The Office ‘That’s What She Said’ Sweepstakes

Watch THE OFFICE weekdays from November 8-19 and enter what “she said” for a chance to win $10,000!

Missed today’s word? Chances are someone has posted it in the comments below.

To enter the sweepstakes online:
Go to

To enter the sweepstakes via text message:
Text the “word of the day” to 64718


  1. And it says the correct word of the day is not the correct word of the day. So you cannot even enter the contest.

    [from tanster: hopefully they’ll get things straightened out soon :( ]

  2. Intermittent would be nice. I have been trying for an hour and it has been down the whole time. I hope they get it fixed quickly!

  3. Thanks for noting that the site is having problems- I was beginning to think I was losing my mind. I was SURE I had the right word and could not get the site to accept it! Will keep checking back.

  4. “Warning: fans are reporting that 1) the sweepstakes site goes down often,”

    That’s what she said!

    (Please tell me you did that on purpose.)

    [from tanster: i did not do it on purpose. but sometimes it’s better that way. that’s what she said.]

  5. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a way to let the contest people know that their site is completely screwed up. Do you guys have a way to get in touch with them?

  6. this is not working!

    That’s what she said!

    But really…don’t promote a site and a contest on national television if you can’t get it to work!

  7. Just went to the site – it’s about 8:30am – and it let me enter with the word from LAST NIGHT. So maybe today’s word is actually last night’s word since the show is on in the evening. Who knows? Anyway, you all ought to be able to get an entry in now.

  8. Grrr. Just went to the site, entered today’s word, submitted it, and was told that I already did an entry today. Now I don’t know whether to submit tonight’s word tomorrow or not. Any suggestions?

  9. weird. i missed last night’s word and just tried ‘alliance’ this afternoon and it worked haha

  10. if you read the official rules, each day’s entry must be received by midnight (PST). You can’t enter the previous day’s word the next day.

  11. I cannot find where I enter the word. I watched and want to enter. It sounds like your web master needs to work on the site.

  12. Just entered the contest and there’s no place to put the word of the day. What’s up with that????

  13. You would think the developers/staff would test the forms before taking this site live… but as a PM for a web development company, I can assure you that rarely happens. Web companies are very dysfunctional! :)

  14. Hey folks,

    Does anyone know the word for today, Feb 18? All I can get here is a re-run of The Office. :)

  15. Where do you click-on to enter the word of the day?
    I keep getting the screen where I enter my name but that’s it. “I can’t get it to work”.. That’s what she said!

  16. This is the second time I have commented on this. There is no possible place to type in the word for the day!!! This is ridiculous. I’ve looked several times, plus going thru entering all my info multiple times, but where in the H E double toothpicks are you supposed to put the ‘word’.????????

  17. Tracy,
    Before you get to the part were you put your name, there is a screen with a pen on it. You type the word of the day on the pen. It allows you to type the word of the day on the pen.

  18. I clicked on where to enter the word of the day on the pen and I entered the word “coffee” and it says there is no word of the day…I know there is because… 1) I just saw it on t.v. and 2) the word is on here from other people. This is Friday 02/19…so what’s up?

  19. does anyone know the word of the day for today, Sat. Feb. 20, 2010? please respond asap. thank you!

  20. Could not enter the word of the day in the pen “that she said”, but it is BROWNIES. Hope this gets entered. The Office is a terrific show. Great laughs, and needless to say, one great casting job.

  21. I also can’t type in the word of the day “brownies” for Monday 2/22/10. What is the text # for the contest?

  22. I’m a little ticked and I think this was just a marketing scam. Today I received a promotional text message from the network. That’s why they wanted cell phone numbers. I don’t want no telemarketing texts on my cell phone. Has anyone else received these texts since entering this contest?

  23. Let me also say, I have been watching this show for 2 years. I loved it and watched it even without the promotion. I resent that they will only use my information to send me junk emails and text messages.

  24. I missed the word today because my baby had a dr. Appt. I got home 6 minutes after the show ended. Dang it.

  25. I’m still playing, which means I haven’t won any money :-)

    3/25 word – attention

  26. Seriously I ask, has anyone won any money?

    Do you know anyone who has if not you?

    Seems like someone would say, GREAT I WON!

    This is So Awesome! I won The MONEY *** GOOD LUCK***

    Where are those comments?

    Show me the money

    That’s all :-)

  27. I’m sure they know that. They’re just sharing the word for the rest of those who didn’t catch the episode. Thanks everyone, for sharing :)

  28. today’s is TEMPERATURE. And that’s all she wrote!
    Thanks to everyone who shared words when we missed them, even though it means there will be more competition for the prizes. What will be, will be.

  29. the word was crazy. i entered through my cell phone. my cell phone is prepaid and ran out of minutes i was wondering who the winner is

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