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The Office Baby Shower

Think you can match Dunder Mifflin employees to their baby photos? The Dunder Mifflin Infinity site has posted a baby photo quiz, complete with full-sized baby photos of the cast, some which weren’t shown during last night’s Baby Shower episode!

(I myself did horribly on it — 7 out of 13.)

Link: Baby Photo Quiz (you must be logged in to play)


  1. I got an 11 out of 13. I think I mixed up Darryl & Stanley.

    Where were Michael, Pam & Jim’s pictures?

  2. Haha Tanster, I only got 7 too!

    Was thinking, is this why Mindy Kaling randomly had that baby photo with her during an interview recently…? (I forget which one it was =) )

  3. 11 out of 13! But I couldn’t see the answers anywhere, so don’t know which ones I missed…

  4. i got 9 out of 13! where do we see the correct answers?

    and i second where were michael pam and jim???

  5. Thirteen out of thirteen baby! YEAH!

    PS- I was SO ready to see baby pics of Jim, Pam, and Michael. Oh well. I’m feeling pretty happy with myself right now : ) Happy Friday everyone : )

  6. Woohoo, 13 out of 13!! A few of those were really difficult!

    Ghoulina: there was only one picture of each person.

  7. 13 / 13 ! My deductive reasoning skills worked out… I paid attention not just to how much a pic looked like a certain person but also how old the picture looks.

    Am I the only one annoyed that there was no Jim?

  8. 11 out of 13! WOO! I just wish they showed the answers at the end. They’re all precious, omg. Like other people are saying, I wish Jim and Pam were up there too.

  9. I never got a score! I went back and tried three times. Boo. I was looking forward to Michael and Jim… I’d like to know who was who – Tanster, any help there?

    I think Creed was a beautiful baby. I’m pretty sure that was him, judging by the age of the photo (he is 82, isn’t he? Ha ha).

  10. I got 11 out of 13, swapped Kelly & Stanley. :\

    IF YOU DON’T GET A SCORE: You have to have joined a branch during version 2.0 to get a score (and Schrutebucks), so just go to the apply/transfer link and pick a place!

  11. Ahh I got all of them right! I love Angela’s baby pic because she’s sporting a fohawk.

  12. 11 out of 13, much better than I thought I could do. Every picture I’d see, I’d first think of an actor and then rack my brain to convert back to a character name.

  13. I just noticed that there are pictures on the board in the photo from the episode that are NOT on the quiz! I wonder why that is??????

    I didn’t get a score, so if someone who scored 13/13 PLEASE post the answers!


  14. It won’t tell me my score, it says I already took the quiz even though I didn’t! Can someone post the answers? I really wanna know who’s who!

  15. If you got the message that you took the quiz when you didn’t, you can email them @ [email protected] to reset you so you can do it again. It happened to people not in branches but that is fixed now.

  16. 11 out of 13! I don’t know which ones I switched. I thought baby Dwight was adorable!

  17. I got 12 of 13. I put Meredith twice because at first I thought the one of Holly was Meredith.

  18. I’m thrilled to announce that I got 13/13!!! I think I may have a talent. I don’t know what this talent is called but I have it!

  19. 12/13…I forgot that Holly was a choice and prematurely used my Meredith.

  20. I’ve clicked the link and it won’t open! On my MacBook, it always says, “Safari cannot open the page.” If anyone knows how to fix this, I’d really appreciate it because I would love to take the quiz. Thanks!

  21. Fun! I thought I’d miss two, but I got them all right! And I agree with those who said the baby pics looked like the adults, because most of them did! ;)

  22. I got 13/13! Color me shocked. I had to look at my score three times, I was so surprised. It’s all in the eyes…or the age of the photo, for some. haha

  23. 13 out of 13 I rock at baby picture matching games!! Ok did anyone else laugh out loud at the Kevin baby picture, I mean, that face… it’s so HIM! lol.

  24. 12/13, I thought I did a lot worse. I think I forgot to put Holly down and chose Phyllis twice instead.


    Dwight’s was the most obvious one, next to Kevin’s, and Angela? PFFFF, I know for a fact that if I hadn’t watched the past ep, I would’ve been as wrong as Andy XD

    I find that was really mean to leave off Jim and Pam’s ): …well Pam I understand, with her not being there anymore, but JIM’S? OH C’MON PEOPLE D:

    either way, yay, fun stuff :)

  26. I got 9/13, which isn’t great, but better than I thought I did. I’m dying to see the correct answers! Is there a way?

  27. 13/13! Probably I spent too much time thinking about it. I looked at a cast picture to see what color eyes people have. I was confused by Ryan until I thought that often young babies have blonde hair.

  28. 13/13, but that was quite difficult…very cute babies, but i would have like to see a baby jim and baby pam too! :)

  29. 13/13 BABY! Uh, pun totally intended.

    For Kevin’s I thought, “No, maybe Kevin just has a natural babyface.” But even as a baby he had that cute lip pucker. :D

  30. i was constantly squee-ing when i played this…. and i got 12/13

    angela’s picture REALLY made me squee… i had been trying to figure out who isabel looks more like, her or warren, and now i know… she looks EXACTLY like angela as a baby!

  31. Wow, only 8 out of 13! Sadness. I think they should have included an answer key …

  32. Wow I got 13/13. I might be watching this show too much…..”sometimes I say crazy things!” =]

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