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If you are a long-time Office fan, you’ve already seen Boaz Frankel’s hilarious interview with Jenna Fischer, John Krasinski, B.J. Novak, and Rainn Wilson.

But did you know there was a scene that was never aired? — Boaz tries out for the part of Phil, the intern. Talk about awkward pauses …

Watch the deleted scene here. (You’ll need to fast-forward through the Jordana Brewster interview.)

Thanks to Betsy for the tip!


  1. haha, nikki. yeah, they do. john’s hair could be so much better. but still hott!! jenna looks pretty! =]

    i love this clip.
    all praise officetally!

  2. That media player thing really irked me. It kept stopping every 5 sconds, then pausing for 10. Whurs me control buttttonnss?!.

  3. Yeah that media player is terrible. It must be the software companion to Prism Duro Sport.

  4. hahah ah yeah they really do look like the cast of an 80s teen flick
    and i agree with ya’ll, that video player is quite annoying

  5. well, i’m out of the loop. when were these videos? why is jim’s hair so short? (he got it cut, obviously). were they before the show or very recently?

  6. So was the song that John starting singing the original theme song?

    I know that a while back the actual pilot of The Office was posted somewhere (probably youtube since it got removed shortly after) and the theme song was something completely weird and ungood.

  7. Yikes… I wasn’t listening to the lyrics of what he was singing. Or the tune. Wow.

  8. that’s a great clip but as for that boaz kid, i wan’t to stomp on his head til my foot’s covered in brains

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