Welcome, Bloggie Awards visitors!

Assuming the possibility that OfficeTally made it on to the preliminary 2008 ballot, I’d like to welcome Bloggie Awards visitors to OfficeTally!

OfficeTally is a fansite for NBC’s Emmy-winning comedy, ‘The Office.’

You can learn more about OT here.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you’ll consider voting for OfficeTally!

:) tanster


  1. I took my panelist voting very seriously and OT just wasn’t the best one.


    Hehe. Thought I’d bring it back to ’95 for you guys.

    I voted for OT, of course and for our boys blogs for comedy. And I voted for some African blogs. I did that one randomly.

  2. I’ve gotten confirmation that Mindy’s blog made it to the prelim ballot (this was the ballot that was mailed out yesterday to 200 random voters).

    Does anyone know if OfficeTally, Creed Thoughts or Schrute-Space made it? Thanks!

  3. Office Tally was on the ballot for best American Weblog, and Creed Thoughts and Schrute Space were on for Most Humorous.

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