Buy Andy’s car!

Final bid: $10,400

NEW A few items have been added to the package! See the list below.

Here’s your opportunity to own (and drive) a piece of Office history!

Andy Bernard’s car is now up for sale on eBay. The car, a 2001 Nissan Xterra SE, was prominently featured in the episode, ‘Did I Stutter?’ The car is being sold by its original owner — NBC is not affiliated with the sale of this car.

The complete auction package includes:

  • 2001 Nissan Xterra SE, used as Andy Bernard’s car.
  • A personal note of congratulations and a bonus gift basket from Jenna Fischer that will include signed items from the cast.
  • Autographed “Dwight” bobblehead doll donated personally by Rainn Wilson.
  • Autographed CD from Creed Bratton that marks his return to his rock and roll roots (with a funny message!)
  • Rainn Wilson saliva sample! (see video above)
  • NEW “I think green is kind of whorish” baseball cap signed by Angela Kinsey.
  • NEW Sun visor signed by Brian Baumgartner, B.J. Novak, Angela Kinsey, Craig Robinson, Creed Bratton, Leslie David Baker, and Oscar Nuñez.

To see photos of the new items, and a new video from Oscar, click the link below. And remember, the auction ends tomorrow, June 18 at 12:36:59 PDT!

Link: Bid on Andy’s car


  1. Oh man! It would be so cool to be able to say, “You think you’re cool? Well Rainn Wilson licked my car! Beat that.”

  2. I was wondering what happened to this auction – so great that the cast pitched in to help out!

    Rainn’s saliva is on that car. Perhaps the winner can take the sample to replicate DNA and clone him. Millions of Dwights would take over the universe.

    [from tanster: brilliant!]

  3. If I bid on the car and win, can I come to Van Nuys to pick it up, and then have John Krasinski drive me up the 101?

  4. He licked the car. LICKED. THE. CAR. Now that’s hardcore. That car is now infused with Schrute awesomeness :P

  5. Dwight would totally hit the “Order an independent inspection link” on that page. That is, if he he didn’t live close enough to independently inspect it himself.

  6. #1: That would pretty much be the coolest thing to be able to say! strange, but awesome!

  7. I want the Creed CD! Hope a Tallyhead gets this. Then he or she can share!

  8. i was re-watching the merger and andy talks about his xterra during the conversation in the elevator with dwight (at the end). what continuity!

  9. Anyone see the headline that someone used when submitting this to Fark:

    “Do it… do it now. Now! Do it three, two, one… now. Now! Sell me the car NOW”

    Brilliant. I am in the market for a car, but unfortunately, I can’t afford Andy’s car. :(

  10. I’m surprised the car isn’t selling for more! I’d buy that car for what it’s at now, even without all of the other stuff! I wish I had money and no car ;)

  11. It’s a CAR! Somebody ought to take advantage on that price for a vehicle AND goodies.

  12. The first time the car was listed, the final bid went up to $15,000.. at $10,400.. it’s practically a steal!

  13. “I’m tv’s Rainn Wilson.”
    Too funny. :)
    I almost went back in time and bought the car just for that.

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