OfficeTally Tagline Contest, 2008 – winners

Thanks to all who participated in this year’s OfficeTally Tagline Contest!

Selected taglines are now in play — just look at the top of the page. (And hit refresh for a new one.)


Three random winners of a Target goodie: Amelia, mickiethebookworm, and banned from Chili’s.

Grand prize winner of a Dunder Mifflin Warehouse Staff Shirt: Jessica — your winning entry, “Come here for Office info, you will,” was subtle and clever!

Taglines in rotation

Here is the full list of taglines selected for rotation.

Where every day is Pretzel Day. – Andrea M.
Friend first, blog second, and probably an entertainer third. – Shrutastic
Halpert/Beesly September ‘08. – Devon
When you’re bored at work and your boss outlaws Flonkerton. – Shaun
We’re going to be screwed once this Internet fad is over. – Dundie All-Star
Where The Office gets The Office news. – Kate
Taking the word ‘fan’ to a whole new level. – iKras.
Keepin’ it zoppity. – Joseph
The best thing that’s happened to the Internet since World War Two. – lordbeermestrength
Where everyone knows your screenname. Wait, wrong show. – phyllis*farm
Come here for Office info, you will. – Jessica
Enabling Office addictions since 2006. – Meghan
Even for the Internet, it’s … pretty shocking. – zippidydooDAH
Blogging in perfect Scrantonicity. – Charles
You know you want to look, you skeevy little perv. – officeisms1978
Our site is the prettiest site of all the sites. – michael
The money beet of fansites. – Knot4ewe
Planting its seed in fans since 2006. – Jodi
So fresh, it’s youthanized. – Amelia
The only place Michael Scarn could actually be a hero. – Obama/Schrute
The new golf course. – Mark
The Chrysler Sebring of TV fansites. – becca
It’s like second drink … after the jump. – mickiethebookworm
Where everybody but Creed knows your name. – jkfan9989
A perfect drink of awesome Officeness. – Garrett
Always thinking ahead, like a carpenter who makes stairs. – lorraine
Still safe from sexual predators. – kteach
Leaves you satisfied and smiling. TWSS. – jkrasislove
Almost as good as Italian food. – Brooke
The obsessed fan’s crack. Not crack the drug. – mayette
More hospitable than the Embassy Beets Hotel. – Jana
Where Dunderheads unite! – Jason
Absolutely, you should. – Gail from HI
Where disliking The Office is considered a personality disorder. – hollygram
Somewhere between dedication and obsession, you have OfficeTally. – Danny
Where new ideas are thought of every day, we know they are. – Sadie
Where everyone is welcome … except Toby. – banned from Chili’s
What I think Pierce Brosnan’s fansite smells like. – chilistonite
It’s got even more zing and pep. – Lauren
Get your Office news 5, 4, 3, 2, Now. Now. Now. – Koos
Better than bacon on the Foreman! – Mr. Brown from HR
Home of the John Krasinski Prom Picture Pose. – Tara
No such thing as TMI about DMI. – The Witch from Hansel and Gretel
Refresh this page again for a new quote; we won’t judge you. – Joanna
Working hard to keep you hardly working. – Pam’s Mom
Is it me, or does it smell like “Update” in here? – Barn Burner
Won’t that just shed more light on ‘The Office’? – Helen
Entertainment that’s cheaper than a new plasma TV. – Amber
The closest seat we can get to the receptionist. – hangin’ brain
Almost as good as a fashion show at lunch. – Roy
A Tallyheads/Tan Monster joint. – Sean

A few things to note

Since there were so many great entries, I decided to relax the rules on entries that appear in the quote randomizer. (The rules still applied for prizewinners, though.)

In some cases, I tweaked the wording of taglines. But the credit goes to you. :)

Thanks to all who participated!

And a new contest is coming soon. Hint: involves something that pops over your head. Hmmm …


  1. Congratulations to all of the winners! You guys are really funny! I have been refreshing my page over and over to see them!

  2. I thought mine was good but I could see how all of these won, they’re all so great!

  3. Nice! This one really cracked me up:

    “Our site is the prettiest site of all the sites.”

  4. I feel dumb for asking, but can someone explain the winning entry to me? These are all hilarious!

    [from tanster: it’s a take-off on Holly’s line in ‘Goodbye, Toby’ — “Pass curvy metal piece you will.”]

  5. These are fantastic! I, too, have been refreshing like a madwoman to read them all. Great job, everyone!

  6. these are so great I can’t pick my favorite! thanks for posting the list, i was clicking like crazy to see them all. hahah and I was reassured that it’s ok to be crazy by the first one i saw from Joanna. thank you for not judging :)

  7. same here, officeisms. I feel like someone just reminded me I was upper management. :) They were all superbly funny. Congrats to all, thanks Tanster for the fun.

  8. jack–i really liked your entry too. In fact I thought of that quote and then read that you had it first.

  9. It was such a lovely surprise to see mine on the randomizer! Everyone had such great entries =) Thanks Tanster, this was so fun!

  10. Whoever wrote the “We’re screwed once this Internet fad is over,” you are awesome.

  11. Mine says it is on the randomizer, but I have not once seen it:( Does anyone else have this problem??

  12. My favourite was “What I think Pierce Brosnan’s fansite smells like” but all of these are great.

    can someone explain this one to me?

    “Where new ideas are thought of every day, we know they are”

  13. Sorry Tanster! I meant to post my last comment in the new tagline contest. I will go do so now, sorry for the mix up!

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