iPod Giveaway status report

Emmys, Schmemmys. What about the iPod?

No, we don’t have an iPod Giveaway winner yet.

I don’t even have my list of favorites done. I read entries all last night, and I feel like I’m only a fraction of the way through.

I think James is almost finished compiling his list, though. Normally I wouldn’t get so behind on a task like this, but James recently introduced me to 24, and I’ve been spending every possible moment catching up on old episodes. Starting from Season 1. As in, five seasons ago. Curse James and that irresistible Jack Bauer!

Nevertheless, I just wanted to pop in here and say, we have some damn funny people who hang out at OfficeTally and at Northern Attack. I’ve laughed out loud many times while reading the entries, and one thing has become clear: you guys are witty, inventive, and often times, twisted. It’s an honor to read you.

We will hopefully have a winner (or in Emmy speak, “award the iPod to …”) by the end of the long weekend. Take a chill pill ’til then …


  1. SOOO glad you have joined the “24” bandwagon, Jennie! It is the best drama on tv and I have been hooked since Season 1!!

  2. I didn’t enter in all of the iPod Giveaway entry things, but I should win anyway. :D

  3. I completely forgot, but now that you’ve reminded me, i’m excited to find out who the winner is! But i will wait for however long it takes! I’m sure it’s really hard to pick. I know that when i was entering my own posts, i was laughing at everyone else’s posts. There are definitely some fun Office Tally readers out there! Good luck w/ choosing!

    Oh, and Jack Bauer/24 = awesome! I love 24 and i’m glad you’re a fan, too! Woot!

  4. I just started watching 24 (through Netflix) this summer too! I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to get with it, lol.

  5. Thanks for the update, Jennie! Take your time and have fun reading all of the great posts. We’re not going anywhere. :)

  6. it’s pretty sobering isnt it. starting to watch 24 and finding out that these last few years while you were home asleep in your warm bed the world has nearly came to an end, like 4 or 5 times. i’ve sweated every last minute from the beginning and my nerves are shot. actually, i guess that last part’s more because of the contest, though.

  7. Unfortunately I didn’t enter into all of the challenges. But the ones that I did I enjoyed writing them tremendously. Good luck deciding! There are lots of fantastic entries.

  8. Beware the 24 addiction! I watched 4 complete seasons of 24 in about a week…right around final exams. Hehe.

  9. I spent so much time on a few posts and then it always happened that right after I hit submit, I would find an error. I think my first post was 101 words and the next two had a spelling error. Getting it perfect is harder than you’d think! I just gave up after those couple. :(

    Nick, I think I know the exact guy you’re talking about! In the season finale, I think it was the chopper pilot and Kiefer made him land at a… ooh, I just realized that might be spoilerish. Oh, well, point is, I think I know who you’re talking about. It’s hard to say though; I think he may go after a few pilots. :)

  10. I just watched the Office for the first time in two weeks. It was extremely gratifying. I needed to pick an episode to break in my new WIDESCREEN laptop, so i, of course, picked Casino Night. Yeah, but tonight I finally transfered every episode from my old laptop to my new one (and watched Rock Star: Supernova at the same time). But, watching it after 2 weeks of withdrawl was amazing. I still go nuts every time i hear Jim say “I’m in love with you.”
    New webisode tomorow. Then 1 to go. Then Season 3!
    P.S. Haha Jennie! Good call on retooling the OT’s description at the bottom of the page.

  11. So….who would you do…Jack, Jim or Michael (Prison Break)? A rhetorical question, really…just something I like to ponder before I go to sleep.

  12. No rush at all, Jennie, thanks for the update!

    Hey, we just started watching 24, too! Some friends turned us on to Season 5, so we watched that first but didn’t know much of the back story. We just finished Season 1 and I just won Season 2 on eBay. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Looks like Jack Bauer and I aren’t gonna get much sleep…

  13. did you ever doubt that we weren’t funny and witty?

    HYP3R6IR1, never doubted it for a second. :)

    I might just have to get in on this 24.

    Nick, now is the perfect time to get into 24 — the Season 6 premier doesn’t happen until January, and you’ll need plenty of time to catch up!

    Haha Jennie! Good call on retooling the OT’s description at the bottom of the page.

    You noticed, J? ;)

    who would you do … Jack, Jim or Michael (Prison Break)?

    GT, I think I would pick Michael. I’m a sucker for guys who know origami.

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