1. As long as the big surprise is not ice cream sandwiches, we should all be extremely happy.

  2. for the record, if my boss bought me an ice cream sandwiche, i would of been surprised! and in the good way too. lol.

  3. Cannot wait for this.

    On a nearly completely different topic, I find it odd that BJ is almost always featured in the promo photos for The Office – he really is a minor character isn’t he? I mean, I know he’s written some episodes, but he always seems to be included in these “stars of the show” photos. I don’t really care, I just find it odd.

  4. Where is the ad from? Jenna’s hair looks really dark in that picture.

    I can’t wait until Thursday!!

  5. I agree with Geo, BJ only has like two lines in each episode, why is he one of the stars? Can someone explain this to me.

  6. Tracy, the image here is a scan from this week’s printed TV Guide.

    Good question about Ryan — I don’t know the answer. Is there a Ryan equivalent in the BBC version, and if so, was he featured as a “major” character?

  7. there was a temp in the UK version too, and he was a part of the main ensemble. he wasn’t like a huge part of the storylines though, not in the same tim, dawn, david and gareth were, but he was utilised more than ryan was in the first season. he was a casuality of the downsizing and wasn’t in season 2.

    i guess there was always the intention to use ryan more than they do, but it just hasn’t worked out that way.

  8. I just think that its hard to really have 5 main characters. He’s definitely used more than the minors. But its just not easy to write good parts for 5 people and keep it equal. And, anyone involved in more than one pairing is major in my book.

  9. Thanks Tanster!

    I was a little surprised there wasn’t an ad in this week’s Entertainment Weekly about the finales, but there is one for the goodbye of Will & Grace that night. I will have to pick up a TV Guide at the store today.

    I’ve noticed that BJ’s in alot of the group shots too. I think if they’re going to include him they should include Angela too, she gets just as many lines as he does & now with her hot romance with Dwight, maybe we’ll see more of her next season.

  10. Tracy, I ABSOLUTELY agree with you about Angela. She deserves a promotion! :)

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