B.J. at UCB Theatre tonight

B.J. Novak performs in Comedy Death-Ray at the UCB Theatre in Hollywood tonight.

Other performers: Paul F. Tompkins, Maria Bamford, Nick Thune, Jen Kirkman, Dave Anthony. Hosted by Brody Stevens.

Tickets are $5.

If you attend, please post a report here! :)

Link: UCB Theatre


  1. A bit unrelated – but I caught an early screening of knocked up last week, and BJ’s cameo in that film is hilarious and part of the one of the funniest montages in recent memory. He plays one of many gynecologists that Katherine Heigl’s character visits to try to pick the best one, and he winds up hitting on her in hilarious fashion, while Seth Rogen is visibly uncomfortable. Brilliant stuff. The film was wonderful as well, he should be proud to have been part of it.

  2. Not quite on-topic, but that headline would elicit a Kevin Malone giggle….

  3. Ed was there on saturday doing a skit with “spiderman” it was hilarious.

  4. Ed will be there again:
    Sat May 19, 2007 at 10:00 pm.
    Seth and Ed’s Puppet Talk Show

  5. I actually work about 3 doors down from UCB at La Poubelle, but I totally forgot to get my shift covered for tonight so I could go! Oh well, I guess I’ll just hope he stops by after the show. I’ve actually served Mindy Kaling and Ed Helms already. Ed was actually on Saturday night! Ah, the Hollywood life….

  6. I went to the UCB theater. I got to take ONE picture of B.J. I think they were the same jokes he does when he performs on college campuses with note cards and his briefcase and a trashcan. He was quite charming. I have a picture I took with my camera phone so it’s not so crisp but I don’t know how to put it up.

    My favorite joke was: “batterd women? sounds delicious…”

    overall, Comedy Death Ray is amazing. The stand-up comedians are great. ANyone in the So Cal area should totally check it out.

  7. I’m definitely jealous of all of you who are close enough to go – I’d love to see BJ, Ed, and any other cast members doing stand-up – they are all so naturally funny. Plus, it only costs $5 to see the show – that’s a steal!

  8. It was funny. I’d give BJ performance a solid B.
    He did a whole ‘Wikipedia Brown’ sketch that was pretty funny. Those Office folks love the wikipedia.
    I didn’t laugh as much at his as I did the other 2 headliners. Paul F. Tompkins had me rolling when he talked about this old recluse that lived in his building.
    Anyway, BJ is short (I know his height is average), but he’s little. I passed him on the way out, I had on wedge heels and I felt like an amazon next to him.
    Didn’t say anything to him.

    Jeshika – He didn’t have any props with him this time. Just a print out of the Wikipedia Brown story.

    Amanda – next time I’m at the theater, I’ll stop by La Poubelle!

  9. I saw him after the show sitting with two girls (they were really pretty…why do they always have to be so pretty?!) they were at a restaurant next door. tried to make eye contact, but failed.

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