Bears. Beets. Berkshire pigs?

I received this funny email from Tallyhead sexyhostile a few weeks ago:

“Just thought you might find this amusing: The Buffalo Zoo has recently remodeled its children’s petting zoo into the Delta Sonic Heritage Farm, featuring 2 Berkshire Pigs named… Jim and Dwight! And no, their names are not coincidence!

According to the zookeeper with whom I chatted, Dwight is actually the MUCH smarter of the two pigs and is mastering all of his training rapidly, while Jim mostly lies around and only exercises his brain when trying to figure out how to steal Dwight’s food.

It’s official. The Office is truly part of the zeitgeist when people at zoos are naming animals for the characters.”

Last night, sexyhostile sent an update and a few photos:

the-office-jim-the-pig the-office-dwight-the-pig

“Dwight continues to outshine Jim in his training. He can now walk through a hoop, walk to a directed corner of his pen, and comes to his trainer when called. Jim is… well, apparently Jim is not living up to his namesake well. On the upside, at least he hasn’t encased any farming implements in jello.”


  1. I can tell from these pics and the written description that Jim is waaaay smarter. He does not have to do as he’s told and he gets Dwight’s food! BRILLIANT!

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