1. This is just further proof of how awesome Angela is! Who would not want to hang out with her!?

  2. As of 7:12 am PST, the videos are not showing up on the site… *bangs head in frustration*

  3. That was my favorite Office video set EVER. I love seeing what good friends they all are. Plus seeing the writers and everything…

    This just makes me wish I could visit the set even MORE. sigh.

  4. aww this mkes me wish i was part of their little group as well. i love how fun and cheerful angela is in real life!

  5. Ah, your pop-up blocker may not allow the vidoe to run. You have to allow your Active X to work…

  6. Just more proof that in addition to being on the best show on TV that they are also the best people working on TV

  7. awww… it’d be funny to see angela martin on the show get all drunk on accident and start acting like angela kinsey. imagine the look on kevin’s face.

  8. Awesome videos. I think its funny that John has an exercise ball and his character popped Dwights exercise ball on the show. I love Mindy and BJ, too, they’re funny.

  9. heh… random observation… in the scene where Bj “yells” at Mindy, in the background you can see the ladder Jim climbs up in the client for his date with pam on the roof.

    Well, its not really a dad if the girl goes home to her fiance, right?

    they should do like…. a full week of the office, a documentary of making the mockumentary and put it n the season three dvd

  10. I love these people so very much…

    Jenna’s blanket that Angela’s mom made for her was just too cute.

  11. Angela is perhaps the most adorable creature on the face of the earth. Puppies and kittens have nothing on her.

  12. Does anyone else find it funny that with all the fame and fortune of this show (Emmys, SAGs, etc) that Angela still uses the 20% off coupon for Bed Bath and Beyond? HAHAHA. Also, Creed is fricking ripped! Good Lord.

  13. Band Geek, that is the best idea ever! I bet they have some extra footage from those videos, they kept cutting in and out. Tanster or GMMR or someone doing an interview with Angela or one of the producers should suggest that. Maybe they’ll be looking for more stuff to put on since we’ve all seen the deleted scenes…

  14. I like Oscar’s dancing
    And why does John have that fitness orb thing? It looks exactly like the one Dwight had. Haha ahh i love that scene on the show.
    And BJ’s adorable.

  15. These videos were pretty neat. I’d also like to mention that on the marker it said “Joss Whedon”, so I guess that means they were shooting Business School ep.16.

  16. This is great! I wish there was more to see… everyone is TOO CUTE! This makes me love them more (if that’s possible, hehe). :D

  17. “They DONT care about your baby poster!”
    HAHAH! Im a sucker for these behind-the-scenes videos! Loved every second.

  18. Oh they are all adorable. I love Angela’s real accent.

    I didn’t realize BJ was Mindy’s boss – They are both writers and producers right? Doesn’t that equal, well…”equal”?

  19. Angela: “Very exciting…this is how I walk.” I don’t know why that cracked me up so much…lol. She’s too cute.

  20. that was so awesome! i want to work on the Office! I loved John’s fitness ball…”I didn’t know this was a strip show” “G’day matey” “That was more Mary Poppins”

  21. Thanks so much for the outside links Nick! Stupid People site wouldn’t work for me. Great videos!

  22. Angela’s video tour was great! I had been to the Office studio last November (just outside, not on the actual set) and it’s cool to see the trailers, where they have lunch, the sidewalks the lead to the studio building, etc…I was right there! I love any “peek” behind the scenes so these short videos were awesome to me!!

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