Thursday’s Office Convention notes

It’s past midnight here in Scranton, so just a few quick notes before I head off for bed …

Checking into the hotel tonight, I bumped into The Office’s Co-Executive Producer Kent Zbornak and Mr. Bob Vance himself, Bobby Ray Shafer, who were also checking in. I believe Kent said that Angela, Brian, and Phyllis all arrived tonight as well.

It was also lovely meeting Tallyhead Kenna and her sister at the Atlanta airport, as well as one of the convention organizers, Tim Holmes.

Tomorrow morning starts off over at the University of Scranton, where The Today Show’s Al Roker will be talking to members of The Office cast. I’ll do my best to post reports throughout the day!

Lastly, wear those OfficeTally shirts in Scranton this weekend. Because if I spot you, you might win a Target goodie. Or a little doodad from the NBC Office Store. Or even the Dundie I reviewed last week! (Get your acceptance speech ready.)

And please especially wear your OT shirt to Sunday’s Bloggers’ Breakfast. I wanna see some representin’!

Office Convention Oct. 26-28

the office

Update: NBC is reporting the Today Show schedule for Friday morning is:
8:30am = Kate, Creed, and Oscar;
9:00am = Bobby Ray, Phyllis, and Leslie;
9:30am = Angela, Brian, and Craig. Subject to change.

Also, make sure to bookmark’s Office Convention Blog!

Links: New cast info | Buy tickets here

Confirmed Office staff attending: Andy Buckley, Angela Kinsey, Anthony Farrell, Bobby Ray Shafer, Brent Forrester, Brian Baumgartner, Craig Robinson, Creed Bratton, Ed Helms, Gene Stupnitsky, Greg Daniels, Jason Kessler, Jennifer Celotta, Justin Spitzer, Kate Flannery, Kent Zbornak, Lee Eisenberg, Leslie David Baker, Lester Lewis, Melora Hardin, Michael Schur, Mindy Kaling, Oscar Nunez, Paul Lieberstein, Phyllis Smith, and Ryan Koh. That makes 26!

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Rainn’s visit to Scranton

Here are a few stories on Rainn Wilson’s visit to Scranton’s The Mall at Steamtown today:

An excerpt from the article:

Instead of a key to the city, which Mr. Wilson jokingly requested, Mr. Doherty offered his office key as a concession. Mr. Wilson happily took it, then replied, “I’ll need your pin, the password for your computer and your social security number.”

Scranton resident Brian Martin nearly stole Mr. Wilson’s thunder when he proposed to his girlfriend and fellow “Office” fanatic, Jodi Kahanowitz. When Ms. Kahanowitz accepted, Mr. Wilson grabbed her and pretended to make out with her. Then, for full comic effect, he did the same to Mr. Martin.

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Dunder Mifflin is real, at least in Scranton

scranton the office dunder mifflin

How cool is this — yes, that’s a Dunder Mifflin banner hanging in front of Scranton City Hall!

Although a fictional company, Dunder Mifflin is an official member of the Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce, and took part last month in a banner campaign aimed at welcoming visitors into the city. Read more about the campaign here.

I’ve been told, “you’ll be seeing the same banner appear in the show as one was made for them and [it was] sent … out last week. This season’s going to be good and watch for some authentic scenes from Scranton.”

As if we needed another reason to get excited about Season 3! :)

Photo courtesy of our friends in Scranton, The Electric City.