B.J. Novak at the University of Illinois

The Office B.J. NovakB.J. Novak appears at the University of Illinois tonight at 7:30. The show is FREE!

B.J.’s live show is a treat. Besides being really funny, he always personalizes his show to the venue. Go if you can, then report back!

Link: Illini Union Board

Tipster: Luis


  1. Argh! And I just recently moved from Champaign! Definitely passing this along to several friends who are still there. Thanks for the head’s up!

  2. If only I didn’t live in Chicago, and if only I didn’t get off of work at 5. :-(

  3. If only BJ made a trip to the Twin Cities! I’ve been dying to see his routine. Hope that some Tallyheads can give good dish!

  4. Man! What a stupid night for me to have planned my senior stupid cello recital (also at 7:30). He’s going to be performing right behind the building I’ll be in, at that time tonight. Arrrrrgh!

  5. Ah I cannot wait to see him tonight! So excited! It’s a good day to be an Illini student & die-hard Office fan!! :)

  6. It’s three hours south and I cannot leave here until after 6… For those who can attend, have a great time! I’m looking forward to a report from someone who was able to make it!

  7. What time should we get there? Does anyone have a projected turnout? I’m coming from Decatur just to see this and if it gets rained out and they are only taking the first 500 people inside…

  8. @7 – Taaalia, Good luck on your recital. Had to do a few myself there at Smith.

    Back to B.J., the rain is a definite concern. I’d show up a bit early to scope out a seat closeby if it’s still outside, and to better ensure a place amongst the 550 if it moves indoors.

  9. I won’t be able to attend tonight, which breaks my heart, but for those of you going, get there early! If the thunderstorms that are forecasted arrive and they move into the Illini Union Ballroom, be aware that they are very stringent about following the fire code at the Union and won’t allow one more person than the 550 capacity for that room.

  10. I would get there at least an hour early. There’s a huge buzz going around about BJ’s show. It would be great to have it on the Quad outdoors, but the forecast predicts rain about 90 minutes before he starts.

  11. B.J., if you read this, swing by the University of Chicago before leaving Illinois. Please?

  12. I live in the suburbs but am going to try to make it out there with some friends, also with my DM t-shirt!

  13. Tanster, thanks a million for posting this info!
    I just changed my plans for this weekend so I can go tonight!!!

  14. I can’t wait! Only two and a half more hours! How early is everyone going to get there? I don’t want to miss it if they only let the first 500 people in. T.T

  15. For those of you who are attending, one of my friends was in charge of setting this up and she just told me it’s been moved inside, so there will only be 550 people let in. Get there early!

  16. Yeah, they’ve updated the Illini Union Board website and it confirms that the event is now being held inside. I’m nervous now…

  17. My girlfriend is morbidly depressed because she doubts there would be any way we could get in if we left now. It’s about an hour away.

  18. not fair!!! i’m a senior in high school why couldn’t i be a U of I student NOW!!!!???!!!!!!! uggh i wish i would’ve known about this earlier. i SO would have taken the 2 hour drive down to champaign…Have fun all of you Illini people…and I’ll see you when BJ comes back next year!

  19. Got there at 6 and the line stretched all the way around the union…needless to say I wasn’t one of the first 550 :( they said he’ll be signing after the show, though, so I can still ask about his nuclear warfare theories :)

  20. Well, I’m one of the 550 in here waiting…it’s now almost 8:30 and it was supposed to start at 7:30. We’ve been watching episodes, but it’s kind of hard to hear. (not like I need to–I know all the lines). It’s too bad it had to thunderstorm in Champaign-Urbana today and more people couldn’t get to hear him! I can’t wait! I’ve got my DMI shirt on all ready to go! YAY IUB!!!

  21. What a night! Turns out BJ’s flight was delayed and Google maps told him it was a 19 minute drive down from Chicago. (segue into OnStar-is-not-GPS and I had “Dunder Mifflin Infinity” yelling-at-technology flashbacks)

    I was growing tired of this new “Ryan” especially after last night’s episode, but charming and hilarious BJ convinced me tonight that he is indeed charming and hilarious and not a crackhead corporate nutcase (despite his similar appearance to Ryan last night, as he candidly pointed out). We heard about panda love, porn stars, how wonderful Paul and Mindy and Gene and Lee are, Shy Puppet and Wikipedia Brown made appearances, and he tested lots of new jokes on us with TTWS splashed about everywhere he could. He was very gracious and appreciative, which made the three hour wait worth it!

  22. I just got back from seeing the show. : )

    B.J. Novak was amazing, it was well worth the wait.

  23. so i got to get in for the last few minutes when bj was answering office questions. he ended on a group “TWSS”. but the real fun was when me and a few people waited for an hour in the rain for him to get autographs…and we got them! such a nice guy for him to do that…it made my night.

  24. BJ was AWESOME!!! My friends and I got to the venue at 5pm for a 730pm show, were the second group in line and got first row seats.. he was late due to airports and traffic, but being at the union for 5.5 hours was WELL WORTH IT!!


  25. What was the name of his opening act? He was really funny I just can’t remember his name for the life of me.

  26. Here is a link to some of the pictures I took. I was about in the middle of the room so the pictures are not great, especially since he had the lights turned down for most of the show. I know BJ asked use not to post a ton of pictures online but I figured a couple would be okay for tallyheads. There are also some with him and shy puppet.

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