‘The Office’ on Finale Fever

SPOILER WARNING! Video and subsequent comments will contain spoilers.

Relax guys. Despite the orange tag, there’s hardly anything spoilerish in this clip from TV Guide’s ‘Finale Fever’ program. But I do enjoy seeing Angela and Brian together. :)

(The first clip is from the Screen Actors Guild awards; the second clip was shot during NBC Summer Press Day.)

Link: ‘The Office’ on Finale Fever

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  1. Dig John’s “Spoiler alert!” Always nice to see a cast that are geeks for their own show.

  2. I hate waiting for the finale but I guess I should be patient because then it means no more office all summer long:(

  3. i just looked at the spoiler page. if whats on there is correct, my speculations were totally wrong. ugh. has ne one else checked it out?

  4. Waiting for the last two episodes has been relatively easy. Waiting until mid-September for the start of Season 4 is going to be more difficult, especially since they will likely be giving us a cliffhanger like they did last year.

  5. I love Angela so much.

    There is always more Office in the summer! Relive all 3 seasons during the summer!

  6. Well, that gives me hope for major (good) JAM action in the last two episodes of the season, because Angela says things that we’ve been hoping for and wishing for will happen. What have we been hoping or wishing for besides Jim and Pam to get together??


  7. I’d love to see the big Jan suprise….but I hope they’re not trying to cop out on any Jim/Pam stuff. (just found out I have to work during the finale & I’m cranky!)

  8. So I have looked at the spoilers and am quite discouraged now about these last 2 episodes. Yes, these are great writers, but here is what makes me nervous: Isn’t GD’s experience mainly in animation, i.e. Simpsons and King of the Hill? And that has actually translated well to The Office, with the humor coming from awkward situations, kooky and zany actions, etc. Animation can get away with more over the top characters and pay less attention to the relationship chemisty. So what makes me nervous about these last 2 episodes is:
    1) GD’s apparent disdain for Jim/Pam
    2) Creed went from funny/creepy to mean/creepy by virtue of getting the paper employee fired and the insistence on flashing was no big deal
    3) I have never bought the Jan/Michael relationship and now Jan has gone over the top with the psycho sexual stuff.
    4) Andy dating a high school student?

    While there can be laughs in these situations, the characters are less appealing to me.

  9. Thanks tanster. Isn’t it odd how no clips have been released this week? What do you all read into that?

  10. PrettyBaby27: Not trying to be a spoilsport, but all Angela says is that they will be answered. That could really go either way.

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