Phyllis’ guided office tour

STLtoday has a sweet little descriptive tour of Dunder Mifflin, courtesy of Phyllis Lapin, bride-to-be:

Because she’s in on her day off, Phyllis sees what was supposed to be a surprise. The conference room is decorated for her bridal shower. Wedding bells hang from the ceiling, and letters spell out “Congratulations, Phyllis.”

“They used all my favorite colors,” she says of the pastel decorating scheme, including pink spoons. “You can see Angela’s touch here. Everything’s very straight.”

Link: Phyllis-as-the-bride guides us on a tour of her ‘Office’


  1. I can just hear her whispering the whole part about Pam confiding in her. That was an adorable! article :)

  2. “This is the desk Creed sometimes sleeps under.”

    Best part of the whole interview and funniest thing from Phyllis this week

  3. I am so interested that Phyllis said that Pam has been confiding in her. I didn’t think before that Phyllis had intentionally let it slip to Karen that Jim “used to be” hung up on Pam, but now I really think it must have been intentional! Iiiiinteresting.

  4. great article, got to love Phyliss, and who knows she just may have something special up their sleeve planned with her unique touch regarding Jim/Pam

  5. I love Phylis! I love how she says that Stanley is one of her best friends – lol. “We sit close” :)

  6. “We can pass notes.” Anyone else get the feeling Stanley doesn’t always return her notes?
    This was a mega-cute story and made me laugh.

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