1. Why do there have to be six other days of week? Can’t it be thursday every day? I can’t wait!

  2. Yay for the preview! But wow, my Thursday night just because two straight hours of TV.

  3. I have missed Ryan!!! I don’t even like Ryan but I’ve missed him! I love BJ though. Anyway, seems like another winner. Mindy’s episodes are always great. Can’t wait!

  4. Agreed. I love Mindy’s episodes. The Injury was quite possible one of the best episodes in Office history…I can’t wait to see what she’s done for this one!

  5. Seeing Ryan hug Michael like that makes me think he might me drunk. And I like the idea of a drunk corporate ryan

  6. “Oh Ryan, I need a girlfriend so bad.”

    Haha. That’s not something you want to hear in a man hug.

  7. I’m guessing that’s Ryan under the pillow at the end, recovering from a night that involved a LOT of drinking and a hug from Michael!

  8. The Wunderkind has returned! Plus, Ryan willingly hugging Michael? This is already my favorite episode of Season 4.

  9. I can see Ryan taking a big fall in this episode, professionally and literally (after all that partying)

  10. Wouldn’t be ironic if Michael ends up pulling Ryan out of hot water with the corporate office or actually teaches him an important lesson about business?

  11. #8- Oh my god, I think it is! What is he doing?
    That also could be Ryan…

  12. Okay…I’m confused. Did Ryan suddenly become startlingly hot, or have I been missing this all along?

  13. Dwichael partying. Will Arnett. This is truly going to be the best night ever.

  14. Ugh, it’s only Saturday morning. 5 and 1/2 days to go until the best night ever.

  15. Since Ryan’s wearing a black suit in all the other clips in that promo (and I’m guessing this episode takes place within 24 hours), I don’t think that’s him in between michael and Dwight at the end with the pillow over his head. It could be Jim or Andy… but why?!

    The suspense, it kills me :)

  16. nv – Oh no, BJ/Ryan has always been cute. Thus the reason Michael gave him the “Hottest in the Office” Dundie. But I hesitate to say Ryan is hot b/c I reserve “hot” for Mr. Halpert…Ryan’s too much of a jerk to be hot.

  17. I’m pretty sure that’s Ryan between them. He just doesn’t have his suit jacket on. But at the end where he’s laying in the middle and in the start of the clip the dress shirt is the same color.

  18. Speaking of Ryan being hot… there’s an awesome picture of him in the “Did I Stutter” preview photos. Wow.

  19. COME ON! (For the A.D. fans)
    If only Will Arnett could cameo on The Office…wow, that would be the best night ever, hopefully he will get the spot on the spin-off.

  20. #31 – I know!! Will on The Office would be the best thing ever. Well, second only to an AD movie. :)

  21. To #31: That A.D. quote has made it into my daily repertoire. I use it to startle people and no one ever knows what the hell I mean. But I know that when someone DOES, they will be my friend. HA!

  22. 23 nv: You’ve just missed it. He’s ALWAYS been that way! :D This clip just flaunts it off even more so. Guh. The love.

  23. It’s Ryan, where else would they spend the night in New York after a night of partying? I guess something happens good to Michael too.

  24. I don’t think it’s Ryan. I bet it’s someone we don’t even know or maybe Jim. I agree the little hair we can see looks lighter than Ryan’s. Can’t wait to find out who it really is!

    This is two weeks in a row with a mystery person!

  25. i think that it is ryan and the reason michael says “best night ever” is that he has a man crush on ryan and ryan is passed out on the bed next to him

  26. Cannot wait!

    Also, Tina Fey looks adorable. Without her there would be no humor or happiness in the world.

  27. Will Michael act on his mancrush when Ryan is vulnerable?

    Oh God, did I just ask that?

  28. OMG!!! Ryans hugs Michael?!?!?! Thats so freakin hilarious even though I don’t even know whats going on! I’m so pumped for this episode!

  29. Ryan looks off his head on bolivian marching powder. Think this substantiates the report that one of the office characters is hiding a drug problem. Would explain the hugging of Michael.

  30. So Ryan and Michael and Dwight have a boys night out and end up in bed.

    Wait that didn’t sound right.

  31. I’m so excited, I have a feeling this is gonna be good! What am I saying… it’s always good. I’m so annoyed, the Chicago Tribune has a Jim picture posted in connection with some Office bullies article they did. I was like, what!? Our beloved Jim an office bully, I don’t think so! Prankster yes, but bully, heck no.

  32. That is so Ryan without his jacket on laying in bed. I was a dork and paused both videos to make sure and it is the same color shirt he is wearing under his jacket. So we have seen Packer, Roy, Andy, Pam, Meridith, and Jim drunk and how its time to add Ryan to the list.

  33. Whoa. I’m so unobservant. I totally thought that was the couch in the office, but it’s definitely a bed. I can’t wait to see what leads to that.

  34. Euan-
    If Ryan did have a hunger for the Colombian nose candy I would understand it he thinks of himself as a wall street/ Gordon Gecko/Patrick Bateman type. It would also be dramatic and funny. And once again it would be dysfunctional relationship Michael was the stable member in.

  35. To me it looks like Ryan is burying his head out of humiliation, not out of inebriation. I can’t wait to see which one, though, because at “The Office,” nothing is ever as it seems… :)

  36. Yeah… I’m beginning to think that Ryan is the one with the drug problem. It would be hilarious if it was “Powdered Sugar” (wink, wink) It’s so 80’s. I love it!

    What I’m really excited for is some more Kelly and Ryan scenes. This season needs more of them. They always have me in the giggles.

    Is it Thrusday yet?

  37. 57 | officeisms1978:

    Yeah, I saw that, too. However, they don’t even mention Jim’s antics in the article. Wonder what made them put that picture up?

  38. Did Ryan and Michael just hug!?! This is going to be a good episode!

  39. “Promo” is just another word for “tease”. All they do is make me want The office NOW!!! :{ *weeps softly*

  40. Looks to be a great episode. And Ryan must be on SOMETHING because no one hugs Michael like that except his former boss, who he also took out and about when THEY first kiss. Hmm…

  41. #70 – Oh, I did read the summary. What I meant was maybe after the long working Saturday…

  42. I think that the man on the bed is Ryan or one his his friends because Jim is stuck with a weekend shift. But, I’m sure he has something just as great as Office Olympics or Ping-Pong practice, planned as always.

  43. could it be david in the bed with them? then jan sweeps in and takes his job while he’s in rehab?

  44. I think it has to be Ryan in between Dwight and Michael. I don’t think Jim would ever have a ‘guys night out’ with Dwight and Michael – of all people, and then manage to get so intoxicated that he’d experience a bad hangover (which i’m assuming is what Ryan is experiencing with his head under the pillow).

    I’m assuming it has to be Ryan because we already know he’d been drinking – the explanation for hugging Michael – and then added more drinking on top of that, he probably was very hung over. Haha, if it is Ryan I can’t wait when he realizes what he had done and who he spent the night with…that’d be a priceless reaction!

  45. I don’t think it’s Ryan who has the drug problem. My guess is that this story line isn’t going to play a great big part. I’m guessing that the “drug problem” will involve Creed in someway!

  46. They’re not showing us what’s going to happen back in Scranton. This is angering me. >:O

  47. Wow! I’m excited! Ryan is usually so cool, calm and collected. To see him drunk will be interesting.

    #58 When did we see Jim drunk?

  48. 79– When he, Karen, and Andy had to stay late in Stamford. He fell off his bike! :D

  49. we also saw dwight drunk in a benihana christmas. and jan. last week. drunk pam is still my fave though!

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