The Office: Chair Model, 4.14

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The Office

Writer: B.J. Novak, Director: Jeffrey Blitz

Summary (NBC): Michael is fascinated with a woman modeling a chair in an office supply catalog. Kevin and Andy team up to win back Dunder Mifflin’s stolen parking spaces.

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The Office Chair Model quotes

Jim: Today, we saw a junkyard dog attacking the bones of a rotisserie chicken.
Pam: Nature.

Andy: I lost a penny out of my loafers, Oscar.

Kevin: As God as my witness, I will quit if this is not fixed.

Pam: Some of us like the walk more than others.

Pam: But instead you found something to distract you from ever picking out a chair.

Pam: I definitely remember your dinner party.

Michael: I’m optimistic. Because every day I get a little more desperate, and desperate situations yield the quickest results.

Creed: When Pam gets Michael’s old chair, I get Pam’s old chair. Then I’ll have two chairs. Only one to go.

Michael: Use the woman on page 85 as a template.

Andy: I left my cell phone in my car.
Phyllis: Call us when you get there so we know you’re okay.

Kevin: If I had somebody to set you up with, Michael, then I’d take her for myself.

Michael: You don’t deserve her.

Michael: Oh, hello, Oscar Mayer weiner lover.

Michael: Hmm, feisty. So she’s not jolly or sassy? Not like a jolly sassy opera singer?

Michael: Catcher or infield?

Michael: Would an average-sized rowboat support her without capsizing? It bothers me that you’re not answering the question.

Michael: I am a catch, and I am not going to be the one to get away.

Dwight: Write legibly, people.

Michael: What part of shorn’t don’t you understand, Kevin?

Michael: Listen, don’t forget to fill out those cards. My love cards.

Stanley: There’s nobody I hate enough to write her name on this card.
Phyllis: Well, I’m setting Michael up with my fat friend anyway. He can just deal with it.

Michael: Okay, “Wendy: hot and juicy redhead.”

Dwight: Michael, you shouldn’t have to settle. This is my pledge to you. I will find her, and I will bring her to you. And as God is my witness, she shall bear your fruit.
Michael: That sounds good. Go get her.

Michael: First, go to Wendy’s, get my food, come back, and then go.

Dwight: As dead as every dead animal who has ever died.

Jim: Michael, you didn’t even know her.
Michael: Try not to be so hurtful, Jim.

Michael: Oh really? What’s her name? “Burger King”?

Michael: I don’t think I’m ready. Is she hot?

Pam: Whatever, I just can’t take Michael like this.

Michael: No question about it, I am ready to get hurt again.

Kevin: Bill Cress is super old and really mean.

Michael: Behold our bachelorette. Give her a 10 for looks, and a 3 for her ability to describe herself.

Michael: Is who a Michael what?

Michael: It was like talking to the sweet old lady on the bus.
Margaret: That’s incredibly rude.
Michael: Now you ruined it.

Andrew: Andrew Bernard is the name of me.

Kevin: It’s just nice to win one.

Michael: I’m a man of intensity. Of, of cool, and youth, and, and passionately.

Jim: You just got yourself kicked out of your apartment.

Jim: Who’s going to take you in. You’re messy. You’re a klutz. You spill everything.

Pam: I’m not gonna move in with anyone unless I’m engaged.
Jim: Have I not proposed to you yet?

Jim: When it happens, it’s going to kick your ass, Beesly. So … stay sharp.
Pam: I’ve been warned.

Jim: I am not kidding. Got it a week after we started dating.

Dwight: You know what you need? Closure.
Michael: You’re right. What do you mean, though?

Dwight: I guess you could say she died of blunt force trauma and blood loss.

Dwight: You wait ’til next year’s chair catalog comes out and find someone who’s still alive.

Jim: Will you wait for me one second while I tie my shoe?
Pam: I hate you.

Michael: Bye, bye, Miss Chair Model Lady,
I dreamt that we were married and you treated me nice,
We had lots of kids,
Drinking whiskey and rye,
Why’d you have to go off and die?
Why’d you have to go off and die …

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  1. This is cracking me up!! They should have kept the title Parking, that cold open was hysterical.

  2. Oscar mayer wiener.. lover. oh wow, haha. During Pam’s early talking head about Michael’s chair, was she really using the lever on the chair or did she just slouch her shoulders, b/c that’s what it looked like to me… lol.

  3. The Office has been preempted by weather coverage here in Dallas-Fort Worth. This is a travesty! It’s just hail and winds and rain. I can’t see The Office!!!

  4. Oh my god, there are others out there that feel my pain. I’m the Dallas area too and this storm coverage has been going on all night!! I’m missing The Office!!

  5. Jim is going to propose?! So soon!? Wow. That’s all I have to say. WOW.

    Oh my god! Kevin’s talking head! Brian Baumgartner does NOT get enough screen time! Brilliant!

    This was a wonderful episode and it was nice to have the majority of episode take place in the office.

  6. OH MY GOD! Jim, Pam, moving in, ring! I’ll say again…OH MY GOD! All other words fail me.

  7. This episode isn’t so funny. Honestly, I’m a little bit disappointed. : (

    But hey, Jim is going to propose to Pam!

  8. I think I just got done watching some of the best 22 mintues of television ever. That was brilliant.

  9. TOO MUCH JAM CUTENESS. BRAIN OVERLOAD. I loved loved loved everything about this episode. Keep them coming!!

  10. Oh my goodness! “Got it a week after we started dating” That is incredibly sweet.

  11. I LOVE the Office writers. How many people were holding their breaths when he got down on one knee? What a total, fantastic, BRILLIANT fake out! I’m still laughing at myself for falling for it.

    I love that he bought the ring the week they started dating.

    I love them much more than is normal to love fictional people

  12. So even though we knew it was probably coming, that scene when Jim says he’s going to propose, ah! I burst into tears!

    LOVED this episode!!

  13. She was the teacher from Superbad.

    This show, honestly, is amazing. I was literally screaming “OMG OMG OMG OMG” when Jim showed the ring. And Michael, what a nut…”I’m a catch and I’m not the one to let get away.” He’s crazy! Can’t wait for next week!

  14. Awesome episode! And that’s after only one viewing! I usually need to watch each ep 2 or 3 times before I totally love and appreciate every detail.

    Sooooo loving the Jim-proposing-to-Pam angle! That’s gonna make for some fun times over the remaining episodes of the season.


  15. I loved this episode! I am sooooo excited about Jim & Pam. I love John Kransinski!

  16. I changed the channel cause I thought he was proposing and I couldn’t bare to see Pan say no!

  17. That episode was pretty bad, save for the Jim/Pam scene near the end. Lol, can you wait while I tie my shoe? xD

  18. OMG! What an episode! I just about bounced off my couch. The fake proposal was brilliant. :):)

  19. Ok. I’m a little better. A week after they started dating. A WEEK! And Pam teasing him about moving in with him and him proposing…so cute.

    Jim WOULD get the ring after a week. So sweet! There is a JAM engagement in the future! YAY!

  20. OMG OMG OMG! JAM! I don’t want to spoil anything, but a bigger surprise than I was expecting. Besides the Jamygoodness it’s nice to see the office again. Good episode, can’t wait for next week.

  21. Dwawsome? Three things:

    -You Go Kevin, get your space back
    -Michael called Wendy’s, ha ha ha ha
    -Jim and Pam

    Great Episode!

  22. The Jim/Pam action in this episode was unstoppable! I’ve seriously been laughing for ten minutes about Jim faking Pam out like that! Soooooo ready for the proposal!!!! SQUEE!

  23. That last JAM scene was intense! When I saw him kneel, it was silent and my heart practically stopped! You could see the shock on Pam’s face. haha. When he said about his shoe, I almost died. haha So funny! So cute though that he bought the ring a week after they stared dating. Not surprising though! Haha. Can’t wait for next week!!!!

  24. That was a very funny episode. I’m so glad to have a episode within the office I could squeal! Not to mention a certain proposal.

    So like Jim to buy the ring a week after they started dating. (Big sigh)…

  25. Michael saying “oscar mayer weiner lover” was my sleeper favorite line. JAM trumps all though!


    I just freaked out so much that I think that my roommates MIGHT have lost a little respect for me haha. I couldn’t even pay attention to the rest of the episode. Good thing I’m watching it again in like half an hour with my friends who DVRed it and haven’t seen it yet.

    AHHH. I’m glad you all understand ;)

  27. Brilliant! I just about fell over laughing when I saw they were at the cemetery. And, of course, what a great fake-out with Jim and Pam. Pam looks worried about the idea of him proposing, though…we may need to be prepared to be deeply saddened. For now, though, I feel great. I got my Thursday night funny back.

  28. The last 8 minutes were great! The rest of the episode not so much. I think that they are going back into their season four slump.

  29. That Jim Halpert. I don’t know what to say…he got the ring 1 week after they started dating…I just don’t…GAAH!

    Oh when he DOES propose, “Pam will you marry me?”, Pam should be like “….I’m sorry, what was the question?” and have the same expression on her face (like in The Job). =)

  30. I am so turned off by mushy, and even I just about squee’d my pants! Yay!

  31. awesome episode! loved the JAM moments..too sweet! I liked ths one better than dinner party

  32. Still crying!!! I thought the episode was funny and all but JIM AND PAM!! so cute!

  33. I have to agree with #11. Other than the JAM stuff (which is awesome!!), the episode was really kind of dull for me.

  34. GREAT episode!
    i really was taken a back with the joking around about moving in but i was NOT expecting jim to whip out that ring! ahh!!
    i thought the whole episode was great… great jokes all around “no she’s can’t fit into a raft” hahah!
    such a great show!

  35. Jim totally got me with that tying the shoe bit.

    I LOVED Kevin’s face as he was describing the 5 families! I almost died.

    but then, the ending? Michael’s song?! Perfection.

    Can’t wait for more!

  36. This episode started strongly. The whole meeting between the 5 bosses wasn’t very funny and I really hope they tone down the JAM situation. This is a comedy remember. But over all very funny episode, sad it was more front loaded. Andy was funny in the episode.

  37. oh kevin!! i almost cried during his talking head.

    why the heck would jim have the ring on him?! keep that sucker hidden, yo!

  38. This was a great episode. I would have liked it if Michael was at the meeting with the five bosses and the theme from the Godfather was playing in the background.

    I was not expecting Jim to say that he bought the ring one week after he started dating Pam. I figured they would have showed him purchasing it next week. I loved the way he tricked Pam at the end.

    I am curious about Pam’s initial reaction about the engagement. It looked like she was worried.

  39. OH HAPPY DAY!!! I’m still processing the aweSOME-ness I just witnessed but I have to say, this episode was just the right amount of hilarious, awkward, and JAM!

  40. Amazing–JAM! Yes! Yes! I gasped when they had that conversation…I almost wanted him to propose right there–it would be so perfect for them. Right over the Reception desk. =p That’s what she said. =p

    Brian Baumgartner nearly had me in tears.

  41. The Chair Model’s death to me is what made this episode. I loved at the end how Dwight and Michael were talking about getting closure with Jan but were really talking about the Chair Model. That was fantastic.

  42. I loved the fact that Pam thought that Jim was kidding,that he bought the ring the week after they started dating, and the fact that he kept it going with the whole ‘Will you wait for me while I tie my shoe?’. But I think that for the most part it is like everyone is trying to be funny and everyone looks to made up, and Michael is becoming a jerk again. So maybe a 4 out of 10.

  43. “I got it a week after we started dating.”

    Absolutely perfect. I can’t wait for the real proposal.

  44. I LOVED IT I ABSOLUTELY LOVED ITTT!!!! i think i just died!!! too cute, way too cute. seriously, cutest moment on television. AHHHHHHHH I LOVE JIM!!!

  45. To be honest, I was a little skeptical about how they would handle a possible JAM engagement, but my goodness, that was PERFECT. And it makes complete sense that Jim would buy the ring 1 week after they started dating. And I love that he called her Beesly, too! I don’t think he’s called her that in a long time. Wow, I can’t even describe how much I love this show right now.

  46. That. Was. Amazing.

    Honestly, that was probably the funniest episode since Season Two! The Wendy’s phone conversation and the end with Jim and Pam seal it. Seriously, it felt like a lost Season Two episode – you know, except for Jim and Pam.

    If the rest of the season is like this… I am so excited.

  47. Amazing much? best episode killed me when he tied his shoe though i was so mad.

  48. Great episode! So much better than last week! It was actually in the office.

  49. Wow I was just looking at the comments here 10 minutes ago and there was only 5 now there is over 40. I love Jim! He is so adorable and Pam’s face when he went to tie his shoe was priceless. Creed is so weird but I still love him. Kelly didn’t say anything which surprised me. I love FNB and her boldness.

  50. Best line of the night = “Oscar Meyer weiner… lover.” I literally lol’d.

    GREAT EPISODE. Had a season 2/3 feel to it. Loved it. Can’t wait for next week to see how this whole Jim/Pam thing works out.

  51. After last week’s lackluster return episode, this week’s showing reminds us what The Office is supposed to be.

  52. I almost died when Jim first pulled out the ring. Then when he bent down for the fake proposal I almost bit my hand off trying not to squee! Dwight and Michael at the cemetery was classic. I jump around to that song in my room all the time!

  53. OH – and Kevin? Almost made me cry. With his talking head about losing Stacy and finally being able to win one? Excellent work by Brian. Such a good moment for Kevin

  54. SO GOOD! OK and I almost lost my mind because I TOTALLY thought Dwight was talking about Jan, and then they were at the cemetery! My brother had to set me straight haha.

    And amazing work with JAM. Really guys, you outdid yourself and I feel like good times are here again with Jim and Pam interactions!

    *Cue Michael Scott in Survivorman voice*

  55. I like the JAM stuff, but honestly I was let down by the Michael shenanigans. One week he’s talking about a plasma TV that’s actually an LCD, and this week he’s hunting down a dead model? And threatening to fire staff for not setting him up? It’s a little out there.

  56. Did anyone notice that in the picture Jennie posted from her set tour yesterday Phyllis is wearing the same shirt she wore in this episode?

  57. That truly was an excellent episode. One that I think is appreciated more by those of us who have followed the Office since the beginning.

  58. I’m pretty sure the writers are trying to kill me. I was still recovering from seeing THE ACTUAL RING THAT JIM HAS BEEN CARRYING AROUND FOR MONTHS AND MONTHS when they have him drop to one knee?!?!?!

    Seriously, I’m bringing an AED machine with me for the rest of the season.

  59. ohhhhh thank you so much, B.J., for writing this episode. JAMmers all over the world are just about dying of happiness right now. I think I had a mini heart attack when Jim kneeled down to ‘tie his shoe.’

  60. I loved it! But what happens if with the name of the episode “Did I Stutter?” Pam struggles to say yes out right. Drama ensues…I will be sad.

  61. Wow, PB&J … big stuff. Way too exciting! :)

    Some of my favorite lines of the night came from Ed Helms, though – his big speech about renters paying a mortgage and parents paying orphanage fees cracked me up.

    Way to go, Novak. Kind of a huge episode!

  62. Loved Michael calling Wendy’s and Kevin’s talking head about his break-up with Stacey…poor Kev! :(

    Also…JAM is so adorable! Can’t wait for the engagement!!!

  63. Loooooved it! The opening with Kevin sitting on the curb yelling… Oscar Mayer Weiner Lover… Kevin with his feet soaking in the foot bath (from the Christmas party episode?) on the couch w/ Michael… and of course the proposal pysch out! Top five episode for sure.

  64. I almost cried too! OMG! I’m pretty sure that’s the first office episode I’ve ever almost cried at. Can’t wait until the ACTUAL proposal!!!!!!!!!

  65. I just started gnawing my arm off because I didn’t know to do with the built up energy coming from this episode.
    I literally have a bite mark/scar on my arm.

    Between Jam & Andy’s monologue/dance, I’ve never loved an episode so much in all of my life.

  66. I won’t be able to emotionally handle Jam breaking up. It’s sad b/c they are fictional – I don’t care.

    I never liked the Ross/Rachel love saga on ‘Friends,’ it was too much and dragged for too long AND they just got together in the end anyway.

    Pam has to say yes. please, please say yes to Jim.

  67. An amazing episode all around. This is what the Office should be like every week.

  68. OH….MY….G-! That was the best episode EVER!! My friend and I screamed for about 5 minutes after we saw “the scene” and then rewinded about 5 times and screamed some more!! I can’t wait for these last 4 episodes!


  69. This was the best episode this season. Definitely top 3. Sorry this post is a little dry; I’m recovering from my mini heart attack after this awesome episode.

  70. wow I loved this episode.
    I absolutely LOVED the whole thing with JAM. Jim was too adorable!

  71. All I can say is OMG!! I loved that someone gave him Wendy’s “number,” and the five families bit was amazing. Overall I think it was a great episode, except Pam’s face when he said he wasn’t joking made me nervous.

  72. Another great episode! My husband and I yelled, “OH My God!” at the same time when Jim showed the ring!!!! I can’t wait for next week!

  73. my heart was beating SOO fast when jim got down on one knee!!! Of course he bought the ring right away. Pam has to say yes right?! she would never say no! prediction: the season ends with Jim on one knee proposing to Pam and we won’t get an answer till next season. i can feel it.

  74. Kevin as pseudo-mobster! He was so INTENSE!

    Also, the JAM proposal fake-out…just a matter of time, right? Here’s to hoping we aren’t dangling too long!

  75. 109 – I agree. Though, there were a few from season 3 that had that feel to me. “Local Ad” also had a season 2 vibe to it.

  76. When they were having the conversation at Pam’s desk, I thought for sure they were going to surprise us by saying they were already engaged. Ugh! But YAY for that last scene. It made me so happy.

  77. Thank goodness for this site haha — because i definitely made a fool of myself around my roommates during the jam scene.. you guys get it.

  78. Totally one of my new favorite episodes! It really reminded me of a season two episode with some awesome JAM together moments thrown in.
    I was absolutely freaking out when Jim stopped to tie his shoe. I can’t wait to see how he proposes!
    And was it just me or what Kevin’s talk about the 5 families very reminiscent of Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 with the 9 pirate lords? LoL

  79. I love this show for so much more than just Jim and Pam, but I’m a hopeless Jam fan at heart. And that was just flooring! I can’t even put into words how excited / happy / squee-ly I (and, I’m sure, the whole fandom!) am.

    I love the tag, as well. That needed to be said. And Kevin was brilliant!

  80. Funivities-

    I’m pretty sure the “your mom” was a joke. I think he put her name down on his card.

  81. Amazing episode, pure perfection. If they break JAM up now, I think I will just have to lie down and cry. They wrote it absolutely brilliantly. I cried when Jim said he bought it a week after dating. He just knew. Awesome!

    And maybe I am just a little emotional, but did anyone else tear up when Kevin was talking about things being hard and said “it’s just nice to win one?” Oh, I love this show with all of my heart! I can’t wait to hear all about your visit, Tanster!

  82. I thought Pam’s landlady was a callout to Tanster! She sort of looked like Jennie!

  83. I screamed so loudly when Jim got down on one knee! It was like the world exploded! And to find out that it was a joke was so cute. So Jim Halpert.

    I know that this proposal will be PERFECT. Jim will do everything that Roy didn’t – and then some. Great episode, BJ. Bravo. Unbelievably awesome.

  84. brilliant! This is the Office I love. so smart, funny, unexpected. great writing, editting and acting. It’s a perfect 10.

  85. Yeah I have to admit that I liked last weeks better. Not that this was horrible, not at all – it just was okay to me. This episode made me feel really bad for Michael and his quest to get over Jan. But o.m.g. – the JAM moments. I about collapsed when he got down on his knee….and when he asked her to move in with him. Wow. I’m sooooo excited for this.

    But I do admit, they did have some classic joke lines in this episode – haha, Wendy’s.

  86. Wow just wow! The jam-goodness in this episode was unbelievable!
    This episode was amazing, I totally agree with the comments about it having a season 2 sort of vibe.

  87. Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow!! That episode was amazing. The Michael stuff bothered me though. He was really really rude to Pam’s landlady and that seemed way harsh. But I am so excited about Jim and Pam!!!! My stomach dropped when he got down on his knee!! It feels like we’ve been waiting forever for this but it’s coming on so fast. I guess because we haven’t had episodes is such a long time.

  88. Oh wow…oh wow…oh wow…I don’t think I was breathing when Jim dropped to one knee…It just reminded me of when my husband proposed to me! I love this show!!!

  89. Dan #100, if I’m not mistaken, this episode takes place now where as last week’s episode took place as if we had seen it before the strike.

  90. Is anyone else p.o’d that they no longer show scenes for the next weeks episode during the credits??? I think they do that to tease us :(

  91. Attribute it to PMS, but I started bawling during Jim’s talking head.

    I’ve been waiting for this for years.

  92. Errr – I’m re-watching. And did anyone else notice the chair model looked like Jan in a black wig? Was that just me? I swear its Melora in a black wig. Okay, its probably not, but I wonder if that was what they were going for.

  93. Am I the only person that thinks a JAM engagement just might kill the show?

  94. I am 100% certain that my breathing and heart stopped when THAT happened!! I LOVED IT! But I don’t want it to happen yet, because well, it hasn’t been very long. I know Jim’s loved her forever, but still. Pam needs time I think. And I do believe that Jim knows that. He’s adorable.

    The Creed chair thing = excellent. As was the Burger King. And the song and Andy’s dancing.

    I think the thing that tugged at my heartstrings the most was Kevin (and I’m a JAMMER to the max). The poor guy! I feel so badly for him! What did he do wrong?

    Right now I’m living on everyone else’s comments here until I can get a friend on the phone to talk about this. WEST COASTERS GET READY FOR SOME AWESOME BLOSSOM EXTRA AWESOME!

  95. Oh my wow…today is my birthday, and I just have to say that Jim almost proposing to Pam literally was the best present I got all day! AMAZING!

    And Kevin…wow. That talking head about how it was nice to win one broke my heart a little. Poor Kev! Andy dancing was also amazing.

    Did anyone else catch that the chair model’s head stone said she died in 2003? Kind of hilarious!

  96. Oh Kevin… poor thing. That was an amazing talking head by Brian. It was a short talking head but it spoke volumes to me. Kudos to Brian.

    Jim Halpert…is the man.

  97. I haven’t stopped squeeling since the episode ended. I know that is not healthy, but I don’t care because JIM IS GONNA PROPOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Oh. My. Gosh. Please please please please don’t mess up the JAM situation. The engagement talk and ring has warmed my heart and will make me happy for months to come. Loved Kevin in this one – so incredibly sad. The fact that the chair model is dead almost trumped the JAM moment but not quite. Love it love it love it love it love it. I’m SO glad the Office is back.

  99. That conversation between Pam and Jim at the receptionist’s desk basically made my life…


  101. Not really that funny of an episode. One or two good laughs, but I expected a lot better. Michael cannot drive the comedy on his own.

    The awkwardness at the coffee shop was terrific, though, and so was the tag. Unfortunately this was a C+ episode in general.

  102. Finally, we got a taste of the old Jim and Pam! The conversation at the desk was awesome…and I am not at all surprised that he’s been carrying around a ring the whole time they’ve been dating. Maybe she just gave him the sign he was waiting for that she’s ready to go to the next step! I can’t wait for the real proposal!

    Great episode, B.J.

  103. I have never in my life felt compelled to type either “OMG” or “squeeeee!!” But tonight…
    I love love love love love this show.

  104. To #123 – That’s what she said.

    Michael wearing the flower in his jacket a la Don Corleone: hilarious.
    Engagement ring bought one week after dating: awesome.
    Proposal fake-out: incredible yet frustrating.

  105. I meant to ask…did anyone else call the 1-800 number that was on screen when they were identifying the other “families” in the Scranton Business Park? I forget what business it was for, but if you call the number you get that old Dwight K. Schrute recording about reporting tips on the flasher. Cool that they gave us a real number though, and not another 555… Going to watch the episode again.

  106. LOVED IT!! I’m so glad we got to see Kevin interacting with Andy, and we also got some insight on his broken response to his “It’s complicated okay?!”. Michael was awesome, I adore him and his never-ending quest to end solitude and have 100 kids.. Loved the Michael/Dwight moments and fave quote in the ep “wait until next year’s catalogue comes out and find someone who is still alive” Simply amazing.. Thursdays make sense now!

  107. I wish so badly that I was Pam!! I almost passed out right there and then on my couch when Jim said he bought the ring!! LOVED IT!
    Andy and Kevin were great together.
    It just kills me how pathetic Michael is but we still all love him!
    THAT MADE MY YEAR!!!!! :)

  108. although i definitely twittered at the JAMness I must say that I was a little disappointed by how quickly their relationship is moving. Perhaps because of the episodes lost to the writers strike BJ and the writers felt it necessary to move things along to hit a particularly intense note at the finale.

    I think BJ writes terrifically but am I alone when I say that he’s not a very good actor? I kinda think someone else should have played Ryan. I am a fan of Ryan-less episodes more because the performance is kind of weak, IMHO.

  109. Best Episode Ever. BJ is a genius. There are so many great things about this episode I can’t even put it into words.

  110. #162, I wonder if they will change the message. I watched the episode twice already. I dvred it. haha.
    Wish I could stay up all night and talk about it but have to go to bed and get ready for school! haha.

  111. There’s a farking hailstorm coming toward Dallas that’s causing NBC to be overtaken by local news.

    I’ll take my chances. Give me back the Office!

  112. Bravo to the writers on this great episode, reminiscent of season 2..not only hilarious but also pulled at my heartstrings
    I honestly couldn’t look at the television when Jim got down on one knee…my head was about to explode, and I’m still trying to comprehend how amazing ‘The Chair Model’ was.

  113. I thought this episode was amazing from a JAM perspective. It made me giggle and kick my legs all excitedly like a 3 year old. :)

    I am so glad to know i’m not the only one who almost died to know jim has the ring already!yesssss

  115. This was a perfect finale to my birthday today!! Amazing. I almost died when Jim went down on one knee. I bet all the writers were laughing at the torture they were going to put JAM fans through when they filmed that!

  116. LOVED it! I laughed out loud several times! It may be my favorite of Season 4 thus far.

  117. Now that I’ve reflected on the show, it was actually really awesome. Kinda sad that I initially gave it a 6… With greatness from Kevin (although Brian’s Kevin voice seemed to be slipping; didn’t he sound more high-pitched than usual in this episode?), an amazing set of JAM/PB&J moments (even though I think an engagement will kill the show), and some hilarious ridiculousness from Michael, I have to say that this episode is in my top 5–and I know that’s a bold statement.

  118. Did anyone else see Steve break when Rainn was telling him that he would bring him a woman to bear his fruit? Watch it again. Hilarious! I love it when that happens.

    And Kevin was brilliant tonight

  119. Great episode from BJ. Dwight and Michael dancing on the woman’s grave at the end was classic! What a way to top off the whole chair model infatuation!

  120. I don’t think JAM is moving too fast at all! If you think of them as real people, they’ve known each other for years and they’ve been dating for about a year…was this the episode that was supposed to jump ahead? That’s not too fast at all…we just don’t get to see everything.

  121. agree with 156. great episode. wow, jam is moving fast but this is great. i know this makes sense because it is jam we are talking about, but doesn’t buying the ring a week after dating (taken out of this scenario) seem very michael like??

  122. Outstanding. My prediction,some of the best quotes will come from this episode.Too many to mention.

  123. omg i stopped breathing completely during the pam and jim proposal thing!!!

    great episode by the way it was really well written!!!

  124. Oh my gosh!!! Loved this episode! It really seemed like the office. This entire season has seemed really off to me. But it’s finally back the way it should be!

    The engagement ring put a big smile on my face. And so did the fake-out proposal. It seems like they are getting back to the couple i loved watching in earlier seasons.

    I also loved michael and dwight at the graveyard, that fit them soo well.

    Oh and Kevin…He was the star for me. All in all…great episode.


  125. 181 – I AGREE COMPLETELY.

    I think the show is kind of hinting that Michael and Jim are very similar. I wouldn’t be surprised if the show ended with Jim becoming the new boss and Michael getting a job somewhere else. I think that’s what they’re setting us up for.

  126. Kudos to BJ – what a great episode! I certainly won’t be able to shake the excitement of those Jim/Pam moments anytime soon!

  127. Kevin stole the show tonight. His last talking head was briliant. Poor Kevin. And how I loved those video clips of the managers. I love that they called it the Five Families, like in the New York mafia. Hilarious! And the clips, so Arrested Development.

    BJ… how are you so awesome?

    I can say in full confidence that the Office has returned, for serious this time.

  128. HOLY CRAP!!! That was the single best episode of my life! I think I cried more than the season finale last season! I’m so freaking excited!

  129. It’s crazy how many one-liners I realize I missed the first time around after finishing my second viewing. That’s the genius of The Office, people. Andy’s speech about $400 apartment mortgages and orphanage bills killed me. AndyDance!!

  130. 177- I thought he was cracking up too – love it when they get those moments in the episodes.

    Did anyone else think Andy moonwalking in the parking lot was hysterical?

  131. I love the callback to the original Office with Michael and the blind date. and OH My god.. Jim.. ridiculous.. I know I’m a dude and I shouldn’t be all mushy or whatever but it was awesome. Some amazing JAM moments.. but my favorite quote of the night.. “Hey Oscar Meyer Weiner lover…” Awesome

  132. 186-I think Jim and Pam are going to break up before he can propose. I heard an interview where Kate Flannery mentions the phrase “emotional turmoil” with respect to those in relationships in the office; part of this emotional turmoil: something that fuels a JAM break-up (just my prediction).

  133. I could not breathe when Jim went down on one knee. Those writers, they are killing me with all this anticipation!

  134. I nearly choked to death when MIchael said “What’s her name, Burger King?”. One of those things that doesn’t read funny, but Steve makes hilarious by sounding absolutely miserable. Also, the line about Creed having 3 chairs is textbook Creed: It makes zero sense and he says it with such conviction, you think he’s going to stab someone.

  135. Oh, man! That was such a great episode! It was reminiscent of season 2. I loved it!

  136. That’s what I love about The Office. An alliance between Andy and Kevin, and a scene that literally stops your heart. Oh how I love Thursday nights!!

  137. OMG JAM fans…one of the days we’ve all been waiting for!! :) I almost cried.

  138. The Office is finally, finally back!! I mean the real Office. The season 2 & 3 office. This episode finally had that old familiar feeling. I L O V E D it!!! It was freaking amazing.
    Excellent jam moments.

  139. I had to work tonight, so I had to wait an hour to watch it but it was worth the extra hour’s wait.

    When Jim pulled out the ring I teared up. I’m so excited for JAM. I can’t wait for the actual proposal (and anymore fake outs).

  140. AHHHHH!!!!!! One week after they started dating?! I’m so excited I’m gonna burst!

  141. The sadness of Kevin and Stacey was quickly overcome by the sheer ecstasy of the probability of Jim proposing to Pam. Did anyone else catch the look in Pam’s eyes when they were joking at her desk about proposing? It looked to me like she had some fear in her eyes. It’s obvious that her parents are divorced since Jim was going to set her mom up with Michael. Since she and Roy split, maybe she’s a bit jaded on the thought of “forever.” It was still a great episode and gave me those same giddy feelings I had during season 2. Loved every minute of it!!

  142. I never comment on here, but I felt compelled to after tonight. Is The Office coming back for a 5th season for sure? The engagement, while really cute and exciting, came way too early. Why would the writers make it happen so soon? It seems to me that the show is heading in the direction of a series finale. I really hope I’m wrong! Someone please confirm that I am!

  143. Great episode!! Especially for Kevin.

    Did anybody notice Pam’s expression after Jim said that a proposal was coming and he walked away. She looked a little apprehensive to me. I’m not so sure that there is a definite yes in the future.

    And what is Creed going to do with a third chair?

  144. THIS WAS AMAZING!!! I started sobbing i was SO happy. I can’t even describe what I’m feeling right now! I just hope Pam doesn’t refuse when Jim proposes, cause I’d probably die.

  145. The last scene in the cemetery? BEST. ENDING. EVER. I’m going to have Michael’s version of “American Pie” in my head for a week.

  146. Also, now that I think of it…Michael meeting the landlady TOTALLY reminded me of David Brent in the UK The Office meeting all of those ladies from the dating service in the Christmas specials…

    Also, thinking about the JAM engagement…would it be totally out of character for Fancy New Beesly to propose to Jim?? Just a thought…

  147. My boyfriend: “Jim makes every boyfriend in the world look like a complete loser by comparison.”

    Me: (sighs) “….Yeah.”

  148. Add me to the list of people who stopped breathing when Jim got down on one knee!

    Also, wouldn’t it be an awesome twist if Pam wound up proposing to Jim in the end? Like, she knows that he obviously wants to get engaged to her. So, what if she just surprises the crap out of him and pops the question! Maybe that’s the “stuttering”?

  149. I was stupid enough not to tape it and now I’m checking all resources for a download.

    Anyway, random parts of this episode keep coming back to me and I’m just in giggly bits of stitches. Hooray for Thursday nights! We missed you so much.

  150. I really, really need this episode to be online RIGHT now. I can’t believe I’m stuck at school and not home curled up with my DVR, watching this episode on a loop!

  151. While I loved the episode and the fact that Jim has the ring I can’t help but think where the show is going to go from here. If they are going to get engaged and married then it’ll just be a replay of everything that they did for Phyllis. This is a bold move by the writers. Alea iacta est ;-)

  152. Great OT chat after the east coast show tonight! My first time (twss) – and I loved it! ~ilovethursdays

  153. I LOVED THIS EPISODE!!! best JAM moments EVER! oh, I am positive my heart skipped a few beats when he got down on one knee! It’s so weird to think that like 5 months has passed since “Dinner Party” is set. man, these episodes just keep getting better. And I definitely agree, that would be incredible if Pam ends up proposing to Jim! But, I think Jim has been wanting to for a while :) I looooved the “I bought it one week after we started dating” OH Jim!!

  154. Ladies and gentlemen, after the doubt and disappointement we’ve expressed at the discrepancies between this season and the first three, I am happy to say that THE OFFICE IS BACK!

  155. I swear when Jim got down on one knee I think I not only stopped breathing for a second, but my heart also stopped beating. I about died. But it was great! Great episode! And I love that he has had the ring for her since the week after their first date!

  156. I don’t think I’ve ever seen/read so many OMG’s, Oh my god’s or OMG Squees on here ever! Haha, Tanster this must be driving you crazy. So here’s another..

    Oh my gosh, god, galldarnit that was great!

  157. When Pam and Jim (PB and J) were talking about getting engaged at her receptionist desk Pam looked apprehensive. Nightmares of being engaged to Roy probably popped in her head. The plot thickens…

  158. Trying to stay objective when evaluating the episode – not letting my opinion be influenced by my screaming of a JAM-loving “SWOON!” for the first time since the Casino Night smooch…

    I really thought this episode was brilliant. B.J. did an awesome job of shining the spotlight on many different characters (Phyllis! Creed! Kevin!) while introducing new ones – not an easy job! I watched it again and am convinced that this will be one of the most remembered and quoted episodes ever (and not just for the JAMness).

    Regarding Pam’s look after Jim’s proposal speech at her desk: I didn’t see it as fear or doubt. I think she was just registering and appreciating the seriousness of his seriousness. Like, this is the real deal and he’s going to ask me to marry him – wow, this is really happening! Again, awesome.

    P.S. Advice for the ladies. When watching this episode, don’t be on the phone with your boyfriend who’s preparing to propose soon. Take it fom me, when Jim says his proposal will kick Beesley in the ass, it can freak your boy out. Our dreamy Halpert can be pretty dang intimidating! I’m just sayin’…

  159. This was a good episode, I will not doubt that in the least.

    BUT, I must say that the show has been feeling more and more like a sitcom and less like the wonderfully amazing mockumentary that it is when it shines its best. So many camera angles, orchestrated shots…sometimes, you forget that the camera people are even there. Everything is just so…cinematic.

    Michael and Dwight’s version of American Pie was by far the best part of the episode. “You both kicked off your shoes…NOOO verdict was returned!” Hilarious. That is what the show is about.

  160. Huge Gasp when Jim pulled out the ring. Thank you to the writers for giving us joy through these two. Please don’t bow to the pressure to break them up or add drama. They don’t need it and the show is good enough not to need it.

  161. I loved every single minute of this episode.

    I’m too tired to elaborate, but I’m very, very happy. Fantastic work, BJ.

  162. I was SO excited when Jim pulled out the box and showed us the ring! I let out a loud squeal. Wow. I didn’t know how I felt at first when they were “joking” about it, but now I love the idea. Watching Jim aching over Pam for the first three seasons on DVD – it totally makes sense that he would want to marry her ASAP.
    It will also probably make a large portion of the female population want to marry John Krasinski too!

  163. #188 – I thought the same thing!
    No wonder Michael liked her – she’s Jan in a wig!

  164. Fantastic episode! Probably best of the season so far. Not only for the Jim and Pam scenes, but the other characters had great scenes too. Felt like season 2 all over again. I thought Steve was especially good, like Emmy nomination good.

  165. Great episode!


    that is really all I can say.

    Oh and THANK YOU BJ for giving us some more JAM!!

  166. A whole 7 more days till the office. TOOO LOONNNNGGGGG. LOVE THIS SHOW. fantastic episode!!!!

  167. I think this was the best episode of the season so far. It was just somewhat normal. I think it is because most of the episode took place in the office. And I screamed out loud twice because of JAM. I loved this episode. =D

  168. I don’t see how people can think this episode is so great. Yes the JAM stuff was incredibly exciting, but doesn’t anybody realize that nearly everything else in this episode fell extremely flat? I was really disappointed, possibly the worst office episode i’ve ever seen.

  169. Question:

    How long have Pam and Jim been together. Since the season finale last year?

    (A little less than a year, maybe?)

    I am giddy thinking about the future engagement and terrified thinking about how the writers will add some tension/drama/conflict.


  170. That was emotionally magnificent. [/Michael]

    Okay, so I know I’m probably not the only person who wrote that but really, um… there are no words.

    Except; all is forgiven for the whole Angst Debacle of Season Three. All. Is. Forgiven.

    (Well, mostly forgiven. Still holding my breath until Pam says yes/they wed)

  171. Pam is getting a lot of funny lines lately, I love it. She’s so witty and dry with her comments (almost beating Jim!) I loved how she got so wrapped up in the sarcasm with Jim, it seemed like she didn’t get what he was saying until he stepped away from her desk. Then it dawned on her! Brilliant!
    Jim’s fake-out proposal was genius because Pam knows it’s coming, and so do we! I almost had a heart attack!

  172. “Bye, bye, miss chair model lady…I dreamt that we were married and you treated me nice…we had lots of kids, … drinking whiskey and rye … oh, why’d you have to go off and die? Why’d you have to go off and die?”

    I died laughing, that was hilarious. Much improved over last week. MUCH improved.

  173. This episode drove me to tears, literally. Kudos to the amazing writers for doing the best job you possible could with taking JAM another step forward. I was also thinking maybe in “Did I stutter?” Pam will find the engagement ring. It is a tad dramatic for “The Office” but I think that would explain everything. I have complete faith in the writers to finish the season amazingly though, as always :)

  174. Oh Jim, you’re such a tease! I just love the fact that he bought the ring after only ONE WEEK of dating. He just knows that she is “The One”. ::swoon::

    And Kevin’s talking head about feeling good to win once actually made me tear up. Anyone else?

  175. that was a pretty sweet office, i was sooo excited and then sooo let down for Pam’s potential engagement! unfortunately, i have a feeling that some wrenches will be thrown in the plot and jim and pam will not marry so soon….she “hates” all their local spots, for instance… michael was funny then crazy, borderline Jan-crazy. nice touch in copying the British office with the blind date… RIP Chair Model! (and Andy’s dancing?? totally awesome!)

  176. When Jim went down on one knee, i swear that my heart stopped beating.


  177. jkfan9989 – I totally agree with you. The Office has returned – excellent episode!! Really, Jim seems like he finally . . . has come back. I loved everything about this episode – great, great job BJ! The Wendy’s phone call – Awesome. And oh, Kevin. I just wanted to give him a hug. Poor guy. I hope he has a few more wins in store. And Dwight? perfection. Thank you!!!

  178. Here in Arlington, TX, nothing. Nada. No Office. I’m so bummed. Stupid dang storms. Boo!

  179. @ STEFANIE-kevin’s talking head made me tear up,too.
    I loved this episode and only hope that it gets better and better from here…so excited for JAM

  180. Please don’t make Jim and Pam get married. Honestly, it isn’t what this show needs.

  181. LOVED IT! To be honest, my head is so awash with the great Jim/Pam moments that I can hardly remember the rest of the episode. I think my heart has started to beat again…

    So, I was surprised that Pam was the one who seemed to bring up the engagement, “I’m not moving in with anyone until I’m engaged.” I believe that she is very much in love with Jim, but I really thought that she might need more time to recover from her last relationship before even thinking about the idea of becoming engaged again. I wonder if Jim does propose if she’ll give him some sort of, “I need more time,” answer. On the other hand, she may have had enough of being engaged – now that she’s with her true love she might want to just pull the trigger and be married already. I could see these two eloping.

    Also, Michael was a real jerk to the landlady. Good for her for saying so to his face.

  182. I absofruitly loved every second of this JAM packed episode!! Def one of the best this season, I’m so happy right now! Off to watch it again and again and again….

  183. What an episode! Amazing about JAM, my son was watching with me and even he got excited! But the moment of the show had to go to Kevin – kudos to Brian B for more depth in a few seconds of TV than other shows put in their full timeslot. You’re one of the reasons we love The Office!

  184. It was definitely a great episode, but I was ready for more Bob Vance when they were calling everyone together. We haven’t seen him in a while and I miss him. I did really, really, really love all the Jim and Pam stuff, especially at the end. They are so cute together!

  185. I don’t know who was the bigger fool tonight, Andy moonwalking in the parking lot or me doing my Dance of Uncontainable Joy after all the JAMmy goodness.

    I actually have a friend who pretended to be tying his shoe and then really proposed to his girlfriend, so I was completely, totally taken by that scene.

    I need to watch this episode again. Like, now. Darn me for not taping it.

    Oh, and my sister says she can recommend to Michael someone named Jo Ann who is crafty and has some style. Heh.

  186. My god was this a great episode. My favorite moment was when Kevin said, “it felt good to win one.” I liked seeing a more serious side to Kevin and I felt for him. I liked that finally, somebody called Michael out on being a jerk. That keeps things real. The Jim/Pam stuff was great too.

  187. What an absolutely refreshing episode! If I had to show someone an episode of “The Office” that summarized the entire show in 20 minutes… this episode would be it.

    BJ Novak: You, my friend, are a genius. If you need your windows washed or shoes polished (do people still polish shoes?), please let me know. I will do it for free, as long as you write these kind of the episodes all the time.

    How about Creed tonight? He had such a small part and yet: “Only one more to go.” I have no idea why I laughed hysterically at that. No explanation for that comment, no idea what the heck he meant, and yet… so appropriate for Creed. haha!

    God, I love this show. Love love LOVE it!

  188. Major kudos to BJ for a brilliant episode.

    While everyone was on their A game tonight, I must say, Brian Baumgartner stood out. Kev kicked butt in this episode! Also, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t absolutely love the Jim and Pam developments and the way they were played so perfectly by John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer.

    Oh and I did not think I could love Creed more. I was very wrong.

  189. My mind has not only been blown once tonight, but now twice. First the JAM-ness, now the new out-of-left-field spoiler I just read…

    [from tanster: please keep spoiler discussion on the spoiler page. thanks!]

  190. ‘Dinner Party’ was a great episode, but we also had the witness the uncomfortable intensity of Jan and Michael’s relationship finally coming to a close. It was the band-aid that had to be painfully ripped off for the healing process to begin.

    With ‘Chair Model’, Michael acknowledges that his relationship with Jan is unhealthy and he is ready to move on. When he is asking the office to help him find a bachelorette, he conveys a great sense of realism and wanting that I thought complimented his character very nicely.

    And for all you ‘JAM’ fans, I don’t mean to burst your bubble… but, notice how Pam’s face kinda fell once Jim walked away from her desk after saying he was going to propose? Is it doubt? Or did it all seem suddenly too real for her? She otherwise seems excited, but I guess we’ll see…

    We even got a looking glass into the soul of Kevin Malone! How cool was that?

    These are just a few things that made this episode “emotionally magnificent” while being entirely hilarious throughout. Compliments to BJ & the other writers for really knowing these characters and making such wonderful developments with the story.

  191. The episode had its moments but definitely a significant drop from last week’s wonderful awkwardness. And did anyone else get reminded of the UK series finale when Brent went on a blind date with a woman who he found repulsive? The whole chair model thing was just over the top ridiculous and over the top Michael is just not appealing. Phyllis, of all people, did have a couple great scenes though. I hope the New York nightlife next week will bring about a better episode.

  192. awesome episode – did anyone else realize kevin soaking his feet when him and michael are talking on the couch?

  193. I have seasons 1,2, and 3 on DVD. I have a 5 disc DVD changer that stays full of The Office. At least 2-4 episodes a day… anyway. As much as I love the show, I have never been effected by the various characters tearing up or crying. I thought they were perfectly acted scenes, but never felt that connection to evoke emotion from me. I have to say… Kevin’s talking head tonight was that moment for me. That came out of left field and hit me right in the gut. Awesome writing and amazing acting.

  194. Are there really haters on this episode right now? I thought it was pretty spectacular. Stuff that I don’t think has been mentioned yet:

    *Toby’s perpetual disappointment in michael, particularly after, I need to get laid.
    *The (I thought obvious, but it doesn’t seem so after reading the comments) parallel between Dwight needing closure with Angela
    *Michael’s face after encouraging Kevin on the couch
    *The photographer, a Spaniard
    *The distribution of chairs – has anyone here read Then We Came To The End? Eerily similar.
    *My love cards.
    *Go to Wendy’s. Get my food. Then go.

    And I know it’s been mentioned, but the row boat scene had me in proverbial stitches.

    Tis all. Rewatching will commence immediately.

  195. I’m with the cast and the crew of the Office thinking that last week’s episode was a lot funnier.

  196. This is definitely one of my favorites from season 4 thus far!! And Kevin’s talking head…wow. That was surprisingly touching.

  197. i seriously loved this episode. it wasn’t the funniest episode ever, but it was definitely an emotional one and i love the eps that are emotional and i love it more when they’re like this one and is emotional and funny!

    love jim and pam!!! HEART!

  198. Fun episode. If forced to choose I think I liked last week’s Dinner Party more, partly because I love the exposition of seeing the homes of the characters.

    But this was a very solid, funny episode, well done. I still think Pam looked better in episodes like The Secret than she does now all made up and colorful but that’s my only real nitpick. :)

  199. This was such a well-crafted episode!
    I had my Creed quota filled with his talking head.

    This episode was pretty much epic.


  200. so i’m a dude, and kevin’s talking head made me tear up….a few minutes later, jim pulling out the ring….that made me bawl like a ten year old girl. best season 4 episode so far…it was funny, it was emotional, AND there was a little hint of the UK office with michael’s date! it was great!

  201. This episode was awesome! So much fun to be back in the office!! (last week was more strange than funny; this one felt like a classically wonderful office episode!) thank you bj novak!

  202. aaaamazing episode.
    there wasn’t a moment where i wasn’t laughing, squeeing, or screaming ‘omg!’ at the television!!

    and my heart really went out to kevin when he was talking about his break up. im glad he got his moment of victory at the end. :]

  203. For me, this wasn’t the funniest episode, but I did enjoy it. And Phyllis’s moments killed me!

  204. wow, what an episode!! I started to cry when jim told pam he would propose. michael was a little too over the top, but other than that, an episode well done.

  205. Oh my goodness, Season Two Jim FINALLY came home from Stamford!

    Thank you so much BJ!

  206. i absolutely loved this episode, perfect balance of everything and very touching. my screen name is after the first real andy kevin moment together so i liked seeing them together again. when i first read a comment about someone hating this episode i couldn’t believe it. but then again, i am not a huge fan of conflict resolution, which everyone else seems to love its probably one of my least favorite episodes. so obviously everyone who loves this show also has really different taste. that to me is what makes this show so amazing. i can love an episode, you can hate it and we can both love the show. what range!
    well done b.j., an instant classic.

  207. I loved it! Very well done!
    The jim and pam moments were perfect and extremely cute… so much that i SQUEEEE-D!
    I have to say that I liked it better than Dinner Party =)

  208. Do you think if Jim proposes that Pam will say yes?

    She’s never said she loved him. Why does he make his feelings known all the time, but she seems to be distant at times.

  209. Money Beet I totally agree with you! Thank God I have TiVo because I had to pause it and scream every 5 minutes. I loved it, and when I came to the site and saw B.J wrote the episode, I thought of course! Of course B.J wrote it..It was AMAZING,and like every week this fantastic show throws me a curve ball when I feel like I have a scent on their trail!

    Bravo everyone, Bravo!

  210. Loved it, and I’m so excited to see what happens next with Jim and Pam. Oh my god.

    I can see them getting engaged and staying that way for a while, but I can also see them just cutting out the middle man and getting eloped.

    Either way, I’m really excited. Yay!

    (Awesome episode besides the JAM stuff. Kevin, Phyllis, Creed? LOVED IT)

  211. What exactly happened with Jan? Michael did accidentally call her. Is she still living with Michael, moved out? Either way I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her.

  212. Michael’s over-the-topness(?) is drifting toward self-parody; he looked like a cruel jerk during his coffee date. But everything else–Kevin’s little victory, Andy’s fight for the Common Man, and the return of JAM–was outstanding. The Office is officially back!

  213. Creed having 3 chairs is textbook Creed: It makes zero sense and he says it with such conviction, you think he’s going to stab someone.
    59 | Jim Thu. Apr. 17, 2008 at 6:36pm

    this is definitely the funniest thing i have ever heard someone say about creed. 100% true!

  214. So Pam’s line “I’m not moving in with anyone unless I’m engaged” made me think that maybe the only reason she and Roy were engaged was so he could get her to move in with him. Seems to me he may have never have even had intentions to marry Pam until the Booze Cruise.

  215. With tonight’s episode The Office is really back to form!! Congratulations everyone, especially BJ! What a great story — great moments for everyone, especially for Jim & Pam. Some of your fans have been waiting for this moment for a long time! I’m so glad the camera captured the magic!!

  216. wendy, redhead, hot and juicy-i haven’t laugh out loud like that in a while, it did take me a second though. i wasn’t too charmed by engagement. loved it when they keep on missing each other and then looking at the camera. yea for phyllis!

  217. While I can understand why most folks posting here are excited about the Jim/Pam developments, I am surprised that not many felt as I did about the Michael/landlady coffee shop scene. I thought that Michael was breathtakingly cruel in that scene; so much so that it sort of took me right out of the episode. Usually there is a sweetness to Michael underlying his obnoxious comments and actions, but he really seemed not to understand how hurtful his remarks were this time. I felt bad about how badly the landlady’s character was treated…did the writers really think that was funny?

  218. That was amazing. Props to BJ for an amazing episode. When Kevin said that he got dumped I started to freak out that they hadn’t emphasized the moment enough, but his talking head later was just heartbreaking and definitely made up for it.
    As for the Jammy goodness…my hand was covering my mouth for the entire episode and just….ahhhh!
    I’m really impressed with how the writers are handling their relationship…I was worried at first that they would break them up for drama or just mess it up somehow…even though we all know they are amazing at their jobs I have been on edge about it for a while. This episode re-affirmed my confidence in them…I’m not scared anymore…just freakin’ excited!

    I wonder what life would be like without The Office? Not right…just not right at all.

  219. (gasp) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I let out a gasp when Jim showed the ring. Then he got down on one knee and my eyes bugged out. Also that was so great with Kevin. My heart goes out to him even though he is not a real person.

  220. Wow— I haven’t felt this much JAM love and anticipation since “The Job”! Awwwwwww. The angst is back, except now it’s proposal-angst. Woo!
    I was also excited to see a little throw back to the BBC Office, with Michael’s blind date and all. He really was rather David Brent-like tonight.

  221. BJ Novak is speaking at my college next week and after this episode, I’m going to either hug him forever or bow in his presence when I go!
    THIS is the Office we all know and love!
    AND YAY JAM!! (Yes, I cried! lol, so?!)

  222. Oscar Meyer wiener lover! OMG. Was that scripted? Loved it. I think one of the better episodes of Season 4.

  223. Wow, I don’t think I watched the same episode as you all. I watched a badly written, badly performed, shameful episode that was way too over the top, and may have ruined the Michael Scott character forever.

    My pick for weakest Office episode yet.

  224. Great episode. I have to say, I think I’m the only one here so far who can say they actually started laughing hysterically when Jim showed the ring. I’m in Springfield, MO, and we had a bit of weather tonight (not like Dallas, I feel for you guys), and at the exact moment Jim pops open the box, we heard a giant DUH-DUH! from the local weather ticker at the bottom of the screen. Incredibly corny, but couldn’t have been timed better, hopefully someone can put it up on youtube or something…

    Also, this was a classic Kevin episode. I’d love to see more of him from here on out…

  225. I didn’t read EVERY comment, and I’m sure it was mentioned already, but I’ll mention it anyway:

    I think many of us were confused when Jenna said in an interview that The Office started back up in realtime … apparently, “Dinner Party” was the last episode in the PREVIOUS timeframe — a month passed between “Dinner Party” and “Chair Model”, rather than between “The Deposition” and “Dinner Party” … just watch the first deleted scene and everything makes sense … it would also explain the bombshell Jenna was also talking about in interviews. Now it all makes sense (If it didn’t make sense to everyone already).

    Btw – not the funniest episode, but … OMG! The JAM DRAMA! I was jumping up and down … LOVED IT! And — You da man, Kev! Go get them parking spaces!

  226. i definitely agree with the fact that the episode felt season 2/3ish. Great writing Novak!! i like that there is still awkward moments btwn jim and pam. you can sort of see how jim is totally ready to be her everything but pam is still feeling sort of shakey on the matter of marriage and moving in. pam may have to do one more “finding herself” scene to see that jim loves her.

    my heart stopped when jim “tied his shoe.” that was brillliant writing!!

    what is creed going to do with the 3rd chair??

    and of course the oscar meyer joke…

    Can’t wait to see the results of your trip to the set, tanster!!!

  227. @Terri (#294) — I totally agree. Being as ass to his employees (where they sort of need to take a certain amount of it, and they also are a little like a sort of family) is totally different than being an ass to nice girl who you’ve never met and who’s agreed to meet you sight-unseen for coffee.

    I wish they’d tone down his absurdity a bit when he’s *outside* the office. Felt the same way about his behaviour at Phyllis’s wedding.

  228. Jim and Pam…too cute! This episode trumps The Dinner Party by a lot! I loved the revival of the Andy-Kevin friendship and Kevin really shined this episode with his ALMOST emotional TH after getting the parking spaces back…And Dwight’s idea of closure was too funny!

    And do I need to mention Jim and Pam again? Way too cute. I almost died when Jim pulled out that ring. “I’m not kidding…”

    This is the exact kind of interaction we need to see between them, to get some of that second season magic back. I grinned about as wide as when they were skating together in Micahel’s birthday, or when they kissed in The Dundies, or had their “date” in The Client, or when Pam left Jim seven messages in The Carpet. Brilliant job!

  229. Ohmigosh, Jim and Pam made my life. When Jim got down on one knee, I almost screamed, and then died laughing when he said he was tying his shoe. This is the Jam interaction I’ve been missing desperately for months!! And Andy. I’ve missed him too. Hahaha

  230. Aw, BJ’s a romantic. He nailed the JAM in this episode. All season I’ve been pretty disinterested in them, but every line of theirs tonight had me on giddy edge. Wonderful!

    Loved Michael referring to Oscar being gay as a “condition.”

    My only complaint would be that there hasn’t been any Kelly. I’m going through withdrawals!

  231. Errr – I’m re-watching. And did anyone else notice the chair model looked like Jan in a black wig? Was that just me? I swear its Melora in a black wig. Okay, its probably not, but I wonder if that was what they were going for.
    143 | Dorky Dancer Thu. Apr. 17, 2008 at 7:01pm

    yes absolutely, that is exactly what i said.

    I bet Pam comes across Jim’s ring while she spends the night
    156 | William Thu. Apr. 17, 2008 at 7:08pm

    i bet you are right.

    okay, watching it again to pick out my favorite parts!

  232. I’m a little worried that Jim is moving too fast for Pam. She did just break off a 4 year engagement. I don’t know that she’ll want to move so quickly. When I watched it again, I really watched Jenna’s reactions,and they were not that of pure excitement,but that she was kind of caught off guard (not in a good way?). Jim has known that hes loved Pam for at least 4 years, but this is still a new relationship for her. And the part about her being bored with all of their regular restaurants…is she bored with the relationship too? (quite posbibly reading too much into it…I do that.)

  233. I agree with everyone that said this was much like the old office we know and love. FINALLY, an episode where they don’t leave the office a lot and there is a funny conflict WITHIN the office. I miss the way it used to be and Bj brought that out PERFECTLY.

  234. Loved the Jam in this episode. I really think Kevin’s talking head (y’know the one) was done really well, and that was like, the most I’ve ever cared about Kevin.

    And I think a part of my heart died when Jim got down on his knee “Will you… wait for me while I tie my shoe?” so painfully amazing…

  235. I wish they’d tone down his absurdity a bit when he’s *outside* the office. Felt the same way about his behaviour at Phyllis’s wedding.
    306 | male chair model Thu. Apr. 17, 2008 at 10:16pm

    i like it though because if michael is as awkward as he is when he’s in the office with people he KNOWS really well, imagine how awkward he is with people he doesn’t know! he says and does the things around the people in the office, he behaves the way he does and these are people he feels comfortable with! imagine someone like that on a first date! it is so funny and terrible.

  236. This episode brought me back to the days when these 20 minutes were the highlight of my Thursdays.

    It’s funny, I yelled “I hate you!” when Jim went down on one knee right before Pam said it, and then laughed right along with her. Goodness, I totally understand, Pam!

    Kevin Malone, I saw your soul tonight. mm.

  237. I LOOOOOOOOOVED this episode. I personally loved the dialogue between Jim and Pam. It was so touching. Enough for me to gush….oh yeah and it reminded me of the good old days of television…you know…Tony & Angela, Sam & Diane/Rebecca, Lois&Clark. My only fear is that Pam & Jim will get together and then either someone has got to die or get amnesia. I hate that. Viva la Office.

  238. Did anyone else love the Five Families bit? I thought it was hilarious how they introduced each Leader.

  239. @ 314–>The look! There’s nothing comforting about the look that Pam has after the conversation with Jim. I’m hoping she just didn’t take him seriously until he walked away and it finally hit her…. very unsettling.

    I’m in the same row-boat (pun intended) as Jim though, going to propose soon, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

  240. Michael is definitely an acquired taste. He’s only able to date women that he has somehow worn down through non-dating interactions! OK, maybe an acquired “taste” is too much. Perhaps an acquired “tolerance”?

  241. Anyone enjoy that Michael preempts Angela’s “I don’t think that’s appropriate” remark? I don’t know why, but I love it that Michael is in tune with everyone in the office, even if he acts completely lost most of the time.

  242. Some great moments besides the JAM stuff… Andy’s orphanage comment. The whole Wendy’s bit. Michael and Dwight singing at the end. Kevin sitting on the sidewalk. Phyllis was great in this one! Stanley’s one line about not hating anyone enough to set them up with Michael.

    What is going on with Andy & Angela? Also, we need some Meredith, Toby and MORE Angela! Can’t wait until the next one!!!

  243. That was seriously an emotional roller coaster. I don’t think I’ve ever come out of watching a sitcom so “winded”! I would have felt like a total dork but my roommate next to me was exactly the same. Okay on to the deleted scene!

  244. Such a funny (Oscar Meyer wiener lover!)and sweet (aww, Kevin!) episode. The down on one knee shoe tying trick was hilarious and caught me so off guard.

    I thought the chair model looked just like a brunette Jan too. It’s like all the things Michael liked about her died, and he danced on her grave.
    Last week I felt so sorry for Michael. This week he was such an ass to the coffee date and he’s out of favor with me now. Love how those writers do that to me!

  245. GREAT episode. The funniest in a long while. I loved every minute of it. BJ really took it back to the Season 2 style. I’d become bored of Jam but this made me remember what I loved about them. And Kevin was such a sweetheart.

    That had to be Melora in a black wig! And I loved the part when Kevin and Andy came back after the meeting (“We did it! “I did it!”) hahah!

  246. okay 3 of my favorite parts:

    1. andy’s monologue with the scenes of him dancing. and his tie!
    “he doesn’t have the money to pay his kids orphanage bills” oh my god.

    2. dwight stepping on the 2 graves on purpose! “i guess you could say she died of blunt force trauma and blood loss” wow

    3. when kevin and andy return from getting the parking spaces back and he is “pounding” people’s fists, stanley gives his the lamest high-five against his fist! so frickin’ funny

  247. Anyone notice that at the beginning of the episode while Pam is talking to Michael about picking a chair, that the date on the pink phone memos under Michael’s office furniture magazine is 12-18-06? Why?

  248. Wasn’t a big fan of last weeks episode. But this episode made up for it!! I am agreeing with a lot of the other posts when it is said this episode had a season two feel. Good job.

  249. I absolutely loved this episode! Last week’s wasn’t the best, but this week’s was amazing. The adequate amount of Jam and i loved how Jim showed the ring. And how he bent over to tie his shoes! so adorably funny! Also, Jenna looked really great in this episode!

  250. Perfection. Sheer perfection.

    Plus, I fell in love with Jim Halpert all over again.

    I love this show.

  251. I died laughing at the Wendy’s scene…that was so good, and I almost lost it when Jim got on one knee.

    I love this show :]

  252. Maybe someone pointed this out already but did anyone notice the date on the headstone? The model died in 2003, but the catalogue seems to be from this year as Dwight mentions “waiting for next year’s chair catalogue”. Why would they use a photo with a model that died 4-5 years ago? :P

  253. This episode, as many have said, was BRILLIANT and CLASSIC.

    I agree with #322 that the Wendy’s bit was HI-Larious!

    And my heart practically stopped when Jim bent down! to tie his shoe!

    Do I love this episode? …. “Absolutely I do” =]

  254. I think the past 3 eps( including Chair Model), and Local Ad show that the Office still has it and can still be very very funny.

  255. Okay so after I watched it again and I noticed that during Michael’s fix-me-up speech, there were a few times where Meredith’s and Creed’s screens were on Solitaire. I don’t know if it was accidental but it could be that by now the staff just don’t try to hide the loafing around Michael anymore (as in Office Olympics).

    I agree with those who thought Andy was really hilarious in this ep. “Yes that’s the name of me” and the look on his face when he forgot his cell, lol.

  256. I woke at 4 a.m. to watch it on the Internet. It hadn’t posted when I fell asleep at midnight. What a phenomenal episode. I wish weather coverage had not preempted this from airing on my NBC affiliate in Dallas, but I am happy now. I finally saw it.

  257. This did have a season two feel. I truly hope more episodes happen within the Office because those are much funnier. In my opinion, by staying in the location of the office, The Office goes back to their roots, which is good because that’s why we fell in love with the show to begin with.

  258. I think Pam didn’t really think Jim was serious until he walked away. The look on her face at that point wasn’t discomfort (at least I don’t think so) but Oh, my God, he really is thinking marriage. They both know that they are IT for the other.

  259. JAM is going too well…do you think Jim is going to be the one to leave?

    Loved how Steve and Rainn couldn’t contain themselves when Dwight offered to go get the Office Chair model. Their looks were on the verge of hilarity.

  260. I know like a million people have already said this, but: OH MY GOD! Total JAM-overload. LOVED IT!
    And Kevin’s THs were so great. Just wish there had been more Toby in the episode.
    BTW, didn’t it look like Steve was on the verge of breaking when Dwight made his “pledge” to find him the chair model?

  261. I really appreciated that we got to see a little more of Kevin rather than the impish grin and humor that we’ve become so accustomed to from him.

  262. Loved this episode! It was set in the office, and there were bits and pieces for everybody. Creed was there with his chairs (what was all that about?), Kevin was emotional, and Michael sounded like he came straight from season 2. (And that’s a good thing.)
    I had no idea that Jim and Pam were going to discuss getting engaged in this episode, so that was a wonderful surprise. Best of all, though, was that they managed to keep it funny and sweet, and it never became sappy.

    Bravo, BJ Novak!

  263. When Jim pulled out the ring box and told us he got it a week after they started dating, I thought “oh, Jim”… and not in a good way. Then, when he kneeled down I actually screamed “NO!” at the tv. I’m a true Jam fan, but I think he’s moving way too fast. I would be freaked/scared and run the other way if I were Pam–and I do think they belong together.

  264. I disagree. I thought this episode was incredibly disappointing. Dinner Party was much better.

  265. B.J. again comes through with a fantastic episode. I have never been disappointed when he’s the credited writer of an ep. The style was just what Season 4 has been lacking–like a Season 2.5 feel…just excellent.

    I have to brag on myself: the instant Jim started to kneel down on the sidewalk, my wife gasped, of course, but I said “He’s going to tie his shoe.” :-) It was a great part–very Jim.

    I hope the rest of the episodes are more like this. The odds are in my favor; we’ve got a Kaling, a Lee&Gene, and a Lieberstein/Celotta in the hopper. Should be a great home stretch.

  266. Brilliant episode! Felt just like old times. I LOVE Jam more than ever, the whole Wendy’s thing had me laughing my butt off, and all of his conversations with each person individually…Oscar, Phyllis, etc. Loved it!

  267. i have not yet stopped smiling! when Jim kneeled down, i didnt realize i had stopped breathing until i started again. Awesome episode!!!

  268. Long time lurker here. I love this site!

    I guess my taste differs significantly from most of the posters here. I liked this episode ok, but to me ‘Dinner Party’ was pure genius.

    Didn’t love Michael’s obsession with the chair model, kinda felt like more of the same from him whereas ‘Dinner Party’ really took him to the edge.

    The parking space subplot really didn’t provide too many laughs for me. Good premise, just didn’t really go anywhere.

    The Jim-Pam stuff however absolutely saved this episode. Very interested in how this goes. I don’t think a TV show has ever really gotten the ‘stable relationship’ between 2 main characters quite right. There is a ton of comedy to be mined there that is relatively untouched. I have my fingers crossed that ‘The Office’ writers are up to the task!!

  269. Is the reason this is everyone’s favorite episode because of the JAM development? I thought the episode was good, not great (much like Michael’s breath in Cocktails), but nowhere near bordering on the Season 2 brilliance.

    However, Kevin was amazing…my heart was definitely breaking for him!

  270. BJ NOVAK IS A GENIUS. I love his episodes! The perfect combination of funny/sweet.

  271. For anyone who’s worried about Pam’s reaction to the engagement conversation, I think the look she had after Jim walked away was more of shock than disappointment. To me, it was an “Oh crap he’s actually serious!” face, but not necessarily in a bad way.

    But that’s just me. ;)

  272. Episodes written by B.J. Novak have consistently been among my favorites — this was no exception!

    Loved everything: Andy and Kevin’s conquest,JAM moments, Dwight’s undying devotion to Michael… it felt like Season 2, the way ‘The Office’ should be!

    Classic Michael Scott: large hot chocolate with caramel, and a shot of peppermint. OF COURSE that’s what he would order!

  273. It seems that when an average episode includes a significant JAM moment, some of the viewers go absolutely crazy with their praise. This episode was average in terms of humor, but I’m certain that the next Office Survivor poll with have this ranked in the top three solely because of JAM.

    There were clever lines (Oscar Meyer weiner lover, Creed and his chairs) and Jim’s dropping to his knee in fake proposal was brilliant, but I hope that the Office doesn’t turn into a night time soap opera because of the JAM moments.

  274. I loved the episode.

    Obviously, the JAM stuff was amazing- so cute- loved how Jim wanted to set Michael up with Pam’s mom… and then, of course: the obvious… the moving in/proposal/ ring/fake proposal thing was just perfection.

    Creed cracked me up… Only Creed could feel the need to have three chairs.

    and Michael and Dwight dancing on Chair Model lady’s grave? Brilliant. I think the Chair Model was Melora with a wig… there’s almost no way another person could look that much like her.

  275. I can’t wait to see how this whole Jam situation plays out. I shrieked when the Jim pulled out the ring.

    Good to see that they’re turning Michael back into his old jerkish self!

  276. All I can say is that I don’t think I’ve ever gasped that dramatically while watching a sitcom.

    Great episode!

  277. great episode. Loved Kevin’s “winning one” and how Andy’s socks matched his tie. (WKRP in Cincinatti with Herb’s belt matching his shoes!)

    Loved JAM. My prediction ala Season 2. Jim proposes at the end of the finale. Pam has the same look on her face as she did when he left the desk. Cliffhanger for Season 5–will she say “yes or no”. We won’t know until September.

  278. I am so smitten with Jim right now. Smitten. Thank you Office writers, thank you!

  279. One of the best episodes yet. The whole chair model bit was hysterical. Very cool to meet the “five families”. I thought that scene was great.

  280. Brillant, BJ! On my 4th time re-watching it. love the quotes, it helps when I sometimes don’t hear the dialogue correctly. I can’t stop laughing about the comment from MIchael: 3- for the way she describes herself…
    The JIM moment (my heart is still pounding) was extremely blissful………..more more more…….

  281. I said it before and I’ll say it again: You can talk about the wonderful JAM moments in this episode (and they really were fantastic), but for me, Chair Model was all about the amazing and talented Brian Baumgartner. Those few moments alone earned him a Best Supporting Actor Emmy. He just about broke my heart in his talking head.

    Also, the montage introducing all the bosses of the Scranton Office Park was genius.

  282. I hope Pam is ready for marriage. Can Pam and Jim be married and work at the same office? I remember Pam mentioning that a regular is leaving Dunder Mifflin. Ok…I am reading too much into this but hate to see a good thing go.

  283. WOW! What a great ep, BJ! I have to agree that it was totally Season 2…but better! Because now there’s not any sadness attached to it with JAM. And it’s fun to be in on a secret with Jim… you know what I mean? Usually we’re in on it with Jim AND Pam, but now we’re all sitting waiting for him to pop the question and she doesn’t know!!! (I feel like I’m 14 all over again!) And that last scene with Jim going down on one knee was PERFECTION! The sunlight streaming through his perfect mess of hair and Pam’s reaction… PRICELESS! BJ knew we would all be holding our collective breath!

    Can’t wait for the rest of the season!

  284. what is creed going to do with three chairs? i must know… lol.

    this was just awesome b/c it really brings back the feeling of random funnyness that i love so much from season 1 & 2. Bravo writers for “kickin it up a notch”

  285. I thought this was an amazing episode, definitely better than most of season four, which has been pretty disappointing in my opinion.

    I loved the plot of Michael trying to be set up, especially Phyllis’ fat friend and the phone call to Wendy’s.

    But of course, the best part of the episode was every JAM scene. When they were joking around about getting engaged and moving in together, I got so excited. And when Jim pulled out the ring in the talking head, I was so happy, I screamed! And then immediately my eyes filled with tears. I can’t believe my emotional connection to this show.

    The fake proposal at the end was absolutely brilliant. When Jim got down on one knee, I immediately burst in to tears, haha. I felt so mad that it was a trick, but it was so funny and so like Jim.

    Can’t wait for next week’s episode, and to see what happens with JAM! :)

  286. Pam wouldn’t say she wouldn’t move in with someone until she got engaged unless she wants to get engaged…..right?


  287. Cruel Michael that we saw in this episode was much more David Brent to me than the usual even semi-sympathetic Michael they usually show.

  288. I posted on BJ’s MySpace site some words pretty close to this one. But I had to bring it here so I could spread the love. He wrote the hell out of that episode. Absolute brilliance. It’s the Office the way it oughta be. He not only gave us a delicious taste of what’s to come with Jim and Pam, but also showed how the underdogs of The Office, i.e. Andy and Kevin, can be the heroes too. Andy can do the Robot for me anytime. Furthermore, regarding Jim and the proposal that will knock Beesly off her ass, not only puts her in the position of wondering when it’s coming, but it puts us there with her. God, I love this show. I hope everyone on The Office staff is reading these comments. They knocked it out of the park here.

  289. In a word: brilliant.

    A 22-minute cocktail of humor and heart. Best episode of Season Four and definitely in my top five, if not my top three (so suck it).

    Hats off to Brian Baumgartner for his performance. It’s nice to see the minor characters become three-dimensional people. And it was great that Creed’s desire for three chairs was never explained. Makes it even funnier.

    Not gonna touch Jam. No words need utterance. AWESOME.

    Best little moment: Michael trying to console Kevin with the flubbed line, “You don’t deserve her.”

    Well done, Office staff. You have officially served notice that the best show on TV is back!

  290. Jenna mentioned someone leaving Dunder-Mifflin…I wonder if it’s going to be Pam? If she and Jim get engaged (I screamed when he pulled out that ring. Doesn’t this show know what it does to me? I’m emotional enough with my hubs on his way home from Iraq!) will corporate say that they can’t work together if they’re married since they’d be in the same office? I know she was engaged to Roy but he was down in the warehouse. Just a thought.

    I like the idea of Pam finding the ring when she stays at Jim’s. Gotta ruminate on that one.

  291. One of my favorite parts of the episode was the subtle cut to Toby’s face when Michael is explaining to the office that he needs to get laid before he can have kids. Ha!

  292. Aww, a couple of my favorites didn’t make the list!

    Pam: Who are you putting down?
    Jim: Oh, you don’t know her.
    Pam: Who is it?
    Jim: Your mom.
    Pam: Whatever…GIVE THAT TO ME.

    Andy: We won’t let you down.
    Michael: You can’t, because I don’t care.

  293. Jam scenes PERFECT!!!. I thought Pam figured Jim was just being his joking self. She’s the one who brought up engagement. Why on earth after all that’s happened would she take a chance on letting Jim get away again. Now that would be unbelievable. Best episode of the season.

  294. For the people who think Jim is moving too fast…… really?

    Pam broke off her engagement almost 2 years ago, and spent an entire year single. And technically, Pam and Jim have been dating since May 2007 (The Job), almost a year ago. I think even though Jim bought the ring the first week they started dating, it was smart of him to wait to propose. Also and most importantly, they have been pining for each other for YEARS!

    I think practically, they aren’t moving too fast, but I fear this might be a plot device to split them up or have someone exit the show.

  295. It was definitely a very good episode.
    I greatly prefer subtle Michael to over-the-top Michael. I think he was better last night (than say when he held the pizza boy hostage), but still rude and hard to like.
    I loved how Andy’s entire TH made NO sense. Saying a guy in a $400/mth apartment wonders how he’ll pay his mortgage…I always feel like there needs to be more Andy, so I was happy to get so much.
    Kevin broke my heart, Phyllis & Stanley were great. I’m worried about JAM, though. If he had proposed at the end I’m 99% sure she wouldn’t have said yes. It seems too fast for her. Due to the strike we haven’t even seen them together for an entire season and I’m worried this could break them up…what if one of them leaves?

  296. #361. Have you ever worked in an office (doesn’t have to be an office I guess). Soap Opera type things happen constantly. Anywho. The main focus of the British version was basically Tim and Dawn…why can’t ours be Pam and Jim. Love it, love it, love it!

  297. Yes, B.J. Yes. That was such a fantastic episode. I loved it. Loved, loved, loved it.

    I do have a question though. W.B. Jones, huh? Not that we were given any hint as to what that company does, but the name stuck out to me. Possibly an homage to the more Bostonian paper carrier in W.B. Mason? Maybe? Maybe a little shoutout to that New England Dunder Mifflin equivalent whose signage decorates Fenway Park? Maybe given, like, 72% of “The Office” crew hails from Mass.?

    Just asking…

    Wow, such a great episode. RE: The ring. I don’t know if I’m nervous or excited but I like that I can’t decide.

  298. Was I the only one hoping that one of the five heads of Scranton Business Park businesses would be someone from behind the scenes?

  299. loved this episode. back to the old office, seems like. though i did love dinner party, too. just feels good to be back at the office and not off somewhere else.

    “wendy, hot and juicy redhead.” LOVE IT.

  300. I seriously loved that episode. I watched it two times in a row! I hope I’m not the only one who got misty-eyed when Jim pulled out the ring! Can’t help it, I’m engaged to a wonderful guy that I met at the office. So I’m pretty connected to JAM.

    Besides all of the hillarious jokes and great writing…the outdoor scenes were very well lit. I just noticed that it was much more artistic than usual and didn’t have the documentary feel…which I really enjoyed!

    Favorite scene: Michael calling Wendy’s. OMG and then when someone said they had a woman for Michael he mumbled…who Burger King? I almost lost it!!

  301. I loved this episode! Funny, but no extreme ridiculousness, touching, triumphant and lost of JAM squealy moments!

    In terms of ‘moving too fast,’ you know…sometimes you just KNOW. I mean, WE all know they belong together, so why shouldn’t he?????

  302. I believe that Creed will put the three chairs together to make a little cot to nap on. That’s what I do here at my government job!

  303. Thank God for BJ Novak! I really hated the “Dinner Party” episode and I wasn’t even that excited for The Office this week. But this episode is what I call classic Office!

  304. OH



    Jim…is so awesome, buying the ring the week after starting to date Pam (sigh) and then faking her out tying his shoe…I almost fainted when he kneeled in the street! They are awesome. Jim and Pam! Please Pam don’t mess it up!!!

    As for the rest of the episode, Kevin + Andy= brilliant. I couldn’t take Michael this week. I miss Jan already.

  305. I really like how The Office still uses The Office UK once in a while. It’s like a grown up child going back to his parents for advice. Awesome.

  306. Overnight results: 9.81 million people tuned in increase of .6 million from last week).. a 4.9/13 in the coveted 18-49 demo.. which easily led all shows at 9pm.

    Source: tvbythenumbers

  307. I thought Jeffrey Blitz really nailed this ep from the director’s chair. That faux proposal scene was beautiful.

  308. Words cannot describe how happy I was during the proposal conversation. I could not stop smiling. This episode was like a classic out of season 1. It had a very season 1 feeling to it. Fantastic.

  309. Does anyone else think Pam isn’t very nice to Jim? Since they’ve finally gotten together she’s always giving him a hard time.

  310. Good catch on the date of death of the catalog model. That makes Michael’s sadness even funnier. I’m sure office furniture catalogs don’t take new pictures every year. I burst out laughing after his line (approximately) “I used to think the perfect person was out there waiting for me, but now I know that is silly, because she is dead.”

    The lighting for the fake proposal was awesome. I really don’t think we are going to see the proposal. We didn’t get to see their first date, after all, and Jim thinks (correctly) it is lame to propose at work. Sorry, people, but I think this episode was a gift to us to make up for the fact that the proposal will happen off-screen and we will hear about it in talking heads. But there may be a few good fake proposals in the weeks to come.

    Also I can imagine some comic brainstorming sessions when Jim and Pam try to figure out how to not invite the rest of the office to the wedding. Pam can remind us that Phyllis stole all of her wedding ideas. I wouldn’t be surprised if they eloped.

  311. I loved this episode so much! Yesterday I helped my friend paint her room and we realized that it was new last night and the whole entire day we were reminding each other because we thought we were going to forget, after so many months of nothing to do Thursday nights. It feels SO good to have the show back :)

  312. Did I see it correctly? Did the opening credits say Co-executive producer: BJ Novak? Did he get promoted?

    After this episode, I can see why.

  313. Okay, so wait, I watched this, but maybe I missed it — how long has it been since Dinner Party, and how do we know? I’m a bit confused, especially since it seems like Pam and Jim haven’t been dating for very many EPISODES.

  314. I don’t think Pam is acting mean toward Jim since they started dating. They act like a typical couple that’s in love.

  315. This is one of the rare cases where I will actually give an episode a ten. It was just perfectly written. The wendy’s scene, “Wendy, hot and juicy red head” and then the following conversation just had me hysterical. Well done writers.

  316. #392 – Thank you for bringing up Jeffrey Blitz! As I was reading the comments, I kept seeing how great of a script BJ wrote (which he did) and obviously how great the actors played out the scenes (which they did) but I was not seeing much love for Jeffrey. He did such an amazing job with this episode. The fake proposal scene was beautifully directed and also Kevin’s TH. Big props to Jeffrey.

  317. did we get confirmation about whether this episode was supposed to jump forward three months?

  318. Once Creed has three chairs, then he can make a bed to sleep in. Better than sleeping on the floor.

  319. Does anyone think Pam might say no? It was nagging me all day but there’s a chance she’ll regect his proposal! Please say it’s only me that thinks this…

  320. That was of legendary quality.
    After a somewhat lackluster season four, I think they just proved that they still got it, folks…
    I am exceptionally pleased.

  321. I just watched Chair Model because I missed it last night and I couldn’t stop smiling the last 5 minutes. This is my favorite episode along with Booze Cruise.

    Brilliant writing.

  322. Oh. One more thing. I think Jim will propose to Pam at her desk or in the break room. An engagement ring in the vending machine?

  323. I think she will say no. It’d take a lot for someone to get engaged again after their first one went so horribly wrong. Plus great story lines must have a great conflict. It seems to easy for her to just say yes. I guess we’ll just wait & see…

  324. Oh my gosh this just hit me….

    Season finale… final shot…. Pam buying moving boxes at Uhaul with Jim.. or something along the lines of something visual about her moving in.

    and then black and I might freak out all summer long…

    (because of Pam’s line “I won’t move in with anyone until I get engaged” ??) Maybe I’m just overthinking possible endings now… hehe)

  325. I seriously hope that Jim puts the wedding ring in jello.

    & If that happened, I would die happily.


  326. Okay…After last night’s episode, I think the unexpected inconvenience Pam must deal with in the Did I Stutter? episode is the proposal. She will probably not want to accept just yet, but she’s definitely in love with Jim so she’s reluctant to say no as well. A conflict…hmmmm…

  327. I don’t think he’d propose and she’d shoot it down – or at least do a flat out no because that’ll harm their relationship if she does that. I mean, wouldn’t you be upset if the person you loved turned you down? I hope she doesn’t say no…or at least hint that she’s not ready so he doesn’t make a fool of himself. I keep imagining that if he does propose and she says no, they’d probably break up or something…there’d definitely be awkwardness. I like the theory that the morning after she spends the night at Jim’s house, she finds the ring.

    I can’t believe we’re almost half way to this season ending :(

  328. I agree about Creed wanting to create a bed out of the 3 chairs lol

    I think Pam is being a bit closed off around Jim, maybe because she doesn’t want to move too quickly after what happened with Roy?

  329. Did anyone notice that Pam’s landlord is the actress from Blue Collar Tv? At least I think it is…

  330. was kevin using his foot bath when he was talking to michael about stacy breaking up with him? because that would be awesome.

  331. I thought Creed wanting the different chairs was his way of moving up at his job. I don’t know, because now that i’m thinking about it I guess it doesn’t make sense –

    …if he gets Pam’s chair he’s one up from where he currently is (even though his job is higher than reception), but then he’s only one chair away from Michael’s which may mean he’s then one chair away from being boss? I don’t know. It made sense in my head, lol.

  332. Perhaps he’ll wrap the ring in the yogurt lid that she gave him last year…

    How could any woman say no to Jim Halpert?! I mean come on, really.

  333. For those guessing how Jim will propose, consider: He finds a house in Scranton that has a terrace off the master bedroom. (Season 2, Pam said this was her dream) He invites her to look at his new residence. Then when she is there looking at her dreamhouse, he proposes.

  334. I think that some of us are STILL recovering from
    the angst of season three and can’t quite accept
    that all is well in jam land but as part of that
    healing I have the hope and the dream that we won’t be headed back into office therapy after the finale.

    Rather, I’ve been thinking about Jim in David
    Wallace’s office last May answering the question
    “so where do you see yourself in ten years?”

    And it seems now that about a week or so after
    that question and breaking up with Karen in front of
    a fountain he was in a jewelry store!

    So let’s try believing, but they better not squish our hopes like a bug!! Because I don’t think Jim or
    any of us would ever recover.

  335. That was by far the best episode this season. I feel like the “old” office is back!

  336. Okay, guess I should have watched the deleted scene BEFORE I asked where is Jan! ha!

  337. mcdonam3 – If Jim proposes that way, it would be DAWESOME. I really don’t think Jim will propose anywhere near Dunder Mifflin. As he said, that would be lame.

  338. This was definitely one of my favorite season four episodes, because it really didn’t feel like a season four episode.

    I started watching the show in the summer of 2007, and I watched all the DVD’s before the season four premiere, which I was really looking forward to. I was really hoping that Jim and Pam would get together, and even though they did, and even though I was happy, we lost one of the key components of the show, which was the sexual tension and awkwardness surrounding their characters. This episode showed that while Jim and Pam and very much in love, there can still be this slight tension between the two characters. I loved the engagement ring, though. And the look on Pam’s face when Jim walked back to his desk went from joking around to “Oh my god, I think he was serious” is pretty much one that can sum up their season two/three relationship. It just brought back this part of the show that I love and have been missing since the summer.

    Great job, B.J. Novak. This episode is definitely Emmy-worthy for writing. The Jam ending was one for the ages.

  339. Oh man I loved this episode! That was by far my favorite of the season so far…such a season 2 feel to it. Jim and Pam were written perfectly and shows that you can enjoy a couple without the angst. Michael was in top form as was Kevin and Dwight. More like this one please! Also don’t worry about Pam’s look…all she did was realize that Jim went from joking about proposing to meaning it…it’s going to be a good run to the end.

  340. What a great episode. Easily my favorite of this season, with “Money” coming in a close second.

  341. 362 – I completely agree with you. Those moments were among the most beautiful I’ve ever seen in The Office. It ranks right up there with Booze Cruise and Casino Night. To be able to see a completely different side of Kevin that was so raw and so real added another dimension to his character. I think Brian will have a hard time topping that Kevin moment for me.

    Maybe it’s because of the mood I was in, but I really like Michael’s biting sarcastic humour. I realise that it was a little bit outside of Michael’s norm but in some ways Michael almost seemed “smarter” to me, albeit with notable exceptions that include his obsessing about Jan while on a coffee date and the whole idea of him falling in love with a chair model who was Jan’s doppelganger.

    I also became short of breath when Jim went down on one knee to tie his shoe. It will be interesting to see how the next few episodes play out.

  342. 421, I am with you on the proposal. Now if that happens, and Dwangela gets back together, I can die a happy person.

  343. I honestly don’t believe that Pam would say no. I think she realized that the problem with her first engagement was Roy and his dishonorable intentions. She knows (and we know) that Jim has honorable intentions and has loved her for years. As far as things moving too fast…she loved him the whole year he was gone in Stamford and then back with Karen and they were best friends prior to that which takes some element of love. While they may not have been in a dating relationship that long (almost a year now), they’ve been in love far longer. Besides, this isn’t your typical sitcom…the writers are smarter than that and expect us to be as well.

    I see it happening on their 1 year anniversary which would be right around the season finale.

  344. The Office….

    You still got it. Chair Model was full of awesome. Great job, BJ Novak and everyone involved.

    Writers, I was wondering what was happening this season. Now I am finally pleased.

  345. I don’t care how he proposes because the writers will make it phenomenal. Please please please don’t let Pam say no! I don’t think I could survive another season 3 (not that it wasn’t great). I love the Office for it’s unconvention concerning characters as compared to regular sitcoms.

  346. I don’t think Pam will turn him down. One she hinted she would be ok with moving in with him, and two she hinted she wanted to be engaged if she moved in with him… these are simple signals she wants their relationship to go to the next level ! Aww… Pam

  347. Did anyone else think that the actress that played Michael’s blind date looked like a female version of Steve Carell? Same age, ears, eyes. It made it all the more painful that he dismissed her. What a tough scene to watch!

  348. Has anyone noticed that after Pam says she won`t move in with anyone unless she is engaged that if you look real close you can see in Pam`s face it looks like she is hinting to Jim,so I have no worries about
    Pam saying no to Jim.

  349. # 437
    no, i think people are saying the chair model was melora in a wig, not the landlady.

  350. I watched the episode a second time and I have to say that I loved the way Toby shook his head when Michael said, “I got to get laid” more disappointment than anger. And the introduction of the five families was hilarious.

  351. just a tidbit, I’ve seen several posts saying that they think the girl who played the landlady was Melora Hardin in a wig (which is really silly), it’s actually Brooke Dillman, she was on Blue Collar TV, Superbad, and Six Feet Under. Just wanted to put that out there.

  352. my favorite things:

    1) Andy’s tie.
    2) Jim’s “your mom” joke…literally.
    3) The fact that Jim bought the ring the week after they started dating. Squee-worthy.
    4) “He’s super old and really mean.”
    5) Kevin’s TH
    6) Michael and Dwight at the end… am I the only one who sang along?!

    As for those who think JAM is moving too quickly- I thought that too when I first heard of the possible engagement… but if you think about it, they’ve been dating for almost a year, and Jim’s been madly in love with Pam for years before that anyway. Plus, you can’t forget they DID acknowledge the time difference brought on by the writers’ strike. So, in my opnion, the writers aren’t rushing things at all.

    Also, I don’t know if this could be the case, but don’t some companies have a rule where married couples can’t work at the same office? Conflict?

    Overall, definitely my favorite episode of Season 4. The good ol’ Season 2-feel is back.

  353. I don’t know, I just have a feeling that they are already engaged. That ring was so tiny. I think they were just playing that whole thing up for the cameras. AHHH! LOL

  354. I really don’t think we are going to see the proposal. We didn’t get to see their first date, after all, and Jim thinks (correctly) it is lame to propose at work. Sorry, people, but I think this episode was a gift to us to make up for the fact that the proposal will happen off-screen and we will hear about it in talking heads. But there may be a few good fake proposals in the weeks to come.

    Also I can imagine some comic brainstorming sessions when Jim and Pam try to figure out how to not invite the rest of the office to the wedding. Pam can remind us that Phyllis stole all of her wedding ideas. I wouldn’t be surprised if they eloped.
    396 | Far away Fri. Apr. 18, 2008 at 10:59am

    DITTO! MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY…and I’m not worried at all, b/c the writers are geniuses and have gotten it right with these two every time yet!

  355. #322 – I remember in one of the DVD commentaries that one of the episodes from season 2 or 3 had a storyline of Pam wanting a new chair for her desk but it ended up getting cut. Do you think they possibly used some of the clips from a couple years ago when they originally shot it?

  356. Best quote:
    Andy: We won’t let you down.
    Michael: You can’t, because I don’t care.

    Pretty good episode! But I agree we won’t see Jim propose. He’d never do it in front of the cameras (that would be, as he put it, rather lame). On the other hand, it’d be kind of frustrating not to see it, especially now that everybody knows it’s going to happen.

  357. Is it just me or was the Five Families montage (particularly the shot of Michael) the best part of the episode? I keep cracking up when the camera zooms in on Michael and he looks up and has this face of concern/confusion/horror. Of all the shots they could’ve used, they chose that one–Greatness!

  358. 447 | Killer Nano Robot Riding on a Burro

    haha yes!!! I looove that face.

    lmao they used old school video on the old man’s shot!!! hilarious.

  359. wow. One of the best episodes ever. The office is back and going strong! Whoot!

    (PS but I hate Jim Halpert now)

  360. I think they meant the chair model looked like Melora in a wig, Rachel. I’ll admit they might of used her just for the picture but not to try to use it for a future story.

  361. Emmaline, you do make a good point. However, I actually read things the opposite way. I think Pam was mainly teasing about moving in with Jim. I don’t think she’s ready and when he actually suggested it, she was thrown off and threw the engagement comment out there as a genuine excuse. She probably figured it was still too early for a proposal. When Jim got down on his knee to “tie his shoe”, she looked seriously scared. If Pam were to not accept Jim’s proposal at this point, Jim would be disappointed but I’m sure he would understand if she were just not ready yet. He’s waited a long time already, a bit longer won’t kill him.

  362. I love being a fan of this show!! It has definitely become one of THE BEST shows ever!!

  363. I watched the episode online again this morning and watched the fake proposal a few times, Pam seems a bit frightened or something, I feel like I see some hesitance in her eyes. Might be seeing a situation where she has to ask for some time to consider things…

  364. re: #26 Dorky Dancer–“I love them much more than is normal to love fictional people.”

    That’s exactly how I feel!

    I too loved the fake-out proposal. I love how Jim thinks. Tells her he’s going to propose, then fakes her out. Not only is it playful, but by doing the fake-out, he throws Pam off the scent, and she’ll never be sure when the “real” one is coming. Brilliant.

    Love the range of emotion we got from Kevin this week. Been missing him, glad to see him back. Also Creed and the chairs–“only one to go”. WTH? Awesome, creepy Creed moment!

  365. I dunno if anyone else found this funny, but I just about peed myself when I saw the clip they showed of Michael during the “Five Families” montage. He just looks utterly bewildered. It’s hysterical. Steve Carell can make the smallest moments funny.

  366. I feel like this episode read all the nay-sayer comments and fearful predictions in response to the Dinner Party episode and just exploded in a “boo-yah-in-your-face-this-show-is-still-awesome-so-shut-up-and-love-it” fireball of awesomeness.

  367. #451…yeah, I’m fully aware of that. I still don’t want to her to say no if Jim proposes though. :)

  368. After multiple viewings, I noticed that the background during Kevin and Creed’s talking heads seemed a bit strange. Did anyone else notice this? Sometimes Stanley didn’t appear to be moving and other times it seemed like looped footage. I’m probably just going crazy….

  369. This was honestly one of the worst episodes of the season, maybe the whole series. The whole death/funeral thing was way over the top.

    Only funny parts were “Oscar Mayer Weiner Lover” and “Because I don’t care”.

    The parking part was just a stupid sideplot that i had no interest in.

  370. Laura, if Pam did say no I would understand it, she had dated Roy since high school and was engaged to him for three and besides that he never treated her right so I think she would naturally be a little apprehensive about jumping into an engagement. Although it would be nice (and original) for a show to show a realistic development of a relationship instead of breaking them up/getting them together garbage most shows pull.

  371. I totally agree, headphone. One of my favorite things about The Office is that it’s unconventional in how it writes its characters. All I really want is for them to not break up like on every other TV show, following that tired formula. And I could see Pam saying no…but I still don’t want it to happen. ;)

  372. Laura, what writers for other shows don’t realize, and I hope the writers for The Office realize is that plenty of tension and drama can be generated from a real relationship than the forced get together/break up get together break up of most shows (stand up Grey’s Anatomy).

  373. Ah Grey’s Anatomy. Used to watch that show, and I can’t stand it anymore so I definitely agree with you. They can make a couple in love just as interesting as those with flirty tension. I think the writers are talented enough for that and The Office is probably one of the few shows out there that could make it work.

  374. I thought that this was one of the best episodes of the season, no doubt.

    It gave you:
    – a great sub topic (the horrible walk to work)
    – another one of michael’s poor attempts to get a girlfriend
    – and a great jam storyline.

    Great episode. Nice Job B.J (:

  375. This episode was so good. I loved the jam storyline. Jim was so cute during his talking head. It was so funny at the end when michael sang that song for her “why’d you have to go off and die…” couldn’t stop laughing.I also loved how pam thought jim was going to propose but then just tied his shoe instead.

  376. Great episode. Loved all of the character interaction and the Five Families plot over the parking spaces was hysterical. I adored Pam in this episode- for me, she is the heart of the show. She cracked me up making that swooosh sound imitating Michael’s chair and loved her laughing over the fake proposal.

  377. Great episode. It brought back comedy and the important story lines. The only thing I personally wanted was more from the five family meeting. But at least we’ve met the people so that they can be used in future episodes.

  378. My prediction for the finale:

    Jim proposes to pam. and it’s ends just b4 she could say anything

  379. You know what I really liked about this episode? It was how after Michael came in from the blind date and talked to Pam — Jim got up immediately to talk to her but Dwight also got up immediately to go talk to Michael. It’s funny how those relationships are sort of similar, just with Michael/Dwight’s being purely platonic.

  380. Laura-
    Michael’s relationship with Dwight will always be platonic because Michael’s heart will always belong to Ryan.

  381. Maybe I’m posting a little late for this to matter, but Pam first brought up the topic of engagement. As much as I thought maybe she might say no because of her loooong engagement with Roy, but she went there first. Of course there’s a little trepidation… it’s the rest of your life! Jim hasn’t asked yet either. They know and we know they belong together, but actually taking that step and saying out loud, wearing the rock every day… of course there’s a little fear behind those eyes. For both of them!

    Totally realistic and perfect, I say :-)

  382. 474 Rolo: I wondered that too, I thought it would be weird for him to have the ring in his pocket or a desk drawer or something… totally implausible. But my mom suggested the ever-present messenger bag as a good hiding place. Totally justified it for me, lol.

  383. This is my (dream) prediction:
    Dunder Mifflin Scranton has some sort of a shindig in the finale. Everyone is there. Pam and Jim are outside and he takes her hand and brings her to to the spot of the Casino Night confession. Then he drops down on one knee and says “Pam?” Then blackness. Finale.

  384. Sara in Philly-
    I hope they don’t do that for the season finale, simply because it’s too cliche. I know a proposal will come between now and the season finale but I’d hope the office writers would do something original. Although it would be interesting to see next season deal with an engagement, if anything to see Jim and Pam’s families. Because for two characters that are often thhe center of attention, we know the least about their backgrounds.

  385. Laura,
    About the Dwight/Michael – Jim/Pam relationship parallel.

    I always liked the moment at the end of “Drug Testing” where Jim has labored all day under Pam’s jinx – even through the “you can tell me anything” moment – and when Dwight gives Micahel his urine for the test, Jim ponders “What does he get out of that relationship?” Nice connection there.

    That’s why the Office writers are the best!

  386. Tonight was the first chance I got to see this episode and WOW. This is my favorite episode this season and one of my favorites of the entire series…such an incredible 22 minutes!! This episode is now among the ones I would show someone who’s never seen it so they could see exactly why I love The Office. Bravo!!

  387. Oh, also! I thought I wouldn’t like the idea of an engagement for Jim and Pam just because I’d like to seem them just date for awhile, but the way it was written and acted totally made me love the idea.

  388. I am very excited to see the rest of the season, but I don’t want it to end! This is one of the biggest shows I look forward to every Thursday (including 30 Rock, My Name Is Earl & LOST!) and what’s a Thursday without our Office Family?!

    I also noticed how Pam’s face had no emotion when Jim went down on one knee. It’s either she was speechless & really excited or, the one we all DON’T want to hear, is if she was thinking of rejecting the proposal!
    I’m very confused… and I think almost everyone else is too.
    I love the writers; the season finales are always shocking & surprising! :)

    the chair model has a huge resemblance to Jan x) which I think is why Michael had liked her in the first place.

    I wonder what’s happening Kelly & Darryl! I would love to see more of them as a couple =).

  389. Great episode.

    That said,…I might be alone here, but I think the fake-proposal thing would be a bit much for Pam to take, especially after Roy teased her for years. While she still enjoys Jim’s light-hearted joking around, these slightly-more-serious gags (attempted ditching of her at The Dinner Party; fake proposal; even threatening to set Pam’s mom up with Michael) might not be in keeping with what new, mature Pam finds funny. Add this to the fact that she’s getting sick of all their “regular” restaurants and I think the writers are laying the groundwork for some rocky road ahead…but this might be a good thing.

  390. I just rewatched and Andy’s Joe Six Pack speech was one of the funniest, most out of touch, delusional monologues of all time! “(This is for)The guy who wakes up every morning in his $400 a month apartment and wonders how he’s gonna pay his mortgage that month…” WTF? (I was sidetracked by his awesome extended moon dance the first time around and missed this.)

    By the way, is there a Tori recap for this episode? I just love her recaps!

  391. And also how Andy says the guy needs to “pay his kids’ orphanage bills!” Haha he’s always getting it wrong. #479 Sara–I think that would be a wonderful proposal since the spot has so much meaning.

    Hoping for more pranks soon…the pranks are great!

  392. Michael’s cruelty to the landlady is what really stuck with me while watching this ep. I really dislike him now – totally, what a loser!

  393. In case anyone was wondering, they changed Dwight’s Flasher Hotline to W.B. Jones!
    It’s pretty funny!


  394. #479-Sara in Philly:

    I starting tearing up just reading your prediction. Good lord, either I’m hormonal or I’m way more invested in these characters than I thought! Eep.

  395. With all of this build-up now of Jim asking Pam, I would enjoy seeing it be where Pam actually asks Jim. While its implied that Pam loves Jim, we have never really heard much to that effect. The beach speech was good, but emphasized more (at least verbally) on Pam missing her best friend. To have FNB step up, break out the love and proposal would be great IMO.

  396. This episode wasn’t that funny, clever or witty. BJ is normally a great writer, but this is his weakest episode to date. I was very disappointed. :-(

  397. I love this episode! I thought it was funny, clever and satisfying for JAMmers.
    I loved the fake proposal, seeing another side of Kevin (although I got sad for him), Andy’s speech, and soo much more. Dwight’s great in this episode, too- but isn’t he always?

  398. Mrrrg. I love the idea of Jim and Pam getting married eventually but it just seems like they need some more time to revel in the awesomeness of just finally being together. (And I know the writer’s strike is a factor, and they’ve been together for almost a year but still..!) They waited so long and they know they’re each others soul mates so why rush to make it a big official deal?

    Also, I miss Jim and Dwight interactions. Jim/Pam/Dwight pranks too. C’mon! More goofiness stat.

  399. #494–Tamar

    Watch the first deleted scene. It explains a lot. I was surprised that it was deleted!

  400. Thanks two thumbs, but I can’t watch it as I’m not from the US. But as long as they explained the time gap I’m happy. :D

  401. ya know, before i watched this i figured Jim and Pam were already living together.

  402. Yeah, I figured they were living together too. I mean, why wouldn’t they?

  403. 473, you’re pretty close…there is the dancing “shindig” episode…and eventually jim proposes to pam!

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