1. You gotta love Rainn Wilson – the Xena one was so unexpected and hilarious!

  2. haha! I nearly choked on a slice of apple when I opened the Xena one! Rainn is QUITE a character!

  3. How could they not do Magnum? The short shorts would’ve been hysterical.

  4. I notice that Rainn tongues many props… If I was a production assistant, I would totally sell those on Ebay!

    “For Sale: Rainn Wilson’s DNA on a Cup!”

  5. I think the Xena one if the funniest, but the one I’d most like to see him play, like on SNL or something, is Picard.

  6. OMG!! Tanster, you should put a warning not to be drinking anything when you look at Pic #4 – that was totally unexpected and quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever seen!

  7. The MacGuyver one is amazing! Rainn is the only person on earth as cool as Richard Dean Anderson.

  8. Ditto Reba (#16)! I was drinking a cup of coffee when I scrolled through and almost choked on the Xena Picture. I like idea of Rainn doing a McGyver parody and the Jean-Luc Picard picture was kinda freaky.

  9. oh rainn, i love you!!! haha xena was my favorite, no doubt. he’s just got the best body for that.

  10. Uh, could my favorite one be Rainn as a fearless, suprisingly attractive warrior female?

    Yeah that would be it.

  11. #11 magnum would have been the best! my personal favorite tv hero. picard and paulie were both really creepy. and i laughed out loud when rainn compared himself as xena to the chunky girl from heart! so funny.

  12. They’re all funny in their own sense, but as the majority states, Xena wins hands down! He actually does look like her…If she was more manish.

  13. They really photoshopped him slim in the JL Picard shot… However, my favorite shot is the Paulie Walnuts one…

  14. Oh my word – these are the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time! They are all classic, but I’m gonna differ from the crowd and say my favorite is Picard. So awesome.

    I LOVE Rainn Wilson!

  15. Xena is my favorite, even though these are all great. Oh, Rainn, you are too awesome.

  16. Holy eff. Xena was the funniest, but Paulie Walnuts was the closest in resemblance.

  17. Xena or paulie walnuts. They were all pretty cool! I think Dwight would pick Picard because he is such a big Star trek fan

  18. i haven’t laughed this hard in a while. Paulie Walnuts was the pinnacle of my laughing tirade. It’s now my background, thank you.

  19. Paulie Walnuts!! But it’s almost scary how much Rainn looks like a female in the Xena one!

  20. I was all ready to say Paulie Walnuts…then I clicked on Xena. After I got done laughing, two things dawned on me…….1. my belly would look exactly like his does in that outfit, and 2. he’s much prettier than I am. Love ya Rainn!

  21. The Xena picture was awesome in a creepy sort of way, but my favorite is probably Paulie Walnuts. This definitely brightened my day!

  22. I was going along thinking, just, eh, until I got to Xena, which made me chuckle! I vote for Dwight as the Warrior Princess (funny how in the picture I didn’t see Rainn, I saw Dwight. Why is that?).

  23. those are too funny! I have to say though, the best part was Rainn’s hairy man legs in the Xena costume. and also how he used the word “tittilated” in his quote referring to watching Xena. I always think of Angela when I hear that word :)

  24. Xena for sure! Creamy skin, amazing breasts…can’t see the teeth in the photo though.

  25. For videos, I like the star trek one best. “I don’t think I look weird at all.” And then he gives his i.d. badge face. Funny.

  26. Scarily enough, the Xena is the most realistic looking. But the Paulie Walnuts was probably my favorite.

  27. “The chunky girl from Heart” oh my gawd…….. I am going out and buying this immediately. that was hilarious!

  28. God, please don’t do that to me four days after a c-section. I think Xena just made me bust my incision open.

    [from tanster: lol! funniest comment of the day!]

  29. It is so hard to pick a favorite, because Rainn Wilson is on my list… he’s so gorgeous!

  30. Actually I think the MacGyver is the best. Because he’s still so cool (check out the totally calm face) even while being blasted through the air. So MacGyver.

  31. Ok, this may sound a little mean (for Lucy Lawless), but Rain does look a bit like the warrior princess.

  32. I did enjoy the Xena one a lot but I think my fave has to be MacGwyver one. That seems to capture the Rainn essence perfectly.

  33. i saw this in barnes and noble the other day and was laughing out loud at the pictures. love the videos!
    and bonus! will arnett talking about the AD movie!

  34. So, the Jean-Luc Picard pic is probably my least fav, but the video for it is absolutely hilarous! I love Rainn imagining himself as Jean-Pierre Picard, Jean-Luc’s younger brother. I probably laughed out loud for 5 minutes after that video was over. I saw hints of Dwight in it as well.

  35. I have to say there is just something about his McGuyver pic that works perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!

    He needs to do the movie version please…….

  36. I can’t choose just one! It’s a tie between Xena and MacGyver. The acid wash jeans and wig vs. the hairy legs and belly sticking out is just too close to call.

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