughs and interupts the guest.

  8. She is so cute and adorable, I just want to put her in my pocket. Seriously though, Angela could have her own show where she plays herself and they base it on her actual family in the south, I think it would be hilarious.

  9. Angela was adorable. My husband actually came in from the computer room to watch her when I said, “Angela Kinsey’s on Letterman!” and it takes A LOT for him to voluntarily shift focus from his computer sometimes.

    The interview was great. She’s so fun.

  10. She is such a great ambassador for the show. I think a lot of Dave’s viewers would tune in to The Office to see this funny, gorgeous woman be funny and gorgeous every week.

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