Casting side for ‘Nikki’

They’ve just come in. Michael shows Nikki the toy drive box.
Michael: The least I could do was give some poor, sick kid a bike.
Nikki: That rocks.
Michael: Yeah, tell you what, if you want it, it’s yours.
Nikki: Thanks. I want to give you something.
Nikki whispers something in Michael’s ear, Michael blushes.
Michael (excited to camera): That’s what she said!
They head into the office.

Angela (suddenly worried): Where’s Dwight?
Nikki: He had to pee real bad.
Nikki and Amy laugh as if they’re in on some joke. Angela rolls her eyes. Michael looks around, then turns to Nikki.
Michael: Wow. I’m sorry about this. I had no idea this party would be so lame.

Michael sees Andy talking closely and intimately with Nikki. Michael checks her marked arm. He crosses over to them.
Michael: Hey, what are you doing? She’s mine.
Andy: No, she’s not.
Michael (confident): Well, you are about the feel like an idiot because I know she is mine because I marked her.
Nikki: You did what?
Nikki looks for a mark.
Andy: Well, you must’ve marked the wrong one.
Michael: You don’t think I know which one I marked?
Nikki (finding mark): You did. What the hell?! You marked me.
Michael: I wanted to make sure I was giving you 100 percent of my attention. Because I like you. I really like you. In fact, I would love it if you would accompany me on a trip to Sandals: Jamaica.
Nikki: Are you kidding? Do you even know which one of us you’re asking?
Michael looks down at her arm, then —
Michael: Yes.
Nikki: Okay, we’re leaving.
Nikki grabs Amy and heads out, taking the bike on her way. Michael looks crushed.

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