B.J. Novak in “Fifty First Jokes” January 6

The Office’s B.J. Novak appears live in “Fifty First Jokes” at the Zephyr Theatre in West Hollywood this Thursday, January 6.

“Fifty of LA’s best comedians will tell the first new jokes they have written for the new year! Five years ago, Claudia Cogan, John F. O’Donnell and Jiwon Lee came up with the idea for Fifty First Jokes, and the show played to a sold out crowd in New York City. The popular annual NYC comedy tradition is back again this year with shows in both New York and LA.”

B.J. Novak on ‘Conan’

The Office’s B.J. Novak visited ‘Conan’ last night and chatted about “Night of Too Many Stars,” George Clooney, Baker Smurf, and the origin of the joke “why is 6 afraid of 7?”

I always thought celebs had to write down the credit card information, too!

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B.J. Novak extends The Office stay through season 8

According to Variety, actor/writer/producer B.J. Novak has extended his work on ‘The Office’ through season 8:

B.J. Novak has cut a deal with Universal Media Studios that covers his services as an actor and writer-producer on “The Office” through its seventh and eighth seasons. He’ll be upped to exec producer status (from co-exec producer) about halfway through the show’s upcoming seventh season. Pact also includes a development component for Novak to field new projects for the studio.

Congratulations, B.J.!

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