Thursday’s Office Convention notes

It’s past midnight here in Scranton, so just a few quick notes before I head off for bed …

Checking into the hotel tonight, I bumped into The Office’s Co-Executive Producer Kent Zbornak and Mr. Bob Vance himself, Bobby Ray Shafer, who were also checking in. I believe Kent said that Angela, Brian, and Phyllis all arrived tonight as well.

It was also lovely meeting Tallyhead Kenna and her sister at the Atlanta airport, as well as one of the convention organizers, Tim Holmes.

Tomorrow morning starts off over at the University of Scranton, where The Today Show’s Al Roker will be talking to members of The Office cast. I’ll do my best to post reports throughout the day!

Lastly, wear those OfficeTally shirts in Scranton this weekend. Because if I spot you, you might win a Target goodie. Or a little doodad from the NBC Office Store. Or even the Dundie I reviewed last week! (Get your acceptance speech ready.)

And please especially wear your OT shirt to Sunday’s Bloggers’ Breakfast. I wanna see some representin’!


  1. Have fun, tanster! Can’t wait to hear your report when you get back. Oh and I second this “You’re such a badass”

  2. You’re so lucky dude. Wish I was there.
    Hey Kent was the Exec. producer for Newsradio, one of my favorite shows.
    The Office of course is my all time favorite though.

  3. Ah! I’ll see you at the blogger breakfast Tanster! But I don’t have an OT t-shirt. My friend and I made our own.

    So keep your eye out for girls in shirts that say “unshun” and “reshun” or maybe “Orange is whorish” and “Green is whorish”


  4. I know this is a little late… but wouldn’t it be cool if you would some kind of a topic where people can post some questions for the cast members and you pick the 3 best questions? Just a idea :P

    Have fun at the convention! :D

  5. OK, so I am a shy lurker, but yes, I am going to the convention and yes, I have my officetally t-shirt, and yes, I LOVE THE OFFICE. And yes, it’s a long drive to Scranton, but I can’t wait to see y’all there!!

    (and no, I’m not packed yet and it’s almost 2:00 AM – eek)

  6. Man, I wish I could be there!!! Have fun! Instead of being in Scranton, my family is holding our own “Office Party”–a day devoted to the greatest show ever. So we’ve got it covered here in Kennewick, WA! Thanks for everything, Tanster!

  7. You’re such a badass.

    So jealous.

    Don’t worry, I’ll hold down the fort in Green Bay.

    Oh…you weren’t worried? :)

  8. We met Angela, Brian, and Phyllis briefly while we were checking in. Yay, first cast encounter before we were even checked in. See all of you fellow convention goers in a few hours at the University Of Scranton!

  9. Jennie I can’t wait to see you! I had an OT shirt and I had to return because it was too big. :-(

    So i’ll probably improvise something at the blogger breakfast. I’m SOOO excited to be meeting you all.

  10. Well now I wish I had gotten one of those shirts! I’m going for a day trip on Saturday and I can’t wait!

  11. haha… yeah Matt’s holding the fort down for ya Tanster….not sure why that strikes me as funny.

    Have fun this weekend! You know the Tallyheads are going to be representing…you’re going to need security Ms. Tanster! :)

  12. Hey Tanster! It was so great to meet you at the University of Scranton Today Show rally today! I will send you the pics of your meet-up with Kent Z. sometime next week when I get the film developed. The Dwight head was NOT the one featured on OfficeTally. Hope to see you at the Cocktail parties and events!

  13. Haha DestroyPhone. Yay wisconsin!

    Tanster, I hope you and all the tallyheads give us a full report!

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