1. We don’t take debit cards, anyway.

    This killed. And also it explains where Jan went!

  2. Cold open, I think. And then the 30-second clip would have just gone after the opening. Makes more sense that way, doesn’t it? I didn’t like how they didn’t make the time jump clear…a casual viewer probably wouldn’t have known it had been a month since The Dinner Party. I liked this deleted scene, because I generally like Dwight and Michael interactions

  3. I agree, this scene is so important in terms of explaining the Jan situation. The way she was handled tonight I thought that last week was the last of Jan.

  4. I wish this scene had been included. It looked like it would have been the cold open. In addition to being hilarious it would have explained the situation with Jan.

  5. This could have made a good tag for the episode as well, even though I really liked the “American Pie” one!

    Without this, was there any reference in the episode to the jump in time?

  6. I agree with what’s been said. They’ve only done a similar thing once before that I can recall. We didn’t learn what happened to Andy (when he punched a hole in the wall) until deleted scenes or newpeats or a much later comment by Karen in “Cocktails.” I was telling some friends he went to anger management, and they accused me making it up!

  7. #7 – definitely would have been a better cold open.

    #8 – This really was the only reference to the time jump, that and apparently Kevin and Stacy broke up. :(

  8. My friend and I were trying to guess which room he would stay in at Schrute Farms. I KNEW it was going to be America!

  9. I can’t believe they cut this out! It explains so much about the jump ahead in time…

  10. So Michael says that Jan is staying with her sister in Scottsdale. Isn’t that what Jan said she did when she actually went to Sandals with Michael? I wonder where Jan really is…perhaps recreating “that one night?”

    I wish this had been included too because its such good writing.

  11. I’m stuck in the UK and can’t view the deleted scene!
    Can anyone help me with what happened to Jan??

  12. This was a better cold open. I can’t decide who is worse! They were both trying to take advantage of each other, but Michael won! So I guess him… haha

  13. Whenever I see a deleted scene that is clearly good enough that it could’ve been in the show, and I get a little miffed that it wasn’t, I try to remember Greg Daniels saying at the Office Convention that deleted scenes still technically “happen” in the world of the show, even if it’s not turing the 30 mins we see on NBC. So whether they’re in the show or not, we should consider ourselves lucky that we get to see them at all and we can piece them into the episode as we see fit. In our heads. Kinda.

  14. I wish they’d included this in the episode…it would have explained what happened with Michael and Jan and made a stronger episode. I was wondering the whole time what Jan did after they broke up. Plus, SCHRUTE FARMS! It’s too funny not to have been included. This would have made a great cold open, and it ties in with the whole “friends are supposed to help out friends” thing Michael has in this episode.

  15. So, I wonder where Jan actually is… Has she ever actually been in Scotsdale when she says she is?

  16. I have to say that the beginning of the clip in which Michael is discussing breaking up with Jan is the most mature he has ever been.

  17. I couldn’t hear what Dwight whispers to the camera after ripping the bill up. Can someone help me out?

  18. #23-I think he says “we don’t take credit cards anyways”

    I love Dwight’s love for Michael, he so dramatically ripped those papers. Hilarious!

  19. I wrote at a hotel and this scene made me all kinds of happy. Great clip and would have been a great alternative for a cold open!

    “There hasn’t been any other guest since I’ve been here.”


  20. I’ve always wanted to be able to rip paper perfectly into 2 equal pieces. Way to go, Dwight.

  21. I hope there is a deleted scene later this week of Michael making phone calls to the ladies on his “love cards”

  22. Yeah, this definitely should have been part of the episode, if not the cold open. This stuff helps to balance out the weird, wacky stuff that has been dominating the episodes lately. For instance, the Kevin scene was really good, but it seemed so out of place in between all of those other “gags”.

  23. I wish that this has been included…I loved the cold open, so I wouldn’t want to replace it with this-but it was so funny. Fantastic!

  24. Love the new deleted scene! Divorced parents. Baby carriage. Oh, Michael…

  25. I totally agree with many of you. Scene 1 would have been a great cold open. I didn’t realize how much time had passed, and any trip to Shrute Farms makes me smile. It is unfortunate Mose didn’t make a quick run by.

  26. Kelly said my name! And pronounced it the way I pronounce it! Hahah, love her. This scene was hilarious, I wish they had kept it in! I was wondering why Michael didn’t ask Kelly to set him up, you’d think she’d have the most single friends.

    “She’s 23…”
    Oh man, I love Kelly.

  27. Scene 1 could not have been the cold open. It would have ruined the effect of going to the cemetery at the end. For an instant, they had me thinking Jan was dead – which, if I’m not mistaken, was what they wanted me to think. I would not have thought that if scene 1 was the cold open.

  28. I think Michael’s the only smart one in the office to walk away from Kelly while she’s yammering.

  29. 38 – Jan’s voice was heard in the coffee shop when he accidentally dialed her.

  30. Michael let Jan stay at the condo, that’s probably because like Jim, he’s afraid of her.

  31. I’m glad TO is back and all, but without Kelly, it’s as “back” as Jim was for most of season three. The Office will come “all the way back” when they let that girl talk in an actual episode. I miss her.

  32. This deleted scene was a keeper…it must have been tough to let it go!!! bummer!

    BTW, it is melora as the chair model…it’s not just her face…i’d know those skinny tiny legs anywhere.

  33. Oh my gosh, these deleted scenes are all WAY better than the majority of the scenes that made it into the episode! Who edited this one?

  34. haha. A blind toll booth operator. Michael is so mean and is REALLY desperate.

  35. Great deleted scene. Besides Michael’s hatred, I’d never thought how hard Toby’s job must be given that much of Michael’s behavior doesn’t actually violate a law or company policy.

  36. For a minute I thought that “Beverly” was going to end up being the season 2 blow up doll.

  37. These are all so good, it must have been so hard to decide to let these scenes go. They are amazing, Kelly’s was so funny, I am so sad they didn’t put that in :(

  38. Oh, man. If only we could have seen the re-enactment of Indiana Jones. That could have been some priceless television right there. No doubt Michael would play Indy but who would play the leading lady? I can’t see Pam ever agreeing to it but neither can I see Michael even considering the other ladies in the office. Unless it was Oscar…

  39. Oh my gosh, that third one! hahahaha… that’s all I got, just can’t stop laughing.

  40. I love all these deleted scenes with the supporting cast. First Kelly, now Toby…and Jim and Pam joking like they used to with no talk about moving or engagement. It must definitely be a hard decision on what gets cut!

    #44 stephanie: According to IMDB, April Eden is the actress playing “Michaels Model”, so I really don’t think it’s Melora.

  41. Steve is hilarious. I love these scenes. I’m already getting anxious to buy the DVDs for season 4. I hope they don’t make us wait to long.

  42. Oh man, I was waiting for a scene like the third one. I wanted to see more of the different women that were recommended to Michael by the various employees. I thought it was a really good episode but a bit more of stuff like that woulda made it even better.

  43. I know if Michael played Indiana Jones Dwight would have wanted to play Indy’s sidekick Sallah in a Raiders of the Lost Ark remake, but he would have been PERFECT as Toht, the Nazi with the glasses! “You Americans all the same. Overdressing for the wrong occasion!”

  44. Yeah, Lawrence because of Grandpa Manheim Dwight would probably insist on playing Toht. I hope they return to the Indiana Jones remake and we get to see a little of it. Michael would be Indy and I could see him trying to force Pam to play Marion Ravenwood.

  45. I wish that Michael would’ve went on a date with Madge… that’d be good tv…

    All the deleted scenes ive seen so far have been hilarious- can’t wait for the discs!!!!!!!

  46. Why didn’t they include the Toby scene? They better have more Toby in Thursday’s episode. He’s the best!

  47. It’s amazing….our little show leaves more funny stuff on the cutting room floor than most other shows have in an entire 30 minute episode. That’s why I love it!

  48. Man, I’m loving these deleted scenes, but I have to say that the all-new Corolla’s sound system is top notch.

    [from tanster: best comment of the day!]

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