1. I’m sure we’ll end up seeing several more babies play her also as time goes on. The VP baby is very cute, but the Christening baby has got the Halpert facial expressions down.

  2. the baby(ies?) who played cece in “christening” is now in a wendy’s commercial… that played during “viewing party”. SO cute!

  3. @ daniel: I totally agree! Cece #1 has a really good “Jim-face”, but Cece #2 has something about her that really reminds me of Pam.

  4. I think both are really cute and we’ll probably see tons of other babies cuz of the child labor laws.

  5. Baby #1 is baby PHAT. not fat, PHAT. Baby #2 is boring. I think baby #1 looks more like Kevin than Jim. JUST SAYIN…

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