Double your MySpace Top Friends list to 16!

Here’s how to expand your MySpace Top Friends list from 8 to 16:

  1. Log in to MySpace.
  2. Go to
  3. Click “Add to Friends”.
  4. Go back to your own MySpace page.
  5. Click “Change my Top Friends”. You should now see a drop-down list that lets you choose 4, 8, 12, or 16 Top Friends!

What does this have to do with The Office, you ask?

Eight members of The Office cast currently have MySpace pages. If you added all of them to your Top Friends list (like I did), you couldn’t add any other Office fanatic you happen to befriend along the way. Until now.


  1. Nice find! It also leaves room for other Office cast members if they decide to join myspace, or in Dwights case come back to myspace. We miss you Dwight!

  2. MySpace, in my opinion, is an inferior blogging tool. Anyone who is saavy enough in technology (I realize that not everyone can be as saavy as me) should host their blog at their own domain. I am master of my domain. Thanks for the tip!

    Michael Scott
    Dunder Mifflin Inc.
    Regional Manager

  3. I have X-men as a friend, but would not like to see them listed. If I un-friend them, will I lose the other friend-listing options? Thanks for any help!

  4. Yeah, I think if you delete X-Men as a friend, then the option to display more top friends goes away. I know because I tried–I had to go back and re-add them. :)

  5. Well, I’m not as saavy as you guys, so I was wondering if you could help me out. I did a custom friends generator before I added xmen to my friends. After I added him I deleted the custom list which deleted my entire list, so now I have nothing. Any idea how to get my original list back? Thanks!

  6. the drop down list in my change top friends list is blank. it wont let me select a number, or even type one in. is there something wrong with my profile or my internet, or what?

  7. Anyone else having bother with myspace or is it just my pc?
    Last couple of days it seems it wont let me download any song from anywhere.
    Anyone having same bother – or anyone how to sort it?

  8. Is there a way to have a Top 1 only on your list instead of top 4,8,12,etc…?? Or do you know any way to get rid of the other friends on your top list to leave just one…?? Thanks!

  9. I can do this without xmenthelaststand, and I think everyone else can aswell. You just go “home” and scroll down to “Change my top friends.” Thats it..

  10. Also I discovered that if you press the down key, it lets you put up to 40 on your top ^.^

  11. Thank you so much for this! I have been trying to figure out how people did that for awhile now! :-)


  12. I created a Friends list off of pimp-my-profile. I want my orig list on my page again but it won’t appear after erasing created one. What can I do to get my old myspace friends list to appear back on my page?

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