Brian Baumgartner and Mindy Kaling conference call

And I think they turned out really great. I just saw them last night actually and yeah I’m proud of them. And I think it’s something cool that The Office does too that we’re able to sort of get original clips going over the summer when everybody else is dark. And hopefully the fans enjoy them.

Mindy: And I saw a sneak peak and Brian is amazing in it. He’s very, very funny and we — I think people who are big fans of Kevin, which seems to be all of America, will be very excited to see this new adventure.

Press: Mindy let me ask you, what role will you be playing in The Office games? I see that you’re officiating, are you just going to be officiating or you going to try your hand at some of the events?

Mindy: Oh I’m definitely trying my hand at some of the events. I’ve perused what the events are and it seems as though someone with my athletic abilities, which is none, can do — I could do fairly well. Especially if people feel they should let me win because I’m on The Office. So I’m hoping to sweep the events in all categories.

Brian: Is there a hot dog eating contest?

Mindy: Oh my god, I hope so. Something — if there’s not a hot dog eating contest then there should be some kind of food where like you just have to eat an enormous quantity and I’ll be ecstatic.

Brian: Perfect.

Press: The Office games is a cool event in Scranton but between this and the board games and the DVD games that are coming out, what does it say about The Office that your fans are going to these measures to celebrate the show?

Brian: I was surprised when we went to that convention back in let’s pretend it was the end of October, I think that’s about right, I mean that so many people came. We had people there from Ireland and Toronto.

These guys from Toronto came down, they drove down, we met them at this place, Poor Richard’s, and I was like okay are you guys going to be there tomorrow for the events and they were like, “No we have to work so we’re probably turning right back around and going home.” So they literally drove from Toronto down to Scranton, Pennsylvania for like one night in the hopes that they could like hang out with us for a little bit.

And then they had to just turn right back around and go home. So it was like being there and with all of the people from the area of course and also the people not from the area. It was an experience that I will not forget.

Press: Mindy, are you constantly writing as well as acting or I mean how do you split up your obligations to the show and how do you manage that?

Mindy: Well, because I don’t have a huge part on The Office most of the time I’m writing or, you know, preparing for writing. I would say that it’s probably like a 70/30 split, although jokes and episodes that are written by other people because I’m a producer and sort of acknowledge that I should be looking always sort of aware for any punch up which means like if there could be a joke that could be funnier or something like that.

Mindy: Which is good because I’m miserable at keeping a straight face as Brian knows and if I can — the less time I’m on screen the less there is a possibility I’ll ruin several takes by laughing at something that Brian or Steve or Rainn does that’s hilarious. So I think that benefits everybody.

Press: What’s one of your favorite episodes that you’ve been part of writing?


  1. That was awesome! Great job Brian and Mindy – that interview was both hilarious and informative :) Thanks for getting that transcript together, Tanster! Just a question: Were there a bunch of people at the interview? Because there is “Moderator”, “NBC”, and “Press”.

    [from tanster: yes, “Press” represents the eight or so press people that listened in on the call. each got a turn to ask questions.]

  2. “Mindy: I was actually in Cambridge with B.J. Novak three days ago and we had Vietnamese food at Sylvester in Harvard Square. So yeah I did it.”

    Cool, someone posted on June 30th on the IMDb forums that they saw Mindy and B.J. eat dinner in Cambridge, but at East Coast Grill in Inman Square in Cambridge, not at Sylvester in Harvard Square.


  3. What a fun conference call! I wish there was a video, though. I can just imagine how they said the transcript…

  4. Thanks for clarifying, Tanster! No joke, we would all be lost without you!

    [from tanster: no problem. when i heard about this transcript, i knew i had to get it for you guys! :) ]

  5. I love that the press person called Brian “Kevin” in that first question. Haha, oops!

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