Got ‘Delivery’ questions for Danny and Charlie?

I love doing these Q&As so much. I’m a complete geek for behind-the-scenes details.

‘The Delivery’ writers Danny Chun and Charlie Grandy have graciously agreed to feed the addiction this time around.

Because for such a big milestone episode like this one, I figured y’all might have a few things you want to ask about. :)

Post your questions here about ‘The Delivery’ by 11pm PT today, March 5th. Thanks!


  1. Why was Dwight visibly upset or shaken at the end of the episode? I didn’t quite understand what upset him so much?? (By the way, GREAT job guys!)

  2. 1) How was the baby’s name decided?

    2) Was the baby-switching idea from an Office writer’s personal experience? Or was it just a random idea?

  3. Good job writing an amazing episode :) Just wondering how you chose the name Cecelia Marie.

  4. Lee Kirk was the lactation consultant! How did that one happen, guys? Was that Jenna’s doing?

  5. How did anyone keep a straight face in the scene when Michael is down on the floor behind Jim trying to comfort Pam? Did that scene need a lot of takes?

  6. Oh man, GREAT episode! My 2nd favorite after The Injury! First question I have is where’d the name come from?

  7. Thank you so much for doing a Q & A on this wonderful episode! My question is: what was the inspiration for the baby’s name?

  8. First off, I want to thank all of you for an absoulutly AMAZING episode!
    Secondly, my question is how did you finally decide on a name/gender for baby Cecelia?

  9. Oh man! this episode was great guys!
    i loved it so much! where did you get the idea of them feeding the wrong baby? that was hilarious!

    also.. I wanted to know if there was any big improv from any of the actors in this episode. was there?

  10. It was so funny to see Lee Kirk (Jenna’s real-life fiance) as the breastfeeding coach. How did that casting process go, and was it tough for the actors to keep it together during that scene?

  11. Did Jenna make you put her real life fiance in this episode? What was their work dynamic like?

  12. My question is in two parts: how and where did you seek the inspiration to create the vision for such a significant episode, and how (and to what extent) did you collaborate with the other writers and actors to portray this?

    Thanks Danny and Charlie for such an entertaining episode!

  13. What was the biggest challenge about writing this episode? Any surprising obstacles?

  14. First of all, thank you and congratulations on such an amazing episode! I read an interview that said that at one point the baby was actually the opposite sex and then it changed. Was there a reason for this and is there a reason that we wound up with adorable Cecilia instead of James Jr? Thanks!

  15. Was Andy’s line “So it’s a date” a reference to Jim’s “Then it’s a date” line from ‘The Job’ or was that just a coincidence?

  16. On most shows when someone has a baby, the baby comes out at a 3-month-old’s size. Cecilia was very tiny and actually looked like she could be a newborn. How old was she really, and whose baby is it in real life?

  17. Brilliant episode. This season has been full of milestones, and you’ve done them all wonderfully!

    How did you guys find such a newborn looking baby?! Was there makeup involved to make it look pinker? I totally bought it, amazing!

    Thanks for all that you do!

  18. 1. I loved Oscar’s subtle quip: “The hospital will provide a dictionary; bring a *thesaurus*” Who can I thank?

    2. Was Andy’s dance from some viral YouTube video or something? And how hard was it for Jenna not to laugh when he was doing pelvic thrusts right in her face??

  19. How did you decide on the name for baby Halpert? And how difficult was it to find a baby that was that small and could actually be on set?

  20. First, I loved the episode. Thought you did a great job of capturing some different looks at having a baby.

    Ok, now for the minutia that drives me crazy. Michael parks in the ambulance zone and throws Jim’s keys across the street. At the end, Jim apparently has his keys and the car is not in the ambulance zone anymore (but has tickets) and Jim has not gone home the whole time since he does not know Dwight is there. How did you see that playing out and were there scenes that were cut that would have shown more of that?

  21. Hey, guys!
    I know that writing on the show is very much a collaborated task but considering that this was a two-parter disguised as a one-part, were there any difficulties in making sure everything was consistent, especially since there was a different director with each part as well? :)

  22. Since the beginning of the series, Pam has always been someone I relate to, and I’ve loved following her story. Now that she has a family of her own, does she still aspire to a higher, more artistic career? Or, are her goals now focused on just being the best mother she can be? I definitely believe she could do both, but I’d like to hear your thoughts on this progression of her character.

  23. What was going through Angela’s head? What was Erin talking about in the conference room while distracting Pam from her contractions?

  24. Wonderful episodes! Did you always intend for Jam to have a girl or had there been any scripts written for a boy baby?

  25. Was it intentional to dress almost every character in blue during the conference room scene? Was this to throw us off?

  26. I would love to know more about the young actress who played Cecelia. How old was she? How did you find a newborn? Did you have about-to-pop pregnant ladies on standby leading up to filming?

  27. Now that the Halpert baby has arrived and the Jim/Pam dynamic has given fans a type of closure…will the writers start to concentrate on any new office romances? Andy/Erin is obvious I guess but what about Michael? Will we ever see Holly back in the picture? I kinda feel like Michael is due…

  28. I LOVED this episode!! Thanks so much for all the work you guys did to bring it to us! I have a few questions for you, some trivial some not…

    1) What date was little Cecelia actually born on? (I thought that scene with Andy and the framed newspapers was absolutely HILARIOUS!)

    2) Why was Dwight so upset at the end of the episode when he and Angela were signing their baby makin’ contract?

  29. Loved the episode! In so many tv shows, the delivery is the focus of a ‘birth episode’. I loved that you didn’t focus on that so much but showed us the more realistic side of ‘after the delivery’. What made you decide to write the episode that way?

  30. Congrats on a great episode! I loved when Kevin was talking about all the meals he and Pam shared. “Second breakfast” and “second lunch” reminded me so much of drunk Pam explaining “second drink” to Jim in “The Dundies.” Was this intentionally related or just coincidence? I’m probably just a big Office nerd…

  31. Some of my favorite moments in the show is when Michael shows how genuine and caring he really is. Good examples are when he attended Pam’s art show or the shot of him grinning ear to ear at Pam and Jim’s wedding. I’d thought that something similar would happen in this episode, but that moment wasn’t really there. Michael mostly just acted his same silly self the whole time. Was this a purposeful decision on anyone’s part?

  32. Did you all get to decide the baby would be a girl, or had that been decided earlier?

  33. I thought this was such an amazing episode — it reminded me of all the reasons that I love the show so much. I love that it is so hilariously off the wall and yet so real at the same time. That is such a testament to its talented cast members and writers.

    How do you go about writing an episode like this that is so significant and anticipated? What other humorous aspects of being new parents did you think of including that didn’t make it into the episode?

  34. Whose idea was it to have Jenna’s fiance as the “lactation consultant”?

    I think I have an idea who…. :)

  35. Did Ed Helms improvise the evolution of dance dance or was it choreographed? Also, whose idea was it to have him do it in complete silence?

  36. Hey guys! I really loved the idea of a contract between Dwight and Angela for a child. How did you guys come up with that idea? Also, is where did you get Dwight’s insane fact about how to make the baby a boy? Thanks!

  37. How on earth did you get a diaper on a cat?!

    Great episode everyone! It was worth the wait (TWSS).

  38. What kind of ideas did you have for this episode early on, that were not followed through with, or were not cut into the episode due to things like time constraints?

    Thanks for your time, great work on the episode.

  39. You guys really nailed writing Jim and Pam as first-time parents! There was so much to love about this episode, but I especially loved that you guys were able to get a real baby for most of the scenes and that it actually looked like a newborn. How did you guys pull that off?

  40. First, the scene with the lactation consultant was hilarious to watch. Really great job. The question I had was from the end when Jim asks if Pam used “his move.” I didn’t totally get that. What was he referring to?

  41. Dwight lied to Isabella. He does go to the dentist as an adult. His name is Crentist.

  42. There were so many funny, laugh out loud moments in this episode. Were there any moments when the cast couldn’t keep it together?

  43. Why is Dwight portrayed as a sex symbol? It’s hard to even imagine, but hilarious of course

  44. Are Jim and Pam ever going to find out that Dwight slept with his butt and grundle exposed on their bed?

  45. I loved seeing Michael’s reaction with Cecelia the first time he held her, will we see little Cecelia make an appearance in the office, and will Michael become an “uncle” sort of person?

  46. These two episodes were so right on – It reminded me so much of my first child – and yes, my Dwights (husband and father-in-law) took my only bathroom apart and hadn’t put it back together when I came home. The writers did a great job and I am passing it on to my daughter who is due in 10 days.

  47. Not a question, but I felt strongly that the writers of this episode should be congratulated and thanked for portraying the aftermath of childbirth in the most realistic way I’ve ever seen on television. Thank you so much for portrayal of breastfeeding difficulties (which happen to most mothers initially)! It made my favourite show even better to watch!

  48. The actor who was the lactation consultant must have had a hard time getting this part…I’m kidding he is Jenna Fischer’s fiance right? Did he go through an audition process?

  49. How do you go about finding a baby to play the role of their child? The baby looked like an infant, so had to be only a couple days or weeks old. Were the actual parents on the set with you all?

  50. 36: Despite Michael’s silliness, I definitely felt the whole episode was a testament to how much he truly cares for Jim and Pam. Distracting Pam from her contractions, timing how far apart they were, the balloons/flowers/bear, and finally, the moment where he holds the baby and he tears up, smiling (just like at their wedding). I love that deep down, Michael’s silliness is well-intentioned because he loves them so much.

  51. I loved this episode, all but Pam breastfeeding the other baby. Didn’t think it was necessary, what is the story behind that, someone’s personal experience? Thought it would have been funnier if she “almost” did it and then she/Jim realized it was the wrong baby. Felt a little odd with that whole scenario.

  52. When you guys set out to write this episode, were you thinking, “What does every other sitcom do with a birth episode and how can we do the opposite?” We found out the baby’s gender at a random time, we didn’t see the birth, it didn’t end with a cuddly after-delivery scene, but we saw the first full day of frazzledness and confusion. How did you decide on this sequence of events?

    By the way, I LOVED how you strayed from formula (as you always do, you brilliant writers, you)! GREAT JOB!

  53. How did you come up with the baby’s weight and length? Did Jenna help with that too or did you guys just pick some numbers that sounded right?

  54. Angela Kinsey has recent experience with labor & delivery and is Jenna Fischer’s real life bestie. Were any of her own experiences pitched to the writers and did you incorporate any of them in your script? Well done capturing real life in our favorite fictional world.

  55. The promos had a scene (maybe 2 seconds?) of Jim pushing Pam into the hospital and leaning down to kiss her forehead and saying ‘I love you.’ Why was that cut?

    How did Jim get the keys to his car again?

    The writing and acting was amazing! Thanks!

  56. Terrific episode–loved it all! The distraction meeting in the conference room just totally killed from start to finish–I could not stop laughing! How did anyone hold it together long enough to complete that?? Especially throughout Andy’s dancing and Kevin’s “Put spicy food up your butt!”

    Was there more than a snippet of Dwight and all his buddies tearing up Jim and Pam’s kitchen? I would love to see more interaction between Dwight and his pals and wondered if there was more, and it was just cut for time.

  57. This was SUCH a great episode! Definitely one of my all-time favorites! I have two questions. :)

    1. I remember reading in an interview that Jenna said she had a big speech with the baby, and it was hard to get through because the baby kept making cute faces and noises at her. There wasn’t really any scene like that last night, so why was it cut?

    2. Both Jim and Pam, especially Jim, were clearly flustered people leading up to the birth. Now that Cecilia is here, will Jim return to his laid-back attitude, or will he continue to be nervous about being a parent?

  58. Who were the two people helping Dwight tear apart the kitchen? Not the actors, but the characters.

    And was the cat that Jim diapered Angela’s?

    Great episode!!

  59. While I’m thrilled to see the culmination of Jim and Pam’s relationship, and to see it portrayed so beautifully in ‘The Delivery’, I’m saddened at the thought that this may be the last “big” moment for my favorite couple. I’d like to know the writers’ thoughts on this–Do you feel Jim and Pam’s story has now been told? Or are there still more moments in store for them? (I hope so!)

  60. Did you guys actually use the consulting services of a lactation consultant on this episode?

  61. Thanks for doing the Q + A. I love how real Jim and Pam’s emotions of being new parents felt.

    My question is:

    It must be quite challenging shooting with a baby. How did you get the baby to cry? Or, more likely, when she was already crying, how did you deal with her needs so she wasn’t wailing for too long?

    Also, is there anything you wish you could have left in but had to cut for time?


  62. When will Pam be back in the office? Will she be shown at all while she is at home, on maternity leave, with the baby?

  63. So now that little Cecelia is born, does that mean that we will not see Pam until the rest of the season?

    By the way, great episode! Jim and Pam’s emotions of new parents were really really REALLY realistic!

  64. The writing really stuck out in this episode, two thumbs up to you both! I’m curious, were all the looks that the actors, especially John and Jenna, give to the camera or to each other in the script? I feel like so much comedy comes from those looks without words that the audience can interrupt how ever we want.

  65. How were the sounds and lines during the actual delivery recorded? Were John and Jenna on-set, or did they record that part separately (and then have it added during editing)? I love that the actual birth wasn’t shown, but am wondering whether it was awkward for John and Jenna to make those sounds and say those lines without actually physically acting out the delivery. In any case, they both did an excellent job capturing the realism!

  66. Did Jim say the last name of his and Pam’s doctor was ‘Rezvani’? Because that’s my last name and I couldn’t believe my ears when he said it!!! :D You guys just made me so happy, hahaha.

  67. First off, you guys did an amazing job! Both parts were great and hilarious!

    Two short questions – Was Kevin’s “second breakfast” “first dinner” a reference to him having the eating habits of a hobbit? Two – what was the birth song?

  68. On every DVD commentary we hear about how much great stuff has to be cut from the episodes … how long was the first cut of this episode? Also, please tell me there are plans to do a commentary on this episode for the season six DVDs. Everyone involved did an amazing job on this episode, I think you avoided every “birth episode” cliche … kudos!

  69. They were driving Jim’s car to the hospital, right? So when Michael parks in the ambulance zone, and Michael threw the keys, did he go back and get them later for Jim or did Jim have spares?

    And how did the car not get towed?

  70. How easy was it for Jim to cry during the scene where he found out he was having a daughter?

    I know I’m not alone in saying that a crying Jim makes us girls swoon!

  71. We saw Phyllis eating that ice cream cake, but didn’t we establish a while ago that she was lactose intolerant? (To which Michael responded something like “She won’t be the only one eating the cake). Or that might’ve been Meredith…

  72. When Pam says to her mother that she hasn’t had caffeine in months, Jim gives a weird look to the camera. What was that supposed to mean? The look looked like a “umm no…” kind of look. I was confused! haha.

    Secondly, during the distractions that people were giving to Pam, what was Erin reciting???

    Thanks for an awesome episode!!! You guys really hit on the head with the milestones the characters go through in perfect Office fashion :)

  73. Whose idea was it to have Erin recite the Triple Crown winners? As a fellow horseracing nerd I loved that part.

  74. First of all, fabulous episode. I think this is in my top 5 of all time. My question:

    After looking at the NBC provided pictures for the second part of the episode, I am pretty sure I noticed that the baby pictured looks a little different each time. Were there multiple babies used? That wouldn’t surprise me, considering that it would be pretty miraculous to have the same one throughout the entire episode. Also: What was it like to use a real baby and how did the actor(s) react to that, what was it like for them. How old was the baby shown?

    Thanks so much Danny and Charlie, this was a great episode, and I loved that it was so unique and original!

  75. 1. Did the actors crack during the serious scenes? If so, what happened?

    2. How were John and Jenna’s voices in the delivery room done? Were they in the room or was it a recording?

    Thank you so much! It was such an amazing episode! :)

  76. Is the newborn who played Cecelia permanent? Or will you use different babies?

  77. In the tag ending, Angela and Dwight are in Jim and Pam’s kitchen when Jim and Pam walk in. Wouldn’t they wonder why Angela was there? I was a little confused!! :) Loved the episode!!!

  78. How many times did you have to film the conference room scenes? Those were hilarious!

  79. On the NBC website, the chart on the baby’s crib says “6 lb, 12 oz, 19 in”, whereas in the episode, Jim says she’s 7lb, 2 oz, 18 inches. Is there a reason for the discrepancy, or did someone just get mixed up? :)

  80. Who provided Pam’s jacket when they were leaving for the hospital? It wasn’t the same one she was wearing when she talked to Jim outside at the car.

  81. So how long will Pam’s maternity leave be? Will Jim get any paternity leave?

  82. Was there any footage of the 19 hours of labor that wasn’t shot (i.e. Jim fainting?) It seemed like it jumped really quickly from Pam and Jim arriving at the hospital to the baby being born the next day.

  83. Was it in the script for Michael to throw Jim&Pam’s car keys after he parked in the ambulance zone, or did Steve improvise that. How long did it take to find the keys after he threw them?

  84. Wow, just wow. Awesome episode, can’t say much more right now, but really, awesome work with this one.
    John and Jenna were brilliant in this one as well.
    My question to you is; How did John and Jenna react to being in character and acting all crazy, shouting, screaming and running around? I can imagine it was fun and all that, but how did they really react while reading the script? Was there anything they wanted to put in or remove?

    Hugs from Sweden.

  85. Great episode, it was absolutely fantastic :)
    one question…
    What is going on with the Dwight/Angela and now Isabelle situation?

  86. What other office talents did the cast use to distract Pam that we didn’t see?

  87. I heard the baby was going to be a boy and then you changed it at the last minute, I was wondering if baby boy Halpert had a name before he became a she?

  88. Loved the episode. Part of what’s priceless about a new baby is the reactions from everyone else. Were there any tricks used (like witholding the gender or name) before taping to elicit the reactions that you got from the cast?

  89. How come Jim and Pam didn’t find it awkward that the camera crew was in the room with Pam when she was being instructed on how to breastfeed? Actually, it didn’t seem like they acknowledge the camera crew at all…

  90. Did Jim and Pam really conceive at Burning Man and if so, how did Pam survive such a long gestation (last Burning Man was in September of ’08)? ;) Love you, guys!

  91. How was it decided which of Jim and Pam’s co-workers would come to the hospital to support them?

  92. How did the idea to bring in Jenna’s Fiance, Lee Kirk, come about? and did they bring him in specifically to be the lactation consultant or did they simply want him to have a guest appearance?

  93. Why is the I.T. worker (first seen a few episodes ago) the same guy who talked to Pam at the Job fair about the graphic design company? Any hidden reason for this?

  94. I’m definitely no expert, but the “feel” of each shot (cinematography?) seemed different somehow in this episode, especially around the driving to the hospital sequence. What inspired the change?

  95. Helene looked fantastic in the scene where Michael runs into her in Pam’s room, and it almost seemed like she was showing Michael what he was missing. Was that intentional?

  96. Where was the rest of Pam and Jim’s family? I would have expected more than Pam’s mom, Michael and her best friend to be there. Would have loved to see Jim parents and his crazy brothers too. Also Pam’s dad and new girlfriend would have made for more awkward moments with her mom. Was there any reason they weren’t in this episode?

  97. Is Stanley still married to Terri? He’s wearing his wedding ring in this episode, and Michael said he has two lovers.

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