The Office: Murder, 6.10

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Writer: Danny Chun, Director: Greg Daniels

Summary (NBC): Michael’s world is rocked by troubling rumors about Dunder Mifflin. He forces the office into a day of strange diversions, upsetting Jim and leading others to wonder if Michael has gone insane. Meanwhile, Andy finds that his chief obstacle in courting Erin is his own awkwardness.

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In a poll conducted November 12-16, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.36/10

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The Office Murder quotes

Jim: As we all know, the one thing that thousand-year-old martial arts do all the time is change.

Dwight: You are all members of the yakuza, and you happen to be visiting the Lackawanna Trolley Museum. And you are attacked by triads. How can you hold them off until your clan arrives?

Dwight: You cannot go wrong with a throat punch.

Kevin: Last time you pulled my pants down and then you tried to choke me with my shoelace.

Jim: The most worthy opponent of you is you.

Dwight: We always have what is called the element of surprise.

Michael: You’ll have to be more specific, Dwight. I get like eight emails a day.

Erin: Your feelings journal? You told me to put it in the time capsule.

Dwight: You can all have jobs at Schrute Fams. As human scarecrows. It doesn’t pay much, and you can’t unionize.

Michael: I’ll catch you on the flippity-flip!

Michael: Just poopin’, you know how I be.

Michael: Crazy world, lotta smells.

Andy: It is time for the Nard Dog to take matters into his own paws.

Michael: Oh god, I can’t think! I need more Mullins.

Michael: Monkey see, monkey do. Monkey pee all over you.

Jim: All right! Let’s conference room it up!

Jim: I only slack off when things are good.

Dwight: He needs me. Seat-save infinity.

Michael: There’s been a murder! There’s been a murder … in Savannah.

Michael: “Battleship” got me through my parents’ divorce. “Operation” got me through my vasectomy.

Meredith: “Belles, Bourbon, and Bullets — A Murder Mystery Dinner Party Game.”

Michael: Tube City. You owe me one.

Michael: If you talk slowly in real life, your character could, say, have been kicked in the head by a horse.

Angela: “Voodoo Mama Juju — the witch doctor of the Savannah swamps.”

Michael: Delta Burke, I do declare.

Meredith: Nice accent. You sound like Forrest Gump.

Andy: What you really want is more of a Savannah accent, which is more like molasses, just sort of spillin’ out of your mouth.

Kevin: He lives on Sesame Street, dumbass.

Angela: It’s not my fault. I was exposed to Harry Potter.

Dwight: I know the killer to be Phyllis, aka Beatrix Bourbon, the person I most medium suspect.

Meredith: How ’bout a threesome?

Angela: Hey everyone. Kevin’s going to give us his take on the situation. Let’s listen up!

Dwight: A lot of the evidence seemed to be based on puns.

Pam: Which is worse, snapped or stuck?

Meredith: I’m the dead body and these are my brain chunks.
Dwight: Hey shut up, you’re dead.

Jim: Well, there is some bad news. There has been another murder.

Michael: Today is the hardest I have worked in a long, long time.

Jim: Really?
Pam: It wasn’t me. I’m not goin’ down for this!
Jim: Yeah, I want to go home.
Pam: Get the keys out of my purse, start the car.

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  1. I do not know what, but this episode, to me, was the best this season. I liked the funny lines and parts, and liked the plot advancement as well. All the characters were good. I was expecting this episode to be filler, but it wasn’t, which is great.

    I really liked this episode. 10/10, for me, at least.

  2. I thought the game got annoying after a while.

    Man, I was so upset when Andy said “Absolutely not” to Erin. He better ask her out very soon!

  3. It was nice to see Jim & Pam actually interacting with each other, I think that we got around 10 whole seconds this episode. Thank goodness they were not having fun with each other, that would ruin their chemistry…

  4. i liked the cold open, because jim wasn’t being mr. stuffy boss man. pam absolutely cracked me up, and omg andy and erin need to get together!!!

    angela also cracked me up… it’s hilarious watching a southern woman playing a northeasterner speaking with a bad southern accent! and that she stayed simply for the baby carrots.

    the ending cracked me up too…. although i think it was out of character for pam. after she left though… i laughed so hard. boys never grow up. give them pretend guns (or crossbows) and they turn into 6-year-olds

  5. So. Good.

    I’ll be watching it again online.

    (why does Pam now look like she’s not pregnant?)

    “He lives on Sesame Street, dumbass.”

  6. This episode was hilarious! Probably my favorite of the season. Every cast member had time to shine. Classic Episode! Of course Dunder Mifflin won’t go out of business.

  7. LOVED this episode. I laughed out loud a lot.

    I thought when Michael roped in Stanley and Angela with a sandwich platter and baby carrots was hilarious.

  8. What a great day to come home from vacation. Murder was good. I loved all the southern accents and the names of the characters. I’m pulling for Andy and Erin. Kevin delivered my new favorite line, Creed (well, need more be said), and Oscar’s voice. Well done!

  9. I loved the part with Creed leaving. My sister and I laughed at that for a good thirty seconds. It was a great episode.

  10. That episode eclipsed a lot of situations with companies these days, including my own, just like it in fact. Good to see the Office acknowledging what is happening to many people in offices while being signature funny The Office. Can’t wait for next week.

  11. Even though I always think The Office is funny, it is rare that I laugh as much as I laughed in this episode. Loved how the plot was woven together, loved the ensemble interaction, loved Andy’s speech about molasses, loved Pam playing the game at the end. I was PAINED at the Andy/Erin moment! AH! Heartbreaking! But anyway, story lines were moved forward/created, and we got to see the best of all the actors. Great episode!

  12. Man guess I have to be the negative one. I really did not like this episode. The cold open especially was just not funny. I will admit the episode had some moments like the swedish chef, and Pam getting in on the gun fight but overall no, wasn’t as great as it could have been. Michael was unusually over the top and even Jim was hard to stomach. However I am actually looking forward to this whole bankruptcy story line.

  13. Loved this episode! For sure, one of the funniest of the season (though nothing has come close to the season premiere). My favorite thing, aside from Oscar’s attempt at a Southern accent, was the hamster popping out of the tube. OMG, hilarious.

  14. Great episode. I hope Andy is successful on his next attempt in asking out Erin. Kudos to Jim in tonight’s episode. He’s getting better at being manager. The news from Wallace has got me wondering what the writers have in store in the long run.

  15. Great episode! It was a good mix of ridiculous and realistic, because Jim coming around at the end grounded it.

  16. Lots of laugh out loud moments tonight! I loved Dwight beating himself up and the ending! Not to mention the accents people had throughout the episode! But Andy and Erin were so close! ugh! it will happen!

    I wish we could’ve seen more of the Jim and Pam scene where they worried about the company. It was such a serious moment in an otherwise funny episode, but it was a good moment between them and provided some needed balance, in my opinion.

  17. Is it too much to ask for some Jim and Pam fluff? Can Jim go Andy on Pam? All in all, great episode.

  18. A great episode, I do declare!! Creed leaving upon hearing there was a “murder” did it for me, and the ending when Pam joined in the gun thing was awesome!

  19. I agree with #4, Jim & Pam have almost no interaction anymore. It would be nice if the little they showed was fun, that would be classic TO. Pam abandoning Jim in the midst of their talk and her hand-guns at the end were totally out of character. The episode had funny moments, I just miss the realism and relatability the show used to have. I understand that fans want to support the show, and it’s still a good show, but it’s not great anymore. It hasn’t changed in the sense of people and relationships evolving. They’ve turned the characters into caricatures that shift personality, intellect, and morality in ridiculous and disingenuous ways.

  20. Best episode of the season, in my opinion. Every line was genius, and I laughed the entire time. Can’t wait to see where the Erin/Andy thing goes :)

  21. I haven’t laughed this much at a season 6 episode. Oscar’s voice killed me. Andy was wonderful, of course, and I actually did like Pam in this one. And…you know you saw the way Oscar looked at Andy when he was chatting up Erin. :)

  22. @16 Nezzy: To quote Michael Scott, “I am declining to speak first.”

    I think a lot of people feel the same way you do, but don’t have the heart to spoil everyone else’s good time. It’s okay, though… we exist.

  23. Judging how great she was in the scene with Prison Mike, I will bet anything that Rashida Jones would have had the best fake Southern accent in the office — LOL!

  24. I do declare, Daniel Chun is funnier than molasses!
    I do declare.
    (inside joke from the show!)

  25. Simply brilliant – great to see the actors showcase their range of talent.

    Hope to see Andy happy for once – erin goes well with him.

    Great all around!

  26. Congrats to Danny Chun on his first episode! Loved it. As a southerner, everybody’s exaggerated fake accents totally cracked me up. Oscar’s attempt had me rolling! And I’m very curious about where this storyline could be leading.

  27. I really enjoyed this episode. It was well balanced with the seriousness and comedy. I really like how Michael will do anything to not upset his employees, and that includes playing a game to get their minds off of it. I thought the Creed scene was hilarious! I also loved Jim in this episode, I really felt his sadness, kudos to John Krasinski on that one. I really do wish they would have shown more of his conversation with Pam, but I’ll take what I can get. The only thing that bugged me a wee bit was Andy by reception talking to Erin. That’s too reminiscent of Jim and Pam for me.

  28. @ rooftop reminisce : I’m not sure I understand what you are complaining about. In the cold open, you could see Pam laughing at how Jim was screwing with Dwight. And I don’t see how her messing with Dwight, Michael, and Andy at the end is out of character. In fact, in your post, you even say that you want them to show Jim and Pam having fun!

    Anyway, it’s not the Jim and Pam show (even though we are getting a wedding and a baby in one season). Another really funny episode. Tube City!

  29. I totally disagree with #24, people worrying about losing their job because their employer is going out of business is real as it gets. Anyone can relate to this situation. I am excited about the Andy/Erin storyline and the future of Dunder Mifflin.

  30. I just have to say… what is up with Ryan’s outfit?? It cracked me up! Ryan’s not one of my favorite characters (sorry BJ) BUT his outfit in tonight’s episode and the fedora the other night… I love it!

  31. Good episode! Those accents… oh my goodness. I’m always amazed/tickled at the way northerners seem to think of us southerners! However, I live in Savannah, and we sure do love our crawfish and bourbon; they got that part right! Maybe Pam’s end scene was a bit out of character for her, but I thought it was still funny. Very curious as to where this season will go now!

  32. Loved the talking head with Jim and Michael at the end, it tied the whole episode up so wonderfully.
    Oscar attempting a southern accent cracked me up…i almost spit my drink out from laughing.
    Hopefully Andy and Erin will get their communication wires uncrossed and we will have another office romance, they would be so cute together.

  33. Only part I really disliked was the whole Andy/Erin thing, but tonight I give it an A-. I could talk about it forever!

    Loved the callback to the Fight when Dwight was punching the dummy.

  34. I am so worried about the future of DM. I can honestly see the series end with it shutting down. Tell me I’m not alone here?

  35. I know I’m in the minority, but I absolutely hated this episode. The only funny part was Creed. I watched it live, then again just now on DVR because I’ve never not liked an episode before. I can honestly say I’ll probably never watch this one again.

  36. A really great episode (and a really great season altogether this year, in my opinion). Lots of wonderful little moments (and yay – an Erin talking head!).

  37. Fantastic episode! I loved the balance between the feel-good game and the oh crap what’s going to happen to DM? I was really bummed out that Andy blew it with Erin, I don’t want to see this go the Jim/Pam stretched out run. We know they’re going to get together… right?

  38. 36. Jimmy: Pam & Jim didn’t have interaction in the cold open, that was the point of my comment, them not having day-to-day fun TOGETHER. I thought Pam was out of character because she used to be a very considerate and enthusiastic partner with Jim, but in this episode she left a serious discussion with Jim to keep playing a game with Michael. By the end, Jim had continued to be serious & worried about the crisis while Pam was having a stand off with fake guns.

    37. John: I didn’t say the potential loss of employment was unrealistic, I didn’t even imply that. The background idea driving what’s happening isn’t the main part of the show, what’s happening is. What happened in this episode does not happen in real life in a situation like that.

  39. When they panned around the room at the end and Pam was there too, i almost cried i was laughing so hard!!!

  40. To Paul Duchess (#25)

    While I am sorry about your relative and that you found this episode troubling…I can’t understand why you’re still watching this show six seasons in if you don’t think it has been good since the pilot (which I found substantially mediocre…and then the show improved a bajillion times).

  41. Best episode of the season. Scratch that. Best episode since season three. A-may-zing in every way fathomable.

  42. I’m still laughing at the tag! Out loud.
    That was classic Office. I love this show!

  43. I really liked this episode, but I felt like it could have some Jim and Pam in it. They feel a little bit left out since after they came back from their honeymoon. But overall, I really enjoyed it especially Michael’s tube city as the hamster is peeking his head out of one tube end. I love how Jim finally decided to tag along the end after he kinda snapped at Michael. Finally at the end, I loved Pam held her hands out like gunpoint at Michael, Andy and Dwight. And Jim’s like, “Are you serious?? I wanna go home now.” She slowly backs away from them and runs off with Jim.

  44. As the season goes on I think the little nuggets that Ryan gives us each episode are, dare I say it, almost as good as Creed’s!

  45. @#52 Laura…I honestly thought the exact same thing as you :]

    I thought it was a great episode, I laughed throughout the entire thing! Dwight was hilarious in it!
    I do miss the “non-grown up” Jim and Pam however..I’m really not enjoying serious Jim (while I can see his cause for concern in this episode) I do miss the interaction and cutesy stuff..haha what can I say I love JAM. Just my two cents :]

  46. I agree with Haley… although the show is still awesome… it seems different with Jim and Pam being ‘mature’… i miss the pranks… so serious all of a sudden…


    I loved Tube City and the Andy/Erin awkwardness. Oscar’s southern accent was priceless!!!


    Also, my friend and I wanted to play “Belles, Bourbon, and Bullets,” so I googled it and found this (fake) games website:

    mondomysteries .com

    I wish these were real!!!

  48. Oh man, I’m pumped for where this is headed! Anyone else REALLY excited for “Shareholder Meeting” next week?

    And this episode was the perfect mix of serious and hilarious. Keep it up, Office Season 6!

  49. I haven’t seen Jim staying as co-manager since it happened — anybody else think this bankruptcy plot might be a way to push him back down?

    Also, every episode can’t have constant Jim/Pam time — it’s an ensemble. I thought them talking about what they would do without Dunder Mifflin was endearing. The last two episodes have had tons of Jim/Pam time.

  50. Oh! And anybody else catch the whole “Forrest Gump” and Lecture Circuit: Part 2 allusion?

  51. I think Dunder Mifflin going into bankruptcy is where the show has been headed since episode 1 and the show is reflecting reality.

  52. I didn’t know how I would feel about this episode after I saw the promos, but after watching it I can say that I loved it! I gave it an 8 out of 10. It was very good. I wish it had more Kelly and more Toby in it, but other than that, I really had no complaints. Good stuff! I wish NBC would put the full episodes online sooner…I wanna rewatch it right now. :P

  53. I think what people are missing so much regarding Jim & Pam is their togetherness. They had almost no togetherness last season, and not much this season. They have gotten some big moments and one really big double episode, but no day-to-day relationship. They could get a lot more together time without taking over the show. They are 2 of the 4 main characters, and their fun & mischievous togetherness in the beginning of the series created a very large & loyal fan base.

  54. I LOVED this episode, the past two seasons have been a slight decline after season three (which in my opinion was the best season), but this episode was CLASSIC. Just fantastic. Oscar’s southern accent made me pee a little bit.

  55. Ahhh! I love the Erin/ Andy thing, miscommunication is the thing I fear most in my life and I fear that THAT is what could happen to me one day haha it’s so cringe-worthy! And Dunder Mifflin going under! What!? is there going to be another save A’la the merger?

  56. Just for this episode,
    I will buy The Office on DVD for Season Six.
    And if this episode is not on that DVD,
    I will send it back.

  57. sooo sorry for the double post, but Erandy..errr Andrin…err Endy is the new Jam/ Dwangela!! It would break me to not see them together, move over Jam!

  58. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! All I want is to see ANDY & ERIN together!! This upset me! and Erin’s face during her talking head was so genuine. “I thought it was a real date.” I almost cried out of frustration. GREAT EPISODE, i just want ANDY & ERIN together.

  59. Creed Running away I laughed the entire time!!! Classic!!…LOL oh yeah Andy and Erin.. I love them too… I kinda felt bad about that little miscommunication…anywayz, good episode overall… =) Looking forward to the upcoming episodes!!

  60. Great episode!!

    Did anyone notice Oscar when Andy asked Erin about her character? Right before the scene changed and after Andy said “Nellie’s brother”, Oscar held in a bit of laughter.

  61. Tonight’s episode was similar to what happened on Mad Men this week…. Is everyone jumping ship to form the Michael Scott Paper Company II?

  62. I don’t know what the writers did in the summer to gear up for the new season but whatever it was, do more of it! Honestly, this the most “on” they’ve been continuously since season three and while there were glimpses of it last year, this was truly classic Office. Great episode, the last month has been my favourite stretch of watching in a long time! AWESOME job guys!

  63. Oscar’s attempt at a southern accent was one of the hardest I’ve laughed watching this show. I did also love how they showed that Jim is slowly but surely learning how to be a manager. Keep in mind he’s a rookie at this so it’s not supposed to be a smooth transition.

  64. Wow, Just did not get it. My least favorite episode of all time.

    Those accents were grating after the first two minutes.

    The only bright spot was Ed Helms.

  65. I have not laughed this hard in a long time. Definitely the funniest episode of the season thus far. I like the balance between Jim and Michael (their talking head was great). I laughed at all of the minor characters, especially Oscar and Kevin!

    Ed Helms is so ridiculously brilliant. He is so spot on with his accents. I loved the description Andy gave of how a Savannah accent should be “like molasses just sort of spilling out of your mouth.” His interaction with all characters is always entertaining. Kevin calling him a dumbass just about killed me. I don’t have one bad thing to say about this episode. It’ll make my top ten for the series. The writers are on fire! Though, I am curious about where the writers are going with the whole bankruptcy plot.

    I couldn’t stop laughing at Michael listening to Shawn Mullins. Seriously, when’s the last time you heard that guy?

  66. @75 – I noticed that too. Aww hehe. Andy/Erin is my new favourite couple. I think they’d work really well together, both being shy and awkward.

    I was hoping for some more Dwight/Angela lines but I guess they’re not going to be a couple again? Hm.

    This episode was pretty funny and I think it has to be a bit over the top to balance out the serious future that DM may face, so I didn’t mind it at all.

    And Pam at the end seemed a bit out of character but then again, she rode with Jim and since they were still there until 6 she probably got bored and decided to join in. I was hoping she’d shoot them all and run away. =)

  67. #77 – Officefan

    He was listening to “Lullaby” but Shawn Mullins.

    I need to re-watch this on Hulu… my sound cut out a few times for just a few seconds, but I feel I may have missed some LOL moments.

    I just didn’t feel this episode. Now, last epi, I LOVED… but this one… just eh.

    Now, the last scene — All the boys having a standoff and Pam walking out of the room slowly was awesome! That had me dying! As a PP said – Boys will be boys! Give them some fake guns and they will turn into 6 years olds!

  68. I really enjoyed this episode overall (with the exceptions of Oscar’s forced accent and Pam’s gun hands). I noticed that Greg Daniels directed, and it did seem to have an almost-intangible classic Office feel to it. (I understand that he’s a busy guy with other projects, but wish he could spend more time with this gang! Can’t have everything, I suppose.)

    I also thought the parallel misunderstanding between Andy and Erin was well-done and very sweet.

  69. This was a ridiculous episode…so naturally I loved it. This season is much better than last season so far. I will be rewatching this one again :)

  70. Excellent!
    Hands down to the writers and cast!
    I never laughed this hard in such a long time.
    10/10 for me!

  71. Loved it! Fav parts:

    -Oscar trying to do a Southern accent
    -The look on Michael’s face when Jim said “there’s been another murder”
    -Ryan’s new “look”
    -Creed running out
    -Pam being involved in the showdown and then running out

    I though Ellie did a great job with her talking head when she admitted she thought the date was for real. I felt so bad for Erin!

    Great, great episode!

  72. Now THAT, my friends, was classic Office! It was simply hilarious, from start to finish. As a matter of fact, Community, Parks & Rec AND The Office were completely amazing. I haven’t laughed so hard in one night in a long time!

  73. Did I hear Michael call Angela “Voodoo Mama Boo Boo” at one point?! He’s crazy!

    Every time I listen to Oscar’s attempt at a southern accent – while trying to deliver bad news about the company – I lose it! Talking about seeds…

  74. Great, great episode! This season is totally the best thing that’s happened to that company since World War… erm… Season 3.

    However, has anyone else noticed the SERIOUS lack of “TWSS” this year?!

  75. Excellent episode! Wow! The open, Tube City, Shawn Mullins’ Lullaby, the accents, etc., etc., etc. Possibly one of the tops all time. Oscar’s part was so cringe-worthy, ha. It’s funny though, that in Weight Loss he does a Foghorn Leghorn/Michael Klump southern-style accent, but had such a hard time with one in that ep.

  76. Wow! That episode turned out way better than I thought it would. I imagine the entire cast had fun filming it. I wonder how they (and Oscar) got through Oscar trying out his southern accent? That cracked me up!

  77. Ok, so it wasn’t my favorite, but it was still a good episode. Ed Helms is beyond brilliant!!!

    I can’t stop singing “Rock-a-bye” today haha. “Oh god! I can’t think! I need more Mullins!” HAHAHA!

    I like how Jim finally realized the dynamic between him and Michael…it was put beautifully…one parent keeps rowing while the other keeps the kids occupied.

    I love this show!

  78. With the exception of Creed’s fleeing and Kevin’s line, “He lives on Sesame Street, dumb ass” the whole episode was pretty bland. I haven’t really been impressed with the show since season 3 to the point where I thought buying the season 5 dvd would be wasting my money. I will admit, though, that Pam and Jim’s wedding seemed more like the older episodes than the past couple seasons.

    Will there be a sixth season? Or is DM going bankrupt a set up for the show’s end?

  79. I love Jim and Pam “growing up” – especially Jim, because this is what people do in real life! He’s taking his responsibility as a husband and dad seriously. Good model for real life.

  80. Very funny episode!

    Baby carrot sticks for Angela – hilarious.

    Pam at the end – hilarious.

    Andy and Erin – awww.

  81. I thought this was a great episode. Sadly, I haven’t been on board with this season. I was the ultimate crazed Office fan, but I was starting to think that this was it for the show. I thought that this episode was really well written, and super funny. Definitely the best episode of the season thus far.

  82. Just finished watching this morning – gotta say, 10/10. I usually watch the next day from iTunes download, so obviously no commercials, but this episode went by real quick for me. Great pace, full on comedy with everyone immersed in their particular character foibles, sprinkled with a dash of tension and the bigger plot moving forward. Can’t wait to watch it again!

  83. This was easily my favorite episode of the season so far, and up there in my top 10 favorite episodes ever. I was crying laughing the whole time! Also super happy to see the Andy/Erin thing happening, now that the JAM sexual tension has come to a satisfactory resolution.

  84. #76 Was waiting for Toby to walk in only to be murdered by Michael’s character immediately.

    Hahahaha. That would have been PERFECT!

    I always like the episodes better on the second watch.

  85. How many times this season will we see Jim learning something about management from Michael? We get it.
    At least his co-workers showed him respect in this episode though.

    And why would Pam leave a serious conversation with Jim to humour Michael with his game? Old Pam would never have done that. She hated Michael’s ‘distractions’ and loved spending time with Jim.

    Good episode, but Michael’s ‘character’ went on for too long. Even Jim yelled at him. And it’s not like at the end of the day everyone forgot about Dunder Mifflin going bankrupt just because of some silly game.

  86. Creed rules!!!!!!!!
    There was so much stuff going on, but he always manages to make few but very memorable appearances.
    Man he rocks!

  87. @Katie – #97 I completely agree with your post. I am betting DM bankruptcy is an out for the show. Then again, they also managed to make the Michael Scott Paper Company a pretty interesting “break” from the normal Office, so who knows what will come of these rumors.

    This episode was a “3” out of 10 for me… Koi Pond and Double Date were SO much better in the writing style and just the reality of the character’s personalities. Kevin’s line about Sesame street was effing hilarious though. The murder game went on too long for my tastes. I also loved Ryan’s new look w/the glasses. Going for hipster, I suppose?

  88. I have to say, the subtle details and fantastic one-liners are what made this episode fantastic. Ryan’s ever-morphing new look. The Swedish Chef line (seriously, fell out of my chair laughing). Angela claiming voodoo comes from being exposed to Harry Potter. Creed. The game props (who wants to bet that Andy kept those snazzy arm bands?) A very classic Office episode all-in-all.

  89. One of my favorite parts:

    Michael [to Angela]: Baby carrots.
    [Angela goes back to her seat]

    Also, “Seat save infinity” and “Voodoo Mama Juju — witch doctor of the Savannah swamps” were great.

  90. Great episode. Oscar’s southern accent and Creed leaving=two best moments. It had some great serious moments too with Erin and Michael/Jim.

    I agree with an earlier comment, the show has been headed this way for 6 years. Dunder Mifflin will inevitably go bankrupt, merge, etc. Obviously they aren’t going to go bankrupt this season (because the show has at least a few more seasons) but it’s a BIG possibility. Dunder Mifflin going under would eventually give the documentarians a reason to finally “show” the documentary and the series could come to a close on that arc. Although, the show has been on so long that may be a hard thing to do.

  91. Great episode!!
    The cold open with Dwight/Jim reminded me of the good ol’ days. I miss relaxed Jim.
    Oh, the Nard Dog and his paws. HAHA!
    Oscar’s/Andy’s accents were HILARIOUS.

  92. “82. Steamtown Buff Thu. Nov. 12, 2009 | 11:31pm
    Wow, Just did not get it. My least favorite episode of all time.
    Those accents were grating after the first two minutes.
    The only bright spot was Ed Helms.”

    wow, really dude? if you hated the accents, how did you like Ed Helms? His was the BEST, SPOT ON accent by far. (take it from a southerner).

    I wonder if most of the peeps that didn’t like this ep are all northerners?
    As a tried and true southern redneck, i LOVE it when TV shows try to be southern. Especially when it’s our extended The Office family. Great job of utilizing all of their acting skills!
    I just hope they send this ep in to the emmy nominations this year.

  93. “I DECLARE BANKRUPTCY” with all that’s in the news right now about companies going into chapter 11, to only then re organize and come out a year later. It’ll add an interesting dynamic, similar to branch closures in season 1 and 2.

  94. This episode proved that off-the-wall humor has a place on this show, provided it’s executed properly. The branch desperately needed a distraction that day and Michael’s moider (see what I did there?) game was just what the doctor ordered. The zaniness that then ensued made sense in the context as opposed to just wackiness for wackniess’ sake. Everybody fired on all cylinders with Oscar’s accent the awesomest part of an awesome episode. I literally cried laughing during that scene. As Jim would say, “Gold medal. Give him medals!”

    This also had the great heart of Michael’s outburst on Jim in his office, which stopped me dead in my tracks, and Andy and Erin bringing the aww-ness and officially becoming Jim and Pam 2.0. Do we have a name yet? Andin, maybe?

    My only fear is that, like the MSPC and Michael’s relationship with Helene storylines, this bankruptcy crisis will be resolved in two or three episodes when it can, and should, and hopefully will, last throughout the season.

  95. I saw Creed getting upset over the “murder” from a mile away…and still laughed nonstop for at least 1 min anyways! Best character ever!

    10/10 for me. I haven’t laughed at The Office this much in a long time.

    “Need more Mullins”…and tube city.

    The cold open and the tag were brilliant. Loved that Jim was messing with Dwight again, making him fight himself. And loved the endearing look from Pam when she realized that he was messing with him. That was enough JAM for me. I think those little moments far outweigh the huge JAM moments.

  96. #112 – ShruteClone, I totally agree with your comments. I am a Southerner,too, and I thought Ed Helms’s accent was unbeatable! I was howling with laughter every time he spoke.

    Loved this episode! It was just so bizarre and FUNNY.

  97. Loved it. I’ve rarely laughed that much for an Office episode. Ed Helms is brilliant. I love Dwight as the butler: “I will poison your food!!”; Tube City: hilarious!
    Old-school Office or not, I don’t care – if the rest of the season is of that quality, je dis OUI!!!
    Congrats to Danny Chun and the cast.

  98. I haven’t read any of the comments—as I usually do—so I may repeat some of the things that have already been said, forgive me. I really enjoyed this episode. I think this is the sort of ep that makes The office so great, contributions from everybody, belly-laugh humor and humanity. A delicious episode. ps, I love Creed’s car!

  99. This has to be one of the best well rounded episodes of The Office we’ve gotten in a long, long time. Every one felt like real people and every thing was handled perfectly. Michael was hilarious, sweet and a normal boss (opposed to the idiot he is normally) and Jim had a nice arc with that. Love the Jim/Michael dynamic this season. The murder game sounded a tad ridiculous at first in the synopsis but it turned into something really sweet and touching by the end. By the way Jim’s talking head about the life boat analogy was the perfect way to end this episode.

  100. Best episode of the season. It felt so much like The Office I remember from seasons past. I really have no complaints about the show taking a more serious approach. I am a JAM fan but I love the new, serious, mature Jim. It’s been nice to see him evolve as a character. And I like that the show has moved the focus away from Jim and Pam because it’s time to let other characters shine.

  101. I’m not sure if this has been mentioned. I didn’t go through all the comments (yet). I think Jim is going to save the day (DM) with the new account he briefly talked to David Wallace about, on the phone. David shut him down, but I think this will prove to be an important plot line. Anyhoo…I loved the episode. a ton of funny stuff.

  102. This episode was flippin’ fantastic.
    I think the bankruptcy storyline will be a good way to get that “old office feel’ back, because when it began, everyone was worried about the branch closing, and now everyone will be worried about the whole company going under. The tension is back, and Michael is gonna try to be the one to take their minds off of it.
    I agree with people thinking that Jim’s supermarket idea will save DM, and I really hope that this whole thing isn’t resolved in the next few episodes.
    Aside from that, Andy and Erin are going to make me just as giddy as JAM did in the beginning, or so I hope. I can’t wait to see how that works out :)

  103. Well done, cast and crew. WELL DONE! *stands up and applauds*

    I think this was one of the greatest episodes not just for this season but in the entire series. I enjoyed the Southern accents that everyone had and this was the first time in a long time that I laughed so hard at just about every scene.

    The closing scene with the boys and Pam is my favorite tag of all time. Creed’s getaway scene was his greatest scene to date. It topped my previous fave with him dying his hair black. Ed Helms was also a blast with his accent and his “molasses” line was a keeper. Also, Brian’s delivery “He lives on Sesame Street, dumbass” is my new favorite line from him.

    And I loved the way Steve executed (no pun intended) these lines:

    “Sir, there has been a murder, and you are a suspect.”
    “This is not a game. This is my LIFE!”
    “At the count of 3, we’re all gonna put down our guns.”
    “We’ll put down our weaponry at the count of 3.”

    Give Steve his Emmy now. Contest over. Award won. I do declare.

  104. OMG. Hilarious! Oscar’s accent literally made me laugh out loud SO loudly that I woke up my kids!! I can’t wait to watch it again.

    And please….Voodoo Mama Juju?? It doesn’t get funnier than that. GREAT episode.

  105. It feels like the old Office with the season 1 and 2 feel is back. Threats of the company going under, an angsty relationship to replace the one we lost in season 4, and overall just great comic writing. The entire tag was brilliant!

  106. i was screaming NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! when Andy said that he wasn’t really asking Erin out for real. it would seem unrealistic knowing the Office for it to go that smoothly. we need to see some ANGST first!

  107. A couple predictions from this episode:

    1. Jim saves the company by getting the new grocery store client and let’s Michael take the credit for it.

    2. Andy and Erin become the new Jim and Pam (the couple that we all fall in love with).

    Great episode. One of the best ever. Emmy material.

  108. I enjoyed the episode. I thought the accent thing was pretty good, the whole distraction thing was hilarious, and the cold open/tag were the best ones of the season. I like how they’re making Andy/Erin the new Jim/Pam. I think that those characters, the way they’ve written em so far, are just the perfect fit for each other. WAY better fit than him and Angela. Also, I like how they’re taking Jim, the hero/slacker, and by giving him responsibilities of controlling chaos, he ends up being/acting like Michael. I had one crazy thought though. The first person I thought of when I saw that they might get bought out is that Jan might buy em out. Is that crazy?

  109. I can’t believe I can actually say this with so much certainty, but this one knocked it out of the park. I know this was my favorite episode to date.

  110. # 133. “I had one crazy thought though. The first person I thought of when I saw that they might get bought out is that Jan might buy em out. Is that crazy?”

    You might be on to something. If I remember correctly, Melora did say that Jan would be back this season. There’s no real reason for her to come back really, but that could be one way to do it!

  111. The Murder episode was SO full of superb one-liners!! I just keep quoting it at any open moment. Well done Danny Chun =D and fantastic performance by the cast.

  112. When Creed peeled out in the parking lot, I laughed so hard milk literally came out of my nose. And Oscar’s accent was wonderful. I also liked Pam’s immaturity in this episodie (“I’m not goin down for this!”).

    This episode was absolutely PERFECT!!!

  113. What a terrific episode! I think I might just have to bump something out of my Top 5 Office Episodes list to make room for Murder.

  114. Not sure if anyone said this, but I am guessing that Jim will land that big supermarket account and save the company.

  115. @Shrute Clone: To poke a hole in your theory, I’m from the south and I hated the episode. I don’t appreciate it when TV shows try to be “southern” mainly because we usually come out looking like backwards idiots (never mind the fact that the south is a huge region and people are different in different parts of it). I’m not saying that’s what happened here, I just don’t think it was realistic-they sounded more like Foghorn Leghorn than any southerner I know.

    The southern thing is not why I hated it, though. I didn’t think it was funny and The Office now isn’t even recognizable when compared to the first three seasons.

  116. Erika- Agreed! The Office writing is always awesome but it’s even awesomer when you are easily able to tranlate the quotes into real life. This episode was stock full of catchy phrases.

  117. does anyone else think that erin eating yogurt in one scene was an intentional nod to the erin/andy, pam/jim parallels?

  118. Best this season! Last week’s episode was terrible, but this one was amazing. Definitely one of my favorites of all time. And when creed ran out of the building i nearly died laughing!

  119. The most entertaining episode of the season:)
    i love the ending with Dwight, Michael and Andy! Great gosh darn episode.

  120. Did anybody else notice that this is the first episode that Erin Hannon has ever talked to the camera directly (right after Andy asks/backs out of this date offer)?

  121. I must admit I haven’t liked the past few episodes, BUT this episode had me crying from laughing so hard i think the show is getting back to The Office I know and love.

  122. I thought this episode was pretty good. Not as epic as everyone else seems to think it was, but good nonetheless. I really liked how Jim stepped up and was taking the bankruptcy situation seriously, and the tension-filled conversation with Pam was cool because we got to see them as a couple dealing with a tough situation. I noticed that Pam didn’t look pregnant and for a second I thought maybe I’d missed the episode where she had the kid; that was odd. And I loved when Oscar made the attempt at the southern accent!- So funny! and of course Creed was hilarious. Overall this episode wasn’t the best, but it was nice to see that it’s being realistic, I missed seeing that in the show.

  123. Hmm… I wonder if the writers are getting ready to set a definitive end-date for the series. I think that would really give a shot in the arm to the show’s quality, perhaps restore it to what it was four years ago.

    Look at LOST–I won’t say that every episode has been gold since Cuse and Lindelof set 2010 as the series’ end, but there have been less crummy episodes, and a true sense of direction and purpose. I think The Office would benefit from a deadline!

    Maybe Dunder-Mifflin will close at the end of the season, and the next season will be the last, dealing with the aftermath (including the release of the long-awaited documentary).

  124. Michael, Dwight, Andy and Pam were amazing in the end of the episode. Poor Jim. It’s true that Andy & Erin will become the new Jim & Pam. Dwight & Angela still have time to work it all out.

  125. I wish Pam had stayed with Jim during their serious conversation. She hasn’t been shown supporting him as a manager at all.

  126. 152: That’s true. I can’t even think of one instance when she’s shown support for him as a manager.

  127. i find it sad how unrealistic this show is now. pam with the guns at the end? they have killed everything i liked about her character which was shy and cute. now she is either cranky (koi pond) or wild (the surplus and this episode) i feel like ever since she shortened her hair the show hasn’t been the same. i miss it

  128. Pam clearly showed support to Jim’s ideas in The Meeting, when he was about to meet with Wallace. Plus, she is MARRIED to the guy. I’d say she supports him.

  129. Can you help me fellow Tallyheads? When Michael was on the phone looking for David Wallace and he did his “Wouldn’t that be hilarious” thing. Was he just trying to be funny because he was all nervous or was he actually making fun of someone in particular who talks like that. I laughed so hard when he did it and then I was like “I don’t think I get it”

  130. I loved the episode! I laughed from the beginning to the end! Everyone did such a great job and it was nice to see glimpses of the old Pam. Plus, Ryan’s Woody Allen look was kind of cute this week!

    The idea to have Jim and Michael co-manage this season was fantastic. Jim has always been the voice of reason in the office and now he has the authority to do something about it. Still, he is the Jim we love and he tries to be sensitive to Michael’s odd needs when he needs to be.

  131. I do declare this episode was a big hit! I have been loving the season so far, the writers are doing a fantastic job. The episode was filled with great one liners, and another classic Creed moment. He probably thought it had to do with the disappearance of Creed Bratton. I am so looking forward to next week’s episode. Michael, Dwight, Andy, and Oscar together in New York, that grouping is classic.

  132. Totally agree, jamsbaby (#154). Still, I loved this episode! The whole office getting in on a boxed murder mystery game is brilliant. Great lines!

  133. I was laughing so hard when I saw Pam with the ‘guns’. Even though it was kinda out of character, we see that with all the characters at some point in the series. But she looked less pregnant…

  134. When I first saw Pam’s hands during the closing tag shootout, I couldn’t figure out what was on her hands. They almost looked like they had peeling skin or something, then I realized they were lace gloves.

  135. #157 (@Collins) – I feel the same way about the “hilarious” line and delivery. Funny but familiar seems like a deliberate reference. It’s vaguely reminiscent of Bronson Pinchot’s character Serge in Beverly Hills Cop: “You want some espresso? I make it right in the back.”
    Doubt that’s the inspiration, but only the writer or Steve Carell really know for sure…

  136. I loved the episode, but to any Spaced fans wasn’t the end shootout scene just like the one on Spaced, but with Michael, Andy, and Dwight instead of Mike, Tim, and Brian?

  137. That was such an amazing episode! I loved the cold open with dwight beating himself up. I could probably go on and on about how much I loved this episode, but these are my favorite lines.
    “just poopin’, you know how I be.”
    “crazy world, lotta smells!”.
    “I’m not comfortable with this.”
    “the person I most medium suspect.”
    The thing I loved about this episode was that the lines are like the ones I quote with my sister from season 2. I could keep watching them and saying them and they would still make me laugh. Great job, NBC! Keep it up.

  138. I wanna play the game. And Andy, always making things so awkward. Overall good episode

  139. I also thought this episode was the best in a long time….I thought the reference to Shawn Mullins song “Lullaby” was hilarious – the type of song that Michael Scott would listen to – a song that was No. 1 on Billboard’s Adult Top 40 chart in 1998 – talk about obscure. Also, I just love Erin and Andy….I am so over Pam and Jim who bore me to death (always have except back when she was with Roy).

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