The Office: Baby Shower, 5.04

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The Office

Writer: Aaron Shure, Director: Greg Daniels

Summary (NBC): Michael practices for the birth of Jan’s baby by having Dwight go over possible birthing scenarios. Michael tells Holly that he will pretend to dislike her for Jan’s benefit.

The Office Baby Shower rating

In a poll conducted Oct. 16-20, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.74/10

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The Office Baby Shower quotes

Jim: Michael is preparing for the birth of a watermelon with Dwight.

Jim: This baby will be related to Michael through … delusion.

Michael: Andy, would you like to have my baby?

Michael: Scream it out! Scream it out!

Dwight: Growing up, I performed my own circumcision.

Dwight: Do you have the Sharpie? Do you have the Sharpie?

Dwight: Butter. Newborns are slippery.

Michael: This is going to be the happiest day of my life.

Michael: Phyllis, did you get the live storks?

Angela: This is your boy bowl. With the name, “Chevy.”

Angela: Michael wrote down “Astird.”

Michael: Well you know what? Where’s my golden shower?

Phyllis: I’m no longer under Angela’s heel, and her little grape head is under mine.

Michael: Pump it!

Jim: Who’s Sarikaya Komzin?

Angela: I hope you two are very happy together. Pervert.

Michael: She is in the terminal stages of her pregnancy.

Michael: I am doing this to pay respect to her bloated feelings.

Stanley: You think my nipples don’t get sore, too?

Michael: I try to pick up and hold a baby every day.

Michael: If a baby were president, there would be no taxes, there would be no war.

Michael: It would be a better screenplay idea than a serious suggestion.

Michael: I’m fine, weirdo. Such an HR weirdo.

Dwight: $1,200 is what I spent on my whole bomb shelter.

Jim: The song is about losing your virginity next to a church.

Jan: Oh yeah, the afterbirth floats.

Creed: Must be like the tide at Omaha Beach.

Jan: Remind me to talk to you about Astrid’s 529.

Michael: I usually love babies, but when I held Astrid, I just felt … shortchanged.

Darryl: You want to hold me, and see how you feel?

Holly: Oh, I think she’s on a sales call. Waah. More paper. Waah.

Michael: She smells like old tomatoes. And dirt.

Dwight: I like to call this, The Bumper Test.

Jan: There’s one more thing you can do for me. Don’t date Holly.

Michael: I didn’t feel much when I held Astrid. But I got a good feeling from Holly.

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    Loved the scene between Andy and Angela, CLASSIC! It was one of the best episodes so far, except for the Jim/Pam storyline.

    “I need to talk to Holly about her hygiene. She smells like dead tomatoes and dirt.”

  2. Ahhhh I really liked this episode ^^ I went from laughing to feeling bad for Michael to marveling at Dwight’s determination to test/destroy Jan’s 1,200 dollar stroller. This episode had a little bit of everything =) Awesome.

  3. I thought it was an “okay” episode. Some mild laughs for me, but nothing special.

  4. I can’t stand Jan (“DON’T DATE HOLLY.” WHAT?!), but I loved all the character growth Michael experienced here. I absolutely adored the emotions between him and Holly!

    The editing in the epilogue was amazing. I couldn’t help but smile.

  5. Hmmm…very interesting episode. Some of the best lines were quick and if you blinked, you missed them.

    I think my fave was Creed’s comment about Jan’s birth process being “ the beach at Normandy”.

    LOVED the ending with Jim and Pam – how many of us have been in that situation?

    L-O-V-E-D the Michael/Holly moment – that was fantastic!

    btw – Melora has a great voice!

  6. Loved everything about this episode! Though Jam had an “off” day, the ending was adorable. Jan’s singing was priceless and Michael and Holly are SO CUTE!

  7. Great episode!!!

    Was one of the babies which Michael holds Mr Trouble (Regis’s grandson – Mike Schur’s son)?? I wonder how many of the other babies belong to employees or cast members!?!

  8. It felt good to laugh out loud! I feel that this one was definitely season 2 caliber, something that I haven’t been able to claim about an episode in quite a while!

  9. This episode was so much funnier than last week’s. I was happy to see Dwight up to his crazy antics again. I enjoyed him testing the durability of the stroller.

    I really thought that Michael was going to kiss Holly at the end; I really wanted him to, but the hug was very sweet nonetheless.

    Also, what a rough day for Jim and Pam. Every couple has their bad days. The ending between them was sad, but I’m sure they’ll be back on track in no time. I really wanted see their reactions to each other messages.

  10. My favorite of Season 5 so far. I loved the “Astird” bit, Michael and Holly, seeing Michael holding all those babies, and how Jim and Pam, who are obviously very in-sync, felt very out-of-sync. Such a sweet ending. I wish I could’ve looked at all the baby pictures carefully…Phyllis was adorable! Too bad Astrid couldn’t deliver that “baby daddy” feeling.

  11. I really liked it. It was slightly bittersweet like someone said earlier…but that’s life! That cold open was awesome!

  12. I absolutely loved this episode! Good job Aaron Shure! Everything about this episode was amazing from start to finish.
    It is going to be so sad when Holly leaves Dunder Mifflin, her and Michael are perfect together.

  13. I’ll have to watch it again (a few times) on Hulu. But first impressions left this as a bottom five all time for me. I didn’t think anything Dwight did was funny. Jan just annoyed me as usual. The strain between Pam and Jim just felt like forced tension to break up the storyline. Andy and Angela have no chemistry and not in an enjoyable funny way.

    I just didn’t feel this one.

  14. Omg, I have the blanket that Astrid was swaddled in! I got it from the baby section of Target for my kitties to sleep on. I saw that and I was like “OH MY GOD! I own something that is part of Office history!!”

    Awesome ep, btw. Ending was ahdorable

  15. I was kind of let down after last week. It felt like another season 4 mini soap opera. Way too much drama, not nearly enough awkward humor.

  16. It was “meh.” I loved the Astird part, and Holly and Michael were awesome. The watermelon thing was stupid (not in a good way) and the stroller bit was just weird (also not in a good way). The JAM moments were expected, no complaints.

    All in all, a very “meh” episode.

  17. I did not like this episode except for one dynamic: Holly. She and Michael were superb. HOLLY rocks.

    And it’s not just because of JAM on the rocks–I’m all for a little topsy in their turvy. But I think it’s a little too easy/lame that she’s never there. It’s worse than when Jim was in Stamford, Connecticut. Bring on the tension, but does she have to be gone in 60 seconds every scene?

  18. I also think this episode was just ok. Not bad, but not great. The part that redeemed it for me though was the Michael/Holly hug :)

  19. My main problem with this episode was that after Dinner Party, I can’t stand watching Jan anymore.

    Other than that I enjoyed it. I was glad to see the goofiness of the watermelon kept itself in the cold-opening.

  20. Did anyone catch the name of the stroller? Not that I have $1200 to drop on a stroller…

  21. What was the hint as to who the father is? I loved Holly’s reaction to the hug with tears in her eyes. I really wish he kissed her though that would have been dawesome…

  22. This was pretty good. Not the best. I thought it was pretty unrealistic, especially the Jam scene, but it was very cute. The Holly/Michael scene was just adorable.

  23. I would have to disagree with the negative comments. This episode really did it for me. Every scene Michael was in (him holding all of the babies, the scene with Holly) were really sweet. And the Jim and Pam bit at the end was fantastic. The comedy was great too though. I loved Dwight’s bits with the stroller! I’d have to admit I liked this episode even a little more than Weight Loss.


    I have a theory that the baby is actually Michael’s and that is why Jan doesn’t want him to date Holly. However this is just a theory that i have.

  25. This episode was AMAZING. I think I laughed about 90% of the time. The other 10% of the time I was crying – JIM AND PAM!! That was the cutest yet saddest thing I’ve ever seen! Why didn’t they say “I love you” at the end of their message?!

  26. Did anyone else feel that something was off with the cinematography tonight? The camera placement seemed weird. When Michael first talked to the camera from his desk, his face kept sliding out of the shot. In some group scenes, actors’ faces were oddly cut off or were half-in/half-out of the picture, even while they were speaking. And the talking heads seemed to be zoomed in closer than usual. It was so distracting to me, I actually missed entire dialogues in some scenes!

  27. Yikes. Can someone dig around and find out when Jan will be gone forever? I’m done with her.

    High five for Michael’s emotional magnificence though.

  28. I really liked this episode. The painful Jim and Pam moments kind of reminded me of season two. I laughed so much this episode

  29. I have mixed feelings about this episode. While I am disappointed to get these episodes where you don’t have tons of laugh out loud jokes, I’m almost not bothered by that, I felt that the Holly/Michael and Jam end scenes completely redeemed the episode for me. I did enjoy Jim’s talking head with the whiteboard. Also, does anyone else agree that it’s about freaking time we hear Melora Hardin sing in the show? The professional singer is probably the last of the all the characters to make their Office singing debut. I’d say when looking at the big picture, I liked this episode.

  30. Molly, Hichael, Sclax, Fott… what’s the name for the new couple? I like Hichael the best. lol.

    It is very refreshing to see Michael GENUINELY happy – he is in his best element when he is truly happy. And I have never liked Jan, so this is good.

  31. Easily one of my top ten favorite openings, and one of my top ten favorite episodes! I love the ones where Michael’s sweetness comes out (holding all the babies!) And Angela’s posed baby obsession is priceless! LOL

  32. For those who say the final Jam scene was weird or unrealistic, I have to disagree. I am currently at Ball State University, while my girlfriend is in Fort Wayne, about 100 miles away. On multiple occasions, we have had days like this where we just can’t get a hold of each other. More than once, we’ve done this double phone message thing.

    Wonderful episode, very touching, with wholesome comedy. Excellent, classic Office.

  33. I *loved* this episode. I’d love to know if the baby who played Astrid is Angela’s real baby! As for the sperm donor, I think Ryan would be a funny option.

  34. This episode made me see how much i really dislike Jan! I am really glad Michael didn’t listen to her! All in all i think this was a great episode, hands down my favorite episode for the season so far. (plus i loved Dwight testing out the baby stroller, classic dwight!)

  35. This episode proved Jan to be a manipulative ungrateful beyotch. (Call the hotline.) That’s why she doesn’t want Michael dating Holly. She’s just controlling. There’s no way the baby is his. And moritorium on the Jan scenes.

  36. The baby daddy of one of those babies Michael was holding looked a LOT like Anthony Farrell. He was putting a stroller in the trunk of his car I think.
    I could be over-analyzing, it was only for a split second. Must rewatch now!

    Good episode though :)
    My theory, Astrid = (baby) Toby. Michael’s face reminded me of all those Toby moments.

  37. I thought it was so-so. Nothing really stands out but there wasn’t anything I didn’t like either.

    I think the JAM stuff is realistic. My husband & I did the long distance thing 3 school years before we got married and some days you just don’t connect. It happens and the next day might be better. Their convo at the end was perfect.

    To #51 – woo-hoo Fort Wayne!

  38. I liked the episode tonight but what I really wanted to point out was that the editing seemed to be especially good this evening. I’ve always been a bit partial to the slower style that the show started with and felt there were some scenes that definitely brought that aspect back. ex. Phyllis and the balloons

  39. This episode is another classic example of what makes The Office what it is. I liked this ep better than last week’s. It felt more connected and Season 2-ish. The cold opening was hilarious! The JAM storyline shows some bumps in the road but also shows that their love is as strong as before. I was hoping for an “I love you” at the end though. The writers know what they’re doing so let’s just trust them and not be too critical.

  40. 46, I like Sclax! :)
    Holly was crying when Michael hugged’s about time Michael didn’t do what he was told by Jan..I think the whole deal with him holding Astrid made him really finally realize that Jan isn’t worth it!

  41. I want to like Jan so much, but sometimes I hate the things that she chooses to be. Holly and Michael FTW! Please Office writers, use your amazing powers to keep Holly!!!

  42. Haha, being a Norwegian this episode was even funnier. The name Astrid is actually a quite common name in Norway. Not very popular these days, but my best friend’s Grandmother’s name is Astrid. The pronunciation is of course not like the American Astrid though :) But I liked the fact that it was mentioned that it was a “Viking princess” because Astrid originates from the Viking Age. The name popularity of the name Astrid [in Norway] is shown on this neat site which contains facts of the popularity of all names [in Norway]:

    In other news… I liked the Jim/Pam thing. It didn’t feel forced to me. I’ve had similar situations with friends. And also, it was no biggie. It was just to show how they missed each other and that being apart isn’t as easy as you might think going into it.

  43. This one made me cringe as much as ‘Phylis’ Wedding’. I didn’t like this episode at all.

    It was only the JAM moments that saved it for me.

    For Jan to tell Michael to not date Holly was so Jan…this was one time I wanted to reach out and touch someone. More like reach out and punch Jan.

  44. Great episode, I definitely liked this one better than last week’s ep. As for the name for Michael/Holly, I kind of liked MiHo, especially going back to The Dundies and Michael’s asian impression!

  45. Everything except for the watermelon birth at the beginning made this a very good episode. Not going on my favorite list but still good. And all the babies in this episode were adorable. And I think my heart broke a little when Michael held Astrid (but let’s face it, everyone will be calling her astird from now on) and felt nothing.

  46. I am very through with Jan and I’m pretty sure I’m ready for her to leave the show now. That aside, I thought this episode was one of the best in a while. It was brilliant and I loved every single minute of it. Holly and Michael are the cutest most awkward couple ever. I even enjoyed the JAM pain because it’s realistic and believable. And the Andy/Angela stuff was awesome!! Ah, a 10 as far episodes go. Awesome.

  47. by FAR the best episode of the season. Great story arcs all around. This is the most I’ve laughed out loud for an office episode in a long time. The cold open was pitch perfect!

  48. I definitely enjoyed this one more than last week! The look on Michael’s face when he sees that Jan has already had the baby is priceless! I also enjoyed the Phyllis moment with the balloons, but the cold open had to be one of the best in a while! Good stuff!

  49. I have to agree that the JAM scene at the end can be really realistic – my fiance and I did the long distance thing for 4 years in college, and there were definitely days that we didn’t get a chance to talk.

    The Michael/ Darryl baby daddy chat was hysterical, and Dwight was spot on. The cold open was perfection. The Michael/ Holly hug at the end made me sappy… but was it just my TV, or were Holly’s nails on one hand a different color than the other hand? Like, the left side was a darker red, and the right side was a darker brownish black??

  50. Re: 37 – I don’t think Michael is the father. I think Jan knows Michael well enough to know that he was faking his disdain for Holly. She knows that he’s interested in her, and she still wants to control Michael. So it’s great to see Michael stick it to Jan and go after Holly. Seriously, Holly has to stay. I like Paul Lieberstein, but Holly is the best, she HAS to stay. EVERYONE loves Holly!

  51. What a terrific episode! Great job, Aaron, on your ‘Office’ debut!

    Someone commented on the slower pace of this episode. I think that was a great point… the moments got to breathe more easily and things didn’t feel so crammed like last week’s episode.

    Not to mention that this episode contained some of the absolute “sweetest” moments in ‘Office’ history…

  52. So earlier this week, after months of debate, my husband and I finally agreed on a baby name–Astrid.

    And then he saw this episode, and we’re back to square one.

    (I forgive you, “Office” writers, if only because I now know that Dwight circumcised himself. Ho yeah.)

  53. Yeah, the last few minutes were a nice touch but overall, a very weak story. I agree with some of the posters that wanted the moratorium on Jan scenes. All in all, season 5 is proving a very big disappointment.

  54. The tension with JAM is too contrived. 2 hours apart, 1 hour if they meet half way. That trip wouldn’t be too inconvenient, JAM could be together daily or almost daily.

  55. Hated the cold open. Way overboard and totally unfunny.

    That said, the last two scenes (Michael and Holly, Jim and Pam) were probably my favorites of the season. Also, I loved Andy being disgusted by Angela’s baby picture.

  56. I’m surprised by some of the negative reviews of this episode. I loved it! The more I think about it, the more I like it. I thought it was a nice Michael episode…I adore him and Holly together. Overall it was just a funny and sweet episode.
    I look forward to watching it again tomorrow (:

  57. -56- That was definitely Anthony.

    I liked the ep a lot. I thought the Dwight vs. the stroller bit was too long. I’ll be interested to see if there’s any other storylines they could have included instead of that one.

    I laughed a lot – much more than I did last ep.

  58. I thought the Angela baby picture thing was hilarious, but, aren’t those the actual pictures of the actors/actresses? If that is the case, isn’t it mean to make fun of Angela’s picture, since that’s a baby pic of Angela Kinsey?

    On to the episode, the storyline seemed kind of weak, but the end with Michael/Holly & Jim/Pam were some of my favourite scenes from this season.

  59. I’m surprised by the negative feedback as well. I thought this episode was wonderful and I loved Michael and Holly’s little bit at the end.

    The opening was great too. “Newborns are slippery” So funny.

    Can’t wait ’til next week!

  60. I definitely felt the Season 2 vibe with this episode. It had a lot going on without feeling like it was all being crammed into 22 minutes. It flowed very well.

    Working at Babies R Us, I had to notice the SnugRider stroller frame with (what I believe is) the Sterling Snug Ride car seat that the office got for Jan. LoL! There wasn’t a lot of the baby shower though. I was hoping for more of that.

    I loved Michael’s big revelation that he doesn’t really need Jan and that she doesn’t own him. The fact that he turned right around and asked out Holly after Jan told him not to was awesome!

    The Jam scenes were heartbreaking but sweet at the same time. It’s nice to see that even though they’re having an “off day”, they’re still on the same page.

  61. Well, I loved it. My husband and I laughed the entire time. I was a little concerned because I read the spoiler on Watch w/ Kristin and thought I would be depressed about Jim and Pam and it might put a damper on my overall opinion, but it turned out to be very realistic. Who hasn’t had to deal with that? And in response to #79, my husband and I dated for two years while we were only an hour apart and only saw each other on weekends…I’m just saying the JAM situation is true to real life. I especially loved the ending with Michael and Holly. That was absolutely the sweetest thing ever. I know I say this everytime but I really love this show and I really cannot wait until next week!

  62. I actually really loved this episode!! While I agree it obviously doesn’t have a season 2 feel, it is still full of Office awesomeness!! I am SOO happy that Michael asked Holly out, it make me smile that he didn’t follow Jan’s wishes hehe. Also, loved that last JAM scene, of course. I really cannot wait until a scene when they are together. Although I guess I’m glad that Pam is out growing instead of being stuck in Scranton! anyways, this show seems way too real for me. :) I think tonight was 9/10!

  63. Jan is getting really annoying. The cold open was funny, but overboard in a way. Decent episode.

    I hope they get funnier and there is more of the old humor.

  64. Nothing special.

    However, I do give them some credit because it does feel like they’re trying to undo the mess that was Season 4. So I would say they’re succeeding because so far, Season 5 is miles better than last season.

  65. What a great episode. The only thing I would change would be to shorten Dwight’s stroller scenes so they could have kept in the first deleted scene. I can’t believe they cut that.

    Also – Jan needs to go, she’s so annoying and not in a good way.

  66. it’s amazing how relatable this show is…i’ve felt michael’s pain for sure. for some reason, this episode hit very close to home for me, because i was in a situation like michael’s. i’m not going to get into it, but i’m glad mr. scott asked ms. holly flax out.

    also, it’s crazy, because not too long ago, i had the same jim and pam situation. except it was with an old friend that i haven’t talked to in a long time. our timing was never right when we tried to keep in touch, and we did end up leaving each other voicemails at the same exact time.


  67. I really hope everyone got the “golden shower” bit by Michael in the beginning. One of the funniest things from the episode and I couldn’t stop laughing!

  68. These episodes have been good, but I admit I don’t like the sweetness the show has developed. The bleakness of the UK Office is more my style, I guess. And I agree the JAM stuff is forced.

    But given the context of where the show has been going, I did think they did a good job this week. And I like Holly.

    To those ‘done’ with Jan: They had her say “don’t date Holly” to show us that she completely saw through the ruse. Which makes sense because she’s smarter than him. I thought that was a great touch.

  69. Perfection. The Holly/Michael moment was perfect. I love the sweet-Michael episodes, they remind me of why I love him so much. The JAM moments were sad, they made me feel so bad for them. I hate Jan even more now and I am glad that Michael feels no connection between him and the baby, hopefully that keeps Jan away.

    Darryl was perfect as usual, and Dwight was definitely his true-self tonight
    All-in-all a great episode.

  70. Wonderful episode, great cold open with Dwight and Michael’s interaction plus a little Jim wit, Andy making fun of Angela’s baby picture was priceless, Jim’s story while Pam wasn’t listening was awesome, “she’s been singing for 20 minutes” and a great ending with Michael finally asking Holly out. Glad the show’s getting its swagger back

  71. Wow, Michael was making me tear up multiple times. Are they really going to take away Holly from us when she makes Michael so happy?

    I’m pretty sure that was JJ Philbin (Mike Schur’s wife) in one of the baby scenes.

    Loved the cornucopia call back to Angela’s fascination with odd baby pictures.

    My favorite line – “Jan is in the terminal stage of her pregnancy.”

  72. Wow. I do not understand Jan. At all. But then, who does? I could feel my heart breaking for Michael when Jan demanded that he not date Holly. Who does she think she is? And I can’t believe that she didn’t even tell him that she had already given birth. I’m so glad he asked Holly out at the end!

  73. Excellent episode! My shoulders still ache from cringing through Jan’s singing at the baby shower. The reaction shots during that were fantastic. I laughed my a** off when Dwight went whipping around the corner with the stroller tied to his bitchin’ Camaro! The hug scene between Michael and Holly was one of the sweetest scenes ever. And the long distance relationship was handled so true to life–I totally related to the phone miscommunication! So I got to cringe, laugh, get a little teary eyed with Holly–now THAT’S a great show!

  74. I loved that Michael decided to stick it to Jan and ask Holly out. Michael has always been quite a character. It’s funny that now that he’s found someone just like him, he’s finally started to grow up. I feel that for the first time ever , Micahel’s character is developing. He’s no longer the reliable idiot. That’s why I want Holly to stay.

  75. I thought the episode was a classical example of The Office writers’ ability to mix absurdity and humor with genuine emotion and intrigue. And, for all of the pre-episode spoiler talk of rough waters for JAM, I thought the episode’s tag of them was one of their most endearing moments in recent memory (other than the proposal, of course). It was a display of what real chemistry they seem to have.

  76. #60– Same here! I kept waiting for that ‘I love you.’ The heartfelt ‘I miss you’s will make do, though.
    This episode was good. I liked the Jam stuff, even though it was a bit painful. Jan is just… wow. What the heck was with the singing?
    Loved Holly this episode; she and Michael are just too cute. I thought there was supposed to be more personal baby talk with Andy & Angela, though?
    Overall, I liked the episode a lot.

  77. I loved it!

    It had everything; little moments for each cast member to shine, Dwight totally OTT, sweet JAM, Michael ‘n’ Holly

    I was cringing and teary and just… everything!!!

  78. Melora’s got a really great voice.

    My two favorite moments:

    Michael and his Lion King.
    “Why Darryl, because I’m quote white quote, unquote?”

  79. Reactions seem to be a bit mixed on this episode, but I thought it was beautiful. I was so touched by Michael’s last talking head about Astrid and Holly and then immediately blown away again by that beautiful Jim/Pam montage. This episode had so much raw emotion- something we haven’t seen in awhile- and the whole ensemble acted it so perfect and subtly (didn’t Jim’s “I miss you” make you melt? So much emotion was conveyed in those three words).

    Great job, writers!!

  80. Favorite moments:
    -Michael holding all those babies…that was just way too cute, I lost it
    -Michael & Holly ending…HOLLA!!
    -Creed wrapping his foot, & then Jim’s reaction…haha
    -Andy/Angela/Phyllis/Meredith/Kelly baby pictures…wish I could spot the others
    -Astrid as a cornucopia
    -Michael saying Jan was in the terminal stage of pregnancy

    Jan most definitely needs to go. She’s just horrible.

  81. So did Dwight put a destroyed $1200 stroller in the back of Jan’s car or do you think it was still intact? He went pretty far into the “testing”. I hope there is some deleted scene with a pissed off Jan and a broken stroller! hehe.

  82. “What’re you doing?!”

    “She’s nature’s bounty!”

    also, that wasn’t baby Isabel was it??

  83. Wow, that was one of the worst Office episodes to date. Unfunny and filled with obnoxious and unbelievable actions (Dwight and the stroller, the watermelon, etc.) and mawkish without any real emotion or sentiment. Forget it, Office writers, you peaked a while back and it’s been downhill since. I’ve given you the benefit of the doubt until now but I am done with this show once and for all.

  84. I loved Michael holding all the babies. It just goes to show how good he is with kids. I loved how he felt shortchanged when he held Astrid; hopefully it means that Jan will be out of the picture. And the JAM voice mail exchanges were pretty much amazing and it really goes to show that they’re soul mates and that they think a lot alike.

  85. Ok…so this is totally not going to be true…but my immediate reaction to when Michael held the baby was that the baby is Toby’s. I don’t know why, but something about Michael’s reaction screamed “Toby.”

  86. I think Jim and Pam are magical when they’re unsure about their connection, but the audience isn’t. That’s how their relationship was during Seasons 1 and 2. Everything they said and did communicated to the audience that they were soul mates, but not to one other. I think that’s why the Jim/Pam lack of connectedness throughout the episode, when paired with the voicemail messages at the end, worked so well.

  87. There were some funny moments, but this episode had too many classic sitcom conventions for your traditional “Office” episode. There was the crazy over-the-top opening, there was Dwight crash testing the stroller, which was too much even for him and there was the cheesy double phone call at the end which felt very un-office-like. Also, there was absolutely no motivation for Jan saying, “Don’t date Holly.” Freakin’ lame.

  88. Michael and Holly are so CUTE !!! At some moments I felt really bad for Michael. I thought that he was going to kiss Holly, unfortunately he didn’t, but I loved the hug. It totally made my day. I LOVE MOLLY <3

    Great episode!

  89. The JAM was amaaazing! Such a sweet phone call. It was cool to hear Melora sing – creepy in the character context. I bet she sings “that one night…” too. :) I love Holly now. Wasn’t awfully attached before, but that hug…aw. Don’t have her leave!

  90. I don’t know if “melancholy Office” is what America needs right now. I miss the Jan that sat in the boxcar. Astird is most definitely Michael’s. I need to write more complex sentences.

  91. I always knew Steve Carrell was an awesome actor. Tonight’s episode just strengthened my opinion. He is amazing.

  92. Wow- I was blown away by this episode. Especially Steve Carell’s performance. I cant believe how emotional this got- and the sympathy I felt for that character. Also the last Jim and Pam scene was adorable and tragic- one of my favourite Jam moments. The Office is much more than just hilarious comedy.

  93. Loved the tone of this episode. Everyone in the office had a part — and Dwight was priceless!! Jim & Pam’s story line is so natural and I will be so happy when their LDR is over and they’re back together again. Jan as a mom is kinda scary. Holly is kind of wonderful.

  94. Watching those 2 nerds hug after hearing “where is my golden shower?” and “l performed my own circumcision” reminds me how much l love The Office.
    And l don’t even care anymore about Jim and Pam, if they don’t prank anyone it’s boring.

    After those three episodes, TO is still my favourite show.

  95. Oh and btw, my cousin’s name is Astrid, so l laughed really hard when l heard Astird.

  96. Amee…She did have the ring on her hand. If you go back to the scene at the laundromat, you can see the ring when she’s talking to Jim. :)

  97. I gave it a four, nothing really that stuck in my head, unlike most the episodes. Just one of those forgetful episodes.
    I thought the singing was done too long and took more away than it gave.

  98. Angela taking Astrid’s photo like that… one of the funniest things ever.
    And I loved Jim/Pam in this episode… even the sad less fluffy parts!

  99. Okay we get it: Jan is the most evil, sinister bitchcreature to walk the earth, and this dreadfully cruel hosebeast resides in Scranton for the sole reason of wrecking the lives and love of the adorably lovable kittybunnypuppysweetness that is poor poor Michael and dorkangel Holly. Can we put the hamfist down now? The OTT pathos and woobification of Michael are killing this show.

  100. Okay, so I’m not the only one who was moved by the Jim/Pam phone messages? I cried when it was done. I could feel how much they missed each other. What wonderful acting by John and Jenna!! Also I will never be able to get the image of Dwight on that table with his legs in the air out of my head…and I don’t want to!! Hilarious!

  101. I need to watch the show again before I rate it. I’ve decided I didn’t like the “Jan is pregnant” storyline so I am not fair about the episode at this point but as I look at the quotes this was funny and I laughed a lot. I am concerned about repeating S3 with Pam away too long. I miss her in the office.

  102. TO: 84: “Dwight’s hijinks (testing the stroller) were not funny. They were completely unrealistic and obnoxious.”


    I thought I was the only one who felt this way. As stupid as Dwight can be, he knows better than to take anyone’s (especially a new mom) $1,200 stroller and drag it behind a car.

    I put that up there with Michael driving his car into the lake. Completely unrealistic.

    The rest of the episode was pretty good.

  103. #112 Amee, it’s funny you should mention that because I went back this morning and watched it again just for that reason! Yes, she was wearing the ring.

    And #113 MIXED BERRY, I totally agree with you. I hope we don’t have to wait much longer before she is back home.

  104. This episode was just okay for me. Dwight was over the top this time. Jan was annoying and just not interesting to me. Michael awkwardly hugging Holly and then asking her out was touching though. I also enjoyed the closing JAM scenes. Where was Ryan?

  105. I had low expectations for this episode (Dwight birthing a watermelon sounded over the top) and I thought it was excellent! Very, very funny. The Holly/Michael moment at the end was fantastic – they are such good actors.

    I did not care for the JAM dialogue at the end – it was the only part of the episode I didn’t like. I like it when they end on a good laugh or a surprising moment and it just seemed forced to explain how they are just such soulmates – they think about the same event at the same time – and, obviously not funny or meant to be. It seemed contrived and what’s the point? We know they’ve been soul mates for 5 years. It felt just like blah, blah, blah, we’re so cute because we’re so connected.

    Otherwise, great episode.

  106. 37(i think) – I agree, it’s got to be Michael’s kid.

    Jan has always kept Michael at a distance. When they were “sort of” dating in Season 3, she “controls” things so she doesn’t get hurt (again, since we know she’s divorced). It blew up in their faces when they moved in together and got closer. She doesn’t want things to go wrong since their kid is in the mix now.
    I believe that Holly will leave because Michael finds out that the kid is his and chooses to be with Jan.
    Although I’ll always hope for Holly to stay!

  107. DId you notice how Michael was sitting on Holly’s trash can when he went to talk to her in her cube? I just love those little details. I gave this episode a 9/10. Sometimes the over-the-top stuff misses with me, but I thought the cold open was hilarious. I just keep giggling to myself when ever I thought about *astird*.

  108. IMO, WAY better than last week. I laughed way more. I think my favorite part might have been Michael’s “Lion King!” That was pretty priceless.

    And poor JAM! That scene at the end was heartbreaking. How long until Pam comes back?

  109. This is the best episode of this season so far. It reminded me of older episodes that I can watch on DVD over and over and still cringe and laugh like it’s the first time. I haven’t bothered to watch my DVR copies of the first two episodes this season but this one will definitly get watched again most likely multiple times before “Crime Aid” next Thursday.

  110. I cracked up when Michael was holding the car seat and patting it as if he was trying to make it burp!!!

  111. Any episode that contains a character (usually Michael or Dwight) eating/putting in their mouth something disgusting is a winner. It never fails — if there’s something gross, it will go in someone’s mouth. This episode Dwight drank his broken “water” and Michael ate the watermelon after Dwight gave birth to it. I can remember a couple more: Dwight tasted the peanut butter from Michael’s hair, and Dwight put the weapon that was hidden in the toilet in his mouth. I’m certain there are other examples of this — anyone?

  112. I’m a little surprised at some of the cold feelings for this episode. This was the first episode this season that I felt The Office was on par with the hilarity of past seasons. Weight Loss was ok, but very disjointed. Business Ethics was funny, but just felt off. Baby Shower made me laugh out loud – several times! – and I enjoyed both the in-sync/out-of-sync dynamic of Jim and Pam, as well as the tender hug moment between Michael and Holly. It had a good mix of funny and awkward with a nice sprinkling of relationship thrown in. Overall, the best episode so far this season! Let’s hope the trend continues, and they just get better and better!

  113. @ 112 — Paused it on TiVo as they’re talking while she’s doing laundry and there is a ring on her finger.

  114. I think Jan giving birth without Michael present was just the lowest, and I am glad that he didn’t just take it. One other thing that bothered me about Jan is that at one point before a commercial break she said something about Astrid’s 529. Does she expect Michael to pay into Astrid’s college fund? How awful!!

  115. Amee (112) Pam’s ring was visible a couple of times when she was doing laundry just before she noticed that she had washed her lipstick.

    Best line of the night “must have been like the tide at Omaha Beach”

    Loved Dwight putting the stroller to the test.

  116. I’m going to have to get Jammy on you guys, but I loved the ending. I did my little girly ‘Awwww’ sigh when Jim & Pam were leaving messages reminiscing about the same exact situations. Turns out they really WERE in sync that day. SO SWEET. Can I have Jam everyday?

  117. Disappointed. I was a huge fan of last week’s episode, and this was just felt flat for me. Not once did I actually laugh out loud. I always like the episodes learning about Michael’s soft side (especially the deposition), but other than that, it wasn’t great for ME. Too many eye rolls into the camera and not enough real office humor. What was missing: Dwight/Jim pranks, better physical humor, and more of the other characters. Bleh. To each his own.

  118. I don’t know if this has been brought up, but when are they going to show who took Ryan’s job at corporate?

  119. PS. This reminded me of last year’s “Money” – very serious & emotional. Just not my steeez.

  120. what is the deal with holly? is she leaving the show for good and is there any chance or her staying on?

  121. This episode was not my favorite, but I am going to watch again to see if I feel differently. I loved the Andy/Angela scenes as well as the Michael/Holly hug!

    I am pretty much done with Jan… I don’t see how they can continue to keep her in the show when she isn’t really a part of The Office anymore, and all she does is treat Michael terribly. I know that’s the point, but if they are wanting to bring them back together in the long-run, there is nothing to endear me to her or to them as a couple.

    I really, really miss Pam, and the JAM scene at the end made me want to cry. It reminded me of “Initiation”, when they have their first conversation after Jim left.

  122. Don’t know what it was, but I didn’t like it.
    Hopefully, Crime Aid will be better.

  123. I loved how when Angela was taking pictures of Astrid, Jan didn’t care that her baby was surrounded by vegetables, just by the fact that she was being exposed to flash!

    Great episode all around–I love the direction Holly and Michael are taking. Holly can’t leave!!

  124. I realize I’m nobody, and this is just an opinion, but I did not like this episode. I think they need to get rid of Jan, and fast. Since the end of season 3 when they decided to make her crazy, she hasn’t had a funny moment, in my opinion. She is dragging down the show and turning it into a depressing drama.

    With the negative stuff aside, I did love the baby photo that Angela and Andy were taking of “Astird”. I also enjoy the stuff between Michael and Holly. The seem perfect for each other and i look forward to seeing where that goes. I really like her character.

  125. #125 Jon

    Amy Ryan is only a guest star so she is going to be leaving after two more episodes. There is always a possibility that she may come back, or guest star in another future episode. I honestly do not know what the writers were thinking bringing in someone so obviously perfect for Michael and then tearing her away from him! This is so unfair! But I personally hope Amy Ryan comes back because she is an amazing addition and such a perfect cast!

  126. (re: 132) I completely agree with your point about Jan. It seems as though the writers decided that she was getting too unrealistically oblivious to how crazy she was. Now she’s just much more subtly crazy… and it’s kinda boring.

    Amy Ryan is amazing. One of the only good things so far about S5. Can we start a petition to keep her on the show. That’d work? Right?

  127. I really like Melora Hardin but the character of Jan is getting worse by the episode. They either need to do something with her that is logical to bring her back into the office or she needs to leave for good. I would actually prefer the latter because she’s too far gone in my opinion for her continued role in the show to make sense.

  128. I haven’t read all the comments yet, but I have to agree with the people who are over Jan. I not only no longer like the character, but I hate the whole vibe she brings when she’s on the show. Nothing against Melora (who officially has a fantastic voice), but I want Jan to go far far away.

    How heartbreaking for Michael to hold what he thought would be a sort-of adopted daughter and feel nothing. The hug was too cute tho… to see his hands just kind of slide around her. Loved that.

    Dwight wasn’t funny to me. At all. Well, the self-circumcision was funny, but the stroller test was not.

    I just love JAM. Regardless of communication issues…

    Baby pics with Angela? And Stanley’s look? LOVE.

  129. Re: #164

    A 529 is a college savings plan. Jan doesn’t want Michael to hold the baby or even know when she was born, but she’ll apparently happily accept his money for her future education. Nice. :P

  130. #164, a 529 is a college savings program. So, basically, Jan wants Michael to contribute to the baby’s college fund.

  131. Did you guys noticed that Jan didn’t take the stroller that the guys from the office bought for her? What a @#$&%!!! But after Dwight “tested” the one she bought, I have a feeling she’ll be needing the new one

  132. Loved it. I don’t know about you tallyheads, but I find I like the episodes more if I don’t see the promo videos or read much of the spoilers. Best scenes for me, the Dwight birthing scenario was so awkward I could not watch (awesome!), Angela & Andy taking a picture of Astrid (Earth’s Bounty), and the heartwarming Michael-Holly moment at the end. Great episode!

  133. Jan is over-the-top, but it’s perfect. Remember, she’s always been unstable. Now, she’s going over the deep end. I think it’s just her progression into being absolutely insane. I love it!

  134. Ah, I see no merit in the complaints. It usually takes me a good 4-5 viewings of an episode before I can fully assess it in comparison to the series as a whole, but I can honestly say after only watching it one time thus far that this was not only my favorite of the 3 episodes so far this season, but also one of my all time favorites. The emotional climax of Michael hugging Holly was superb. Dwight’s circumcision line was his funniest since “the eyes are the groin of the face,” and the subplot about Jim and Pam was short, sweet, and believable.

    This season thus far has been stellar. I can’t wait to see where else they take us this year.

  135. I loved it. I loved Michael’s “golden shower” flub… almost as good as “I’m going to drop a deuce on everybody.” I loved Holly and Michael. I loved the JAM ending. I loved Michael and his obsession with holding small children. Awesome.

    p.s. I fear for any offspring Dwight may have in the future.

  136. Last night’s episode was extremely painful to watch (mostly Jan singing).

    If I was engaged to Pam and we had a bad day like that; I would drive the 2-3 hours to see her.

  137. I did look for and see the ring on Pam’s hand. I thought the episode was pretty good overall. The cold open was a bit over the top, but the butter line saved it.
    One thing I would have liked to see was everyones’ baby pictures. They looked like actual baby pics of the cast, and I would have liked to see if I could guess.

    Good job writers!

  138. Am I the only one who thought the Jim/Pam tag at the end was a bit overdone and cheesy? They’re a couple, they’re going to have some off-days. Can’t we just leave it at that?

  139. I loved when Holly was joking around with JAN and Jan just gave her the look of “you’re an idiot” – the same look she gives to Michael ALL the time. That’s how you know Holly and Michael are made for each other. And maybe that’s when Jan knew and told Michael not to date her. hmmm..

  140. how much time theft did Dwight participate in at work with the stroller activities? so not ethical. haha

  141. I loved this episode. The cold open was laugh-out-loud funny. The Michael/Holly/Jan dynamic was funny and sad at the same time. The tag with JAM was reminiscent of season 2’s “The Carpet” at the end when Jim is listening to the voice mail messages that Pam had been leaving for him all day…painful sweetness! Big “aw” moment for me! The editing on it was excellent as well.

    I thought the only disappointing part was Dwight with the stroller…could have left that whole thing out.

    In my opinion, this was the best episode of this season so far.

  142. A nice return to form after last week’s letdown. Smart, crisp writing. Some great toss-off lines: “Like the tide at Omaha Beach.” Priceless stuff!

  143. Fabulous episode. I have just one question…was Holly tearing up after the hug? Or am I just seeing things lol

  144. Hands down funniest quote of the night:

    “Must have been like the tide at Omaha Beach.”

  145. I agree with #167 and others who say Jan should be gone. I would wish Melora well and enjoyed all that she brought to the show in the past, but her character is too unlikeable now.

    I wish Holly could stay! Oh could they surprise us and sign her on for more episodes? I’ve loved her since she did her Yoda impression in last season’s finale.

    Dwight putting his pants back on as Michael ate the watermelon that had been so close to Dwight’s . . . parts CRACKED ME UP!

  146. The end of the “Baby Shower” episode was sweet. I have noticed a pattern in my watching season 5 of the show. I tape it each time, and, as soon as the episode is over the night, I have to replay the very end of each show. They each have shown Michael at his best. It’s been very interesting to see that character grow. Plus Jim and Pam are so cute together whether they’re talking directly to each other or not.

  147. This was the worst episode ever! I didn’t laugh once, and the story was downright painful to watch. I like the normal cringe-worthy moments, but this went too far.

    I have never liked the Jan character and now I’m sick of the hurt she brings Michael. She is not funny, just selfish and mean. I won’t be watching any more Jan episodes.

    The only thing I did like was Michael’s Holly-hug – sweet!

    And bring back Pam – enough with the separation drama! Isn’t this supposed to be a comedy?

    Awful episode!

  148. As always, I had to watch it again to get the full flavor. As a new mom the ‘slippery baby’ was pretty amusing. I didn’t care for the cold open though or Jan’s singing/Dwight’s stroller moments. They all could’ve been edited down a bit. The deleted scene was pretty darn funny, why do they keep cutting the awesome Kevin 1.0?? I do like the slower pace to getting back to one or two stories. There are plenty of characters and development to flush out over the span of a season.

    I also noticed the two different nail polishes on Holly…how weird that I even paid attention.

    I like Michael 2.0 – he had to be toned down a bit and he deserves some love.

    Also, like seeing less of JAM even though I love them.

  149. I think at this point we’re all supposed to hate Jan. She clearly has some underlying problems that we might get a glimpse of in a couple episodes, but yeah, she’s just the hateable character right now.

    I liked the episode — Didn’t love it, but I did laugh more than a couple times and I loved Michael and Holly. I think they’re the new JAM for me, since JAM really is getting a little boring.

  150. I hate Pam’s character now. I don’t even care about JAM anymore, that’s how much I can’t stand her.

  151. OH two other things. Someone mentioned that Jan ‘got’ Holly when she was making the fun sales call/coffee break comments about Astrid. Right then, even dilusional Jan saw the perfect mate for Michael. Nice.

    Some people here were sad that there wasn’t a Holly/Michael kiss but didn’t that hug have so much more emotion to it? There were many levels involved and more passion than a kiss.

  152. Let me just echo so many others and say they really need to fix Jan. Seriously. It’s gone too far and it just isn’t funny anymore. Let me go further and say that Jan was an amazing asset to the show in Seasons 2 and even 3, before the crazy switch got flipped. Some of Michael’s all-time greatest moments came with original recipe Jan. It was awesome to see a strong competent woman in a position of power juxtaposed against the idiocy of the Scranton branch, and yet humbled by her inexplicable attraction to the head idiot. Jan’s mere presence made everything that much more hilarious. She was the perfect straightwoman, and that role is empty now.

    Looking back on “Boys and Girls”, I couldn’t have imagined this is where she’d end up, and with no rhyme or reason. Even “Money” reminded us what was still there underneath the crazy–- the love she has for Michael despite everything– but now it seems to have been lost altogether and it makes no sense. I know, long rant for a “minor” character, but it’s such a waste and a weak spot in the show. Please fix Jan.

  153. I really liked Baby Shower. Loved the cold open and the tag. I love Jan when she is ‘flawed’ (Dinner Party) but less so when she is mean. Other good bits: Angela taking the photo of Astrid, Daryl/Michael chat, and the Michael/Holly hug.

    I laughed out loud more than last week – bring on the next episode!

  154. LOL I just remembered that Andy called his baby photo “Nard Puppy” instead of Nard Dog! It’s the little things like that that I love so much about this show.

    And for those complaining about Dwight being too OTT…this is a man who put a dying cat into the freezer to kill it. I’m thinking the stroller was a little tame for him. :)

    Overall, I loved this episode and can’t wait for next week.

  155. #178 I couldn’t agree more. I thought those synchronized voicemail messages were just too cheesy. Besides that I thought the episode was pretty good.

  156. 190 – What? What do you hate about her? She’s still the same Pam from the first few seasons. Last season she definitely got way more outgoing, but this season I feel like it’s the perfect balance. Why can’t you stand her?

  157. Anyone else catch that Holly’s nail polish was different on each hand? Nice touch for her character.

  158. The Michael/Holly hug was tremendous. Her teary eyes–perfectly matched mine! I was throwing things at the tv when Jan said “Don’t date Holly”. Enough psycho Jan–although I have to admit the singing was HILARIOUS–and she has a lovely voice…haha.
    Yeah for Michael & Holly. Hooray!!!!!!

  159. I love the Michael and Holly storyline, we finally get to see that Michael we knew and loved from seasons 1-3.

    I agree the Jan thing is overdone now and just isn’t funny anymore, it’s time to get rid of her.

    I really miss the old Pam, I agree that this Pam is merely Jenna Fischer. It doesn’t even feel like a character I can love/enjoy anymore. I hate the entire “gone away to college” storyline.

    Jim and Pam were a driving force for me watching this in the earlier seasons, I found I was cringing last night.

    Michael and Holly are making up for it in a big way at least.

  160. I haven’t read through anyone’s comments as there are times that I think it takes away from what I saw. By far one of my favorite episodes of The Office. I love all of the writers and the cast! You manage to make me laugh out loud and bring me to tears all in one episode!

  161. Now I’m TOTALLY stressing about Holly leaving…..can’t handle Michael being sad all over again. What will they do with the two of them??

  162. Wow! Am I the only one who loved this episode?
    I thought it hilarious!!! Some said it was the worst ever and Jan this and that. I loved it!

  163. I liked this episode however the cold open was a little too much for me, and Dwight’s antics with the stroller were over the top. Kind of annoying. I hope the baby they used was little Isabel Ruby! SO SO precious! And I’m so happy that Michael hugged/asked Holly out. They both deserve to be happy. And finally…I miss the old Jan. S1 & S2 Jan was so much more like-able.

  164. I loved the episode. Michael and Holly are very sweet and I loved that Michael went against Jan’s wishes by asking Holly out. I don’t get Jan’s point on the show any longer- she needs to go. Everybody’s reactions to Jan’s singing were hilarious.

    I sure do miss Pam in the office; her normalcy in the midst of that crazy baby shower would have been welcome. Seeing less of Pam is not a good thing so I hope she comes home soon.

  165. i really liked the episode. my one complaint is that there was one too many stroller scenes. i thought the idea was funny and very “dwight” but i thought they got that across and didn’t need the last scene with the car. a minor complaint though.

    how has no one mentioned this:

    “i will be treating ryan the same way”

    one of the funniest lines in the entire episode!

  166. It is a wonderful tv show that has been going on for 5 seasons. You can’t expect the greatest out of everyone. I am think that the writers will pull this one off like they do every time. They are geniuses. For Jan, I think she is just a sad selfish person and I was really glad that Michael went against her wish. For Pam, every relationship has its down side and I think it’s great that she is really starting to go out and achieve something she wants in her life (hence Jim and Pam’s conversation in Boys and Girls). I am excited to see what the writers have in store for us.

  167. Just didn’t like it. I’d say that the past two were the worst Offices of all time. Just not funny for me…The Michael/Holly thing was nice, but Jim and Pam’s part seemed very “forced” and it was unlike the usual JAM. Dwight has been getting un-funnier and un-funnier each episode.

    Sorry to be a party pooper, but this show is just not as good as it used to be.

  168. I loved this episode. It is my fav so far. I laughed out loud so many times.

    I really wish they would write out Jan. She doesn’t need to be there anymore.

    I seriously love Michael/Holly. They remind me of my infatuation with JAM. When they were all cutesy and you loved the idea of them together. I really like Holly and I hope she stays or at least comes back.

    OH man I can’t wait till next week!!

  169. I’ve been re-watching, and I recognized another writer baby, none other than the infamous, Relly-Award-Winning William Xavier (Schur). Say it with me: awwwww.

  170. #190-

    I’m with you. She’s just not very… Pam. She’s kinda hateful to Jim. She just needs to come home!

  171. I will never complain about an episode being bad unless Jim and Pam are no longer together or they try to bring someone in to cause drama to increase ratings. Keep up the great work everyone!!

  172. I thought it was a little sad that Michael didn’t hear about Jan going into labor. Since Jan obviously didn’t want him there and doesn’t want much help from him, I think they should just write her out of the show now. Make her move somewhere or get married or something. She could marry Toby, that would be funny. :)

    The Jim/Pam voicemail bit was very artistic and I loved it, even if it was sad.

  173. This show changes all the time, hilarious, strange, serious, sad, you have to appreciate how well thought out all of the episodes are regardless of how much you like that particular storyline.

    As far as Jan is concerned I think she is still there for a reason; my prediction…it really is Michael’s baby-

  174. The vegetable scene, the “I told Ryan the same thing” and the throne made of post-its were the things that really made love this episode!

  175. I came here thinking that a majority of you guys would have LOVED last night’s episode! I’m soooo surprised to find that it was not enjoyed by many of you…I personally thought it was absolutely brilliant!! Still, it is one of the episodes that you have to watch more than once to get the full effect.

    My favorite parts:
    (1) Michael subtly threatening to have Andy pretend to have his baby
    (2) Andy’s expression once he realizes which baby is actually Angela
    (3) Holly and Michael’s hug
    (4) The super sweet scene with Jim & Pam leaving each other identical messages
    (5) Jan’s crazed singing!
    6) Where’s MY golden shower ??

    I would have preferred more scenes from the actual shower than the stroller destruction scenes :) but that’s all

  176. No, not like a ham – (192)
    I totally agree with all your points! I really liked this one. The subtle character traits and personality quirks balance out perfectly with nutty and physical humor.
    The Office continues to lead the pack in outstanding writing & directing.

    Angela taking the “Anne Geddes” picture of Astrid had me LMAO – I can’t wait to see the poster hanging up over her desk.

  177. I really liked this episode a lot–it’s the type of episode that I think I’ll come to love more and more with each viewing.

    The Michael/Holly dynamic was very sweet and the baby shower planning was hilarious! “PUMP, PUMP, PUMP.”

    Best part had to have been Angela and Andy shooting pictures of Astrid…too funny.

    The only thing I didn’t like was Pam’s storyline–come home! The whole college storyline made sense when it first started but now it just needs to end.

  178. I am a JAM fan! I love them together. I love their chemistry, the way they interact, how they’ve teamed up on pranks and how they can still be very sweet to their frenemies when they need to be. I’m not a fan of the art school story line, though, and for whatever reason Pam has gotten kind of…mean and bossy. I didn’t like how she was upset at Jim before the proposal. I didn’t like how rude she was over the phone. I need to start seeing more scenes where they are really into each other. While both in Scranton, they had a way of making the whole world disappear with a glance and we got to have a peek into that world. I think that’s what I’m missing. The phone calls at the end were very sweet and made up for the fact that she could’ve walked out of the laundry mat for 2 minutes.

  179. Loved the Michael/Holly hug! I cried;)
    Creed was awesome! I watched it again, today, just to catch his facial expressions. Sooooo good!
    Time for Jan to go…

    (hehe Sorry for the double post)

  180. I have to say some episodes are just kind of bummers, not that they aren’t good but they are just sad, this is one of them. And maybe sad isn’t the right word, moreso maybe just touching.

    1. Michael holding all of the babies
    2. Michael coming to the realization that Jan and he have no future
    3. Hugging/asking Holly out
    4. The last scene with Pam and Jim

    As for the funny, the facial expressions win. Jim after looking at creed wrapping his foot and the expressions by everyone when Jan sings. Overall, a so-so episode..seen better seen worse.

  181. Pam isn’t being near hateful to Jim. What are some of you talking about? Frustration is totally different…and completely realistic. Maybe you Pam-doubters should watch the end part again, and rethink a little.
    It’s the same Pam. She’s just not in Scranton, and the distance bothers her.

    I personally thought the ending was very sweet.
    :] if there is another top-rated episode after the finale, then I say this episode ftw.

    It was freaking brilliant.

  182. I liked this episode — all the cast members were involved. Dwight was priceless!! Jan as a mom is kinda scary. Holly is kind of wonderful. Jim and Pam are struggling in their LDR in a realistic way — Pam needs to return to the office NOW!! It’s not the same without her.

  183. 193, tiffany, i completely agree with you. I didn’t mind that Jan was a crazy, but the fact that she still had some dignity and poise to her made her character that much more amazing… but now it’s completely lost. I blame Dinner Party. That was when Poised Jan left the building for good.

    I agree with most people on the Michael/Holly dilemma. They are just so perfect for one another, i will be so crushed when Amy Ryan inevitably leaves. I hope they pull a Jaime Pressly, and keep her for the remainder of the show (Jaime Pressly was supposed to only be on 3 episodes of My Name Is Earl)

    unlike the majority… or so it seems… i actually liked it a lot. it was a plot heavy episode, and not so much a ha-ha episode. the plot heavy episodes are the best in my opinion.

  184. oh! also… pam is not being mean to jim. Pam is in a different setting than jim is… and Pam’s attitude has adjusted to her territory. I think pam being in college is necessary for the show. it sucks, yes, but it’s necessary for their relationship on the show to grow. it has necessary challenges that need to be overcome, and LDR often end in breakups. I think this is perfect.

    the last moment of this episode showed though, that while both are in different places right now, and sometimes have a difficult time, they are still in the same place. that last moment basically summed up their relationship in 5 minutes. (or however many minutes) it was sweet and beautiful.

  185. Does anybody know if the baby that played Astrid was Isabel (Angela’s girl)? I’m almost positive it is, because she looks like Angela and has quite a bit of the Lieberstein face.

  186. Did anyone else notice that Mike Schur’s wife J.J and son William were in this episode? William (or Mr. Trouble, lol) was one of the two babies Michael was holding at the front desk. J.J (lol can you tell I’m also a Regis Philbin fan?) was standing there with another woman looking disgusted.

    [from tanster: at Paley on Tuesday, Mike mentioned that his baby and Charlie Grandy’s baby are both in the episode!]

  187. I kinda love what the writers do with Jan’s character. She’s THAT person—the one who must regale everyone with detailed stories of the birthing tub (sure it’s natural and beautiful but also sort of gross); she’s the person who ignores everyone in the room and emotively sings to her baby; the person for whom only best will do (that $1200 stroller is all about her, not her baby, so I was full of glee when Dwight took it out for the hilarious crash testing!); and she’s the person who doesn’t want the guy, but doesn’t want anyone else to have him either. She makes Michael a more sympathetic character when she’s up to her antics, so my heart kind of breaks for him. I think it’s fun having this creepy, complex, selfish character on the show. And I wouldn’t be surprised or disappointed if the writers turned a 180 and showed her a bit more relatable, or showed her continued fall from grace in a little more human way, so that she isn’t just one-dimensional evilness. I can’t wait to see what happens with her as the season goes on.

    [from tanster: beautifully said. i agree 100%.]

  188. Loved this episode! Astrid is so cute. And she fits right in with the veggies Angela was having her pose with.

  189. The first all-around great episode of the season. Amy Ryan deserves some sort of recognition of her acting in award form, if you can imagine such a thing.

  190. So… the ending with the hug was great. I was worried about Jim and Pam until the tag at the end. That was adroable. I wanna know more about the crazy guy at laundromat! And… Jan! WTF?! Why doesn’t she want Michael to date Holly?! If she thinks she… UGH! The more I see Holly the more I like her.

  191. #223 – So glad someone mentioned this!! – about the 27 seconds of silence when Michael hugged Holly. I really thought I had gone over the edge of obsessiveness when I saw that… and timed it… and only came out to 25 seconds. Am I wrong? I actually thought the writers must have planned it that way because the 27 seconds with Jim and Pam were so iconic in the show (good question for the writers, Tanster??). I need therapy.

  192. Dear Office Writers,
    1) Please do whatever you can to keep Amy Ryan on your show.
    2) I am so over Jan.
    3) Please stop inventing obstacles for Jim and Pam. I like them funny. And kissing.

    Thank you. That is all.

  193. I really liked the first two episodes of this season but this one was a bit of a dud. Just not that many laughs. Nothing really new…just new versions of the same old jokes. And I honestly couldn’t care less about the Jim/Pam stuff…it just steals time from the funny as far as I’m concerned.

  194. Anyone think Holly was crying because she saw that Michael’s baby picture looked exactly like Astrid’s?

  195. i fear that they are turning this show into a typical sitcom. With every episode this year there are more predictable one liners and there is too much JAM drama. I think they need to watch the original office to relight the fire of how it is supposed to be a documentary style comedy so well written that it doesn’t seem written. I really hope something changes back to what made this show so great in the beginning, uncomfortable and unpredictable comedy. Please don’t ruin it and if they can’t stick to that this should be the last season.

  196. what’s ironic is that back in season 4, jim was all like “don’t worry pam, (art school) won’t be a problem for us”, and now all the drama is happening now..

  197. Haha I just noticed while watching back that Michael was holding Michael Schur’s son during that montage of Michael holding babies. It was when Michael was holding 2 babies at the same time. I even saw Michael Schur’s wife too.

  198. So three of my all-time favorite Office scenes now involve Jim and Pam and telephones.

    In chronological order:

    1. Jim checking his voicemail at the end of The Carpet.
    2. Their conversation in The Initiation.
    3. The end of this episode.

  199. #233 – totally agree – Love what they’re doing with Jan. She is such a wonderful foil for Michael – we see so much more depth to him when Jan does psycho. There’s no way they’ll get rid of her when there’s such a wealth of pain she can inflict on Michael and screw up his life week after week. Astird will totally turn out to be Michael’s. That said – I hope Holly comes back later in the season and fights for her man – total smackdown!

  200. @Fur-Shizzle

    Holly and Michael= Milly or Hochael
    Not Ham. Dunno where you got that from. That would be Michael and Pam

  201. every time michael would say something mean to holly, her face would just crush me! i looooooove holly. she is the female michael except ADORABLE… oh wait michael is ADORABLE!

  202. Did anyone else notice that when Michael is holding Astrid, she has a pacifier in her mouth, but a second later, when Michael is giving her to Phyllis, she doesn’t? I might just be making that up, but that’s what I saw.

  203. I really wish that there were deleted scenes to show what happened to that Orbit stroller after Dwight’s bumper test. That stroller is obviously pretty indestructible, but I would have loved to see Jan’s reaction when she discovers what Dwight had done to her fancy stroller!

  204. This may have already been said but I think the baby in the scenes is Angela’s baby Isabel!!

  205. I loved this episode. The writers demonstrated once again a capability to surprise and move us by unexpectedly revealing something endearing and human in these characters. Michael began this episode as a deluded, annoying, unstoppable idiot, yet somehow in only 22 minutes we saw an incredibly pure and tender side of him that gave us a way to relate. My heart was pounding as much as during JAM’s first real kiss when Michael moved in towards Holly and held her. I cried!

    There were too many parts I liked to talk about them all. But I came away once again thinking, “Damn! This is the best show on TV!”

  206. Just watched the scene again on where Jan asks Michael not to date Holly and after she drives off, I noticed the stroller they bought her, she left by the front door. She didn’t even take their gift home.

  207. So, people have already started to brainstorm, but we definitely need to find a name for Holly and Michael…

  208. i agree with the synchronized voice messages – a little too cliche for me. also, dwight’s plotline was a bit too much.
    michael and holly were cute though! i hate jan.
    i liked last week’s episode better.

  209. I agree with #243-Agent Scarn. This doesn’t even seem like the same show anymore. I think the writers should go back and watch Seasons 1-2 for a refresher course. I really do not like the Dwight-Angela-Andy triangle and how psychotic they have made Jan become.

  210. First off, for anyone who has ever been in a long-term relationship, the Pam-Jim thing was spot on.
    Second, I thought the same thing about whether that baby is Angela’s in real life (forgive me, I don’t remember the actress’s name – isn’t it actually Angela?).
    And third, this is one of the better episodes in a long time, because Michael was very much himself, but still incredibly likeable. Maybe it’s terrible of me, but I have never liked Michael more than when he said he just felt short-changed holding ass-turd. For all of his LACK of self-awareness, it was a bright shining spot that reminds you of just how sensitive he is.

  211. I loved that episode. Holly is deeply into the bottom of my heart, and I wish Jan would go instead of her…

    Btw, I frankly don’t know that’s wrong with season 5.
    seriously, in season 2 everybody dreamt of jim and pam finally together, and then finally when they got together, it’s boring. I just don’t get it!

    well this episode bring me one of my fav quote ever: Jim: This baby will be related to Michael through…delusion.

  212. I guess I just don’t understand why Jim and Pam don’t see each other more. If they’re really that desperate for each other, why doesn’t Jim get in his car and drive into the city?! He leaves his office at 5:00 apparently and could be with Pam for dinner at 7:00. I’m assuming the office doesn’t get going until 9:00, so he could easily stay the night with her (at least a few days a week).Seems like their problem could be easily remedied.

  213. For me the only part that fell flat for me in Baby Shower was Jan’s singing (no pun intended). It just seemed more like an amusing deleted scene. Loved Creed’s comment on the afterbirth! Such a classic line you would never hear on any other show on television.

    Honestly, even though so many people have said the show is dying out and “inferior to Seas. 1&2,” I think it is starting to get a second wind after the slowness of season four. It is looking for meaning outside of just Jim and Pam, and it will find it. Just give the writers time.

  214. @ 267 | jjsally

    or Jim and or Pam could stay with the other on weekends.

    I also don’t understand why they need to call each other during the daytime. Didn’t Jim learn anything about stealing company time in “Business Ethics”? If it’s too much of a hassle for them to speak during work/school hours why not wait until the night?

  215. Dwight trying to destroy Jan’s stroller is probably the dumbest subplot in Office history.

  216. Seriously, is there some political reason why this will be, like, the fourth time this particular episode is being shown this year? I think we’ll know it by heart!

  217. Yeah, I agree with that. Same goes for Business Ethics. Both episodes had their moments but fell flat in the end. I loved Crime Aid, though, so I’m not complaining about that, but why haven’t they re-played Weight Loss? But no -they’re re-running Stress Relief instead.

  218. In this episode, “Baby Shower,” Jan breastfeeds her new baby. But in a previous season, she got breast implants. I thought that when a woman gets breast implants, she can’t breast-feed a baby anymore. Or did I miss something?

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