1. i’m waiting for an even creepier scene with “Ben” & Pam to be shown, another skevy perv ;)

  2. Remember Oscar’s on the Party Planning Committee now. He could have helped the spinsters plan Phyllis’ shower and stayed with them to watch the male stripper. :-|

  3. i dont know why.. but i just want to say this randomly. well not randomly.. i mean its still a deleted scene. just notfrom this season. ok.. let me get to it.

    i think the deleted scene with jim and pam yawning at the same time is the most adorable thing ever and i wish they had kept it in the season.

    ok im done.

    so.. darryl has a daughter, eh? =)

  4. i dont know =(
    i dont own the dvd..i own the episodes via itunes… but my friend lent it to me and that scene stuck on my mind.

  5. Deleted scne 2 is up. Can anyone tell what Creed is saying when he walks away from Angela?

    God, I love Kevin.

  6. Actually, jimhalpertislife, Jim was looking at Pam before she yawned. And since yawning is contagious, it was a way of saying he was looking at her.

    But yes, I agree. That is an adorable deleted scene. XD

  7. Where is yawning scene from? I have the season 2 DVD, which episode, or is it in this season?

  8. I’m not sure where to post this but Rashida Jones is going to be on Last Call with Carson Daly tonight, just thought you’d want to know.

  9. mindy is on conan monday–can someone PLEASE put it on youtube after it airs? i cant watch it. thanks!!

  10. I’m so upset that I missed Rashida on Carson Daly. Did anyone record it? Secretly, I really want to know if she mentioned JKras at all…

  11. “I don’t get wut Creed means when he says petty cash, third drawer, pc, td, pc, td”

    He must be getting it into his head for future stealing.

  12. “pc, td, pc td”

    I think it means, “petty cash third drawer, petty cash third drawer”

  13. Sorry, continuing off-topic: the deleted yawning scene (to me) meant they were so aware of each other that Pam “caught” Jim’s yawn while seemingly not paying any attention to him.
    Fun deleted scenes! And doesn’t every woman want a stripper pole? Oh, yeah! Good gift, Kev!

  14. Actually, Pam yawned first, so Jim was the one paying attention to her.

    I think maybe I watch this show too much.

  15. ah sorry.. i knew that it was one or the other.. i went with my gut

    still- adorable scene

  16. Did anyone see the new advertisment for Phyllis’ Wedding? A new one was on NBC tonight…has anyone put it up here yet???

  17. Yes there was a new one with a lot of Jim and Pam in it, during Heroes. Hopefully someone will upload it so office tally can post it.

  18. I love that the people on this website are so observant! I would never have noticed JKras cracking up in that scene if you hadn’t pointed it out. Thanks!

  19. why would they stop allowing us Canadians to see deleted scenes now? This doesn’t make sense?

  20. Definitely agree John K.’s attempts to not break character make this awkward scene worth while.

  21. :-( Denmark is blocked on 4. deleted scene like Canada. You are lucky in US. Any workarounds?

  22. Is there a youtube link for scene 4 because I live in Canada and I didn’t find a way to overcome the blocking, wich I don’t understand as every other video is playable.

  23. blocked from Australia too
    : – (
    no NBC NO!
    office season 2 comes out finally in australia april 10, i’ll be buying like mad. why keep these from us TOO

  24. Poor Phyllis… I feel so bad that she has to be in the show as a woman who gets made fun of for her weight, etc. She takes it well, though, and I applaud her for being able to do that.

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