Been to the OT Links Page lately?

Despite the show’s summer hiatus, the Office fansite community continues to expand and thrive.

Which is great, because the more our community grows, the more support we can give our favorite show!

Among the newest additions:

  • The Office Forum
  • The Office Quote Battle
  • Lastly, did you know you can buy a glossy 11" x 17" poster version of the photo below? Head on over to MovieGoods.
the office

For a complete list, click the Links Page link (also at the bottom of the sidebar).

Please check out the links and support the entire Office fansite community! :)

Our TechNow TV interview

I now present James’ (Northern Attack) and my little TechNow! TV interview, which aired yesterday morning. (It airs again tomorrow in the SF Bay Area.)

I apologize for the absolutely wretched quality of this video — I literally stood in front of my TV and aimed my little digital camera at the screen! We hope to have a much better clip of this next week …

And for the record, we don’t think that the petition had the enormous influence that reporter Scott McGrew said it did. Although it was nice of him to say so. :)

Lastly, and most importantly, I did not realize I could squeal that high. Angela, if I caused you any permanent hearing loss, I am truly sorry.

Here are two versions of the interview:

1. The sucky quality one, which includes James’ reaction to the phone call and a little audio from Angela:

2. The better quality one, which has a better intro from James but no Angela:

OfficeTally goes mobile!

Do the following two conditions apply to you?

  1. Own a Web-enabled cell phone or PDA
  2. Can’t bear to be without the latest OfficeTally news for a single minute

Then I’ve got a remedy for you.

Just point your mobile browser to — this is essentially the OfficeTally feed, but optimized for the small screen.

Mind you, I’ve only tested it with my Treo 650’s Blazer browser, so if you are of the mobile persuasion, please help me test it out, and post a comment if you run into any issues. Thanks!

OfficeTally Calendar now powered by iCal

The OfficeTally Calendar, which lists upcoming Office episodes as well as talk show appearances by the Office cast and other noteworthy events, is now powered by iCal.

What does this mean?

It means that you can now subscribe to the OfficeTally calendar using any website or application that supports the iCalendar (.ics) format.

This includes (but is not limited to):

Just use the following address: webcal://

Thanks to OfficeTally reader JOJOFACE for the suggestion to move to iCal!

This feature is no longer available.

Introducing OfficeTally polls!

Given that OfficeTally is all about counting up votes, it was only a matter of time before polls were introduced, right?

Come cast your votes in our two inaugural polls — “Who is your favorite supporting character?” and “What is your favorite Dwangela moment?” — just click the links in the sidebar!

And if you have an idea for a poll, just send it in an email; if it’s used, you could win a free iTunes video of your favorite Office episode …