The Office: Garden Party, 8.04

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The Office: Garden Party, October 13, 2011

Writer: Justin Spitzer, Director: David Rogers

Summary (NBC): Andy throws a garden party at Schrute Farms — Andy decides to throw a garden party to impress Robert California. Dwight researches how to host a garden party and thinks he has made it a very classy event. Meanwhile, Andy’s parents (Stephen Collins and Dee Wallace) and brother (Josh Groban) attend but make him feel self-conscious.

The Office Garden Party extras

  • Mike Schur talks about playing Mose in this episode: “I did do (most of ) my own stunts. And what you can’t see in the scene with Paul is that I am unprofessionally laughing like a goon the whole time. It was a good editing job to not show that.”
  • Photos: Promo | Episodic. If you’re a Mose fan, you will not be disappointed!
  • The Office lolcat inspired by Garden Party.

The Office Garden Party rating

In a poll conducted October 13-17, 2011, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.83/10

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The Office Garden Party quotes

Andy: What better face for an ad campaign than our new regional manager?

Dwight: If the soil starts to get acidic, you’ve probably gone too far.

Kelly: What’s the reason, Andy? What’s the reason?

Andy: I promise to be underbearing for a week if you guys just all step it up.

Stanley: Any chance Connecticut Casual is Pennsylvania Business?

Meredith: Woah, who’s the sausage?

Dwight: They don’t warn you when the cameras are driving by.

Book title: Throwing a Garden Party by James Trickington

Robert California: Gretchen, I need another marmalade.

Mose: I’m the valet. You have to give me your car.

Mose: You have a good time at the thing.

Jim: “Chapter Two: Announcing guests as they enter is the height of decorum. The more volume displayed, the more honor is bestowed upon everyone present.”

Dwight: James, Pamela, and Pee Pee Halpert!

Andy: Mabel, Mabel, if you’re able, keep your elbows off the table.

Walter Jr.: Tuna, right? And this must be your lovely wife, Pam.
Meredith: Hell no. She wishes.

Jim: “Chapter Four: One of the host’s most important duties is as dance master. A proper courtly dance sets the tone for the entire afternoon.”

Andy: That’s my favorite part about toasts. The reciprocity.

Gabe: Get in the game, Gabriel! Why are you talking to Stanley’s mistress?

Angela: She just always has to copy anything I do! It’s the Ford Taurus situation all over again!

Ryan: I’d like to make a toast to the troops. All the troops. Both sides.

Jim: “Chapter Nine: The tableau vivant is not only welcome, but expected entertainment. At any garden party.

Andy: You can’t triple toast somebody!

Robert: Andy and I produce nothing. We do nothing.

Robert: You know the difference between a crying baby and a manager? One day the baby will grow up.

Meredith: Get up there and sing or I will cut your larynx and you’ll never be able to sing again. Woo!

Dwight: My first love is beet farming, but it’s a young man’s game.

Robert: I could spend a considerable amount of money having my birthday party here.

Dwight: The Pewter Package has the least amount of goats. The Goat Package obviously has the most goats.

Dwight: I can get you exotic meats. Hippo steaks. Giraffe burgers.
Robert: We’ll talk.
Dwight: It’ll all be goat.

Andy: Hello, Cece Halpert, this is Andrew Bernard. I’d very much like to speak with you about your paper supply needs.

Walter: How long are you going to go on needing my approval? You’re a grown man.

Oscar: Guess we found Andy’s Rosebud.

Robert: My body has somehow become acclimated to Southern Italy. Isn’t that strange, I’ve never been there!

Pam: What are they doing?
Jim: Closing ceremonies.
Pam: Nice touch.

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  1. Me too Marie. It wouldn’t be classy without Mose. Someone has to provide the entertainment (table making part 2??). If it is really classy, will Jim wear the tux again??

  2. Super stoked for this episode.
    I’m really liking each episode description. They all seem like potentially hilarious episodes.

  3. Don’t think I’ve ever been as excited reading an episode description!!

    Andy. Schrute Farms. Josh Groban.


    I have a feeling this episode might go down in the books. (And yes, please please please let Mose resurface!)

  4. I’m excited about this, I smell a Mose moment, and dueling brother singing segment! Can’t wait!

  5. I wondered why Josh Groban was so excited about doing a guest spot on The Office. I’ll be so psyched if he’s a recurring character. Can’t wait for this ep!

  6. I hope Andy’s brother hits on Meredith. Because we all know that Josh Groban loves a blowsy alcoholic.

  7. Normally I kind of cringe when I see a big guest star listed, but when I saw Josh Groban . . . I don’t know, I think this has the potential to be hilarious. I’m envisioning Andy and his brother in some kind of sing-off. Can’t wait!

  8. An episode at Schrute Farms is always okay with me. I’m glad Dwight still has an important role.

  9. Anytime you see something that says “Dwight thinks he made it a classy event” should be fun cause I think we can ALL imagine what Dwight’s version of ‘classy’ is.

  10. Two reasons this episode will be fo show the best of the season
    1. MOSE
    2. Justin Spitzer, who wrote D.K schrute last year

  11. What an amazingly perfect episode! I laughed a lot (about time!) and it really gave me a lot of hope for this season. “Garden Party” had SO many memorable moments. Mose making Toby get out of his car was GENIUS!!!

  12. wasn’t too bad. But why has almost every episode this season ended with a touchy-feely moment. I miss when the Office used to leave me with a sort of melancholy feeling at the end. Of course some episodes need to end on an upbeat note but not 3 out of every 4. 7/10

  13. That was a much better episode than last week. Lots of laughs, and it was nice to have a call back (kinda) to office Olympics. Jim’s prank was hilarious, well thought out, and very well executed. I have to say Andy selling paper to Cece was cute and it was nice to see the camera crew and Pam butting out of Andy’s conversation. I think Mose being present throughout the episode was the cherry on top of the goat cake.

  14. if anyone had anything at all bad to say about Lotto (which I personally didn’t), Garden Party, was probably surpassed as an episode in the past few years only by maybe Goodbye, Michael and Niagara. that’s it.
    amazing episode, but it’s gonna be reaaally hard for them to top this one.

  15. Kind of disappointed, Josh Groban was barely there. Mose was amazing however, as always.

    Sad thing is, does The Office seriously need to have a cold open about phallic symbols on billboards? It was in bad taste, not even funny. I kind of expect that humor from boys in high school…

  16. GREAT GREAT episode! So much going on, Mose was hilarious, and every single other character was spot on. Loved it, absolutely brilliant.

  17. I had high expectations and was not disappointed! Awesome episode!I feel like the office is officially back. The Jim/Dwight storyline was hilarious, especially the tag! I felt really bad for Andy though.
    And I loved the little bit with Jim and Pam. Still adorable even now. ;)
    Best episode of the season so far in my opinion.
    Can’t believe though that we have to wait two weeks until the Halloween one!

  18. Loved it! Cece is adorable, and Jim’s fake garden party book was an awesome prank on Dwight. Hope Josh Groban shows up from time to time – great potential there! Can’t wait to watch it again!

  19. hahahahah best episode of the season. amazing from start to finish, god mose was good

  20. “The tableau vivant is not only welcome, but expected, at a garden party.”
    James Twickington

  21. PotatoHeadCreed, you crazy! this was one of the funniest cold opens in a LONG time, and that includes season 7!

  22. Great episode! I am really starting to like the direction the writers are taking this season. I was worried, as were most about the lack of Michael Scott, but there is whole new dynamic with Andy and Robert and it is working really really well! I didn’t think I would like Andy as much as I have as the new manager. This episode was hillarious from beginning to end. That google map picture of Dwight and Mose on the see-saw was the single funniest thing on this show in the past 2-3 seasons. Great episode. Please keep it up writers!

  23. What did Angela say when she was complaining about Pam copying her? I know it was probably a reference, but I didn’t quite catch what she said.

  24. I’ve been pretty harsh on TO lately, but I really enjoyed this episode. Genuinely funny from start to finish.

    I’m glad they’re finally figuring out how to use Gabe (he had some of the best lines of the episode, imo). Gabe The Corporate Weasel is much funnier than Gabe The Jilted Lover. And Kevin bore a striking resemblance to a functioning adult. Win-win-win.

  25. I thought it was ok. Not remotely close to one of the best of the last three years. Andy has gone downhill each episode. So I hope we’re winding down the focus on him that has dominated the early part of the season. Jim’s running prank was the highlight of the episode.

  26. @alison, I think she said “Toyota Prius.”

    The various Dwight performances pretty much killed me. I thought something was going to happen with Erin and Andy at the end, but I guess there’s time for that!

    The only problem I had with this episode was that Jim supposedly wrote and published a book (even if it were self-published) that he then put on the internet and somehow got Dwight to buy within what I’m guessing is a few days. Um, STRETCH much?!

  27. my least favorite episode of the year without a doubt. didn’t find much of anything funny (other than the seesawing bits and a little bit of mose) and the story with andy’s family just wasn’t doing it for me.

  28. Loved this episode from start to finish! It was great having a Jim pranking Dwight storyline, Mose, and the return of Robert California. Really a solid show with lots of laughs and a little heart.

  29. What a funny episode, but I felt bad for Andy the whole time. His parents treating him so badly almost brought me to tears. However, it was great to see Mose again. He’s hilarious!

  30. Sorry, a terrible one. Jim actually wrote a fake book? No way. And the whole point of his book was to destroy Andy’s party? Why? What a jerk. His pranks were once funny but Jim increasingly seems like just a plain jerk for no reason.

  31. I loved this episode. As Andy threw the garden party, he let us know his whole family. Dwight’s moments of making the party “classy”, including how he referred to Stanley “and his mistress” (that’s funny), were amazing. Mose’s scenes were awesome, too. Speaking of parents, Andy should bring his family to the office, for once; and as we’ve seen a lot of Pam’s mom, I would love to see Pam’s dad some more. Gabe as Robert’s suck-up, was funny, too.

  32. Awesome episode, best so far of the season. Did anybody catch the subtle reference to Robert Litpton’s sexuality when Angela claimed he was grossed out by her cup size growing?

  33. Plus, I liked the conversation between Andy and his father, along with CeCe, which is overheard through Jim and Pam’s baby monitor, by them two, and the other co-workers.

  34. So much to love about this episode, and not least among them: more Mose that we’ve ever gotten, if I’m not mistaken! Great Jim/Dwight stuff, and nice moments from all the characters. I was hoping for some resolution with Andy and his family, but this is better, because now they can come back in future episodes. Best of the season!

  35. Decent episode, i’d give it a 6.5. I still feel like they’re trying too hard to make good episodes with michael gone. I know they have to change the direction of the show but it just seems like the characters changed too drastically in such a short period of time. Just my opinion though. Let me know what you think.

  36. BRAVO! LOVED this episode. Best so far this season. “That google map picture of Dwight and Mose on the see-saw was the single funniest thing on this show in the past 2-3 seasons.” I AGREE!
    Too many hilarious things in tonight’s episode to single out, but loved the Google shot.

  37. I liked this one. I still feel like they’re singling out Andy too much, but Jim’s prank and Mose (of course) made up for it. I laughed a lot at Mose’s ‘stunt’. I feel like everybody stayed pretty much in character this episode, especially Kevin, so that was good too. I’m excited for the next episode though. The Halloween ones are always good. Does anybody know why there’s a 2 week break though? Is it just so they can air it closer to Halloween?

  38. LOVED Dwight’s dancing! and announcing! I love Dwight.
    I miss the silly goofy Andy, before he was regional manager…he is still funny, but just in a different way, I guess. I missed Mose, so it was awesome to see him. Good episode : )

  39. Well that was a lot better showing of the office from that poor episode last week. I do find it hard to believe that Jim would find the time to write an entire book publish it and have it available to sell online about a garden party that really didn’t seemed planned months ahead. The traditional work related episodes seemed to phase out and now it’s a show about random wacky moments of workers from Scranton. They have gone far from their original beet roots.

  40. @20 Nathan S.

    What was the callback to Office Olympics? And when did we see the camera crew? I must’ve missed these things.

  41. Weird that Angela mentioned the “Ford Taurus Situation”, when neither her or Pam has been shown with one. Pam had a Toyota Yaris and Angela had a Saturn.

  42. Mose! The Office character I get most excited about seeing :)

    Wasn’t there supposed to be a sing-off between Andy & Walter Jr.?

    May be just me, but not really a fan of the name Philip Halpert :(

  43. awesome episode! love mose! I figured that jim copy and pasted old advice to have a party from sites or books and put it in the book and would be surprised at what dwight would do and then read it out loud after what dwight did the day after?

  44. Angela named her kid “Phillip” after her favorite cat… for a moment I thought she was going to name her child “Sprinkles.”

    Personally, I really enjoyed this episode.

  45. One of the worst episodes ever – everything was so forced – Jim wrote a garden party book and produced it just for that? Robert California and Mose were the bright spots. This episode seemed like the album from your favorite band two or three albums after there greatness – the ep never really got going and did not have any sense of reality to it.

  46. the show’s getting worse and worse :( completely nothing like the show it used to be. i didn’t like the premise of a garden party at all. and the robert california love-in is lasting too long

    also can someone please kill off kevin

    i also hate how in every episode now dwight only says just weird things, JUST something ridiculous.

  47. I thought it was an okay episode. One thing that stuck out to me was that both Jim and Ryan didn’t know where Schrute farms was. Strange considering they both visited there once before. Ryan in Season Three and Jim and Pam in Season Four.

  48. Good to see Jim pranking Dwight again, especially that end clip which was hilarious. I’d like to see Pam start helping him like she used to in earlier seasons (that will probably have to wait until Phillip is born though).

  49. This episode was just okay for me. I much prefer the in office scenes and how everyday office stuff can be funny. This episode was kinda wacky and hard to relate to. I like Andy but don’t think he holds a candle to Michael Scott. Robert California is bizarre and just mean most of the time. Not a fan of him.

  50. is stanley’s mistress the same lady that worked with dwight at staples when he left the office for a few episodes??? pretty sure that’s her

  51. @60: Definitely not. The staples worker was Yvette Nicole Brown who is currently a lead character on Community.

  52. @tontoandbonto Nope, but if you are watching NBC an hour earlier you will see the woman from Staples (she plays Shirley on Community)

  53. Not a bad episode. Suspend your disbelief over the book a little, guys. Jim could have easily just sprinkled in ridiculous things into an existing book to fool Dwight. (And if you think about it, he probably did. The party had nice touches: valet, a tent, wine, wait staff…) It’s not like he wrote the whole thing, and it was pretty much the highlight of the episode.

    Personally, I got on here expecting everyone to be complaining about how we met a different set of parents with different names in the Season Four finale.

  54. I understand Jim leading Dwight on a merry chase with the garden party book, but why would he want Bernard’s party to look ridiculous? Dwight couldn’t even see that he’d been punked.

  55. It was at Schrute farms so more dwight and mose which made this one of the best episodes since season5.
    BUT, I just can’t stand Pam anymore, so pathetic and irritating

  56. @57, I think Jim did know how to get to Schrute Farms, but he was curious as to why Dwight so desperately didn’t want people searching the address on the Internet. Ryan was not taken to Schrute Farms of his own accord, so he probably wasn’t paying attention to how to get there, and knowing him, he probably didn’t care.

  57. I don’t know what you guys were watching, but I loved this episode.

    It had the perfect amount of each character with a great plot line too. This is what the new Office should be. Andy and his family were perfect. It made so much sense. Angela and Pam were funny. Mose was awesome. Even Gabe had some great lines. Kevin had his hair back (and finally wasn’t being too ridiculous). Jim was even pranking Dwight again.

    In ‘Garden Party’, the show finally focused on Jim, Pam, Dwight, and Andy. The way it should be. That’s why this episode was great.

  58. Jim most likely didn’t write the book. He probably added some stuff in there because there is no way (and even the writers know this) that he could produce a book in that amount of time.
    I really wanted Angela’s boy’s name to be “Sprinkles”. But Phillip was probably before her.
    I also really wanted Jim and Pam to name their kid “Michael Scott Halpert”. Would have been amazing to see that!
    Kevin wasn’t as bad in this episode as last. But they needed to add more Phyllis and Creed. They’re always really funny!
    Meredith was great! Kelly and Erin were great! And Ryan was funny!
    But what was up with Cece’s hair?….

  59. I had hopes that this season, or better yet, this show could survive without Michael Scott. After the premiere, I thought there was a chance, but after this episode, I really hope they cancel it. I loved The Office since day one, but it’s now become painful to watch.

  60. Loved it – Jim’s book was priceless! That may be my favorite prank now.

    I do wish they showed Pam helping, but she’s probably too busy with Cece and Philip . . .

  61. I loved this episode! My fav of the season so far. Though, I felt so bad for Andy. Poor dude.

  62. @ Jess

    I know the first song that Andy and his Dad sung was Extreme- More Than Words. As for the song that his Dad sung with Josh Groban, I don’t know.

  63. I thought this was a nice episode. Mose alone makes it a winner for me. I decided to not expect so much from this show and just enjoy it while it lasts. It’s still one of the best shows out there, even if it’s not up to the earlier seasons’ standards.

  64. I loved this episode. Probably my favorite of the season. Always love Jim & Dwight pranks. It did make me feel really sad for Andy.

  65. this is the first episode i’ve rated a 10 in a looooooong time. a glimmer of hope has been restored :)

  66. Personally I loved this episode! It really was one of the best since season 5, despite some high points in season 7. Jim’s prank on Dwight was epic! And I liked how Angela and Pam had the same name for their babies. And I remember reading that someone said they thought it was too touchy-feely at the end… I didn’t get that at all. I still feel bad for Andy — what a horrible Dad. I liked the moment at the end, when the Office invites Andy to join them. It shows how different Andy and Michael are.

  67. I thought this was a great episode, mostly due to Dwight, Mose (“I’m the valet, you have to give me your car”), and “James Trickington”‘s book. I also kind of liked to actually see something from Gabe, as much as I hated him last year. Only negative was that the role of Andy’s mother didn’t seem very necessary, seeing as she didn’t do much and I think Andy once mentioned his parents were divorced and his father had remarried. 9/10.

  68. This was an OK episode that could have been better. I do like how they are fleshing out the Andy Bernard character, and we now understand why Andy turned out the way he did. That part was very hard to watch, yet I feel like we know him better.

    As other posters have noted, I just didn’t find anything funny about Jim’s “alleged prank” on Dwight. He “wrote” a book in order to make Dwight look foolish. He did come across as very mean spirited. His best pranks are always on the fly, this one just didn’t work, and had no basis in reality. My 2 cents.

  69. #63 Scott – that’s one of my big pet peeves….when they change the actors who play certain characters. I thought that about Andy’s parents, how they were different from the carnival episode when Andy proposed to Angela. Little thing, but it bugs me!

  70. Great episode. I rarely laugh out loud at TV, but Dwight dancing both in the middle and at the end was just too funny. He was trying so hard and was so serious, but the whole concept was just so goofy. The Andy plot line was not exactly funny, but surprisingly realistic and interesting. Some people have complained that this season has been too touchy-feely, but I think this episode moved away from that. It handled Andy perfectly, basically saying “just chill out man, you don’t have to impress anyone, just come have a beer with your friends”. That is a classic The Office season 2-5 ending- drama is resolved with a modest,low key solution. That is the type of tone that got me hooked on The Office. Despite all the chaos and frustration a work day brings, at the end of the day you just have to go home and laugh at it.

  71. @Stapler, #83

    How about Pam’s mom? She had been a normal Scranton-esque looking person and then all of the sudden she’s this VERY done-up tv show lookin’ lady. What the heck was that?!

  72. I loved this episode — so many great ideas that kept it moving and kept me laughing! Mose is the best — loved his haircut and “classy” valet suit. And Josh Groban as Andy’s favored brother — genius. Question: when is Michael coming back for a visit? I thought he was supposed to make an appearance this season??? All in all, though, the show continues to shine — shades of seasons 2-4.

  73. I’d just like to echo the same sentiments as everyone else who thought this was forced and over-the-top.

    I loved seeing Mose again, but more than anything, seeing Mike Schur for such an extended period made me want to reach through my television, grab him by the shoulders and beg him to come back. I think the decline in quality over the past 3-4 seasons is in large part due to his leaving (among a few other things).

  74. Back in the S6 episode “Manager and Salesman”, when Dwight and Ryan were planning a diabolical scheme to take Jim down, Dwight says “Of course I seesaw, Mose and I seesaw all the time”. So when I saw that google map picture of them actually seesawing, I couldn’t stop laughing for the longest time. I think it’s great for Justin to have referenced that fact. Other highlights include Andy and Dwight’s billboard, Andy singing,and Jim’s prank. Although a bit farfetched, I thought the book delivered a ton of laughs with my favorites being tableau and Dwight dancing. Also, I just enjoyed learning about Andy’s past because it does explain a lot. Best S8 episode imo.

  75. #86 There has been no hint that Michael is going to come back this season. I’m pretty sure they don’t want him coming back when they are trying to move on. Maybe next season if the show is still around.

  76. “Robert Litpton’s sexuality when Angela claimed he was grossed out by her cup size growing?”

    Pam looked at the camera on that. I think it’s going to become harder for her to keep this secret now that Angela’s in her business.

    On Andy’s parents in the engagement episode he said his Dad was named Andy, so they’d already changed that. However I could almost see Season 4 Andy just hiring an older couple to play “his parents” and naming the Dad “Andy Senior.” Having them there gave an excuse for a big public proposal and he may not have wanted her meeting his real, unpleasant, parents. I almost wondered if they’d say that.

  77. I think this was a great episode. At first the season premier was a bit lame but after this episode, I would watch the rest of the season.

  78. I liked that part when they were having beer, just chilling out. I love the direction as far as the dynamics of the staff and Andy is concerned.

    The office workers see their boss as somebody they can enjoy a beer with.

    Remember when Jim didn’t include Michael in the guest list for his barbecue in season 2?

    (Upon reading this comment, I realized I’m probably not making a lot of sense. Sorry ’bout that.

  79. @85 kikibeesly: Shannon Cochran, who played Helene in Season 2, was unavailable when they wanted to bring Helene back in Season 6 (I think she had a stage commitment).

  80. I really liked this episode and laughed quite a few times. With the exchange between Dwight and Robert California about goats being the absolute stand out, James Spader has gone up in my books.

    I thought it was a big step up from last week, but I hope they get away from Andy centric storylines.

  81. @ 93. John

    You made perfect sense, and I agree with you. I like how they have a boss they can really share a beer with. Even in the later years of Michael’s tenure, when Pam and Jim liked him, he was still annoying to the point casual outings never happened.

  82. So many funny things in this episode: Mose peeling off with Toby’s car and plowing it into the cornfield, leaving Toby with an acorn; Jim’s Garden Party etiquette book; Erin’s hat; Mose trying to jump the cars (but expected him to fall through the open sunroof when running across them); Josh Groban calling Jim Tuna.

    It was downright painful to watch Andy dying inside at his parents’ nit-picking and disapproval, but glad that we all have a better understanding as to the result of his upbringing.

    Some pleasant moments: the staff encouraging Andy to stay longer and hang out with them; nice Jim and Pam interaction at the end during closing ceremonies.

    Where was Creed ? Was he at the party ?

  83. i know they’re fictional characters, but… jim & pam, PLEASE don’t name your little boy phillip. it would go nicely as a middle name with james. come on, james phillip!

  84. Wasn’t this a tv show about small, realistic social interactions in the workplace? Just sayin…

  85. I was never a Michael fan but I am very surprised at how much I have been enjoying S8. Everyone seems at ease. I am glad there is room in the eps for Jim/Dwight and Jim/Pam in this last one. I hope the Jim/Pam dynamic is brought back…that has pretty much been missing other than the big episodes like Niagara and when Cece was born. Yes, some parts have been pretty stupid (e.g. the warehouse scenes from last week) but for the most part, everything has at least been funny.

  86. it really blows my mind that people are questioning the ‘authenticity’ of this episode. jim published a book, so what? he also relocated dwights desk 3 times and even stacked one on top of the other. also as for the work place setting thing i think i’ve lost count how many times the staff have left the office. for the record i don’t think any of these things are ‘bad,’ i just can’t believe how harsh the critics of this episode are being when it’s actually one of the better ones of the entire series.

  87. It seems like they’re doing this “Redemption For Andy” arc without even setting up a need for redemption. It took Michael seasons and seasons to get love from the characters, now in every single episode we see Andy ALMOST screw up, but then have everyone rally around him in the end. It just doesn’t resonate with me because they’re not letting anything marinate.

    If Andy becomes too sympathetic of a character, there are no laughs. The reason he was so great before was because he was a semi-annoying buffoon. I know they’ve softened him up BIG TIME the past few years, but I’m just afraid they’re going to spend so much time making us feel sorry for him and show the characters rallying around him that it’ll take away the comedy of the character.

  88. I’ve been away, and i’m beyond happy to say i came back to 2 fantastic Office episodes – this one and Lotto. I loved both, really really loved both. I have to say i love everything season 8 has chosen to be so far. Whatever it’s become or becoming, i’m in full support. There were Jim pranks, great Dwight and Jim/Pam conversation. LOVE IT.

    Try not to be so critical all the time guys.

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