The Office as a Counter Strike Source map

A fan of The Office has created a Counter Strike Source map of the Dunder Mifflin set!

Says creator Blitzkrieg1981: “This easily consumed as much as 500 hours playing and pausing episodes, looking at the office tally and blue prints. I’m not the most experienced css mapper, most of the architect is based on meticulously shaped blocks as the props just didn’t really cut it. PM me if your interested in helping or taking it over; don’t have the time to finish it these days. Need to be experienced, very good at detail, likes The Office and have a shitload of time on their hands.”

Would Dwight love this or what?

Coincidentally, I took video of the Dunder Mifflin set (to be released soon), and Blitzkrieg1981 did an awesome job with the mapping accuracy!

P.S. Here are the blueprints and The Office theme song that are referenced.

Braylon Edwards gives students $10,000 for college

From the life imitating art files, San Francisco 49er football player Braylon Edwards made a promise in 2005 to 100 students that if they graduated from high school with a 2.5 GPA and 15 hours of community service, he would give them $10,000 for college.

Unlike Michael Scott from The Office Season 6 episode Scott’s Tots, Braylon made good on his promise (and then some!) and granted the money to 79 students who met the requirements. They have started their first year of college.

What you gonna do, what you gonna do, make our dreams come true…

Link: Braylon Edwards gave 79 students $10,000 for college

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Man gets drunk from hand sanitizer

In The Office Season 3 episode Gay Witch Hunt, Meredith licks some hand sanitizer in hopes of getting a little alcohol buzz.

Sound unrealistic? From the ‘life imitating art’ files:

Doctors said in a letter published Sunday in the Medical Journal of Australia that they were stunned to discover the man had downed six 375-milliliter (12.7-ounce) bottles of hand sanitizer, giving him a blood-alcohol concentration more than five times higher than the legal limit for driving in Australia.

Man gets drunk on hand sanitizer

Girl follows GPS and drives car into water

In The Office Season 4 episode Dunder Mifflin Infinity, Michael drives his car into a lake while blindly following GPS directions.

Sound unrealistic? Read on:

Three young women escaped a sinking SUV after a direction from a rental car GPS unit sent them down a boat launch and into the Mercer Slough early Wednesday.

The driver apparently thought she was on a road while following her GPS unit just after midnight, but she was actually heading down the Sweyolocken boat launch.

Crate & Barrel Dwight Desk

Crate & Barrel’s CB2 store sent this email to customers to promote its Dwight Desk:

Crate and Barrel The Office Dwight Desk

It reads in part: “Farewell to the world’s best boss. You always left us wanting more. The Office just won’t be the same. But at least we still have Dwight.”

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