Angela stops by OTCR

The Office Angela Kinsey

I know this is a cliche thing to say, but Angela LOVES THE FANS. After spending a very busy day with Angela yesterday, she was determined to take some time to come into OTCR.

She was a trouper to stay in the chat room for nearly 20 minutes, because every few minutes the room would log her out! Grrr, so frustrating!

Angela talks about ‘Fun Run,’ upcoming storylines, the EW photo shoot, and asks some interesting questions.

Following is an abbreviated transcript of her visit. I didn’t get to follow along yesterday, so I’m reading it for the first time today. Thanks, you guys, for being so awesome to Angela!

And Angela, as always, thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to come in to OTCR and chat with us!

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Thank you, Kev!

Kevin Malone

Just a little thank you to one Mr. Kevin Malone, who made a surprise visit to the OfficeTally Chat Room yesterday!

He logged in from the set Scranton and said, “I am just checking in, post-Emmys to thank all of you for the support.” He chatted with us for about 15 minutes before having to attend a meeting in the conference room. (Hope he didn’t get in trouble with Angela!)

A very abbreviated transcript after the jump.

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A little bit of excitement in the OTCR

The OfficeTally Chat Room had a surprise visitor yesterday — a member of The Office crew! He was most gracious in answering questions from OTCR chatters about the show.

As he didn’t identify himself by name during his OTCR visit, I am respecting his privacy by not revealing it here. Just know that, as always, I did confirm that he really was who he said he was. I’m nicknaming him “Lighting Guy.”

His email to me said in part:

Yes, it was me in the chat room :-) It was fun meeting everyone in there and it’s great to have so much support from such loyal fans of the show!

You just never know who’s gonna show up in the OTCR … :)

BDE #2: Chattin’ with the OT peeps

During our set visit on Tuesday, Angela told me she wanted to check out the OT chat room. We only had a few minutes after lunch, so we rushed over to Angela Martin’s desk and logged on. Angela did the actual typing!

The Office Set Visit Angela Kinsey

(See the OT chat room on Angela’s screen? — with the little OT bobblehead graphic in the upper right corner?)

The Office Set Visit Angela Kinsey

Check out the jazz babies poster behind Angela!

Here’s what Angela said in chat:

hey guys it’s angela and jennie on set!!! jennie is sitting at my desk with me. we just had lunch. I just have a few minutes and then I have to go to hair and makeup. tanster says that she hasn’t fainted yet. but might at any second.

Oh yeah, big time butterflies in my stomach.

Thank you, Angela, for stopping by chat! :)