Conan O’Brien’s Emmys intro at The Office

Conan O’Brien literally drops in on The Office (as well as Lost, 24, House, and other shows) during his Emmys intro in 2006.

Dwight: Damn it, Jim!
Jim: No, I did not have Conan O’Brien fall through the ceiling.

Conan: Uh, alright, okay, I just need somebody to tell me how to get to the Emmys.
Michael: Wait, wait, wait! Practice.

Conan: Pam is very attractive, no question. I mean, if I didn’t have an awards show to host, I could easily see having two or three seasons of “will they won’t they” sexual tension that ultimately goes nowhere.

Conan: I’m gonna go. I should go. But… I’m sorry.
Michael: Because you can’t get anywhere without practice.

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