1. I’m not going to lie. I ordered them. But since they don’t ship until july 29, they’ll come right in time for my birthday. Hooray!

  2. I knew it didn’t make sense that you could pre-order for a convention ;) Are you an affiliate at the NBC store? I clicked through your links, but didn’t really see anything where I felt like you’d get a portion of the sale — which is what I was hoping for to support/help pay for your site. Anyways, I ordered the BBBG shirt and bobblehead, a 30 Rock MILF Island T-Shirt, and The Office Polo shirt :D Thank you J :)

    P.S. Happy Birthday in 3 days!

    [from tanster: awwww, that is very sweet of you! thank you very much! no, i’m not an NBC Store affiliate.]

  3. any idea if the prices will be the same/cheaper/more expensive at Comic-Con itself? or if they would be on sale each day or only Saturday when The Office will be there?

  4. Julie, I’d personally buy them at the ComicCon if I was going… just in case I came across Rainn and he wasn’t too busy to ask to sign them.

    Something tells me he’d write something as Dwight ;)

  5. Prices should be the same at Comic Con and I wouldn’t wait to snatch them up on Saturday. They might be sold out by then and Saturday is usually the busiest day with long lines and huge crowds. Best time to buy at Comic Con is Preview Night (if you got the 4 day pass) or Thursday while they have a lot in stock.

  6. okay, thanks! unfortunately I won’t be there saturday though! =( I was planning on going and didn’t know which day The Office would be there and once I saw the official day Saturday was completely sold out. Hopefully I can find some stuff Thursday when I go though! good luck to everyone else though and hope lots of people get to meet Rainn and the writers!

  7. Just a heads up, The Dwight BBBG bobblehead will be 20 dollars at comic con, so it is slightly cheaper to buy it at the con. No idea about the price of the shirt however.

  8. hey, I was wondering where on the NBC official site I could purchase that hilarious t-shirt!!!

    In searching, I found a similar one on CafePress, but I am pretty sure that it was just made by a fan of the show, so if there is still a way to get the official one, I would greatly appreciate the info!!

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