Kristina meets Angela

The Office

[From tanster: following is a fan report from Tallyhead Kristina!]

I went to see Angela perform at I.O. West on Monday. She was so funny! She was what they call “The Armando” which means the host and there are about 10 professional improv artists on the sidelines.

She came out and said, “Let’s start with something you saw today.” Someone from the audience shouted, “Homeless people!” She shared some anecdotes about her and her encounters with homeless people, then walked off stage and some of the improv artists would come out and perform their own improvised skits, etc. Continue reading “Kristina meets Angela”

Dinner with Angela

The Office Angela Kinsey

I had a lovely dinner with Ms. Angela Kinsey tonight in San Francisco. We talked about ‘Fun Run,’ home renovation, and The Office’s dedicated fanbase. (Of course.)

A few little ‘Fun Run’ tidbits:

“She’s been sick for some time … thank you for asking” was said directly to Greg Daniels, and was improvised.

Angela’s little conversation ender with Pam (“Did Roy ever kill one of your cats?”) was also improvised.

Did Angela break at some point during ‘Fun Run’, and did it make it on air? YES. (Watch the episode again and tell me if you see it.)

A special thank you to our waiter, who took extra good care of us!

I get to spend the day with Angela tomorrow, and I’m not sure where we will be or when. But if one of us comes up to you on the street and asks, “Do you know what ‘Dwangela’ means?”, you better be ready with an answer. ;)

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Wanna star in seat18b’s latest video?

seat18b, The Office fan video creator of vid hits such as It’s Getting Hot In Here and Kevin Malone: Nobody Does It Better, is creating an “Office Fandom Documentary” for her class project:

I’m taking a documentary film class this quarter, my first film class ever (whoot, whoot!) and for my final project one of the options is to make an actual documentary! … So I decided … to do a documentary about the office fandom!

That’s where you guys come in. I was wondering how many of you out there would be willing to film about ten maybe fifteen minutes of footage of yourself answering various questions (like a talking head from the office!) and showing your dunderiffic self. You would then send it to me and I would edit your answers with other dunderheads and come up with a short documentary about the office fandom and the relationship between television and the internet.

The deadline to get your video to her is next Tuesday, May 7th, so get on it!

Links: More about the documentary project | Sample videos

Katy meets B.J.

b.j. novak Duquesne katy

SPOILER WARNING! Report and subsequent comments will contain spoilers. (Not too spoilery, though.)

OT reader Katy wrote in with an excellent report of B.J. Novak’s appearance at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh last night:

“BJ Novak was appearing at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA, last night (3/31/07) to do stand-up for the college crowd. The university’s program council was also hosting an accompanying Casino Night and Diversity Dance (they really know their Office stuff!). The whole evening was to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. He was set to be on stage at 8 pm, but when we got there around 7 the ushers said his flight from LA was delayed and he wouldn’t be on stage until roughly 11pm. Bummer! Instead, we hung out and gambled with charity money, and even watched episodes from both seasons 1 & 2 on the big screen until it was time. There were also raffles for various prize packages, some including Office memorabilia (but we didn’t even enter since we already owned that stuff!)

Continue reading “Katy meets B.J.”