OfficeTally is an EW ‘Essential Fansite’

Wow. Entertainment Weekly has placed OfficeTally at #7 in its ‘Essential Fansites’ list! I eez … floored. Thank you, EW!

And thank you, mighty legion of Tallyheads, for all the fantastic contributions you make to OT, from news tips, to fanvids, to participating in our wacky contests. OT would not be as rich without you!

(For EW readers coming here for the first time, here is the Pam Pong song.)

OfficeTally Entertainment Weekly Essential Fansite

Link: Entertainment Weekly’s 25 Essential Fansites — OfficeTally

Tipster: Jeffrey

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Introducing OfficeTally shirts!

The OfficeBy popular request, I am excited to offer OfficeTally shirts for sale!

To keep things simple, I am offering only three shirt styles — standard tee ($16.99), woman’s tee ($16.99), and junior’s tee ($18.99).

Each shirt says “” on the front, with a variety of slogans on the back.

Every sale helps pay for the ever-growing costs of running OfficeTally. Thank you for helping to keep OT online!

Link: OfficeTally Store

“Back of shirt” slogans

P.S. If you are buying a shirt to wear to the Office Convention, it took nine calendar days for my own order to arrive. So assuming you want to receive your shirt on Wednesday, Oct. 24, you should place your order probably no later than Tuesday, Oct. 16. Just to be on the safe side.

Angela and me in the news

The Office

Part of my Saturday with Angela included doing an interview with Susan Young of the Contra Costa Times.

Did I ever think in my wildest dreams that I would be interviewed alongside Ms. Angela Kinsey? Uh, NO.

And any time I can combine two of my favorite activities — talking about The Office and eating — it’s a good day.

Links: Writer’s reply turns into ‘Office’ obsession | Video (no longer available)

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OfficeTally in the news

Our local paper, the Mercury News, posted a nice article (with photos even!) about my obsession with this thing called OfficeTally.

Link: P.A. woman’s site pivotal in success of ‘The Office’

There are a few people I’d like to thank: Merc reporter Mark de la ViƱa for listening to me prattle on about the show for hours, Angela Kinsey and Kent Zbornak, for taking the time to provide some amazing quotes, and last but not least, the hardworking and dedicated folks at for bringing this story to Mark in the first place!

P.S. A shout-out, too, to Michael Schur, who also provided quotes for the story that were unfortunately not included. My favorite — when asked “What sort of contact have you had with Jennie?”, Michael replied, “I did a lengthy Q and A with Jennie a few months ago, and it was brutal. She raked me across the coals. It was like Mike Wallace going after a tobacco company lawyer.” Giggle.

OfficeTally’s all a-Twitter

With this being one of the slowest Office news weeks ever, I had some free time to play around with Twitter.

Twitter lets you send short messages to “followers,” who can choose to receive your messages via IM or cell phone text messages.

I post a Twitter whenever I update OfficeTally. You can see what they look like in the OT sidebar.

To follow OfficeTally’s twitters:
1) Log in or create an account at Twitter.
2) Go to the OfficeTally Twitter page.
3) Click the Follow button.