Brian Baumgartner and Mindy Kaling conference call

Brian: I think it’s great. I’m really happy to sort of get to know him again. You know, obviously his success on The Daily Show, I had seen him some but, now he’s living out in Los Angeles and obviously we get to see each other a whole lot. It’s been really fun.

Press: How come you guys didn’t do webisodes last year? Why did you take a year off? Was there a scheduling issue? Was it the strike or something?

Brian: After we did the first set of webisodes, that started a lot of the controversy happening between SAG and the guild. They needed to come to some sort of agreement about that.

Brian: No, everything’s fine. It’s a different situation now and they have come to agreement specifically with Greg Daniels and figured out that we can do them and so, we’re back happily doing them. It’s great.

Press: Going back to Westminster I just thought of this, who was more popular in school, you or Ed.

Brian: Please, it’s not even a contest.

Press: That’s your leaving the answer out for us to figure out or.

Brian: Well, there’s cool and there’s me, and then there’s not cool and there’s Ed.

Press: Oh ouch.

Brian: Yeah.

Press: Hey Brian, you had a lot of really good scenes in the finale with Amy Ryan. I was just wondering, are you exciting she’s going to make these episodes this season?

Brian: I’m thrilled.

Press: How will Kevin’s relationship with Holly evolve do you think?

Brian: You know, I have recently heard how it is going to play out and I can only say I guess at this point that it will play out from here. We’re still so far off now and obviously everything can change. But I was so thrilled that she’s coming back. She was fantastic to work with, I thought she brought a great new color and level to the show. She’s a fantastic actor and was really fun for me to work with. And it was fun for Kevin to be able to play in that way as well.

I mean some people said it was sort of a joke that had been setting up unbeknownst to anybody for four years but I feel like when it played itself out it was very, very funny. It did very well in our table read, I’ll say that. And yeah, I’m thrilled she’s coming back and I do understand that she and Kevin will have some more interactions coming up the first part of the year.

Moderator: At this time we have no further questions.

Brian: Thank you so much.

NBC: Thank you Brian.

Brian: Okay, bye-bye.


  1. That was awesome! Great job Brian and Mindy – that interview was both hilarious and informative :) Thanks for getting that transcript together, Tanster! Just a question: Were there a bunch of people at the interview? Because there is “Moderator”, “NBC”, and “Press”.

    [from tanster: yes, “Press” represents the eight or so press people that listened in on the call. each got a turn to ask questions.]

  2. “Mindy: I was actually in Cambridge with B.J. Novak three days ago and we had Vietnamese food at Sylvester in Harvard Square. So yeah I did it.”

    Cool, someone posted on June 30th on the IMDb forums that they saw Mindy and B.J. eat dinner in Cambridge, but at East Coast Grill in Inman Square in Cambridge, not at Sylvester in Harvard Square.


  3. What a fun conference call! I wish there was a video, though. I can just imagine how they said the transcript…

  4. Thanks for clarifying, Tanster! No joke, we would all be lost without you!

    [from tanster: no problem. when i heard about this transcript, i knew i had to get it for you guys! :) ]

  5. I love that the press person called Brian “Kevin” in that first question. Haha, oops!

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