The Office: Pam’s Replacement, 8.07

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The Office: Pam's Replacement

Writer: Allison Silverman, Director: Matt Sohn

Summary (NBC): Pam trains a temp to take her place while she is on maternity leave — pregnant Pam recruits Dwight to prove that Jim finds the office’s pretty new temp (guest star Lindsey Broad) attractive. Meanwhile, Robert California shocks Andy, Darryl, and Kevin when he asks to join their band.

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The Office: Spooked, 8.05

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The Office: Spooked

Writer: Carrie Kemper, Director: Randall Einhorn

Summary (NBC): Fears are revealed on the spookiest Halloween in Dunder Mifflin history — Erin struggles to make the Halloween party at the office exactly how Andy and Robert California want it. Meanwhile, Jim and Pam argue about whether ghosts are real, and Dwight bonds with Robert’s 11-year-old son, Bert.

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The Office: Garden Party, 8.04

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The Office: Garden Party, October 13, 2011

Writer: Justin Spitzer, Director: David Rogers

Summary (NBC): Andy throws a garden party at Schrute Farms — Andy decides to throw a garden party to impress Robert California. Dwight researches how to host a garden party and thinks he has made it a very classy event. Meanwhile, Andy’s parents (Stephen Collins and Dee Wallace) and brother (Josh Groban) attend but make him feel self-conscious.

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The Office: The Incentive, 8.02

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The Office: The Incentive

Writer: Paul Lieberstein, Director: Charles McDougal

Summary (NBC): Robert challenges the Scranton branch to double sales — after a rousing motivational speech, Robert California challenges the office to double their sales. After the new manager promises the unthinkable, everyone in the office suddenly gets motivated to sell. Meanwhile, Pam finds an unlikely pregnancy friend.

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