Chile to remake ‘The Office’

From Variety:

BBC Worldwide Americas has licensed “The Office” for a local remake in Chile.

It’s the first format deal in Latin America for Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s comedy and the first Spanish-language version.

“We stopped making ‘The Office’ in 2003, but the rest of the world didn’t,” Gervais said. “I won’t be happy until I see an Inuit doing the dance.”

Link: ‘Office’ relocates to Latin America


  1. Hey, that’s cool. I would like to see a hispanic michael. I just wish that the strike was finally over so we can see the office here. and I’m the first comment, awsome!

  2. That’s amazing.

    I’ve never seen any of the shows outside of the American and the original versions, but even if Chile is able to capture HALF of the witty satire that the American version did from the original, it will still be a hit. Although, I don’t know much about Chilean (Is that a word?) culture, but surely people will be able to relate to an office setting. I’m only fifteen and I can do it just fine!

  3. I think the question on everyone’s mind is whether or not there is a Chili’s in Chile.

  4. This is so great! I am from South America (living here for about 7 years now) and I have wondered what it would be like to have a spanish version. I’ll be sure to check it out when I go home in June!

  5. Well, we all know what this means. If we want to see The Office anytime soon, we all have to move to Chile. :( But, I doubt they can find a cuter actor to play a Jim Halpert character. ;)

  6. There are many Chillis in Chile. Just FYI.

    My actual reaction to this story was to say “Shut UP!!!” to the screen. I can’t even explain myself.

  7. This is interesting. Chile seems like a less.. developed country than the US or UK. Is developed the right word?

  8. Cool beans. I wonder what the Chilean Dwight equivalent’s name will be. (What’s a dorky Chilean name anyway??)

  9. Re Chile being less developed:

    Chile is pretty much on par with America in my eyes. I studied there for three months in 2006, right when they were electing a female president. Can’t get more modern than that. But seriously folks, there’s plenty of people working in offices there, ripe for parody.

    Re Chili’s in Chile:

    They have Hooters, Domino’s, and Ruby Tuesdays. I didn’t go to Chili’s but I’m sure they have it too!

  10. This will be interesting to watch. Chilean office workers don’t have the greatest work ethic. I think a lot more work gets done on the UK and US version of the show then an actual office here in Chile. But we’ll have to watch and see. :)

  11. Hey The Office fans all over the world!!!

    I am the director of The Office in Chile.
    You can´t even imagine how crazy is to see these comments. We never thought that the news will spread so far…

    Hugs to you all. We will see how we can upload the episodes for you to watch them!…


  12. I am from Chile and I must say that our version is amazing!!!…

    It is called LA OFIS and the boss is so stupid!!, jejej…

    you can watch the episodes on YOUTUBE. Just search LA OFIS and you have the first 5 episodes…

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