Comments currently not working

For some unknown reason, comments don’t seem to be working right now. I’ve alerted my web host.

Sorry for the inconvenience! Hopefully this will be resolved soon …

Update: You should be able to add comments for now, but all comments will go through moderation until I can figure out the root of the problem. Thanks for your patience!

Server problems today

OfficeTally experienced some server problems today, causing it to be offline for several hours this morning/early afternoon.

I apologize for the inconvenience!

Remember that you can always check my MySpace page at for the latest network status.

(Now if OfficeTally and MySpace ever go down at the same time, you’ll have to sedate me for the mental distress.)

Thanks for your patience. :)

How OfficeTally Thursdays work

And now, in the midst of Office Premiere Madness (how many times did YOU click the Refresh button on Angela’s MySpace page today?), a brief message from your loyal site admin:

The official post for tonight’s episode will appear here on the OfficeTally front page at 9pm ET. You are free to add comments to the post at that time.

No, you are strongly recommended to add a comment, because who knows, you may win the episode from iTunes!

SPOILER WARNING: If you don’t reside on the East Coast, you may want to stay away from OfficeTally until the episode airs in your timezone, to avoid spoilage.

(Being a California girl, that is definitely the toughest part about this gig: staying away from my own site for three hours — GAH!)

I will have quotes up hopefully by the end of the evening. If I can stay awake long enough, that is. Otherwise, tomorrow. :)

Happy viewing!

Man, has it been a long few days

First, I profusely apologize for OfficeTally being offline and wonky these past few days. Believe me, no one’s been more stressed about it than me!

Second, thanks for all the kind notes of support and panic (“what the heck is going on with OT, I need my fix?!”) — it made me feel loved. :)

Third, OT problems may not be quite over; in case the site disappears again, please bookmark my MySpace page at, as I will post updates there until OT comes back up.

Okay, what did I miss?


I backfill a lot of posts (news articles, photos, audio/video clips) here at OfficeTally, items that never make their debut appearance on the front page.

For that reason, I present “Whack-a-post” — random links to stuff you may have missed.

Just click the last link in the “Notable posts” section in the sidebar, and another one will pop up! Much like those lovable moles. :)

Recent whack-a-post additions: Rainn Wilson’s appearances last week on Conan and Regis.


Sorry, this feature is no longer available.

Network issues

As some of you may have noticed, OfficeTally has been having some network issues in the past few weeks.

The site may act a bit strangely today while it is being moved to a different server.

I apologize for the inconvenience! Thanks for your patience.

I’ll try to post OT network status over at my MySpace page.