Brian Baumgartner and Mindy Kaling conference call

Press: You know that’s what the people want to know about.

Brian: Yeah absolutely.

Press: Well Mindy mentioned or, you mentioned that Mindy coming the camera was because she needed to offset your extreme sexiness.

Brian: Right, exactly.

Press: So I mean, are you upset about her kind of evolution over the show? Because I was re-watching some of the early episodes and, they have her in some crazy frumpy clothes.

Brian: They really do, don’t they? And for some reason as she’s become a producer on the show, her clothes have gotten better.

Brian: Whereas I am not a producer on the show, I believe I’m still wearing the same Dockers and kind of heavy wool sport coats. I’m not quite sure how — that’s weird that it’s happened that way. But yes, I think that actually Kevin has evolved quite a bit, but his wardrobe has not. And they’re really pushing down my sexiness I think. They’re afraid of it.

Press: I know. I think you need to stage some sort of revolt.

Brian: There you go. All right, I’m going to do that.

Press: I had another question, one of the categories of The Office games in Scranton is Office Trivia and how do you think you would do with that? I mean were you participating because you kind of had trouble there with the episode titles.

Brian: You know, when we finished the first six episodes we were like — well at that point they hadn’t been on the air. So then they came on the air and our audience wasn’t great and then Kevin Reilly was nice enough to bring us back. And when we did another six, so we did a total of 12, six the first year and six the second year, and I — it was our last day of shooting those six. And we took a break, we had no idea if we were coming back. Most people think we got an order of 13 that second year, which is actually not true at all.

And I was with Rainn and Steve and myself and we were in Rainn’s room and Steve said, “Well at least we got to do 12.” And we truly thought we were going to be done. And so the first 12 episodes I’m really good at, like I’ve really got those down.

After that, they’re all just bonus to me. So I can’t remember much. Actually I will admit not to like give any more publicity than they all ready get because I know that so — everybody loves that site. But I did go on that site looking for something and I saw Office trivia on that site and I tried a game and I was terrible. So I don’t…

Brian: I don’t know what that is. I don’t – I was there. I have not missed an episode, I promise, but I can’t do it. So anyway. It’s very difficult.

Press: It is. I don’t know who can. I mean if the person — I felt bad, but if the person who’s on the show can’t do it then…

Brian: No, I can’t. I generally know who said it but I can’t remember the exact — they make you do the quotes and the exact wording of it. I can’t even do my own. The one — when I’m like I said that, I can’t remember what exactly it was.

Press: I was thinking back to one of my favorite Kevin moments of the season, your talking head and Night Out where you — things broke off with Stacy and it was nice to win one …


  1. That was awesome! Great job Brian and Mindy – that interview was both hilarious and informative :) Thanks for getting that transcript together, Tanster! Just a question: Were there a bunch of people at the interview? Because there is “Moderator”, “NBC”, and “Press”.

    [from tanster: yes, “Press” represents the eight or so press people that listened in on the call. each got a turn to ask questions.]

  2. “Mindy: I was actually in Cambridge with B.J. Novak three days ago and we had Vietnamese food at Sylvester in Harvard Square. So yeah I did it.”

    Cool, someone posted on June 30th on the IMDb forums that they saw Mindy and B.J. eat dinner in Cambridge, but at East Coast Grill in Inman Square in Cambridge, not at Sylvester in Harvard Square.


  3. What a fun conference call! I wish there was a video, though. I can just imagine how they said the transcript…

  4. Thanks for clarifying, Tanster! No joke, we would all be lost without you!

    [from tanster: no problem. when i heard about this transcript, i knew i had to get it for you guys! :) ]

  5. I love that the press person called Brian “Kevin” in that first question. Haha, oops!

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