‘The Office’ on your iPhone

The Office iPhone

You can now watch full episodes of ‘The Office’ on your iPhone for free!

Just go to http://m.nbc.com/iphone from your iPhone and then click the Video tab.

Naturally, playback using WiFi is highly recommended over AT&T’s much slower EDGE network.

The good news is that AT&T may soon be offering FREE hotspot WiFi to its customers, including many Starbucks locations! So you can watch ‘The Office’ while sipping your morning latte. (I tried this at my local ‘bucks in Mountain View this morning — it works!)

And hopefully more episodes will become available soon — right now it’s just ‘Job Fair’ and ‘Did I Stutter?’.

Still, it’s not a bad start …

MySpace friend subscriptions

Since quite a few of ‘The Office’ cast have MySpace pages, I thought this was worth pointing out —

Did you know you can track whenever a MySpacer makes a change to their page?

Just create a MySpace page, add the person you want to follow to your friends list, and then subscribe to them from the Friend Subscriptions module on your home page.

For example, I subscribe to Jenna’s and Angela’s MySpace pages. They have both recently updated their pages, so my Friend Subscriptions section looks like this:

MySpace Friends

Just a cool little widget to follow our favorite Office MySpacers …

OfficeTally’s all a-Twitter

With this being one of the slowest Office news weeks ever, I had some free time to play around with Twitter.

Twitter lets you send short messages to “followers,” who can choose to receive your messages via IM or cell phone text messages.

I post a Twitter whenever I update OfficeTally. You can see what they look like in the OT sidebar.

To follow OfficeTally’s twitters:
1) Log in or create an account at Twitter.
2) Go to the OfficeTally Twitter page.
3) Click the Follow button.

Double your MySpace Top Friends list to 16!

Here’s how to expand your MySpace Top Friends list from 8 to 16:

  1. Log in to MySpace.
  2. Go to www.myspace.com/xmenthelaststand.
  3. Click “Add to Friends”.
  4. Go back to your own MySpace page.
  5. Click “Change my Top Friends”. You should now see a drop-down list that lets you choose 4, 8, 12, or 16 Top Friends!

What does this have to do with The Office, you ask?

Eight members of The Office cast currently have MySpace pages. If you added all of them to your Top Friends list (like I did), you couldn’t add any other Office fanatic you happen to befriend along the way. Until now.

Viewing NBC.com’s Office videos on a Mac — updated

Did you know that you can find some hilarious deleted Office scenes at NBC.com? Unfortunately, you can’t view these videos on a Mac.

The discussion on how to get around this limitation started with Life in the Office (thanks, Brian!) and a savvy reader named Bert.

But now, thanks to Fiona and her excellent comment below, here is how to watch these clips on a Mac with pretty high quality, and completely free! Continue reading “Viewing NBC.com’s Office videos on a Mac — updated”