Office Convention Oct. 26-28

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Update: NBC is reporting the Today Show schedule for Friday morning is:
8:30am = Kate, Creed, and Oscar;
9:00am = Bobby Ray, Phyllis, and Leslie;
9:30am = Angela, Brian, and Craig. Subject to change.

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Links: New cast info | Buy tickets here

Confirmed Office staff attending: Andy Buckley, Angela Kinsey, Anthony Farrell, Bobby Ray Shafer, Brent Forrester, Brian Baumgartner, Craig Robinson, Creed Bratton, Ed Helms, Gene Stupnitsky, Greg Daniels, Jason Kessler, Jennifer Celotta, Justin Spitzer, Kate Flannery, Kent Zbornak, Lee Eisenberg, Leslie David Baker, Lester Lewis, Melora Hardin, Michael Schur, Mindy Kaling, Oscar Nunez, Paul Lieberstein, Phyllis Smith, and Ryan Koh. That makes 26!

Previously posted news after the jump.

October 23

Writers Anthony Farrell, Brent Forrester, Gene Stupnitsky, Jason Kessler, Jennifer Celotta, Justin Spitzer, Lee Eisenberg, Lester Lewis, Michael Schur, and Ryan Koh will be attending.

October 22

Ed Helms is now a confirmed attendee.

October 11

Executive producer Greg Daniels and members of The Office writing staff (no names listed), Paul Lieberstein, and Craig Robinson are now confirmed attendees.

October 6

The Scrantones and Andy Buckley (David Wallace from Corporate) are now confirmed attendees.

Tipster: Corporate

October 3

Melora Hardin is now confirmed as an attendee.

September 28

Angela Kinsey and Bobby Ray Shafer are now confirmed attendees.

September 25

The Scranton Times-Tribune is reporting that in the first hour that convention tickets went on sale, “$54,208.46 worth were sold.”

Five seven cast members have been confirmed to appear at the convention: Creed Bratton, Phyllis Smith, Mindy Kaling, Leslie David Baker, Kate Flannery, Oscar Nunez, and Brian Baumgartner.

Link: Seven actors confirmed for “Office” convention

Tipsters: Greg, A

September 21

Ticket prices have now been posted! Tickets go on sale Tuesday, September 25th.

There are four levels:

  • $25 — The Intern Weekend Pass
  • $50 — Assistant Regional Manager Weekend Pass
  • $100 — Regional Manager Weekend Pass
  • $250 — Corporate Weekend Pass

Link: The Office Convention price information

September 18

“Tickets will go on sale Tuesday, September 25 at 10 a.m. EST. We have a handful of commitments from cast members so far, but we still can’t name names quite yet. We will announce names as appearances are confirmed, so if your interest in the convention is based on a specific cast member, hang tight.”

Link: The Office Convention memo

September 12

The Scranton Times-Tribune reports some status on the convention.

Link: ‘Office Expo’

September 10

The Times Leader reports some status on the convention.

Link: An ‘Office’ function you don’t want to miss

September 10

Al Roker to kick off the convention at the University of Scranton.

Link: Al Roker Live

Tipster: Rachel

August 29

The Office Convention site has finally posted an update with details!

Link: The Office Convention memo

August 23

I’ve received a tentative (but detailed) schedule of events for the convention weekend! A jam-packed weekend is being planned, including more than 10 “official” convention activities. People are hashing through the details this week. And probably the most important thing you want to know is this: yes, several cast members from The Office are planning to fly out and participate!

I’m sorry I can’t post any more details than that right now, but nothing is finalized. I will post more details as soon as I’m allowed! (And no, I’m not sure myself if I am attending …)

May 29

The Convention FAQ has been updated.


  1. I’m worried we office fans are becoming the new trekkies. I hope not. :)

  2. I’m so excited! My friends and I are already making plans to carpool down. Scranton is only 2.5 hours from my house. Rock on!

  3. My husband isn’t too keen on me going, othewise I would have a hotel booked already. But I’m gonna work on it and hopefully I can convince him to let me go!

  4. This is my first post but I’m too excited about a convention to be quiet! If anyone has fears that this is a little too “trekkie”, please look into the years of fun had at the Lebowskifest in Louisville, KY every year (based on the film The Big Lebowski).
    Sure there is a costume contests and a lot of spontaneous dialogue quoting but there is nothing nerdy about it. I see so much potential with a Office convention. I can’t wait.

  5. Where’s everyone planning to stay? I’m looking at the Hilton right now, which isn’t too terrible w/ AAA rate. It’s a little tough to plan when details are so spotty on where the events will be held, it would be nice to stay at a place within walking distance of all the action…

  6. I’m there. Not sure if I’ll be around the whole weekend but I can’t wait. Rainn, Angela and Brian have already visited…time for some more! This news makes me feel better since I couldn’t make it up there today for the fun office events :(

  7. Just got back from Scranton (2.5 hour drive) and was there when they announced the convention at the breakfast. I immediately went to the front desk of the Radisson and booked my hotel room for that weekend.

    I talked to a couple of media folks who told me that they have already talked to the producers and the cast WILL NOT be filming that week so they are trying desperately to get as many cast members as possible to attend.

    The dream of the individuals organizing is to have Steve, John and/or Jenna show up but I understand that it is all about finance (aka, how much will it cost to get them to attend).

    IF YOU ARE GOING – BOOK YOUR ROOM SOON! I was told most events would be held in the downtown Scranton area and you have a choice of the Radisson and the Hilton if you want to be close!


  8. I would love to go to this. I would be coming from Colorado so I’m not sure. I’ll have to find a way. I must really love this The Office, I would never consider a trip like this for any other show.

  9. I just made a “good faith” booking at the Radisson; now I can only hope airfare goes down in price! I don’t know about any of you, but I sense many of my friends think I’m a little bit strange for being so into The Office. Therefore, I find myself holding back when I talk about it. So wouldn’t it be great to be among so many others who are just as nuts as me? (Nuts, in a good way, of course!) ;) Note to self: buy fewer lattes…need to save money for the Scranton party!

  10. Laura – don’t worry, you will be among friends that weekend FOR SURE!! I booked my room too – better safe than sorry!

  11. Does anyone know which of the hotels are the closest to where the convention will be held? Some have said the Radisson and the Hilton. Any others? It would be great if it’s in walking distance because we’re gonna fly out, and we don’t want to have to deal with a rental car. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  12. Greetings (I’m coming out of lurking to post). I am so totally up for this, yea! Don’t know yet who I can convince to come with me… but alas I’ll be there. Airlines out of Scranton for those who are wondering: Continetal Connection, Delta Connection, Northwestern Airlines, United Express, and US Airways.

  13. yikes i hope my last comment gets deleted, accidentally hit submit.

    I stayed at the radisson. Sleep number beds SUCK. they are just giant air mattresses disguised as the greatest mattresses in the world. The hotel itself is awesome though. I think I did the hilton before too, it was nice. Book now, and most likely expect to pay a lot for either. Those two are right where you want to be though, walking distance to everything.

  14. I will be in Boston, so I will definitely make a trip down to scranton! I could take the chinatown bus to NYC…and then figure a way out to Scranton. Haha, I will be in Karen’s position! Stuck in NYC, trying to get to Scranton!

  15. I am so there! So, those of you who have been to Scranton, where is the best place to stay? Is it the Radisson. Let us know so we can book soon!

    Laura, I know what you mean about having friends who think you are a little strange to be sooo into the show. Luckily, I was able to get my best friend into the show a year ago and she and I ALWAYS talk Office and when our other friends look at us wierd we just tell them “I love inside jokes. I’d like to be a part of one someday” haha.

    By the way, we should have an Officetally dinner the first night there so we can all meet and talk Office!

  16. Sorry for the double post but I so hope Jkras goes to this. I was lucky enough to meet all of the cast, except John, at Paley Fest and when they were filming at the mall. Him being there will be the icing on my great year!

  17. “ain’t no party like a Scranton party, cause a Scranton party don’t stop”

  18. Oh, and I agree that there should DEFINITELY be an OfficeTally dinner. Count me in :)

  19. I’ve been a longtime reader, but this is my first post because I am just so gosh darn excited. I should probably have more loftier goals, but I think going to this convention could be the single most wonderful time of my life. I’m all twitchy.

    Hmmm… after reading this, I should probably seek professional help. But that would cut into the convention trip money, so that’s not gonna happen.

    Tanster: nice to see the website up and running again. Keep up the great work!

  20. Just made my hotel reservations at the Radisson. And folks…the convention weekend is my birthday…it’s a “big” one (not like Jan’s “big” though) so I’m hoping for one of those Scranton parties that don’t stop!

  21. well, my two friends who are hugeeee office fans go to the university of scranton and we’ve already planned that i’ll be up visting them that weekend :)

  22. I will be there for sure. I live in Grand Rapids MI and will be a 11 hour drive I will be skipping my Thursday class and head out Thursday morning and head back Monday. I will probably be going by myself since its in the middle of a college semester and don’t know any one thats a fanatic of the Office as I am. So It would be nice to Have a Office tally dinner or something to meet some of you guys.

    I never been that far east before so before I head back I might even visit New York.

  23. that is the same week as my 21st birthday (on the 30th)… i think that would be the best birthday ever if i went.

  24. i’m already seeing if i have enough PTO to go for a few days….coming from Orange County, California!! =) See you all there!!!

  25. I’m all booked too! I am so excited! Whooo! Okay I should really calm down. :) It’s five months away but I just can’t wait. I would love there to be an Officetally get together. Dawesome!

  26. ANy scranton questions, feel free to email me at [email protected] I am a lifelong resident. Yes,,,there are some of us. Easiest way to get to Scranton from NYC is go to Port Authority and get a bus to downtown Scranton. Good price I believe. If anyone needs a tour guide, let me know.

  27. This will probably be the first weekend I allow myself to be unchained from the library at my law school.

  28. The closest airport is Avoca (AVP). Its about a ten minute drive to downtown Scranton.

  29. I’m booked! I suckered my best friend into joining me, too! Scranton, here we come!

  30. Fourteen hour drive from St Louis, but it seems well worth it. I’ll just stock up on grape soda and mixed berries yogurt for the ride.

    I’ve been to a few Star Wars cons before (yes, friends, I’m a geek of all trades) and there is nothing like being around people who get something the way you do. Where else will you be able to just say “Mint chocolate chip!” and get a non-weird reaction?

    And just imagine how many TWSS will be flying around…

  31. After reading the reports from this past weekend’s festivities in Scranton, I’m even MORE excited about coming to the Convention! I can’t wait to meet you all and have a really great time.

    Tanster, are you coming? I had said recently that I would buy you that vodka drink if I ever met you in person. ;)

  32. HEY – I have an important question – JENNIE, are YOU going to the convention????

  33. I am trying to plan a fun vacation, and I am going solo, so I want to end up in a place where I can hang out with other fun people. I’m not sure about the dates for the convention – and I’d be coming from Wyoming, so want to make the trip worthwhile, experience some of Scranton (I may need that tour guide, Mark). The OfficeTally dinner sounds like a good idea! Just checking if there are others who will be soloing and may want to hang out in a bunch? Oh – and I’m 42, will I be way too geeky, at my age, at The Office Convention? I feel fairly normal…

  34. No problem with the offer. It is honestly my pleasure to help anyone enjoy the stay in Scranton. Sometimes, websites make things appear closer together than they really are. We do not have a subway here(except hoagie place) so do not expect easy travel within the city without a car. I imagine they may have free shuttles to go from place to place but not sure since nothing is announced yet. I just realized too that you can email me at [email protected] or…[email protected]. You can also Instant message me at either name. Jintspa at each site. Still trying to think of other information that may be important but not sure of any as of now.


  35. Anyone wanna help me convince my mom to let me go? I live in Ontario Canada, and I would need her to go with me. She says its stupid cuz its a show and I shouldn’t like it that much, but am I not right when I say that The Office is the best show ever?! E-mail me at [email protected] if you think you can convince her to let me go, cuz I wanna see you all there. I’m so excited. :D

  36. That “update” has been there for quite sometime… I still wish I knew if there were going to be actual cast members & how much the tickets were going to be & how hard it would be to get one….

  37. I have my room booked now at the Radisson and I am so excited! I just need to book my flight..I am really looking forward to meeting fellow Office fans. I can hardly wait for S4, and now this…a convention, an Office convention no less! YAY!

  38. I’m driving in from Pittsburgh. We already booked our hotel. Can’t wait! Tanster, are you going?

  39. I’ve never been so happy to live ten minutes away from Scranton in my life.

    I’m so excited for this!

  40. I wish I could go, but alas, California is a long ways off :(

    You guys should totally make buttons for all the people that visit OfficeTally so you can find one another! They can say things like “OfficeTally for all your Office needs” Or they can have random quotes from the OfficeTally headline! Although, I’ve never really been a fan of the name OfficeTally. Tanster, I was thinking you could change it to something like OfficeGreat, we’re grrrrrreat! You know, something more like that…

  41. I’m SO there. I might be skipping some of my classes cuz it’s also in the middle of my college semester, but HOW CAN I PASS THIS UP!!!?
    Anyone else coming from GA?

    And yes, Office Tally dinner!!!

  42. An Office Convention?
    That’s a long treck from GA but I might have to do it.

  43. I think I’m going to dress up as Dwight and my friend as Angela…are other people dressing up as well?

  44. Will not dress up, but will for sure at one point or another walk down the hotel hallways saying “Oh my God… Dwight got a hooker!” (I might have to do it within 2 minutes of being in the hotel.)

  45. hey erin! i’m from hamilton in ontario & i’m really set on going too. my friends and i might take the bus down from toronto… where are you from?

  46. OMG! That’d be funny if everytime we are in a hotel hallway when we see people walking by we say “OMG!! Dwight got a hooker!” That’d be our secret code to know who else in hallway is “one of us”.

  47. Morgan, nothing announced yet but I imagine there will be someone. So far three have visited Scranton and have had a positive reaction to Scranton.

  48. OMG i am from Minnesota and i am so going i will take these days off from work now….

  49. We’ve been looking forward to this for months. But, it is a little weird that it is August 21 – just 60 days out and there are absolutely no concrete details about what is going down for this convention. People want to book days off from work and hotel rooms – yet it looks like this is hardly a ‘go’. Scranton is screwing this opportunity up big-time.

  50. of course we will have to blast “girls gone wild” in a dark room with a strobe light and sulk in the corner. :]

  51. So when are they going to release the schedule? Or can I just not navigate through a website?

  52. Since Mexicanity can’t go with me, I am so going to try to get my hubby to go with me. I think I am going to go ahead and reserve the hotel incase I do go.

    So Scrantonites, which hotel is the best one to stay at? nicest? closest to all the activities?

  53. Man, I really would like to go! I’m getting married on Nov 10th in Vegas, so I don’t think I will be able to go, but this would be so much fun!!!! Argggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!

  54. I can’t wait to go! I’m so happy that I live driving distance to Scranton! So excited!

  55. This is hopeful news – thanks Tanster! I had reserved a hotel room months ago but was anticipating letting it go, since we had heard virtually nothing for so long.

    Now finding reasonably-priced airfare is the next challenge. I’ve been keeping my eye on it all summer without much luck. :(

  56. FINALLY! Thanks for the news, Tanster :) The convention Facebook group was just wondering about the details the other day.

  57. I really, really want to go!

    I am 22/f from Columbus, OH, and am looking to carpool with someone. Anyone near here going?

    I am surprisingly normal, given my ridiculous obsession with The Office.

    Thanks for the update, Tanster! Can’t wait to hear what’s actually going to be happenin’

  58. I find it very odd they aren’t even saying where in downtown scranton this is being held. However lemonade, if you want to be in walking distance of downtown, stay at the hilton or the radison, none of the other ones are even off the same exit. No one knows anything about this convention, kinda shady. I love the office, I used to work in one of the buildings they show in the opening credits. I only hope scranton can actually pull this off and make it as entertaining as they are making it seem. I also find it quite odd that on the list of hotels they have the Tropicana in Atlantic City…. that’s only hmmm 4 hours away!

  59. I know you guys, I know! I really do feel your pain. I’m not involved in the planning of this convention at all. I just get advanced notice of some information, some of the time.

    I’ve made it known LOUD AND CLEAR to the Powers That Be that they need to say something, ANYTHING, so that people can make their travel plans. It’s so late already …

  60. TANSTER –

    i’ve made hotel plans in scranton already. do you know WHEN they’ll be announcing this information? I need to know soon or my mom will cancel the room. :[

    Alright, thanks Tanster. && BTW, what The Office Convention Facebook Group? :]

  61. I’m sure that Tanster getting this info right as the organizers are starting to catch a lot of criticism for dragging their feet is a complete coincidence.

  62. Message to Alison (83):

    Hi! I live in Newark, OH which (as you no doubt know)is about 40 minutes east of you. I’m tenatively planning on going — I’ve got a room booked but am awaiting the itinerary before I commit myself in body and spirit — so if you’re interested in pooling it let me know!

  63. Hey cjsparkster!

    Thanks for the response! I’ve found a couple people in the area who are also planning on going, but like everyone, we are all still awaiting some real info on the event. E-mail me at [email protected] to keep me updated.

  64. I have a feeling this whole thing is going to fall through. I cancelled my hotel reservation. I feel sorry for those of you who bought plane tickets already.

  65. I’d love to attend, but it’s too much money for me to spend on something I don’t know I’m going to enjoy. I’ll live vicariously through my friends who ARE going and decide then if I’ll attend a future Office convention.

  66. yayyyy for living in the poconos and being able to go to this thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Most hotel reservations can be canceled up to 24 hours before arrival, so it’s a good idea to make a reservation and then drop it later on for those who can’t attend (or if the whole thing does fall through, as mentioned earlier…).

  68. I hate to be the Debbie Downer, but if at this point they don’t even know which, if any, cast members are appearing or even where any of the events are going to be held (except the kick-off at the Radisson) I suspect this will be a fairly disorganized event. I’m sure it’d be fun to hang out with some other fans of the show, but I don’t think anyone should plan on this being an opportunity to meet the cast.

    For those still bent on going, Avoca might be the closest airport, but Wilkes-Barre International (yep, international — they have one flight a week to Canada) is probably a better bet.

  69. Oh man, I am pumped! And optimistic. Even if it does fall through, my friends and I plan to have our own office convention.

  70. AVOCA and Wilkes Barre international are the SAME airport. AVP when trying to find it on sites. They announced more things today. It is suppose to be on the site. Off the top of my head from what I have read. Office Olympics,Halloween party(dress as your favorite character)trolley to favorite Scranton spots from the store. There will be an NBC store. I am guessing this is where the actors will be.

  71. Office Convention kick-off at the Radisson (5 p.m. Friday, October 26)
    Street Festival (Saturday, October 27)
    Office Olympics (Saturday, October 27)
    Favorite character Halloween party (evening of Saturday, October 27)
    Bloggers’ Breakfast (Sunday, October 28)
    Dunder Mifflin Stockholders meeting at the Mall at Steamtown (Sunday, October 28)
    Closing ceremonies and Dundee award presentations (Sunday, October 28)
    Wardrobe display featuring a sampling of outfits worn by the cast
    Screenings of episodes all weekend long at local theaters
    Downtown guided trolley tours of ‘familiar’ Scranton sights
    NBC Store locations, including very special surprises

  72. It’s great to finally know what some of the events will be, but what about ticket prices??? My friends and I are planning on going, but we’re poor college kids and we need to be able to save up in advance!

  73. This note from a friend who is on the committee for the convention. I graduated with him.

    A point you may want to share w/ the folks you’re talking to: We only had about about 4 to 5 weeks notice on the Raine visit as well as the Brian & Angela visit and that’s probably the best we can hope for on this event. Cast members are not going to want to commit until they know for sure they’ll be able to show. Great to hear from you!

  74. Hi, It’s just me again. I know this may sound crazy but if anyone needs a ride from the AVOCA airport to downtown Scranton, let me know. I will do this free. However, it may depend on the time you arrive since I do work during the day. I only have a car so i can not bring LOADS of people at once. Maybe two or three plus luggage but the luggage will have to be on YOUR lap. They will charge you 25 dollars from what I have heard for people who get a ride from the airport to downtown Scranton. Not sure if people are renting cars or not. I may not be able to bring you back to the airport. That all depends on when you leave. Email me at [email protected] if you want to try and figure out a ride. I promise I am safe. If when you meet me, you dont feel this way, run away. I promise not to dress up as FEAR!!!!!

  75. Suggestions on free time while in Scranton.

    Coal Mine tour. If you have never been in a coal mine, this is actually very interesting.

    Casino. (Twenty minutes away). No card games but many machines. They have blackjack machines that are virtual.

    Bars (many of them)
    restaurants(Great Italian ones near Convention) Ask me where.

    Bowling alley somewhat near.
    Movie theater is downtown.
    80’s music nightclub.

    Any other questions, let me know.

  76. tanster-
    i’ve been checking the convention site & there’s a “new” update about ticket sales. as far as the convention content, there isn’t anything new up. i wish they would post more details about the events.
    “UPDATE: Tickets will go on sale Tuesday, September 25 at 10 a.m. EST. We have a handful of commitments from cast members so far, but we still can’t name names quite yet. We will announce names as appearances are confirmed, so if your interest in the convention is based on a specific cast member, hang tight. “

  77. thanks for posting. I followed the link to the convention site, but I don’t see where/how to order tickets. Does anyone have more details on how do to this? Many thanks!

  78. Does anybody know how the tickets will be sold, eg. online or postal, etc??. Im traveling from overseas to attend and hope that its not just U.S. residents that can buy them???

  79. To the person coming from overseas. I imagine ANYONE can buy them. They will not limit it to US residents. This isnt a contest.

  80. I wish I could make it there. But who knows, anything can happen. Until then has anyone tried organizing viewing parties? It would be cool to meet some of the other Office Tally people.

  81. I just re-read the update and they don’t go on sale until 9.25….I guess I was so excited, I missed the glaring details! I will go bury myself in work now…

  82. OHHH I’m sick with grief. I wish I had an extra $1000 laying around!!!! Anyone up for giving scholarships to needy fans?

  83. The more I think about this the madder I’m getting. The city is going to be pulling in so much money from the boost in tourism that weekend, and still, they have the nerve to charge an extra 150 dollars for a top-tier that guarantees you access to all cast appearances? Really?! That is the most awful way of excluding people I’ve ever seen. Who cares about a limited edition cast photo or a wardrobe exhibit or watching episodes in a movie theater? People want to meet the cast and mingle with one another, which makes the only incentives to even travel to the convention only available on the most expensive tiers.

    This is really an outrage to a college student not making much more than minimum wage, that has sunk a lot of money and energy and sheer enthusiasm into this show for years, lending out DVDs, buying them as gifts to get people into the show, spreading the word to help do my part in making it as big as it is, and this is the repayment. Wonderful.

  84. It is very expensive since the events and give-aways are nothing special. People want to go to meet other fans of The Office and to get a chance to meet some of the cast.
    I hope they post more details about who is coming and what type of cast events they will have before tickets go on sale. I’m another poor college student and there is no way I’m paying more than 50 when I don’t even know the extent of the cast appearances.

  85. Sure they want to meet members of the cast and all that, but they don’t want to pay for plane tickets, hotel stays, restaurants, etc… PLUS 250 dollars per person on top of that. It’s ridiculous.

  86. I have to admit the price is kind of high. You have to pay 50 bucks for ONE (& only one) cast appearance. And 250 if you want to go to all the cast apearances, which would mean, I assume, you get to met everyone from the show that’s come to the convention.

    However, I’m still excited about going because I think the FREE street fair would be fun…and I’ll enjoy just hanging around Scranton with my friends. And fingers crossed…maybe we’ll run into a few cast members just hanging around.

  87. While expensive indeed, does anyone know if prices like these are on par with other typical fan conventions? I have a couple friends into other fandoms (Buffy, Star Trek, Stars Wars, etc) and if my brain’s working today, I think their past cons were upwards of $500 for the all-inclusive passes. I can’t afford it anyway, sniffle sniffle.

  88. Ticket prices aren’t that bad. I’ve been to conventions for other shows where weekend package prices are much, much higher to meet cast members. The organizers likely have to pay cast members an appearance fee, cover their travel expenses and fork out a venue fee for each appearance. That gets pricey really fast. I can’t even imagine the fees they are having to pay for the other activities they have planned. It’s already been established that they are a non-profit organization, so I’m pretty confident these prices are set just to cover the expenses of pulling off the convention.

  89. Can I just say I think it’s really sneaky for them to put out the prices – threaten people with “limited quantities” for the $250 tickets and not have any definite cast appearances!! IMHO – if the heavy hitters (Steve, John or Jenna) were coming, they’d be screaming from the rooftops so that they get as many people to appear as possible. I’m not discounting any of the other cast members being there – I think it’s wonderful – but all of us who are attending (or now considering attending) would be lying if we said we weren’t hoping that one of the heavies are going to be there! ::shrug::

  90. Kind of douche-y pricing if you ask me. Why don’t they just sell individual tickets to each event so people can pick and choose what they want to get into? OR, I don’t know… not charge $250 (which is ridiculous!) if you actually want to see the cast, which everyone obviously does. And they don’t even say how many cast appearances there will be, so how is anyone supposed to know what the best package for them will be. I’d hate to travel that far for ONE event.

    Worst convention organizers EVER.

  91. I’m only going to this if John Krasinski is going to be there. Like most of you I’m a poor college student(Penn State!!) about to graduate so I should save money.

    As someone originally from Pittston, PA. (its in between Scranton and Wilkes-Barre) I think it’d be a fun weekend though, and hilarious to see people from other states coming to Scranton (when Rainn was there I heard people saying they were from Mass. and some other people were taking pics of stuff around town lol).

    But yeah I’ll only shell out the $50 if John is there *swoon*

  92. These prices are reasonable considering what conventions have been charging as of late for an all-inclusive pass. I’ve seen the range of $300 to $875 or higher.

    And I have faith that the guest list will be pretty sweet. I’m not counting on the big 4 to be there, but I can conceivably see a majority of “lower” cast members appearing.

  93. I’m not going (me and the fiance’ decided we’d go next year,) but I honestly don’t see what the fuss is all about with the pricing. You get to see at least one cast member for $50. And honestly, with a cast like The Office, I’d pay that to meet any one of them, not just one of the big 4.

    My other big love next to the Office is videogames. A new release game costs $50 bucks by itself. Concert tickets cost $50 bucks. If you’re travelling to Scranton, your travel costs will be probably be higher than $50 bucks.

    You don’t have to purchase the $250 ticket, and honestly, that’s the only real “ripoff” out of the bunch. The $50 dollar ticket and $100 dollar ticket are pretty fairly priced, imho.

  94. Pricing disappointed me too and I live here. I am ok with the 100 dollar one since I live here but I dont really need the trolley. I feel for the people who are coming from a far distance. The cost to get here is tough enough for some people. If anyone needs any advice, feel free to ask me again. My email is [email protected] My name is Mark. Hope you come.

  95. I think this convention is going to be a disaster. I really don’t think Scranton is prepared for how many office fans will be attending this. I’m from Wilkes Barre and really wanted to go, but come on guys, release some sort of list of what cast members are going to be there. I don’t want to meet like “woman waving down cab” from “The Job” or someone like that.

  96. “And probably the most important thing you want to know is this: yes, several cast members from The Office are planning to fly out and participate!”

    This is from THIS website. People do not need to worry about who is coming? I realize not EACH cast member will come but I believe most will. Carell may not come. However I really believe there will be at least six cast members here at the least. I do not have any inside information. For the people who think this will be a disaster, here is one thought. Scranton does throw a good party. We have a huge ST Patricks day Party here each year and a La Festa Ilaliana each year and have no problems.

  97. Announcement of CAST MEMBERS that will be here is happening on MONDAY SEPTEMBER 24th!!! I am guessing it will be on the convention homepage also.

  98. It’s pretty much guarenteed that Carell won’t be there. His appearance fee alone would be astronomical because he’s Steve Carell.

    “However I really believe there will be at least six cast members here at the least.”

    You’ll probably be surprised.

    Is it tomorrow yet?

  99. I found this on Scranton’s The Times-Tribune website:

    Five supporting actors from the Scranton-set NBC sitcom “The Office” will be taking part in the festivities at the first-ever “Office” convention.

    Planners for the event confirmed today that actors Creed Bratton (Creed), Phyllis Smith (Phyllis), Mindy Kaling (Kelly), Leslie David Baker (Stanley) and Brian Baumgartner (Kevin) will be appearing at the Oct. 26-28 fan fest in downtown Scranton. Mr. Baumgartner visited Scranton back in May along with co-star Angela Kinsey (Angela). Several other members from the cast are also expected to attend.

  100. Yay, Mindy! This is really exciting. Now I have a tough choice to make, as to whether or not I’m going to dish out the cash to go. She’s the most talented television writer out there.

  101. Im traveling all the way from Ireland so I hope these guys show up! I’m excited. very excited. extremely excited!

  102. Hmmmmm…i already went to paley and met everyone on the confirmed list..except for mindy…but i’d be 100% set on going if rainn, bj and or john were confirmed. Im not being picky..just one of ’em would get me to go all out on this convention. Does this mean we gotta wait til TOMORROW til we get more cast confirmations? Ummmm..tix go on sale tomorrow. Bad words are in my head.. Baaad words.

  103. I am so excited for Mindy! I’ve only ever been to one other convention and there were only 2 guests, so this is great!

  104. Besides Creed, Phyllis, Mindy, Leslie, and Brian, there are at least five other cast members confirmed, bringing the total to TEN so far.

    I just wish they would announce the other names!

  105. Kate Flannery and Oscar were just confirmed leaving the confirmed total at 7. Almost all of the supporting cast has committed, so I’m kinda thinking were gonna have one of the leads. However, the lineup is awesome. They had me at Leslie David Baker. I LOVE Stanley.

  106. Yes! Creed! This is exciting. I hope they continue to update the cast list and more details before ticket sales. That’s an excellent line-up so far. Not too shabby…

  107. Also, I’d be surprised if Steve came. His new movie Dan in Real Life comes out Oct. 26th, that Friday. He probably has to go promote it.

  108. I am so excited Mindy’s confirmed! She’s amazing because she wrote my fave episode, The Injury. Amoung others. :)

  109. RAchel, we are TWO hours from New York City so if he is there promoting his new movie, we are only a drive from there. :) Dont give up yet. Maybe he can come still.

  110. Looking for one or two roommates to share a room at the Hilton downtown. Andrea and I had two other roommates who have pulled out…. if we have 4 people… the price of the hotel becomes 140.00 a person for 4 days. If interested, please email me at [email protected]


  111. Oh my goodness, I literally just squealed on the phone with my boyfriend…I can’t handle how excited I am for this! Corporate Pass here I come!!!

  112. Is anyone able to connect to the store on the convention website? I don’t know if its “working” and there is too much traffic for it to handle or if its just buggy.

  113. What is this morning/afternoon/evening business? Is it for the cast meetings? Do we just have to take our chances that someone we like will be doing one during whatever time period we pick? If so, that’s stupid.

  114. I kept refreshing and just got through – Assistant to The Regional Manager for Sat. afternoon!

  115. Totally agree with 165-Angie, I picked Saturday evening and Sunday morning. I hope I made a good choice.

  116. If there was no convention we wouldn’t have ANY choices. I am just happy I will be there. As Regional Manager, I don’t know who I will meet but it’s better than not meeting anyone. It’s all guuuud.

  117. How are we supposed to know who is appearing on what day/time slot? This is really terribly organized, no offense to anyone involved in the convention outside of ticket sales/scheduling.

  118. After some frustration, I finally got in (That’s what… yeah). I purchased my insanely priced Corporate Pass with the sweats and merely mild heart palpatations. I really hope I have an opportunity to pick, pick, pick away at Greg Daniels’ brain. Nothing creepy. I just have so much I want to ask him about this show and how he went about doing it.

    I’m pumped.

    Broke, but pumped.

  119. They managed to get the 7 least known actors on the show, but it says more are coming. If they get one of the major ones (Steve, John, Jenna, Rainn) their attendance will go through the roof.

  120. This sounds like it’s going to be so much fun – I can’t make it but I hope everyone going has a great time. I think it’s wonderful that the cast is taking the time to go to this – they really do not have to at all but it goes to show how much all the cast members love the fans. I myself would love to meet and talk to Mindy Kaling, especially. Even though the main cast hasn’t yet confirmed, I would love to see and meet anyone related to the show!

  121. It took awhile, but I finally got through. Got myself a Corporate Pass. I am very excited. (That’s what she said.) This is gonna be a very expensive weekend, but I think it’ll be worth it.

  122. Anyone know how to get from Newark Airport to downtown Scranton without renting a car? Can’t find this info anywhere.

  123. The Scranton Times-Tribune is reporting that within the first hour, ticket sales were already over $54,000.

  124. what do people recommend for those getting the 50 dollar tickets? saturday morning, afternoon or evening or sunday morning, afternoon or evening? I’m having trouble deciding

  125. rachel, I picked the afternoon. However, it states it’s not guaranteed that’s the time you will get.

  126. RE: 173 | Pam’s Alter Ego

    I’m staying at the Clarion. I almost went with the cheaper option of the Econo Lodge, but after reading some online reviews of it, I ran screaming from my computer. Clarion seems less likely to give me some sort of disease ;)

    Anyone coming from the Syracuse area?

    I’m not getting there until Saturday morning. I’m going to see Stephen Colbert speak at Cornell on Friday night! Woo hoo! Best. Weekend. Ever.

  127. DT- Dwight goes to work for Staples in ‘the Return’ after quitting in ‘Traveling Salesman’… and then Michael comes to Staples and asks him to come back.

  128. After debating most of the day, I finally took the plunge and bought a Corporate ticket! Now I can only hope that some airline flying into AVP drops their prices a bit, since $421 is the cheapest I’ve found – a little steep!

    Is anyone else coming solo to the event? If so, it might be nice to bond together at some point. :)

    OK, so now I REALLY need to bring my lunch to work and stop going to Starbucks for awhile!

  129. With tickets priced at $25, $50, $100 etc., how did they come up with “$54,208.46″ sold in the first hour?!

  130. The only thing I can think of with the $54,208.46 total is that the price of tickets had a charge, similar to what Ticketmaster does, already built into the ticket price. While Ticketmaster adds on the $6 or whatever it is, this has the charge taken out of it since it’s already in the ticket price.

    Does that make sense? It does in my head…

  131. The only guess that I can come up with for the 46 cents is that PayPal already took their cut from the money when they came up with that figure. I’m sure they’re getting a nice little percentage from the ticket sales.

  132. Hey Corporate. Thanks for the tip. The round-trip bus between New York City and Scranton is less than $80–much cheaper than a rental car!

  133. No problem, Pam-casso. Like I said, it works out well if you’re staying at the Hilton or Radisson because the terminal isn’t too far from either of them.

  134. Maybe this was already said, I didn’t read all the comments, but that article calls The Office a “sitcom”. Anyone else think that’s an insult to the comedic genius that is The Office? When I think sitcom, i think “crappy ass comedy with a laugh track.” Oh laugh track, how I’ve grown to loathe thee.

  135. I think the prices are kind of ridiculous. :( The $25 and $50 tickets are pretty crappy, and I don’t think I can afford the more expensive ones since I’ll also need a hotel, gas, food, etc.

  136. Not trying to defend the prices but I think since each of the cast members so far will make 5,000 dollars an appearance fee, that is why the prices are set where they are.

  137. Anybody in the DC area going up?
    I would love to go for the weekend, but no money. So Im going to go for the day.
    Does anybody know what would be the best day to go and which pass I should get? Thanks!!

  138. If you read the guest announcement article carefully, it says that “Each actor will be paid a flat fee of $5,000 for EVERY appearance they make at the convention.”


  139. The fact that they are offering any sort of participation under $100 was a pleasant surprise to me. Although I wasn’t willing to pay more, I was expecting the ticket prices to be much higher.

  140. C, I have a feeling that this is a trial run. If it goes well, we’ll probably see this continue as long as the show does.

  141. Greg Daniels confirmed on the live blog that he and the writing staff will be attending the Office Convention!!

  142. Good job Tracie. That made my night. I just hope you dont need a 250 dollar ticket to join in discussions with them.

  143. I have a room booked at the Radisson downtown with 2 queen beds. Since I’m coming solo to the Convention, I may be open to sharing the room Fri/Sat.

    I’m a responsible female, maybe a little older than some of the attendees, and consider myself quite normal (except for my Office addiction). ;)

    If anyone wants to discuss the possibility of sharing the room, you can email me at [email protected].

  144. DEFCON 10, Houston, we have a problem! Is anyone else from Madison, WI planning on going to the convention? I already bought my Corporate Pass, have my vacation days set, and rooms booked, but the people going with me all bailed out. I’m still going, but it’s a 14 hour drive that I’d hate to do by myself. If anyone is interested in tagging along, email me: [email protected]

  145. If you are coming to Scranton for the convention and you are planning on getting a picture in front of the “Welcome to Scranton” sign from the opening credits, it is in the STEAMTOWN MALL. It is NOT where it used to be when they filmed the credits. Just thought you might care. Any other questions, ask away again. My name is Mark. Email is [email protected]

  146. So I think myself and some friends from college will be making the trip from Long Island. I was wondering when it says $50 for one cast appearance, does that mean one cast member individually?

  147. Melora Hardin was just announced as attending! Really nice turnout from the cast. I may need to reconsider purchasing a weekend pass, although I think it would still be cooler just to have a random meeting with a cast member than paying for the privilege–that just feels a little strange to me. A group of writers is also attending, including Greg Daniels. I think this is shaping up to be a very nice event!

  148. Yes! I’m really looking forward to seeing Melora & Mindy & Angela. I hope Craig and Rainn will be able to make it also.

  149. Gosh… I wish I could go to this. Unfortunately, being a college student about 8 hours away from Scranton has its budget limits. Phooey…

  150. The Scrantones, the theme song band, has been confirmed. Andy Buckley (David Wallace from Corporate) has also been added to the guest list.

    The schedule is up, too.

  151. Hmm…Andy Buckley is kind of a random person to go (considering he’s not actually an actor), but, hey, I’ll take any actor who goes.

  152. They’re probably referring to the fact that Buckley is actually some kind of businessman who took the part because he ran into the casting director one day. But he used to act and since he appears on the show from time to time, yes, he is still an actor.

  153. Regarding my earlier post (#211), I have found someone to share the room. Thanks for the inquiries, and I am looking forward to a great weekend with everyone!

  154. I’m not the only one who thinks that David Wallace is smokin’ hot, right?

    When he and Jkras are in scenes together, I’m in heaven.

  155. New update: Greg Daniels, Paul Lieberstein, and Craig Robinson confirmed!
    Also, the schedule has been “updated”.

  156. Anyone think they are just waiting till the bitter end to announce that SC, JF, and…. drumroll please…….. JK will be attending?

  157. Oh, snap. Anyone under 21 with a corporate pass want to donate it to me for the Casino Night? No? All right.

    I’m sure that’s why the corporate pass includes picture ID’s. :(

  158. ohman! YES! Greg Daniels… Paul Lieberstein… my favorites. I wish more writers were going! I love the writers more than anything.

  159. I cannot wait for the convention! I’m getting more and more excited. I hope that at least JK or JF will be there (also fingers crossed for maybe SC or RW). I hope I don’t cry from all the excitement and joy!

  160. As of today (10/15), Corporate and Sunday Assistant to the Regional Manager passes have sold out. Or are “Out of Stock” according to the online store.

  161. Nice article today about officetally Glad you are getting the recognition you deserve. See you in two weeks.

  162. OK, so I am officially going to the convention. As I’m sure no one can answer 100% positively, but give your best guess: Being that I have the ATTRM $50 pass, would you think there’d be chances to take photos with members of the cast IF YOU DON’T have the $250 CEO tickets? Just curious, thanks! :)

  163. Ok, just speculation… I checked the upcoming schedule of Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Steve Carell will be on Wednesday 10/24 and John Krasinski will be on Thursday 10/25–the two days before the Convention. So, I guess what I am saying is that they’ll be in the area at the same time as the Convention. I’m just saying…

  164. I thought I’d go to my fellow Tallyheads for some help…

    It seems many hotels are displeased with me being under 21 (19). It’s making it very, very hard to secure a hotel room for the convention for myself and my friends.

    Any ideas?

  165. To Nick Griffin: Maybe ask the hotel if you can put a deposit on the room and you get it back when you leave.

    Maybe someone here that “knows” you can put the room under their name.

    Just ideas.

  166. I lived 30 minutes from Scranton for 30 of my 31 years. I just moved to New Orleans 6 months ago and now they have an Office Convention? AAAGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!! My heart is more broken than Shrute’s.

  167. Just a bit of advice for anyone driving in downtown Scranton during the convention. There are LOTS of one way streets. Be careful. I see many people driving the wrong way at times. Not “many” but enough. Just be careful. :)

  168. Greg – Unfortunately, the Steve Carell and John Krasinski appearances are repeats :(. I’m still holding out hope, however, that one of them might appear. How awesome would that be???

  169. DANG IT!!!! Ed Helms is going to be there, and I’m not. I am so mad. Stupid college education…

  170. That is so great that Ed Helms will be at the convention – I already wish I was going but now I especially regret that I won’t make it! Everyone going is so lucky to get the chance to meet the cast and writers. You all must take many pictures and share your stories for the rest of us. Can’t wait to hear about it!

  171. Yes! The list keeps getting longer. Finally…going to school in Northeastern PA might actually pay off…

  172. Also, in that NY Times article it said that “Steve Carell, Jenna Fischer, Mr. Krasinski and Mr. Wilson, who all play leading characters, have not signed on”
    Do you guys think that means they are definitely NOT coming or that they just haven’t signed on yet…

  173. Steve said on the Kidd Kraddick interview that they weren’t so.. Don’t think they will. :T

  174. I hope David Denman and Rashida Jones can make it too. It would be pretty sweet to see Dave Koechner also.

    Do John and Rainn have prior commitments or are they just not showing up because they don’t feel like it?

  175. Just to let you know: you can submit questions to the cast and writers at the convention website.

  176. Scranton native here who just moved a few months ago but will be making the trek back to see what’s going down. I didn’t buy a pass… but I’m more interested in the overall vibe.

    For all of you who will be there, make sure you check out all the cool music stuff going on around town in celebration. Lots of great bands playing at the University of Scranton’s block party on Friday, the Scrantones on Saturday (featuring two of the hottest local Scranton musicians) and more jammy jams at everyone’s favorite bar the Bog that night.

    Hope ya’ll enjoy my favorite city – Scranton, PA!

  177. This is killing me! I would love to go. I hope everyone that goes has a lovely time! And post their reviews/pictures!!

  178. Oh man…I’ve been just sort of accepting the fact that I wasn’t going to be able to go, but that list of writers attending was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I kind of desperately want to meet the writers and fall all over them with my love and gratitude and adoration.

  179. 10,000 to 1 odds that one of the fab four (Steve, Jenna, John, Rainn) makes it to the convention. Love the build up.


  180. It seems weird that Jenna Fischer isn’t going (as of right now). Especially since Angela is. Hmph, sad.

  181. Weather is going to be little rainy for the convention. Bring an umbrella. If you are trying to look up Scranton on or…..use 18505 for the zip code and you will be fine.


  182. I’m soo upset I can’t go. really, my heart broke. does anyone want to pick me up? 11 hr drive!

    but really, if I find out that one of the fab 4 was there I will be super duper upset.

  183. I’m going to join the people who think that one of the “fab four” will make a surprise entrance.

  184. Just so everyone knows, the bass player for The Scrantones this weekend will be Scott Shriner from none other than WEEZER. Scott is the coolest dude around, I know because I’ve met him after Weezer shows, and he’s super-friendly.

  185. Gosh, I was already jealous of everyone getting to go to the convention, but knowing basically all the writers will be there makes me even more jealous… really, I think it’s more exciting than having the actors in some ways.

    I won’t be surprised if there are more announcements in the coming days, but even if there weren’t, I think the convention organizers have done a fantastic job of getting people to show up. I expect lots of reports and photos, people – I will be living vicariously through all of you this weekend!

  186. If Steve, Rainn, Jenna, or John attend, I think Scranton is going to have to increase the security just a bit. However, it’s unlikely they’ll go.
    why aren’t they going? too much chaos will ensue?

  187. Wow, alot of people are going to that. Almost everyone, except Steve, John, Jenna, and Rainn.
    I really doubt they’ll go. But it’s still really cool.
    I wish I lived in Scranton, and not CA. So lame…

  188. I love the concept, but if none of the five stars of the show are going, why bother?? Lame.

  189. I will be taking in the Wilkes-Barre “Mayor’s Cup” football game Kings College vs. Wilkes University, 1:30 pm Saturday at Kings college in Wilkes-Barre.
    at 1:30 pm., as part of the festivities. 8 miles from Scranton.

  190. I just got done eating a lovely supper at Cooper’s Seafood. Mmmm! We flew in a day early to get some early sightseeing in. We drove up to Lake Wallenpaupak as well…I can’t believe all I’ve taken in…that’s what she said!

  191. Steve, John, Jenna, and Rainn aren’t confirmed?

    That’s completely lame. I am no longer disappointed that this convention isn’t in California.

  192. It looks like so much fun! At least I got to see a little bit of the convention on the today show! And what does it matter that Rainn, John, Jenna, B.J., and Steve will not be there, there’s more to the show then just them.

  193. I went to the convention yesterday. The cast is awsome. Ended up meeting the actors who play Kevin, Andy and Oscar at a local bar on firday night. I have pics if you want em!

  194. Just got back from the convention and I gotta say………. WOW! Scranton wut? The Electric City! I have a question for all the Tallyheads though. At the Q and A on Saturday, there was a local guy who did an acoustic video and it was played on the big screen (which you could barely see due to the sun). Anyone have the name of that guy or a link to the vid – it was great. Thanks!

  195. If they don’t I will die. I couldn’t go last year but this year I’m determined to make it work! I just hope it’s not Oct. 24-26 or I’ll have to miss a wedding. But I think it would be worth it.

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